ALAMAIN Family Tree

Leopold Alamain (died in 1990)
Vivian's brother; see below.

m. Philomena (divorced; deceased)
    c. Lawrence Alamain
        a. Carly Manning
            c. Nicholas Alamain
        m. Jennifer Horton (married 1990; divorced 1991; see Spencer and Horton)
        m. Carly Manning (married off-screen)
    c. John Black (adopted) (Originally named Forrest Alamain, John's biological parents are Santo DiMera and Colleen Brady.)
        m. Marlena Evans (invalid; see Evans)
        m. Isabella Toscano (deceased)
            c. Brady Black
                m. Chloe Lane (Married: Sept 16, 2005; divorced: May 27, 2008)
        a. Marlena Evans
            c. Isabella Black
                a. Shawn-Douglas Brady (see Williams and Kiriakis)
                   c. Claire Brady (born 2005)
                m. Philip Kiriakis (January 3, 2005 to June 29, 2007; divorced) (see Roberts and Kiriakis)
                m. Shawn-Douglas Brady (married; November 23, 2007 to present) (see Williams and Kiriakis)
                   c. Unnamed Child (miscarriage; via in vitro and egg switch; with Shawn)
        a. Kristen Blake
            c. Unnamed Child (miscarriage)
        m. Susan Banks (invalid)
        m. Marlena Evans (invalid; see Evans)
        m. Marlena Evans (see Evans)

Vivian Alamain
Leopold's sister; see above.

m. Numerous Unnamed Men (divorced- When Vivian was introduced, it was mentioned she was many-times divorced.)
m. Victor Kiriakis (annulled)
m. Steven Jones (deceased)
m. Stefano DiMera (divorced; see DiMera)
a. Unnamed Man (deceased)
    c. Quinn Hudson
m. Victor Kiriakis (May 28, 2010 to February 2011)

m. Married
c. Child
a. Affair
r. Rape

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