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The ramifications of Harley and Mallet's night together are already being felt. Dinah is a force to be reckoned with; give her a loaded gun full of ammo against someone, and she might as well be on Springfield's most-wanted list.

Finally, we can see the "light" at the end of the tunnel of the Gus/Harley story. While this story went on way too long, it's nice to see the fireworks that it is causing now that Gus has returned from the dead.

First, there is Gus and Harley's relationship. Gus has been gone for three long months and things have changed in Springfield. When he kidnapped Alan, Harley was running Spaulding Enterprises. Then, in her grief, she slept with Mallet (which I don't really buy as an excuse, but that's another topic altogether). Then she and Mallet became partners (again) on the Springfield police force. Now Harley is quitting both jobs to concentrate on her family. Which I applaud, but it's sad when even a small child can figure out that someone in the family needs to work to pay the bills. Of course, soaps aren't built around reality all of the time.

Gus seems to think that he can either a) forgive and forget with Alan and Beth or b) make them believe he has done the same. Is he crazy? Are the pain pills affecting his brain waves? Of course Beth and Alan are nervous. Of course they'll get even - even if they don't get their manicured hands dirty in the process. And I can't wait to see how it all plays out.

The ramifications of Harley and Mallet's night together are already being felt. Dinah is a force to be reckoned with. Give her a loaded gun full of ammo against someone and she might as well be on "Springfield's Most Wanted". Will she turn her back on the love of a good man (albeit one who cheated) to get revenge? Of course she will! And if you read the spoilers for this week (which I won't "spoil" here) you know that life is about to throw the already angry Dinah a lethal curveball. But I'll save that topic for next week's column.

Spaudling Enterprises was never an all-consuming place for Harley, so it was easier to walk away. Alan might even escort his ex (and current) daughter-in-law out the door! But to Dinah, it's all about belonging and feeling good about what you do each day. Which most of us can empathize with - we all want to do something positive with our lives. But with A-M it's an obsession. He was always the "second son" to Phillip, the golden boy. Now with Phillip gone (but not really), A-M feels that it's his time to shine in the big chair. So, no matter who wins, the loser might go off the deep end - with some interesting storylines as a result!

But A-M has been less than honest with nearly everyone in Springfield. Marina outed his deception on Friday, but wait til all of the truth is exposed. Will A-M's time in Springfield be short, or will he stay and fight for what he believes should be his. And if GL could ever get Grant Aleksander (Phillip) back, this story could be a classic Spaulding showdown!

With all of this boardroom movement, we could nearly forget that the younger set, including Miss Lizzie Spaulding, are playing their own games. Lizzie is desperate to get Coop back, and Jonathan nearly had Tammy back in his arms. But these are two people who do whatever it takes to get what they want. This week, their plans hit a rough patch - which could mean the end of their relationships!

And although they got very little air time this week, we see Billy scheming to get Reva back in his (love) life for good. Will he be able to break the growing connection between Josh and Reva? I hope not. I really like their relationship stages - it is very realistic (well, most of the time, anyway) and showcases two great actors - and GL characters. But I do want Billy do find some happiness as well. If GL would bring back Holly more often (she will appear this week) this could really turn Billy's life around!

This week's shows will be particularly difficult to watch and I know many of you will want to discuss this latest twist. I'll address it next week (I don't want to "spoil" those who don't read spoilers) and I want to watch how this is addressed on-screen.

And for those who want to feel really old (and are long time GL'ers) Happy 22nd Birthday to Ashley Peldon who was the adorable little Marah when Reva took the plunge off the bridge in Florida all those years ago (1989 - 1991) - amazing how time flies!! And GL alum Amelia Marshall (Gilly Speaks) is 48. Marshall is now on NBC's Passions.


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