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For the Week of March 9, 2009
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Lizzie's kidnapping storyline seems to have dragged on forever. This poor character has had so much strife in her young life; surviving cancer, killing her mother's abusive boyfriend Carl, having her daughter taken from her. Now, she's been kidnapped for a second time.

The mind is a fascinating thing - and I love to see how a person's memories affect them. This week we certainly saw the good and bad side of memory with the Spaulding family.

While Phillip and Beth are going to their 25th reunion (a year late - come on GL - MY memory isn't that bad - they graduated in 1983 not 1984) and meeting with classmates, their daughter is trying to piece together her own memory to find her kidnapper. While one group of scenes brought back fond memories (but no video flashbacks - I guess because Beth was played by Judi Evans back then) the other was full of tension (both for the character and the fans who seem to want this story to end soon). That being said, it does set us up for an action packed week ahead.

Watching the reunion in that cheesy community center reminds me that the Peapack experiment has gone on way too long. I haven't been to one of my own reunions I do know that they aren't held at the high school itself. We've had picnics (at 5 years and 15 years) but for the most part they seem to be held at hotels - with rubber chicken dinners (not eaten on cafeteria trays). It's not like GL doesn't HAVE a hotel set - half of Springfield lives at the Beacon. Great idea - mediocre execution on the part of the production team.

While I'm picking apart this reunion - the idea I really loved - why did Mindy come back when Bill is gone? At least GL remembered that Billy is Mindy's dad. Hopefully before she leaves town she'll have scenes with the rest of the Lewis clan (it would have also been a great idea to have Reva's baby shower then so Mindy could attend). Krista Teserau lives in California, so her returns will be sporadic at best, so they need to be planned better.

But the story that seems to drag on forever is Lizzie's kidnapping. This poor character has had so much strife in her young life (surviving cancer, killing her mother's abusive boyfriend Carl, having her daughter taken from her, to now being kidnapped for a second time). Part of me thinks that GL is dragging this story out now that Phillip is in town, but I hope they wrap it up soon! And the spoilers for Monday, with Grady and Phillip face off - looks like it will be worth the wait!

Some good news this week will be the newest Cooper coming to Springfield. Although I have heard from many of you that adoption isn't quite so easy (that is the understatement of the century) at least there will be some good news for this family. But will Marina be happy that Dinah played a part in getting her a baby to adopt? And when she returns home, will Shayne be happy to see Dinah?

This week holds a number of interesting plot twists, and I can't wait to see how they play out. I'm sure they will bring much discussion and debate - and hopefully some great stories for us down the road.

Keep the Light Shining and Have a Great Week!

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