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Alan-Michael Spaulding is returning to a Springfield that he will barely recognize. His father reportedly killed his brother, and has also married the love of that same brother's life. His niece is dating the brother of two of his ex-wives.

This column contains some casting spoilers - and my fantasy/nightmare of a Springfield storyline - so if you don't want to be spoiled, you might want to skip it. - K

Springfield, IL - Arriving tonight at the Springfield International (!) Airport was a lone corporate jet. A 30-something, stylishly dressed man, identified as Alan-Michael Spaulding stepped off the plane and into a hometown he could barely recognize.

His father, Alan Spaulding, reportedly killed his brother (or did he?). Despite the fact that he is behind bars, his father just married the love of his brother's life - the same brother that he "killed." The half-brother he's never met has just married his first ex-wife - who is now running Spaulding Enterprises. His niece is dating the brother of two of his ex-wives. His aunt Alex will be leaving town just as soon as the Spaulding jet can be refueled.

Don't forget that A-M is half Bauer (his mother is Hope Bauer - Mike Bauer's daughter). But there aren't any Bauers left (at least on contract) to greet him. Michelle is leaving Springfield. And Rick shows up only to help in a medical crisis. Mel is so busy juggling her legal and medical careers to be of any help.

Despite the fact that A-M is a Springfield old-timer who has been away for years, not even the mayor can greet him - he's taken off for a place called Llanview where I hope they treat him better than Springfield did. Of course, this might mean another ex-wife could be lookin' for a new/old love.

The one person who could be interesting to see A-M interact with is Marina - the child that could have been his (and will GL remember this little detail)? With Marina so mad at her mom, will she reach out to A-M when he returns?

There have been more changes in Springfield since he's been here. The Santos family moved into more Springfield circles. Perhaps A-M could meet some of them when he arrives - oh, that's right - they are leaving town. The Winslow family came all the way from San Cristobel to live here. And they have done business with the Spauldings. Surely A-M will visit them - oh, he'll have to be quick, since Edmund is now leaving as well.

So, when A-M steps off of the Spaulding Jet (when it gets back from Boston, of course) there will be many changes for him to see. While I think some change is good, sometimes too much change can be a shock to someone's system. I just hope that GL fans can roll with the punches on all of the casting changes the show is about to go through. As always, I encourage you to share your thoughts with TPTB at -- get your voice heard - it's your show!

Keep the Light Shining and Have a Great Week!

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