Alexandra "Alli" Fowler
Actor History
Kerri Ann Darling (1998 - 1993)
Hillary Scott (1993 - 1995)
Lindsay Lohan (1996 - 1997)
Lauren Toub (1997)
Alicia Leigh Willis (1999)
Resides At
Bay City
Marital Status
Past Marriages
Samuel Fowler (father)
Amanda Cory (mother)
Mackenzie Cory (maternal grandfather; deceased)
Rachel Cory Hutchins (maternal grandmother)
Benjamin Fowler (paternal grandfather; deceased)
Loretta Fowler (paternal grandmother)
Mitch Blake (paternal half-uncle)
Iris Carrington Wheeler (maternal half-aunt)
Alexander Cory, Sr. (maternal half-uncle)
James Frame (maternal half-uncle)
Paulina Cory Carlino (maternal half-aunt)
Matthew Cory (maternal half-uncle, paternal half-cousin)
Cory Hutchins (maternal half-uncle)
Elizabeth Hutchins (maternal half-aunt)
Dennis Wheeler (maternal half-cousin)
Marguerite Cory (maternal half-cousin)
Alexander Cory, Jr. (maternal half-cousin)
Steven Frame (maternal half-cousin)
Jasmine Cory (maternal half-cousin)
Flings & Affairs
Sean McKinnon
Crimes Committed
Brief Character History

Alexandra Fowler, Alli, is the illegitimate daughter of Amanda Cory and Sam Fowler. (Her parents wed shortly before her birth.) Her parents marriage was never very solid, so Alli was shuttled back and forth between her mother and her father. When she was younger, she had a huge crush on Jake McKinnon, even going so far as to name her turtle, Buster, after him, and was heart-broken when her mother married Grant. Alli was sent off to boarding school fairly young, and was seen only sporadically until she suddenly showed up on the doorstep just after New Year's. She doesn't realize she's only one more of Jordan Stark's pawns in his quest to get her mother. She disliked her mother's fiance, Cameron, on sight, and did her best to ruin their relationship. When she unwittingly stumbled upon a conversation between Cameron and Josie discussing Josie's pregnancy, although it broke her heart, she told her mother the news right away, breaking her mother and Cameron up. Now she's caught in the middle of the secret.

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