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Beth Ehlers
The girl who cried wolf
For the Week of March 12, 2007
Hopefully, Reva and Harley can learn to peacefully coexist when it comes to Daisy's welfare. It's probably difficult to not meddle when you want to so badly, but Reva needs to work with and not against Harley.
I'm glad to see that Susan finally understood that her actions have consequences. As someone who is, admittedly, not a parent of a teen (or anyone) I can't imagine putting up with her actions for long. GL certainly had to address her wildness, but I am glad they didn't have Bobby actually rape Daisy to drive this point home. Harley has the daunting task of trying to get her to toe the line, when she admits that her own teen years were not so ideal.

The re-emergence of Dylan hasn't done much for me. I freely admit that I find recasts difficult to accept, and this one is no exception. Dylan is suddenly very dull and has no chemistry with Reva whatsoever. I just hope that this improves with time, or he's just taking up air time best served for other characters.

Hopefully Reva and Harley can learn to peacefully co-exist when it comes to Daisy's welfare. I'm sure it's very difficult to not meddle when you want to so badly, but Reva needs to work with and not against Harley. I guess what Reva really needs is a hobby - someone to take care of in the face of the departure of Josh and Jonathan from her life, albeit in different ways…

Speaking of Joshua, I am not surprised at his confession - he's always been the protector in Springfield. But what happens when he learns that he's probably taking the blame for a Spaudling crime? Of course, that could be weeks off from happening.

This week is a shortened one for NCAA tournament coverage - my favorite time of year. I just hope my Terps can win if they play Thursday - for my 40th birthday. Still, it's fun to watch the teams all compete for the big prize. And maybe Alan can use the time to recover and unravel the mystery of his shooting. .. a girl can dream.


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