Thursday, October 18, 2012

At Metro Court Hotel, Carly greeted Michael in the lobby with a warm hug. Michael was surprised to see her there because he had assumed that she would be at the hospital with Jason. Carly frowned, so Michael explained that Jason had found Sam's baby. Carly was delighted. She admitted that she wasn't fond of Sam, but she appreciated that Jason loved Sam, so she hoped that the baby would pave the way towards forgiveness and reconciliation.

Carly was concerned about Todd because she knew that Todd cared about Téa. Michael didn't know, but he was equally worried about Starr, because Téa was like a mother to Starr.

Joe tucked a gun into his waistband and then knocked on Trey's door. Trey was relieved that Joe had survived the gunshot wound. "Now I can call the police," Trey added. Joe begged for a chance to explain things, but Trey argued that Joe had tried to murder Kristina. Joe insisted that his only chance for survival was on the outside with his friends. "What friends?" Trey wondered.

Joe insisted that he had a very powerful ally who had been behind the plot to kill Kristina. Trey demanded to know who the silent partner was, but Joe refused to tell Trey because the man was dangerous. Moments later, Michael knocked on the door. Joe implored Trey not to reveal Joe's presence, so Trey waited for Michael to go away. However, Michael continued to knock because he believed that Starr was home, so Trey opened the door a crack to explain that Starr wasn't there.

Michael wanted to know where she was, but Trey explained that he was in the middle of something, so he didn't have time for Michael. Michael assumed that Kristina was there, so he pushed his way into the apartment. Michael was stunned when he saw Joe hiding behind the door. Michael lunged for Joe, but Trey stopped Michael from attacking, so Michael whipped out his phone to call Dante. "I'd hang up if I were you," Joe growled as he aimed the gun at Michael.

At the loft, Lulu was disappointed that she hadn't gotten pregnant yet. She realized that she was impatient, but she felt like a failure every time the pregnancy test was negative. Dante insisted that it was fun to keep trying, but Lulu wondered if perhaps Dante was the reason that she couldn't get pregnant. Dante assured her that there wasn't anything wrong with his "swim team." Lulu feared that they might be doing something wrong, so she decided to see her doctor for some tips. Dante offered to go with her, but Lulu assured him that it wasn't necessary.

Dante promised Lulu that everything would be fine, so he kissed her and then started to leave. He opened the door as he assured her that the Olympic swim team had nothing on him. Luke stood in the doorway, smiling as he asked if Dante intended to go to Rio in 2016 to compete. Dante returned the smile and left. Luke joined Lulu on the sofa as Lulu explained that she and Dante had been having trouble conceiving, but they were determined to do everything possible to become parents.

Lulu noticed that her father was distracted, so she asked him what was troubling him. Luke revealed that he might be losing Anna to her ex-husband, Duke Lavery. Lulu was surprised to hear about Duke's return, but Luke admitted that he had doubts that the man was really Duke, in part because he couldn't figure out where Duke had been for the previous two decades and what had prompted Duke to surface. Lulu was curious if Luke had asked Duke, so Luke told her about Duke's intention to rekindle things with Anna and Duke's claim that Duke and Anna were still married.

Lulu doubted that Luke would give Anna up without a fight. Luke agreed, but he was frustrated because Anna hadn't questioned Duke's story. Lulu reminded Luke that Anna and Duke had history, so it was possible that they might have stayed together if Duke hadn't left. Luke told Lulu about Duke's claim that Duke had been kidnapped from the witness protection program and then had been thrown into a Turkish prison. Lulu admitted that the story had a lot of holes, but she wondered who the man could be if he wasn't Duke Lavery.

Luke admitted that he suspected that Jonathan Paget had been the real Duke Lavery, while the current Duke was an imposter. Lulu was curious how Luke intended to prove it. "With a DNA test," Luke explained. Lulu warned Luke that DNA tests weren't foolproof, but Luke thought that it was better than nothing. Luke hoped that a DNA test or fingerprints would be enough to expose the charade.

At the hotel suite, Duke handed Anna a bouquet a flowers and wished her a happy anniversary. Anna confessed that she had thought that Duke had left town. Duke assured her that he was there to stay, so he opened a bottle of champagne and jokingly offered to get his kilt out of storage. Anna smiled and accepted the glass of champagne that he handed to her. Memories of the past assailed her as she and Duke talked.

Anna warned Duke that she was a completely different woman than the woman who had married Duke, but Duke disagreed. He insisted that they had been given a chance to start over, but Anna argued that things weren't that simple. She revealed that Luke had been there for her when she had lost Robin, so Luke was important to her. Anna had no idea where she and Luke were headed, but they were more than friends. Duke was not pleased because he didn't think that Luke was good enough for Anna.

Duke wanted to regain Anna's trust, so he offered to leave to give Anna space, but Anna invited Duke to stay because she didn't want to see the food that Duke had arranged go to waste. Duke smiled and continued to charm Anna as they talked about the past. Duke surprised Anna with a sprig of heather, which he recalled had always reminded her of her childhood. Anna smiled but admitted that it no longer held the same connotations, which only illustrated how they had changed.

Duke suggested that he and Anna focus on the present, not the past, so he proposed a toast. "Do I have a choice?" Anna asked, as she recalled a similar exchange with Duke two decades earlier. Duke noticed, so he seized the opportunity to remind her that they were soul mates. Anna confessed that she had never been able to resist him, then she kissed him.

Dante approached Epiphany at the nurses' station to get an update on Olivia and Heather. Afterwards, he nervously broached the subject of his and Lulu's failed attempts to start a family. Epiphany realized that Dante wanted to have his sperm count tested, so she assured him that it was easy to do and confidential. She fetched him a cup, handed it to him, and then pointed him to the bathroom. "Go ahead, detective, and fill her up," Epiphany teased. Dante shot her a scathing look as he entered the bathroom.

Epiphany was waiting when Dante emerged. "That was quick," Epiphany remarked as Dante handed her the cup. Epiphany burst out laughing when Dante walked away without comment.

In the interrogation room, Todd assured Starr that everything would be straightened out as soon as his attorney arrived. Starr reminded Todd that two women had suffered because of the baby switch, so she demanded to know if Todd had known that Téa had taken home Sam's son. She warned him that she would never forgive him if he proclaimed his innocence only for it to be revealed that he had been complicit in the duplicity. Todd quietly admitted that he had known about the baby switch. Starr was outraged and started to leave, but Todd asked her to at least hear him out.

Starr reluctantly agreed, so she sat down. Todd told her that he had encountered Heather at the shack and that Heather had tried to save Téa's son, but it had been too late. Todd had been left alone with his dead nephew while Heather had disappeared into the woods to bury Anthony. Moments later, Sam had stumbled into the shack and collapsed. Todd had heard an infant crying, so he had gone to investigate. He revealed that Téa had assumed that the baby in his arms was her son, so she had snatched the newborn out of his arms and then had thanked him for saving her son's life.

Starr wondered why Todd hadn't told Téa the truth then, so Todd explained that Téa had told him that she wouldn't have been able to go on if her son had died. Todd conceded that he lied all the time, but he assured his daughter that he had never intended to lie to Téa about the baby. Starr couldn't understand how Todd could have let Sam grieve for a child that hadn't died. Todd insisted that Heather had lied to him by claiming that Sam had planned to abandon the baby. Starr couldn't understand why Todd could believe such a preposterous lie, but Todd argued that he couldn't fathom any other reason for Sam to have left her newborn in a planter box at a shack in the middle of the woods during a storm.

Todd reminded Starr that he had given Sam a job, but Starr insisted that it didn't atone for what he had done to Sam. Starr assumed that Todd would confess the whole truth, but Todd admitted that he couldn't do it. Starr was shocked when Todd asked her not to tell anyone about his confession. He defended his request by pointing out that he wasn't asking her to lie, but Starr argued that it would be a lie by omission. Todd explained that Sam had her baby back, and Téa had Dani. He insisted that the case against him was circumstantial, so a trial would be a waste of time.

Starr pointed out that Heather knew the truth, but Todd dismissed Heather as a comatose lunatic. Todd vowed to do better in the future, so he begged Starr not to turn her back on him. Moments later, Dante entered the room. Dante explained that Starr hadn't signed in, so she had to leave. Starr exchanged a long look with her father and then walked to the door.

At the hospital, Jason admitted that he had hoped that Sam and Danny would go home with him. Sam wasn't sure what Jason was asking her. Jason explained that he wanted to share his life with her and the baby, so he was asking her if they could be a family. Sam didn't want Jason to think of Danny as an obligation, so Jason assured her that he didn't. Jason promised Sam that they could have the life that she had dreamed of because there was nothing standing in their way. "Yes, there is," Sam told him.

Jason feared that Sam was referring to John, but she assured him that John wasn't an issue. Sam reminded Jason that Jason had feared that the baby would always be a reminder of Franco. Sam knew that Jason would always protect Danny, but she insisted that Danny needed Jason's love. Jason assured Sam that he didn't see Franco in Danny, so Sam wondered if Jason had been telling the truth on the rooftop when he had insisted to Heather that he was Danny's father.

Jason conceded that Sam had a right to doubt Jason because he had been blinded by his hatred for Franco. Sam's eyes filled with tears as Jason admitted that loving a child had nothing to do with DNA. Jason promised her that he wanted to be Danny's father and vowed that he would love Sam and Danny forever and would never leave them. Sam didn't know what to say, so she decided to fetch Danny's bottle before he woke up. After Sam left, Jason picked Danny up. He apologized, but promised to be there for Danny and Sam if it wasn't too late.

Moments later, Carly walked in. Carly smiled with joy when she saw Danny sleeping in Jason's arms. Jason offered to let her hold him, but Carly declined because Danny looked peaceful. Carly hoped that Jason and Sam would work things out, but Jason admitted that it was up to Sam. Carly was annoyed because she thought that Sam should be open to reconciling, since Jason had reunited Sam with Danny. Jason didn't want to argue with Carly, so Carly let it drop.

Carly was stunned when Jason confided that Todd might have been Heather's accomplice. He admitted that there wasn't any proof, but the police were questioning Todd. Carly was upset because Todd and Jason were the only people who had never judged Carly, despite the horrible things that she had done. Carly confided that she had almost considered Todd a friend. Jason wondered what that meant, so Carly confessed that Jason was the only true friend that she had, because he had always been there for her and had caught her when she had fallen.

Jason assured Carly that she was a strong person. "That's because I have you to believe in me," Carly explained. Carly hugged Jason as she told him that she loved him. Moments later, Sam walked in. Carly admitted that Sam had a beautiful baby, and then reminded Sam that Sam was a mother, so Carly hoped that Sam did the right thing by allowing Jason to be a part of Danny's life.

After Carly left, Jason apologized for what Carly had said. Sam assured him that it was okay. Jason promised to give Sam all the time that she needed, but he was curious if she had made a decision. Sam picked up Danny, and then tearfully announced, "Danny and I are ready to go home with you." Jason smiled and hugged his family.

Meanwhile, Carly went to the police station to ask Todd if he'd had anything to do with taking Jason and Sam's baby from them.

. . .

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