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Last week, Jonathan decided that he was better off without a parent who loves him (but not the abusive monster who controls his life), lopping his hair off in the process. The angst and emotion that poured out of him during those scenes was fabulous!

Tomorrow is Independence Day here in the U.S. and it seems that many in Springfield are getting a head start!!!

Jonathan decided that he was better off without a parent who loves him (but not the abusive monster who controls his life), lopping his hair off in the process. Every time I see such a strong performance from young Tom Pelphrey, I am reminded of how I felt when he lost the Emmy this year. I know his day in the sun will come, he's too talented to be denied for long. But the angst and emotion that poured out of him during those scenes was fabulous!

But his mother makes me want to shake my head or throttle her!! I see that since she isn't aware that Nate is the slimeball Alfred, he's new and different. I'm a sucker for accents, too, so there is that appeal to him. But then all you have to do is see that you have the most loving, loyal husband in Springfield to know you shouldn't look elsewhere. It must be that Tuesday was my 19th wedding anniversary. I know life isn't all excitement and wine and roses - but love counts for a whole lot, too. Josh deserves a lot better than a wife whose head is turned by some new guy so quickly. And when Reva learns that it was all a scheme, will she be able to count on the dependable Mr. Lewis again? If I wasn't a married woman (and Josh Lewis were a real and available guy) I'd be standing in line for a stand up guy like him.

Then there are people who you just have to wonder about. When I found out Cassie and Edmund were going to get together, I was more than a little stunned. Of course, I know that soap writers are hired and fired quickly, so fans usually have more background into a character's history then they do. But to marry the guy who caused you to lose your baby, locked you in a tower, etc. is a little too much for me to bear. And finally Edmund is returning to his true-to-form "if you aren't with me you can't be happy" ways by issuing an ultimatum to Cassie. What happens when Edmund learns that the baby he so desperately wants is gone? Will that even stop him in his quest to get Cassie back? And will Dinah be happy until she finally lands the man she claims to love?

Harley's time on the run, although excessive, has had its moments. Can we hope that the Cooper family can all work together to break away from the Spaulding curse? Alan's hatred of all person's Cooper can poison many lives - including his own. Will Lizzie and Coop be able to break away from the hold Alan has over their families and find happiness?

One Cooper who can't seem to get over the past is Marina. While I was certainly not thinking that a pairing with Danny was going to work, I do like the way they work together. But I really am tired of the way she focuses solely on what "could" happen rather than enjoying the relationship at hand. With GL in such a state of flux, you really don't know what will happen when Michelle and Robbie return from Africa (hopefully with Ed in tow).

With the Bauer-less bar-be-que this week (well, I'm sure they'll finally show Michael O'Leary who has been MIA during the Phillip murder story) I'm sure that we'll see plenty of fireworks. With several stories coming to a head, the sparks should fly!!

Which is what I'll be doing Saturday morning - flying to Orlando, FL for a conference. I'll be home for about 24 hours, then off again to Pittsburgh for another week-long conference. While I'll try to get spoilers to you, there won't really be a Two Scoops from me until July 31st - although I'll try to check out the recaps a time or two to see if anything major is happening. Hopefully I can get two weeks of GL - plus the current week watched before I talk with you again. Let's hope that these stories have move forward quite a bit by the time I return. So until the 31st....

Keep the Light Shining and Have a Great Week!

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