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After dragging some stories on for ages, the heat really got turned up last week on several fronts, as we near the November sweeps period.

After dragging some stories on for ages, the heat really got turned up this week on several fronts. Of course, we are nearing Sweeps time, so it is to be expected.

Poor Marina - her search has been so sporadic. You had to wonder if she was really alive or not. But finally GL got the idea to actually SHOW Marina, who I'm sure was away either doing a play or on vacation (it's called taping in advance, guys - try it next time). At least we know she is alive - and trying to escape Griggs (who, sadly, can't stick around in Springfield no matter how it all works out). But now that Alex has turned in Cyrus to an enraged Frankie, how can he rescue his lady love? I won't spoil it here, but this week we see some resolution to this story. There are times when I try to guess how these will all work out, but I wasn't really sure how I even wanted this to all end. How can Alex and Cyrus - provided they survive - avoid jail time? I guess we'll have to wait and see.

I have to admit that while this whole, very serious, story was going on, I was wondering about Daisy and Rafe's one night of love. Any veteran soap viewer knew she'd get pregnant (although Rafe gave a little TMI - too much information - this week, if you know what I mean). I wasn't really thinking that where the story has gone was where it would end up, although it is hardly a new topic for daytime.

No matter how you feel - and I know everyone has strong feelings on the topic - the story and the acting have been well done. Bonnie Dennison (Daisy) is only 18 herself, but is showing some great acting chops during the scenes leading up to this week's story. I'm not going to debate someone's choice - I'll never have the same opinions as anyone else - which is fine. I AM glad that GL did write in that all of the adults in Daisy's life were more than a little sidetracked - right or wrong - even after knowing she and Rafe had been together. The two teens haven't been angels all along, so seeing the adults realizing they could have been there more lent more credibility to the story.

While I was watching everyone reacting to Daisy's decision, I had to think of the parallels to Dinah's story. Both ladies have serious feelings of abandonment that certainly colors how they live their lives. Lizzie is very much the same way. Even with a loving family, each young lady has their own emotional baggage that makes them who they are. I would like to see GL really explore their relationships - as it seems they will at least try to this week. We are all products of our environment to a certain extent, and you can see how each lady acts (and reacts) to life's curveballs. It should make for some interesting Emmy reels…

Not the men are without their own baggage. The king of which will be seen this week - not that I want to spoil anyone here. But suffice it to say that I am pleased to see this particular character and actor back in Springfield - to add some much needed spice. Hopefully the "spice" will be in town for a long time to come!!

I can't wait to see how it all plays out!!

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