Carl Hutchins
Actor History
Charles Keating (1983 - 1985; 1991 - 1998)
Also Known As
Rachel Davis (maiden name)
CEO of Cory Publishing
Major Shareholder of Cory Publishing
Owned a hotel
Owner of Hutchins, Ltd
Resides At
Cory Estate
Marital Status
Married (Rachel Cory)
Past Marriages
Barbara Hutchins
Donna Love
Andrew Hutchins (father)
Scott Guthrie (half-brother)
Perry Hutchins (son; with Barbara) (dead)
Ryan Hutchins (son; with Justine) (dead)
Elizabeth Hutchins (daughter; with Carl) (twin)
Cory Hutchins (son; with Carl) (twin)
Flings & Affairs
Justine Duvalier
Felicia Gallant
Lorna Devon
Blair Baker
Crimes Committed

Exacting revenge on Mac Cory for the death of his father.

Poisoning Sandy Cory.

Murdering Daphne Grimaldi.

Kidnapping Rachel Cory.

Almost killed Kathleen McKinnon.

Kidnapping Marley Love.

Stole Donna's money.

Shot Grant Harrison.

Detonated a bomb that almost killed Frankie Frame.

Arranged to have Vicky kidnapped.

Harassed Lorna Devon.

Took the blame for injuring Evan Frame and Amanda Cory in a car accident.

Poisoned Grant Harrison, making him insane.

"Stole" the Cory Publishing assets.

Possibily ordered the hit on Dr. Brogan.

Possibily started The Embers in the Snow fiasco.

Brief Character History

Carl grew up in a family of deceit. Carl blamed Mac Cory for the death of his father, Andrew Hutchins. As a youth, Carl had been placed in charge of the family company, and had given it to the Corys, who had run it into the ground. He tried to extact revenge on most of his family. Carl Hutchins has died several times, but always lived. Carl was shot by Nancy and fell off a cliff. Carl was also poisoned by Rachel, but it was just a ploy to get him to confess his wrongdoings. Carl was also shot by Iris Wheeler, but later flirted with her to get her to confess, as well. Carl's children are fateful to die. His first son, Perry, was killed in a barn accident. His second son, Ryan, was shot and killed by Ryan's brother, Grant Harrison. Only time will tell for his other children.

After all those crimes he had committed, Carl turned over a new leaf and fell deeply in love with Rachel. However, Rachel's family disapproved of the marriage, but Rachel did tame Carl. Currently, Carl and Rachel are having marital strains because her children plotted to destroy their marriage. Carl and Rachel reconciled for a little bit, but Carl developed a serious mental problem. Carl reverted back to his old ways and started acting out scenes of Felicia's novel, Embers in the Snow. Carl was shot by his own hitman, Scott Guthrie (who was also his half-brother, about twenty years younger than Carl, conceived shortly before Andrew died). Carl also faked his own death and vowed to return to Rachel once his medical condition cleared up. Unfortunately, in early June, the character of Carl was killed in a plane crash on his way back to Bay City. Luckily for Rachel, he came back from the dead in May of 1999, and they reunited.

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