Mike Roy
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Actor History
Nicholas Surovy
1983-1984; 1988; 1998
Hugo Napier

Believed to have been shot and killed in 1985

Revealed to be alive in 1998


Secret government operative

Former writer; Penned Raising Kane with Erica Kane

Resides At


Marital Status

Single/Never Been Married

Past Marriages

Erica Kane (invalid)





Flings & Affairs

Erica Kane

Crimes Committed

Falsified his death


Staged a kidnapping so that he could have some time alone with Erica

Breaking and entering

Brief Character History

Mike Roy entered Erica Kane's life in 1983, when he was hired as the ghostwriter for Erica's first autobiography, "Raising Kane." They fell in love...and into bed. Unfortunately, Erica was married to Adam Chandler at the time, and Adam didn't want to let Erica go. After Adam faked his death, Mike and Erica married. The marriage was rendered invalid after it was learned that Adam was not dead.

Erica was determined to divorce Adam and marry Mike. Fate, however, intervened. Mike got caught up in Brooke and Mark's attempt to expose a master criminal in Pine Valley. Mike was shot trying to storm the mastermind's gates. At Pine Valley Hospital, Erica valiantly rushed to Mike's bedside with a minister in tow with the intent of marrying him on his deathbed. But, alas, she was too late, and Mike died in her arms.

Miraculously, Mike turned up very much alive 13 years later. He enacted a number of phony schemes to get Erica back into bed (such as lies, a phony kidnapping, tripping the burglar alarm while she and Jack were in bed). Erica was very much in love with Jack and told that to Mike, but Mike wouldn't accept that. Erica had pledged to marry him to many years earlier and he was convinced that she still had feelings for him. He was right. Mike and Jack went back and forth for months trying to win Erica's hand. In the end, Erica chose Jack, but Mike did get Erica in bed for "one last goodbye." That one goodbye ended up ruining Erica's relationship with Jack, but Mike knew that Erica truly wanted to be with Jack so he agreed not to pursue her any more. Mike said his goodbyes and returned to his role as secret agent.

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