SPENCER Family Tree
Gregory Spencer (deceased)
m. Rebecca Maiden Name Unknown (deceased)
    c. Olivia Spencer
        a. Jeffrey O'Neill
           c. Ava Peralta (Put up for adoption)
             m.Sandy Foster (Divorced) (deceased)
             a.Remy Boudreau
                 c. Max Harlan Lewis (Bill Lewis's name was on birth certificate) (deceased)
             m.Bill Lewis (Annulled)
        m. Josh Lewis (Divorced)
        m. Alan Spaulding (Divorced) (deceased)
        m. Phillip Spaulding (Divorced)
           c. Emma Spencer Spaulding
        m. Bill Lewis (Divorced)
        m. Jeffrey O'Neill (Divorced)
        a. Natalia Rivera (Olivia's domestic partner)
           c. Francesca Cooper (Natalia's child with Frank Cooper)
    c. Marissa Spencer (deceased)
        m. Alfred Randall (deceased)
           c. Jonathan Randall (adopted)
              m. Lizzie Spaulding
                 c. Sarah Randall
    c. Sam Spencer

m. Married
c. Child
a. Affair
r. Rape

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