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Rafe's reaction to Olivia and Natalia's relationship has a lot to do with the fact that he's not used to seeing her as someone who could be in a relationship and in love. She was with Gus for only a small amount of time, and dated no one during his childhood.

Otalia fans have been waiting for this moment, and it looks like they'll get some of their reveal this week.

As we left young Rafael, he was watching her with Olivia on their front lawn, and not like most of the female "friends" he had seen. Now this week the truth will be revealed - and Rafe's relationship with Natalia will change - at least for now.

This story really brings some interesting twists and turns - and I cannot wait to see what happens! Rafe and Natalia were pretty much a two person team in Chicago when he was growing up. Then they move to Springfield, finding Gus/Nick only to lose his father not long afterwards. Their relationship has been very close, but when Rafe when to jail, Natalia's relationship with Olivia has changed - which makes Rafe feel threatened.

Rafe will confront both Olivia and Natalia this week about their relationship - which means that Otalia will have to think about telling Emma as well. Rafe's reaction will be pretty harsh from what I have seen - but will he calm down after he blows up (as he seems always to do when things don't go exactly as he thinks they should).

Full disclosure, this story has certainly brought a lot of discussion amongst GL fans. I personally have family members and friends who have walked away from "traditional" marriages for love with someone new - and of the same gender. I've had some pretty frank discussions with them about the challenges they faced with some family and friends, and the loving support they have received as well. Like all things, there are positives and negatives in people's reactions - but I always tell them that life is too short not to be happy with the person you love. That is what I wish for everyone - to have a happy relationship full of love that lasts a lifetime. Sure, after my 23 years of marriage there are struggles, but they are all worth it in the end…

And I have to admit that part of Rafe's reaction is also based on seeing his mom as someone who could be in a relationship and in love. She was with Gus only a small amount of time, and dated no one during his childhood (or so it seemed). I have to admit I went through some angst seeing my Dad date again when I was 24 (he was single since my parent's divorce when I was 7). So on top of seeing your parent dating (like it's reserved for only the young) he sees his Mom with Olivia - and very happy. There is a certain oddness about it all - but in the end, after the initial shock of seeing my parent as a real person who would want to find love (shocker, I know) I was glad he had someone to share his life with.

Now how will Rafe's reaction pan out? Will he be able to find his way past the anger that he seems to carry so close to the surface all of the time? I certainly hope so. Now that the show is winding down, and Jessica Leccia is away on a short maternity leave, we only have so many shows to resolve this story. And fans (like me) are rooting for a happy ending !

James, on the other hand, takes his anger to a whole new level. Unlike Rafe, he grew up with everything, except a loving home. Now Phillip and Beth are trying, in very different ways, to get him on the right track. This week Phillip sets the wheels in motion to save his son - but is it too late for their relationship?

And in Spaulding-Lewis world, lots of changes are set to take place this week. As Lizzie and Bill prepare to wed, they want to be free to enjoy their life - without the pressures of work (ahhh, wouldn't that be nice?). But will a major power grab ensue? And who will come out on top?

Poor Reva is being set up for Edmund's "death" - but is he really dead? After seeing how far someone is going to set her up, Jeffrey and Josh join forces to save Reva - but implicating Jeffrey himself! But can Jeffrey find Edmund in time? And if it wasn't Edmund in the creek, who was it? My money is on Roc Cartwright, but that is a total guess….

I know that so many of you have written and posted about the cancellation and are doing everything possible to save the show. There are lots of stories about the show out there and we're trying to make sense of it all and find out where the show can go from here. I encourage all of you to keep writing and calling, posting on message boards and asking your friends to do the same. My Facebook account is G L Scoop so please introduce yourself and join the group "Keep the Light Shining - Save Guiding Light" at The more traffic on this, and any board, the better!! There are a number of groups out there on Facebook and other sites, so please let your voices be heard. I've put together a comprehensive list on the Facebook page but if you have any new or updated info, please send it to me! We need to all work together to show the networks that GL fans are serious about saving the show!!

Whether or not we know how this story - and this show ends, it is important for all of us to stay focused on working to promote the show in a positive light for as long as we can…

Together We Can…Keep the Light Shining!

. . .

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