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Last week, while we were being force-fed days of Reva not telling anyone about her cancer, Beth and Rick were off at some hotel together. It was a surprise, but at the same time, not at surprise at all.

Since the birth of the internet, it's been hard to be "spoiled" on a soap very often. While I was aware ahead of time that Rick and Beth had been together, it was still a little shocking to see on-screen.

Behind the scenes, when we were being force-fed days and days of Reva not telling anyone about her cancer and Lizzie's latest trickery, Beth and Rick were off at some hotel together. It was a surprise, since we didn't really have story to back it up, but at the same time, not at surprise at all. Beth was Rick's first love ('til she fell in love with Phillip) and the two have shared over two decades of life, love and happiness. Now that their lives have hit a pretty rough patch - and Phillip isn't around - they have only each other for support.

Wednesday's "Inside the Light" made me nostalgic as well. This was the GL I remember fondly. Those days of the "Four Musketeers" were some of the highlights of my GL memories. Rick, Beth, Mindy and Phillip graduated in 1983 - just two years before I did. All of the turmoil of their youth, with Bradley Raines raping Beth and her running off to NY with Phillip - are some great GL moments. Rick's admission that he looks back on these times rang true to me. And seeing daytime legend Charita (Bert) Bauer was icing on the cake for me.

Now that GL might actually be thinking of using these two forgotten (but much loved) veterans, I have some reason for hope. Michael O'Leary (Rick) is finally back on contract - so hopefully we'll see more of him this fall. But what does his relationship with Beth mean for her marriage to Alan and his to Mel? You know it will have to come out in the end - this is a soap - but will they end up together?

Somehow I know that Mel will end up fighting for Rick - at least I hope so. This couple has been so far off the radar that fans were questioning who they were at the Bauer bar-be-que - which is a sad state of affairs for the show. Of course, a character who is both a doctor AND a lawyer is pretty handy to have around. Now that Ross is gone, and Jeffrey is deep into Springfield politics, we only have Doris Wolfe to come to the aid of Springfield's citizens.

Speaking of the spunky Ms. Wolfe - what is in her corn flakes? For someone who went to law school she sure forgot that she can't jail someone who didn't commit a crime. Talk about abuse of her office! Didn't she blackmail Jeffrey to get the job by blaming him for similar shenanigans? I would love to see the talented Orlagh Cassidy (Doris) in Springfield more often - she adds some spice to the show.

This week we're back to the Josh and Reva show - so be forewarned. Even without Kim (Zimmer, Reva) last week, I was glad to see Hawk had her back and gave Josh and Cassie a piece of his mind! Gotta love a dad who goes to bat for his absentee little girl. There are casting spoiler rumors out there about this story that I want to confirm before I post anything here. Still, it looks as though this story will continue on for months yet. Note to GL: I'm getting my holiday wish list ready and I want new storylines in lieu of an actual gift this year. Do you think you can actually come through since I told you so far in advance?

Fans who didn't fast forward too quickly surely saw the September spoiler commercial that GL aired several times during the show last week. Using my crystal ball, I guess this means Jonathan will be forced to marry Lizzie. Poor Tammy - she should have married Jon Jon when she had the chance. is simmering along. For half of a second, I had hoped to have a real lead on the case. But I'm going to add A-M to my list of people who are too obvious to be behind it. Of course, I didn't know Hawk had a laptop - so maybe he's up to no good ; ) Or Lillian - she's been too quiet for too long. But will we see Rick and Beth online soon - that is Springfield's latest scandal. I can just imagine the fallout on the "hill" - Alan will really have a heart attack!

It's hard to believe but it's nearly Labor Day - the unofficial end of the summer. I know that many fans are not thrilled with this summer's stories, but at least I hope you had a great summer with family and friends. I'll be travelling to Los Angeles to spend Labor Day (literally) with Bob Barker. I have tickets to "The Price is Right" for the September 4th taping that we won last winter. Once I have an air date, I'll let everyone know. I will not be a contestant (since I won the tickets and the trip) but it will be pretty cool to see Bob up close and in his element. I hope to be able to write a Two Scoops column before I leave Saturday, and will have someone to do spoilers if I can't get everything together on time.


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