Juan Pablo Renato Ruiz de Vasquez
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Actor History
Tomy Dunster
July 16, 2003 to February 2004
Other Names

Also known as Juan Pablo


Venture Capitalist


Resides At

Room 615, The Valley Inn

Marital Status


Past Marriages

None (Assumed)


Father (deceased; late 2002/early 2003)

Carlos Reyes (brother)

Unnamed sisters

Unnamed cousin



Flings & Affairs

Greenlee Smythe (dated)

Crimes Committed

Aiding a fugitive (his brother Carlos) who murdered Sergio, an Argentinean gang member, after raped a teenager whom Carlos felt he had to protect

Murder; shot and killed one of the Calvatras members [Jan 7, 2003]

Brief Character History

Juan Pablo Renato Ruiz de Vasquez, a handsome 30ish multimillionaire from Argentina, first appeared in Pine Valley on July 16, 2003. Just when Greenlee declared her independence and announced in the Ladies' Room at SOS that she was finished with men, she literally ran so hard into this incredible mystery man that she fell on the floor. She looked up and was instantly smitten with this sophisticated well put together gentleman with kind eyes who spoke in a soft voice with a sexy accent. Feigning a sprained ankle, a tactic Greenlee learned from Simone, she found herself succumbing to his understated charm.

Juan Pablo went along with the sprained ankle, picked Greenlee up and got ice for her ankle and rubbed it gently. He looked into her eyes and said knowingly that she had been hurt very deeply. He then carried her all the way to Stuart's art gallery where she admired a sculpture. Then he excused himself and disappeared. A few minutes later, Stuart presented Greenlee with the sculpture she had admired--Juan Pablo bought it for her, but left no trace of who he was or where he went.

It turned out that Juan Pablo's charm and mystery were not exclusively reserved for Greenlee. Over the next few days, he appeared at critical moments in the lives of the other women of Fusion, like a sexy guardian angel. He made such an impression on all of them, including Greenlee, that they each independently tried to hire Tad to find him and find out who he is--partly because of the sexiest man contest, but mostly for personal reasons.

Upon investigating, it appeared that Juan Pablo was interested in investing in Fusion. However, it turns out that he is in Pine Valley for another reason--to find and protect his younger brother, Carlos, who had killed a man (Sergio) in Argentina years ago. Sergio, a gang member, raped a young girl and Carlos killed him to protect her. Juan Pablo sent Carlos to the United States for safety but didn't know he was in Pine Valley until he spotted him on a TV commercial for Fusion. The ladies of Fusion, and even Tad, were persuaded by him to keep the secret. Greenlee was miffed that she was not the only reason Juan Pablo was in Pine Valley and that he would leave in a moment if Carlos would go back to Argentina with him.

Juan Pablo's concern for his brother's safety escalated when Edmund informed him that member of the Argentinean gang had arrived in Miami. Juan Pablo warns Carlos in the park where Carlos provides little reassurance when he shows his brother a .38 caliber pistol. Juan Pablo is worried that Carlos may have been the one who killed Michael Cambias. It should be noted that Juan Pablo visited Michael in jail and promised to make him wish he were never born.

From the beginning of his arrival on the scene, Juan Pablo has been Greenlee's protector, rescuer, co-conspirator (against the zero-maternal-instinct Mary), sounding board, friend, and boyfriend. To help Greenlee, he bailed out Fusion from their debt to the IRS. He was kind and helpful to Greenlee, without being pushy, after she found out that Jackson is her real father. He helped her in a somewhat elaborate scheme to uncover her mother's vicious lie that Jackson knew about her all along. He has offered several times to take Greenlee to Milan on his private jet and wine and dine her, and has graciously accepted all her rejections. He listened patiently as Greenlee emoted after the meeting in which Ryan announced he was the heir to the Cambias fortune, which meant that Greenlee might lose Fusion for good. He even offered her 10 million and then 12 million dollars to start a new business--even though she implied she cared more about Fusion than about him--so that she could walk away from years of litigation and create something new. He has stated numerous times that Greenlee could trust him. But she doesn't. Although they have had ample opportunity, Juan Pablo and Greenlee did not become lovers.

Juan Pablo revealed his deep feelings for Greenlee to his brother (who had an affair with her and then broke it off) when Juan Pablo confided to Carlos that she may be "the one." The brothers hugged, indicating that it was okay with Carlos, and that Juan Pablo respected his brother's feelings. However, seeing Greenlee drift toward, or maybe throw herself at Ryan--both because of Fusion and unresolved feelings--quickly wore on Juan Pablo's patience.

When Juan Pablo was informed that members of the Argentinean gang who had arrived in Florida were now in Virginia and that a gang member said that he was coming to get a gift for Sergio, Juan Pablo knew for certain that Carlos and anyone else dear to him could be a target, and that he himself could be killed. So when Greenlee confessed to Juan Pablo that she has removed Leo's ring and that she was ready to love again, Juan Pablo does the noble thing and lets her believe that he is moving on because that's just how he is--rather than telling her that he loves her. He didn't want her to have to mourn yet another person she loved. Greenlee fled from his suite and ran into Carlos and asked him what was really going on, when they were both hit by a car driven by an older man who mistook his gas pedal for his brake. Juan Carlos was horrified at the scene. At the hospital, he sat with Greenlee, who was in a coma, and professed his love. When overheard by Kendall, he swore he would call her a liar if she repeated what she heard. It was more important to Juan Carlos to protect the woman he loved than to have her.

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