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Gus and Alan have been missing for weeks. Gus is showing up in ghostly form all over town, yet the show swears he's not dead. Alan has been MIA altogether, until we saw his fingers wiggle late last week.

All of my non-daytime friends (mostly co-workers) egg me on with my GL watching by saying that if I skip a week (or two) of the show, I can pick up where I left off. Normally I am quick to defend my show, but this week, although I like the stories, I want them all to pick up the pace.

I've been trying to get back on the old treadmill to get back into reasonable shape for a summer vacation while watching GL. The problem is, I walk faster than the pace of the show (and those who know me know I walk slower than a Maryland Terrapin).

Don't get me wrong, I love the characters. I love being a part of their lives. But their lives are stuck in neutral. Step on the gas, GL!!

Gus and Alan have been missing for weeks. Gus is showing up in ghostly form all over town, yet the show swears he's not dead. Alan has been MIA altogether, until we saw his fingers wiggle late last week. Everyone deserves a vacation - but I think the show should focus elsewhere for that period of time.

A-M has been up to no good since he returned to town. We haven't learned much about his plot at all - especially since dear old dad is MIA. GL promises to show more of this story in the coming week - and I'll hold you to that.

What can we say about Jeffrey O'Neill? A (pardon the pun) dead ringer for Richard, we know there was more to this story than (also pardon this pun) meets the eye. But GL has drug its collective heels. Has this paid off? Are fans still interested in this story? I am, but then, I'm fairly easy to please (and I adore Bradley Cole). Having David Andrew MacDonald back was great - I just wish GL could have found a way to write a story for him.

Jonathan and Tammy's relationship is stuck in neutral, but maybe, just maybe, Sandy is ready to make his move. The Casting Corner reveals a possible plot twist, which I won't mention here. Although their arson trial moved along quickly, the couple's relationship has stalled. But I guess Cassie will have her hands full with the Jeffrey/Richard story to care much soon.

Olivia pushed Billy off the wagon months ago - yet Josh is the only person in town who doesn't know? While I wouldn't tell him if I was Olivia (but then again, I wouldn't have done it, either) how can Josh have not been there for Billy - asked him what happened? These two were as close as brothers can be, but now Josh is pulling a "tough love" stance, and alienating his family - for a home wrecker? Olivia wasn't any prize the first time around - and Josh is willing to walk away from Billy for her? I keep hoping that these two will find their way back to one another.

Maybe it's all of this research I'm doing on buying a new car, but I think that there is something to that acceleration I'm reading about. It makes the car go at a reasonable pace - something I'm looking for in my soap as well. Hopefully we can pick up the pace soon - or I'll have to find something else to motivate me on the treadmill!! ; )

Until next week...
Keep the Light Shining and Have a Great Week!

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