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Remy Woods
Actor History
Taylor Stanley (23 June 1998 - 25 June 1999)
Waitress at Carlino's
Personal Assistant to Felicia Gallant
Resides At
Bay City
Marital Status
Past Marriages
Paulina Cory Carlino (mother)
Dante Carlino (half-brother)
Mackenzie Cory (grandfather) [deceased]
Maria Hernandez DeSilva (grandmother) [deceased]
Alexandra Cory (great-grandmother) [deceased]
Iris Cory Wheeler (half-aunt)
Dennis Wheeler (half-cousin)
Alexander 'Sandy' Cory (half-uncle)
Marguerite 'Maggie' Cory (half-cousin)
Alexander 'Alex' Cory (half-cousin)
Amanda Cory (half-aunt)
Alexandra 'Alli' Fowler (half-cousin)
Flings & Affairs
Nick Hudson
Crimes Committed
Stole money off a table at Carlino's
Stole a picture from Paulina and Joe
Other cons while with Tito
Brief Character History

Remy was born in the mid-seventies, and raised in foster homes. Remy showed up in town as a mysterious drifter that Nick hit with his motorcycle. She soon recovered, and Nick got her a job at Carlino's restaurant. Remy and Paulina strike an instant connection when it's revealed that, like Paulina, Remy was raised in foster homes. Remy obtains a second job, typing for Felicia, which Nick often does for her as she feigns computer ignorance. Remy is growing closer and closer to Nick, but their relationship is strained when he discovers that not only is she sending secret emails and lying about her past, but she has done a background check on him. He reveals these suspicions to Joe, who is worried about Paulina spending so much time with her. She is almost fired when Joe finds out that she stole and cut up a picture of Paulina and Dante to put in a locket that belonged to her mother years before.

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