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Alan has committed his worst sin to date, but will he pay for his crimes, or will he get away with this one, too?
Jonathan certainly went out of Springfield (for everyone but Reva) with a bang this week. It was interesting to get emails from viewers who didn't read the spoilers and were shocked to see Jonathan let his anger cause the death of Sarah. Until they watched Thursday's show, that is…

As I sat and watched the episodes this week, I tried to put myself in the character's shoes. All of that anger and grief can make a person do nearly anything. But would I have taken on Alan Spaulding? Probably -- he killed Tammy days after her wedding to Jonathan. Or would I want him to pay through the justice system? In real life I'd hope that I would wait to see what happened, but we know Alan never pays for his sins. Still, I have to admit that the powerful scenes between Tom Pelphrey and Ron Raines were a delight to watch.

I can't imagine someone as young as Tom holding his own with someone with as much acting chops as Ron, but you can see how much he has grown since he joined GL. While I am often disappointed to not see former GL'ers make a big splash when they leave the show, I expect great things from Tom. He is a gifted actor -- and a really nice guy as well. The show will miss his fire and intensity (no pun intended).

But could I keep the news that Jonathan is really alive from everyone? Wow -- that's a hard one. I could certainly keep the news from the Spauldings, but Cassie, Josh, and Billy? That's a tough call. You "have" to so he and Sarah remain safe, but I don't know if I could pull off the funeral and pretending to feel grief (and receive sympathy from your sister who really lost her daughter) while you know it's all a sham. But, of course, it makes great story. You know it will come up at some point.

And then we have Alan who has committed his worst sin to date (and I can't think of anything worse). But will he pay for his crimes? My foolish husband sat and watched the show and said, "I didn't know Ron Raines (Alan) was leaving the show." Can you tell he doesn't watch soaps much to know that Alan gets away with everything all of the time? Will Alan get away with this one, too? I won't spoil you here, but we'll know very soon.

The fallout from this story seems to be driving the majority of the February sweeps for GL. We'll have to see how the death of Tammy affects the characters who remain in Springfield.


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