Tuesday, September 1, 2015

At Greystone Manor, Carly held Avery in her arms as she gently talked to the teething baby about the wedding, which was scheduled for the following day. Sonny arrived home, but stopped in the doorway to smile because he enjoyed watching Carly with their daughter. Carly beamed with happiness, but she quickly shifted gears to ask about Sonny's trip to the police station. Sonny explained that Ric had been released because the real killer had been caught.

Sonny filled Carly in about Madeline's plot to steal Nina's fortune and Silas' refusal to sign the documents relinquishing Silas' claim on the money. Stunned, Carly recalled talking to Madeline days earlier about the challenges of having a child with a mental illness. She admitted that Madeline had given her insight into Morgan's situation, which was why Carly was desperate to get Morgan some help. Sonny reminded her that Morgan wasn't ready to listen, but Carly suggested that they ask Michael to intervene. Sonny was uncomfortable with the idea of involving Michael, but Carly admitted that she had already told Michael about the possibility that Morgan had bipolar disorder.

Sonny wasn't pleased, but he appreciated that Carly had talked to Michael because Michael and Morgan were brothers who had recently made peace with one another. Sonny was disappointed that the same couldn't be said for Sonny and Michael, even after Michael had returned Avery to Sonny. Carly urged Sonny to give it time because Michael was as stubborn as Sonny and held onto his anger. Sonny was curious if Michael had made a decision about the wedding, but Carly shook her head. However, she reminded him that there was still time for Michael to have a change of heart.

Sonny assured Carly that it was fine because he felt like the luckiest man in the world to marry her, since she had always been there for him. Sonny became choked up as he confessed that Carly made him a better person and was the perfect wife for him. Tears of joy swam in her eyes as she reached for his hand.

A short time later, Carly announced that Sonny had the magic touch because he never had trouble putting Avery to sleep. Sonny smiled with promise as he reached for Carly to kiss her, but she quickly put the brakes on because she had to get home. Confused, Sonny asked why, so she reminded him that it was bad luck for the bride and groom to spend the night together on the eve of their wedding. Carly suggested that Sonny use the time to work on his wedding vows and then dashed out the door before he could stop her.

On the Haunted Star, Morgan complained to the bartender about the quantity of the "double shot" of alcohol Morgan had been given because it hadn't been enough. The bartender snidely reminded Morgan that it was the same amount that Morgan served -- when Morgan bothered to show up for work. Morgan's temper flared as he threatened to withhold a tip, but Michael suddenly appeared to slap down some cash on the bar. Michael asked for a large bottle of sparking water, two glasses, and for the bartender to close out Morgan's tab.

After the bartender gave Michael the bottle of sparkling water and two glasses, Michael led Morgan to a nearby table to ask why Morgan had called. Michael admitted that he had been concerned when he had heard Morgan's voicemail message, so Morgan revealed that Kiki had ended things with Morgan. Michael was surprised when Morgan added that Kiki had found out that Morgan had slept with Ava. Michael was curious if Morgan had known that Denise was Ava, but Morgan shook his head.

Morgan explained that he had been drawn to Denise because it had seemed as if Ava had returned to life. Morgan admitted that he had thought that Denise had truly cared about him, but worse than finding out the truth about Ava had been Kiki's reaction to the affair. Morgan realized that he had lost Kiki for good, so Morgan's dreams of a future had been shattered. Michael promised that things would get better, but Morgan was skeptical.

Morgan wished that he could blame everything on Ava, but it would be a lie because Morgan knew it had been wrong to pursue a relationship with Ava, even if he had believed that she was Denise. Morgan explained that his desire for Ava had been beyond his control, which worried him. Michael suggested that sometimes rational thoughts flew out the window because of sex and passion, but Morgan feared that Sonny and Carly had been right about Morgan's erratic emotions.

Michael revealed that Carly had told him about her concerns that Morgan might have bipolar disorder. Morgan became upset, but Michael rushed to assure Morgan that Carly had simply wanted Morgan to be evaluated. Morgan was curious if Michael thought Carly was right, so Michael conceded that Morgan had done things that Michael would never have thought possible. The anger leeched out of Morgan as he and Michael talked about Morgan's impulsive behavior. Michael assured Morgan that Morgan would not be to blame if Morgan was diagnosed with bipolar disorder because it was a chemical imbalance.

Morgan suggested that perhaps his behavior could be attributed to being a middle child, but Michael urged Morgan to schedule an appointment with Kevin Collins. Morgan admitted that he might not be ready for an answer then changed the subject to ask if Michael intended to attend Sonny and Carly's wedding. Michael explained that it would feel disloyal to A.J., but Morgan was upset because they wouldn't be a family until Michael had forgiven Sonny. Michael felt bad because he had let Morgan down, but Morgan didn't blame Michael. Morgan decided that it was time for Morgan to get control of the wreck his life had become.

However, Morgan was curious why Michael continued to care about him. Michael insisted that they were brothers, so Michael would always look out for him. Michael hugged Morgan then promised that things would get better.

In Julian's bedroom, Julian recalled visiting Ava in jail to let her know that he had failed to secure the incriminating recording of her confessing to Connie's murder. He glanced at a picture of his sister and apologized. Alexis appeared in the doorway then called out to Julian. She was curious why he had been apologizing to Ava, so he claimed that he had broken the news to Ava that Alexis couldn't represent Ava because it was a conflict of interest, since Alexis represented Nina in the same case. Alexis revealed that Silas' killer had been captured, so Ava wouldn't be facing charges for that murder.

Alexis told Julian about Madeline's scheme to steal Nina's fortune and why Madeline had murdered Silas. Alexis added that she had to appear in court with Nina the following morning to get her client released from police custody and then Alexis intended to head out of town. Surprised, Julian was curious where Alexis was going, so she told him that Kristina needed her. Alexis revealed that Kristina's heart had been broken by the first boyfriend that her daughter had had, since Trey had died.

Alexis explained that she had time to visit Kristina because Molly had decided to attend Port Charles University and live at home, since there had been a shortage on student housing on campus. However, Alexis promised to return in time for Julian's trial, but Julian wasn't worried about that; he would miss her. Julian pulled her close as he suggested that they make love. They kissed, but Alexis pulled away to assure Julian that she loved him. Julian was relieved that she hadn't allowed the lies about him to affect her.

Alexis admitted that it hadn't been easy on her or Julian, but he insisted that he only cared about what Alexis thought. After they made love, Alexis offered to call Diane to ask Diane to represent Ava. Alexis didn't hold out much hope for Ava, but Alexis promised that Diane was a "barracuda" in the courtroom. Julian thanked Alexis and then made love to her again.

In lockup, Ava recalled her conversation with Morgan when she had promised to keep their affair a secret because she wanted both Morgan and Kiki to be happy. Ava looked up when she suddenly heard her eldest daughter greet her. Ava smiled as she returned Kiki's greeting then confessed that she had desperately needed the visit because Ava had had a miserable day. Kiki admitted that her day had also been horrendous because the police had given Kiki permission to return to Silas' apartment.

Ava felt terrible for Kiki, but promised that she hadn't been responsible for Silas' murder because Ava could never harm Silas or hurt Kiki. Kiki admitted that she would have believed her mother until Kiki had found out the truth. "You've been sleeping with my boyfriend," Kiki angrily whispered as she leaned close to the jail's bars to glare accusingly at Ava.

Ava sputtered a denial, but Kiki cut Ava off because Franco had told Kiki the truth and Morgan had confirmed the affair. Ava was furious that Morgan had confessed, but Kiki accused Ava of manipulating Kiki and "jumping Morgan's bones" behind Kiki's back. Ava immediately tried to explain that she had never meant for things to go as far as they had with Morgan and insisted that she hadn't known that Morgan and Kiki had rekindled things until it had been too late. Kiki wasn't satisfied because Ava had continued to carry on with Morgan even after Ava had learned the truth about Kiki's relationship with Morgan.

Ava claimed that she hadn't been able to stop herself because Ava and Morgan had shared a connection too powerful to ignore. Kiki was hurt that Ava's connection with Morgan had been stronger than what Ava had felt for Kiki. Ava argued that both Kiki and Avery meant the "whole world" to her, which was why Ava had risked everything to return to Port Charles. Ava promised that the bond she felt with Kiki was far stronger than anything Ava had ever had with Morgan, but Kiki didn't believe her mother because it had been easy for Ava to betray Kiki.

Ava promised that she had ended things with Morgan, so he could be with Kiki because all Ava had ever wanted was for Kiki to be happy. Ava insisted that she loved Kiki, but Kiki made it clear that she never wanted to see Ava again. Kiki resented that Ava had cost Kiki a relationship with Avery because Kiki doubted that Sonny would want any reminders of Ava, including Kiki, near Avery. "You are out of my life," Kiki shouted with angry tears shimmering in her eyes.

Kiki pointed out that Ava would go to jail for life, but Ava assured her daughter that Ava would find away to avoid going to jail for killing Connie. Kiki scoffed at the idea, but she took comfort in knowing that Avery would never know of Ava's existence. Kiki warned Ava that Ava would wake up in the morning with the knowledge that everything was gone. Ava was devastated as Kiki stormed out.

Meanwhile, Maxie entered the squad room eager to share some good news with Nathan. However, she stopped short when she noticed that Nathan seemed troubled, so he explained that he had just arrested Silas' killer. Maxie feared that Nina had been responsible for the murder, but Madeline -- dressed in an orange jumpsuit and confined to handcuffs -- was escorted by a police officer to a nearby desk.

Stunned, Maxie realized that Madeline had killed Silas. Madeline insisted that Ric had killed the doctor then set Madeline up, but Nathan was livid because he had Madeline's entire confession on tape. Madeline claimed that Nathan had misinterpreted what she had said, but Nathan was disgusted that she continued to lie about "literally" stabbing Silas in the back and then forging Silas' signature on a document with the intention of stealing Nina's fortune. It sickened Nathan that Madeline had killed an innocent man for greed.

Maxie was shocked that Madeline would let Nina take a fall for a crime that Madeline had committed. Maxie explained that she was too well-bred to gloat, but Maxie thought that it had been low of Madeline to try to steal Nina's money. Madeline growled a warning for Maxie to be careful or Maxie might end up just like Silas, but Nathan advised Madeline to tread carefully because he had been the one to persuade Ric to wear a wire. Hurt, Madeline wondered how her own son could have turned on her.

"I'm not your son," Nathan shouted. Nathan made it clear that he had washed his hands of Madeline. He hoped that she saw his face when she curled up on her cot in jail at night because he wanted her to remember who had put her behind bars. "James," Madeline cried forlornly. Nathan called out for a police officer to take Madeline to lockup then reminded Madeline that his name was Nathan, not James.

After Madeline was dragged away, Maxie offered to take Nathan home, so she could hold and love him until the pain had faded and he had forgotten all about Madeline. Nathan liked the idea, but he was curious what Maxie had wanted to tell him earlier. Maxie decided that it could wait, but Nathan disagreed because he knew it had been important. Maxie revealed that she had been picked to star in a movie. Startled, Nathan asked her to elaborate, but she promised to tell him about it at home.

Elsewhere in lockup, Nina was relieved when Franco was returned to his jail cell. She admitted that she had been concerned because he had been gone a long time. Franco jokingly asked if she had saved him dessert, so she slid him a snack bar. Franco thanked her, but Nina was curious what had taken so long. Franco revealed that Scott had told him that Silas' killer had been caught. Nina was certain Ava had stabbed Silas, but Franco broke the news that Madeline had been responsible for the crime.

Nina was shocked when Franco filled her in on the details, including the news that Madeline had been hiding in the apartment when Nina had arrived. Franco explained that Madeline had managed to slip out of the apartment when Franco had fetched the supplies to clean up the crime scene. Franco regretted that he had been so worried about protecting Nina that he had inadvertently removed all traces of Madeline's presence in the apartment.

Nina realized there was no end to Madeline's cruelty, but Franco disagreed because Madeline would spend the rest of her life in jail. Nina reminded that it didn't matter because Silas would still be dead. However, Nina wondered why she and Franco were still locked up if Madeline had been revealed to be the killer. Franco explained that the courthouse was closed, so they would have to wait until morning to face a judge. Nina was disappointed, but Franco reminded her that they would finally have a chance to be together once the charges were dropped.

Nina cheered up until Madeline passed Nina's jail cell. Madeline stopped to talk to her daughter because she wanted to warn Nina that Ric was trying to steal Nina's fortune. Infuriated, Nina's hand shot between the bars in an attempt to slap Madeline, but Madeline managed to back out of reach. The guard warned Nina to behave, so Nina demanded to know why Madeline had killed an innocent man. Madeline was unapologetic as she insisted that Nina's father should have left the fortune to Madeline because the money had rightfully belonged to Madeline.

"Go to hell," Nina yelled. Nina angrily warned Madeline that Madeline faced a life behind bars, while Nina and Franco would be free to live their lives. Nina hoped that Madeline suffered from the knowledge that greed had been more important to Madeline than Madeline's own children. "I hate you," Nina spat as Madeline's eyes filled with tears. Franco watched as the guard led Madeline away.

Tears of frustration and anger filled Nina's eyes, but Franco reminded her that everything would be okay because Nina was finally free of her mother. Franco promised that he and Nina would be released from jail the following day, which meant that both Franco and Nina could finally be together. Nina wiped away the tears as she smiled. Franco vowed that no one would ever mess with Nina again because she would always be safe with him. "I know," Nina quietly said.

Franco was eager to make up for what Madeline had done to Nina, but Nina was determined to forget that Madeline had ever existed. Franco smiled as he assured Nina that he loved her. Nina promised that she loved Franco too. She blew him a kiss then added that she would give him a real one the following day. Franco looked forward to it because it meant that he would have a good day.

. . .

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