Scott Guthrie
Actor History
Bronson Pickett (1998 - 1999)
Also Known As
Scott Hutchins (birth name)
Carl's Flunkie
Resides At
Marital Status
Past Marriages
Andrew Hutchins (father)
Carl Hutchins (half-brother)
Perry Hutchins (half-nephew)
Ryan Harrison (half-nephew)
Elizabeth Hutchins (half-niece)
Cory Hutchins (half-nephew)
Flings & Affairs
Amanda Cory
Crimes Committed
Killed Dr. Brogan
Executed Embers in the Snow events
Shot Carl Hutchins.
Started the fire in the ICU in Hospital.
Kidnapped Amanda Cory and attempted to kill her and Cameron Sinclair.
Brief Character History

The first thing Scott did when he came to town was the use Frank Cameron's gun to shoot Carl Hutchins. While Carl was in the hospital, Scott went to see him, where viewers learned the two knew each other. He helped set a fire in Carl's hospital room, allowing Carl to escape and fake his own death. He spirited Carl off to Key West, then announced to the Corys that Carl had hired him to help run Cory Publishing. He is helping Carl in his plans to get Rachel and the twins out of Bay City. After kidnapping Amanda to take her to Boca Lynda in order to get the Cory's money, Scott was killed in a showdown with Amanda and the Sinclair brothers. He had acid flung on him, then in his final act, blew up the entire building. Shortly after Scott's death, they revealed that he was the child of Andrew Hutchins and his second wife, born shortly before Andrew's death, when Carl was just a young man.

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