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For the Week of December 24, 2007
Tis the season to be jolly, but there is little cheer in Springfield. When families and friends unite to spend time together, this Christmas might be one that Scrooge himself would enjoy.
Tis the season to be jolly - but there is little cheer in Springfield. When families and friends unite to spend time together, this Christmas might be one Scrooge himself would enjoy.

The Cooper family, who celebrated an oddly stiff Thanksgiving have a cloud looming over them in the person of Ashlee and her election fraud - as yet uncovered. Ava, the little "angel" is using this ammo to her advantage to get Coop under her Christmas tree this year! At least Marina, Harley and Frank seem to be on somewhat better footing. Hopefully they will spend a more peaceful Christmas - without a visit from Phillip!!

The Lewis' are another family who seem a bit splintered. Reva and Josh believe that the angelic looking Will is having them all dance to a tune of his own design. But at the end of the song, will Will be all alone again - the thing he does not want in his Christmas stocking? Or will his evil plan work to rid Princess Cassie of Reverend Josh and have her all to himself? R.J. had better watch out, better not cry, or Will will come to send him out of town with Santa and his reindeer.

Brother Billy is in rehab, repenting for his sins, but not-so Little Bill (as he was once called) is spiking the Egg Nog and dancing with a lampshade on his head all over the town. Lizzie seems to dance between the Lewis and her own family, but with Billy in rehab, will she have a Merry Christmas? I'd love to see her end up with Bill, but she seems destined to tangle with Ava over another man - but will she win?

Beth and Rick are awaiting a blessed event, but like Mary and Joseph all those years ago, Rick isn't the natural father here either. But unlike the Biblical story Alan is not God-like in any way (although he has the singing voice of an angel!!). Will Baby Bauer have a happy ending? Or will she grow up on the Hill with the Spaulding millions - and not a drop of happiness or good tidings to be found? Let's hope for a Christmas miracle for this little one!

No matter how you spend this Christmas, I hope that you find the peace, love and happiness you deserve!


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