Camille Hawkins
Actor History
Schuyler Grant
Former carnival worker
Marital Status
Single/Never Married
Past Marriages
Lee Hawkins (father; deceased)
Joy Hawkins (mother; deceased)
Lois (aunt)
Flings & Affairs
Tad Martin
Crimes Committed
  • Trespassing (at Wildwind and Chandler Mansion).
  • Attempted to make Adam crazy by "haunting" him.
Brief Character History

Camille Hawkins came to town in 1998 she made her first appearance at the annual Crystal Ball event. Little was known about this character at the time. She haunted Adam Chandler as her mother Joy. She lurked around town for about three months spying on innocent citizens. She had used the talents that she learned during her days as a carnival worker to elude many people about who she was. Her purpose would first become known to Tad Martin, after he saved her from falling off the Chandler Enterprises building. She explained to Tad that she had received a letter from her father Lee, stating that Adam Chandler was responsible for the death of her mother Joy. Tad, shocked and surprised, said Adam Chandler could not be capable of murder. Meanwhile, Camille vowed to find out the truth about what really happened. Camille talked with Stuart who explained that Lee was a bad man and used to beat up Joy. She was also surprised to learn that Joy was alive at a place unknown and that the coffin that was believed to contain her body was supposedly filled with bags of sand. For a long time, Camille refused to believe this. When it was discovered that an elevator at Pine Valley hospital was tempered with, Camille was the main suspect. But, little did she know that her father was really alive and a patient at the hospital. Lee had vowed to destroy all the Chandlers. He assumed the alias "John Lee" and was Mateo's strange hospital roommate. Lee also caused an explosion at Hayley and Mateo's apartment. When Camille finally met up with Lee she discovered that he had hallucinations of Joy. He then revealed his plan to destroy a restaurant owned by Hayley and Mateo. Upon realizing that everything was true about her father, Camille told Lee that she would alert the chandlers that he is out to destroy them. Lee then knocked Camille unconscious and starts heading to the restaurant. Many patrons were enjoying the Fourth of July celebration that was taking place. Camille then met up with her father, knocked him unconscious, and went to warn of the explosion that was about to take place. Some of the patrons left, but most stayed for what they thought would be an enjoyable evening. The restaurant boiler exploded and many people were hurt. Camille tried to stop the explosion but tragically lost her life.

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