Joni Stafford
Actor History
November 2002 to August 14, 2003
Former nanny for Maddie Grey
Volunteer for Habitat for Humanity
Resides At
With her parents
Marital Status
Single/Never Been Married
Past Marriages
Marilyn Stafford (Mother)
Mr. Stafford (Father)
Flings & Affairs
Jamie Martin (dated)
Reggie Porter (kissed)
Crimes Committed
  • Broke into the school to put her posters for student council in the halls
  • Arrested for breaking and entering; used her keys to enter Pine Valley High without permission (Feb 2003)
Health and Vitals
Fell into a coma after her punch was laced with Ecstasy [Pre-dates the character's first appearance]
Brief Character History

Raised by strictly religious and "morally upstanding" parents, Joni was forced to end a fledgling romance with Jamie Martin after it was revealed that Jamie's mother, Brooke, and Adam Chandler had been having an affair. Joni was also turned off by Jamie's underage drinking, but she seemed to keep an interest in him -- at least from a distance.

Joni later crossed paths with Reggie, a boy from the streets who had been taken into foster care by Trey Kenyon and later Jackson Montgomery. Joni thought the worst of this so-called "thug," but she was endeared to him when he helped tend to Jack after he'd been shot.

Joni had helped Simone Torres break into Pine Valley High and was sentenced to work at the community center (and later Habitat for Humanity) as a result. She helped ease the chip on Reggie's shoulder and he showed her the benefits of hip-hop and a laid-back attitude. Joni was embroiled in Reggie's fight against gang leader Luis. After Luis was arrested, Reggie and Joni had a clearer path to romance, but instead Joni faded from the canvas. Her final appearance was helping in the final stages of construction on a Habitat house.

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