Belinda Keefer
Actor History
Kimberly Hawthorne
1995 to 1996
Partner in a Phoenix law firm
Resides At
Phoenix, Arizona
Marital Status
Single/Engaged (Ben Hartman)
Past Marriages
Warren Keefer (father)
Rose (mother)
Grace Keefer (aunt)
Noah Keefer (brother; deceased)
Ella Keefer (half-sister)
Tony Keefer (cousin; deceased)
Flings & Affairs
Miles Christopher
Adrian Sword
Ben Hartman (engaged)
Crimes Committed
  • Hid her mother from the police when they were trying to find Grady.
Brief Character History

Belinda and Noah were raised by their Aunt Grace after their mother deserted them. Belinda went to law school, Noah stayed in Center City near his Aunt Grace. Recently Belinda returned to Pine Valley and set up practice with Jackson Montgomery, who later left private practice to become the district attorney. Belinda represented Janet Green in her custody battle over Amanda and in her defense in the killing of Laurel Banning. When her mother returned to Pine Valley to see her children one more time before running from the mob, Belinda reconciled with her. During a mob hit on her mother, Belinda was shot.

Belinda represented Liza and won back WRCW from Dimitri Marick and later represented Liza in her divorce proceedings against Adam Chandler.

Belinda found a new love interest in Miles Christopher, a former employee of Adam Chandler. When Belinda found out that Adam was behind the crash of Transglobal #149 flight, she took her anger out on Miles. Miles redeemed himself by quitting Chandler Enterprises.

The romance between Belinda and Miles dissolved when he went overseas for business. Soon after, Belinda found a new love in Adrian Sword. Belinda and Adrian's relationship seemed to be a dream come true for Belinda, or was it. After a steady dating relationship, Belinda was disappointed to find her birthday gift was a key to a batting cage, when all along she thought that little box contained her engagement ring. As a last attempt to get Adrian to propose, Belinda entertained an offer to move away from Pine Valley to become a partner in a small but prestigious law firm. Adrian let her leave Pine Valley.

Soon after settling in Arizona, Belinda and her new partner, Ben Hartman, developed more than a working relationship. In late March 2000, the pair were engaged.

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