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Gina Tognoni
Family secrets
For the Week of May 16, 2005
Dinah has made herself part of Cassie's family, at least for the next few months. But this surrogate is carrying more than Cassie and Edmund's child; she carries the secret that Edmund is playing both sides, where Will is concerned.
The hushed tones and muted conversations in Springfield this week are those of family secrets. It seems that everyone is keeping something from someone - and we all know what happens when that "someone" finds out!

Alan certainly leads the pack with all of his secrets. Lizzie knows that he is sending Harley to "Hell House" but will she help her former stepmother? Her Spaulding roots run deep and she has always played the Spaulding game of protecting her family members. Lizzie's speech this week about growing up really brings to light all of the things that this character has seem (or done herself) in her short life. How will living in "on the hill" affect the way she turns out? Can she break the cycle of lies and secret deals and find happiness (with Coop?). Phillip used to make great stands against Alan as well, when he was younger. And look where that landed him! In the end, he became much like the man he both loved and hate and it cost him his life.

Dinah has made herself part of Cassie's family - at least for the next few months. But this surrogate is carrying more than Cassie and Edmund's child. She carries the secret that Edmund is playing both sides - Cassie and Prince Alonzo against one another where Will is concerned. When all is said and done, will Dinah be able to walk away from Cassie and her child? And will she walk away with Cassie's husband?

Reva's life has been full of surprises. We've all been along for the ride, and watched as her family members have weathered the storm that is Reva Shayne Lewis. But what will all of her unexpected behavior do for those who love her? And how much of her adventures with the VERY sexy Nate will she share with Joshua?

Reva's son Jonathan has some pretty deep, dark secrets, too. What all is he hiding with the mysterious phone calls? And what will his secrets mean to Reva and her family? Will Jonathan be able to protect Reva from his secret past?

Sandy has a lot of secrets in his past. GL has teased us with his background for awhile. If they ever decide to give Sandy a past (other than knowing Jonathan at boarding school) it should be a doozie! But should Tammy get so close to a guy who is so unwilling to share his past with her? Given what she learned (afterwards) about Jonathan - I say she should take it slow with Sandy.

Olivia is hiding something major - more than likely Phillip's murder. What will happen to Emma and Bill if she goes to jail? Another Spaudling child for Alan to manipulate - but can she avoid the pitfalls of her father and his family? Will Lizzie be there to protect her from her own family?

And then there is Frankie - always the protector for Harley and the rest of his family. But did he go too far in keeping Mallet's letters from Harley all those years ago? And what will the truth mean to her now? You know his heart was in the right place, but how Harley's life change now that she knows how Mallet felt all along?

May sure is heating up and I can't wait to see what secrets are revealed!! And with the Emmys this Friday night - this week is can't miss for GL fans!! Keep the Light Shining and Have a Great Week!

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