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Monday, September 5, 2011

Due to the Labor Day holiday, All My Children did not air today. This was a planned pre-emption and there will no be "lost" episodes as a result of this programming change.

Regular programming will resume on Tuesday, September 6, and pick up where the Friday, September 2 episode concluded.

Tuesday, September 6, 2011

At the airport, Verla Grubbs excitedly approached Erica, who didn't recognize Verla and assumed she was a fan, but Verla called them "simpatico," because they were both in show business. Erica started to turn away, but Verla pitched her new reality television show and suggested that Erica appear as a guest. Erica tried again to brush Verla off, but Verla gushed that the show was about her life and would be titled The Wild and Wacky World of Verla Grubbs. A shocked Erica realized who Verla was.

Verla snapped a photo of herself with Erica, and she marveled that Myrtle had told Erica all about Verla. Verla wondered why they'd never met before, and Erica inquired why Verla had returned to Pine Valley. Verla explained that it was Pine Valley High School's reunion, and she planned to crash it to reunite with an old flame. Erica guessed that the beau in question was Sam, and she recalled that Verla had once interfered in Opal and Sam's relationship.

Erica asserted that the reunion was Opal's second chance with Sam, but Verla retorted that Sam had been her man. Verla imagined that Erica also had a long-lost love she'd dreamed of seeing, but Erica urged Verla to leave the past in the past, and she warned Verla not to cause problems for Opal and Sam. Verla proclaimed that Opal would have to fight her for Sam's affections, and Erica snapped at Verla to leave town immediately. Verla revoked her invitation for Erica to appear on her show, because she had a better guest in mind -- her future husband, Sam Brady.

At Krystal's restaurant, Krystal admitted to Ryan that David had gotten to her by hinting that Babe was still alive. She wished she could chalk it up as a lie, but she couldn't help but wonder if there was a chance it could be true. Ryan declared his intent to find out David's secrets. Krystal said she'd forgive David for almost anything if he'd saved Babe, but Ryan warned her that David was using Project Orpheus to get people to trust him.

Jackson approached and commented that everyone seemed to be talking about David. Ryan informed Krystal that David had made Greenlee think that Leo could be alive, and Jackson admitted that David had pulled the same trick with Erica. Ryan left to take a call, and Jackson begged Krystal not to allow David to manipulate her. Krystal wanted to believe Babe could be alive, and Jackson understood that Krystal missed her daughter.

Jackson remarked that he was glad Erica hadn't taken David's bait, and Krystal scoffed and revealed that Erica was going to L.A. to track down Mike Roy. Jackson insisted that Erica was only promoting her book, and he'd seen the contracts to prove it. Krystal explained that Erica was using her book to cover the real reason for her trip, and Jackson wondered why Erica couldn't let David's allegations go. Krystal said he needed to ask Erica, and Jackson thanked Krystal for her honesty.

Erica flashed back to telling Jackson and Mike that she had loved them both and that she had wished she could meld them into one person, but Jackson had implored her to choose one of them. Jackson's arrival interrupted her thoughts, and she embraced him. He demanded to know whether she was going to L.A. for her book or for a hunting expedition. Erica asserted that she only planned to hunt for shoes on Rodeo Drive, but Jackson confronted her about her search for Mike. She flirtatiously called him sexy when he was jealous, and he retorted that she was beautiful, even when she was lying.

Jackson simply wanted Erica to admit the truth, and she asked if Opal had told him. He was disturbed that Erica had felt the need to lie to him. Erica argued that Jackson had been upset by the idea that Mike could be alive, and she had wanted to avoid a fight. Jackson wondered if Erica hoped to reunite with Mike, if Mike turned up alive. She claimed that she thought of Mike as a friend, and nothing more.

Jackson pointed out that Erica had loved Mike, and she clarified that she had, but she'd chosen Jackson and always would, because he was the man she was meant to be with. He said he'd never forget it, but he thought she might every once in a while. Erica suggested that Jackson join her on the trip, but he quipped that three was a crowd. She begged him not to be angry, because it was something she had to do, and no matter what she found, Jackson would be the only man in her life.

Jackson maintained that he wanted Erica to do what she needed to do, but he asked that she be honest with him going forward. She promised that she would be and that they'd plan their wedding when she returned. She seductively tempted him with thoughts of returning to Paris. Jackson wished Erica a good trip, and she said she looked forward to returning home to him. He told her not to stay away too long, and she proclaimed that there was nowhere she'd rather be than there with him. They kissed, and she boarded her flight.

At the hospital, Cara told David that she had to run tests on herself, and David inquired about her symptoms. She hoped that she was just under stress from double shifts and her tumultuous personal life, but he countered that denial never cured anyone. Zach arrived, and she took the opportunity to make a hasty exit. Zach informed David that Ryan was a problem that David had to fix.

David insisted that he couldn't afford to have Ryan see his work in progress. Zach pressed for more information so he could help, but David refused to tell Zach more. Zach said he could handle Ryan, if David trusted him, but David replied that he wasn't a trusting man. Zach pointed out that he'd taken care of Griffin, and he could take care of Ryan, too.

Tad arrived to support Jesse, who reported that Angie's surgery was about to start. Jesse looked worried, but Tad reminded him that Angie was strong. Jesse replied that he was more worried about his marriage. Tad was confident that the Hubbards would get through their tough times, but Jesse was concerned that although Angie had said she loved him, he doubted she could forgive him. Tad counseled that it would take time, and he encouraged Jesse to be there for Angie.

Jesse fretted that his actions would tear his marriage apart, but Tad believed that eventually Angie would understand. Jesse lamented that Angie had sacrificed her eyesight, and when God had been cruel enough to take both her sight and her baby, Jesse had taken matters into his own hands. Jesse suspected that Maya would leave with Lucy, and Angie would lose two babies because of him. Jesse realized that he had convinced himself that Lucy had been a miracle, and whenever he'd seen Angie and Lucy together, he had felt that he'd done the right thing.

Jesse confessed that he'd messed up and that he needed to make things right. Tad pointed out that Jesse had started by telling the truth, and he believed Jesse needed to let Angie mourn the loss of both children. Tad assured Jesse that Angie wouldn't leave Jesse, because she loved her husband more than anything, and she would forgive Jesse in time. David entered and informed the men that Angie's vitals were good and that the surgery was going as planned.

Later, Frankie and Randi arrived, and Jesse informed them that Angie was still in surgery. He expressed appreciation for their presence, especially after what he'd put their family through. Randi rationalized that Jesse had just given Angie the baby she'd needed, and she remembered how she had clung to Trevor after she'd lost her own baby. Jesse lamented that it hadn't been his call to make and that he'd torn Angie apart, but Frankie was sure Angie would forgive Jesse. Father and son embraced. Jake entered with Krystal, who offered her support to Jesse.

Hours later, Tad checked with a nurse and learned there was no update yet. Jesse called his friends amazing, and Krystal realized he needed some time alone. Krystal and Randi hugged Jesse goodbye, and they left. Frankie noted that the operation had been going on for several hours, and he and Jake went to check on the status. Tad pledged to stand by Jesse, and he refused to leave his friend's side. Frankie returned and reported that the surgery was over, and Angie was in recovery with no complications. Jesse anxiously asked if he could see her, and Frankie said he could, as soon as she woke up.

Cara literally ran into Jake in the hallway, and she apologized. He congratulated her on obtaining her green card, but he noted that she seemed distracted, and she blamed her frazzled demeanor on double shifts. Jake mentioned that he'd heard that she was with David, and she clarified that she and David were only working together. David approached and asked if there was a problem, and he ordered Jake to focus on his job while he still had one. Cara pulled David aside and fibbed that she needed to discuss a patient with him.

In David's office, Cara confided that she hadn't been ready for Jake to sense that something was off with her. David wondered if she had been concerned that David would reveal anything about her possible relapse, and he encouraged her to trust him. She realized that David liked being in on a secret that the Martins didn't know about, but he was glad she'd shared it with him. She insisted that she could handle her own treatment, but he wanted to use Project Orpheus to help her. She questioned whether he cared about her or if she would be just another of his guinea pigs.

David swore that his offer was based in friendship, and Cara seemed surprised. He noted that they had a history, and he reminded her that he had found the doctor who had saved her the last time. He swore she wouldn't be his guinea pig, because he valued their relationship too much not to be honest. He commented that they were a lot alike, because neither of them ever gave up and they both felt like they were on the outside looking in.

Cara admitted that she and David shared a connection, but she hesitated to hand over control. He assured her that he wanted her to get healthy again and that she didn't have to do it alone. She wanted to determine her own course of treatment, and he offered to be there for her on her own terms. David didn't want to assume the worst and suggested that they run some tests. Cara requested that he take a sample of her blood.

Kendall and Greenlee ran into one another at ConFusion, where they both waited for takeout orders. Greenlee showed Kendall some lingerie she had picked out for Ryan, because she intended to seduce him that evening. Kendall complained that she and Zach hadn't spent much time together since he'd returned. Kendall had hoped for a second honeymoon, but life had continued to get in the way. Greenlee sympathized, because Ryan had also been preoccupied with David, but she planned to distract her husband.

Kendall wanted her life to be like it had been before the crash, and Greenlee stated that it would never happen, because both Zach and Kendall had been through hell. Kendall asked how Ryan and Greenlee had made it work, and Greenlee explained that they had needed to talk through everything, though she acknowledged that getting Zach to open up would be difficult. Greenlee insisted that Zach loved Kendall and that change wasn't a bad thing, and she was sure that Kendall and Zach would work things out. The server handed the women their bags of food, and Greenlee departed. Kendall left a message for Zach, telling him that she needed him.

Greenlee arrived home, where Ryan had decorated their living room in an island theme, with a palm tree and tropical drinks, and he turned on some Hawaiian music. She called it perfect, and he admitted that he hadn't been providing her with a surprise every day. She said she'd been thinking the same thing, and she handed him the food from ConFusion. They kissed.

Ryan presented Greenlee with a gift, and she opened it and found brochures for a trip to Alaska. She yearned to leave right away and to leave everything behind. He realized that she meant Project Orpheus, and she wished Ryan and Zach could let it go. Ryan said that David had announced that he would cause more damage, and Ryan vowed not to stop until he stopped David. Greenlee fretted that Ryan couldn't promise that he could keep either of them safe.

Greenlee changed into her sexy lingerie, and Ryan admired her. He scooped her up into his arms, and she declared her love. He carried her to the bed, where he planted kisses all over her body, and they made love. Afterward, Ryan observed that Greenlee was quiet, and she claimed that she had been thinking, but he knew she was worried about him going after David. She admitted that she was scared, and he promised that he'd stay safe.

Zach arrived home to a candlelit room, and he inquired what the occasion was. Kendall admitted that she missed the way they once had been, and he realized that she meant before his involvement with David and Project Orpheus. She noted that he'd become obsessed with the project, and she wanted it to be over. Zach asked if Kendall understood what had to be done, but she retorted that it didn't make things any easier. She bemoaned that she'd just gotten him back, and it felt like he wasn't even there.

Zach swore that he wasn't going anywhere, and he pulled out Kendall's wedding ring and reminded her of the inscription. Zach declared that it was time for her to put the ring back on. He slid it onto her finger, and she tearfully requested that he say the words aloud. "Always, only you," he mused, and they kissed. She asked him to show her how much he loved her. He took her hand and led her upstairs to their bedroom, where they made love.

Later, Zach noticed that Kendall was wide awake, and she wished they could stay like that forever, though she joked that he could occasionally leave to go to a Red Wings game. Zach's phone rang, and she begged him not to answer it, but he said it was important. Kendall looked irritated when Zach ignored her pleas and left her alone in bed while he took the call.

Wednesday, September 7, 2011

At the Martin house, Dixie and Krystal offered their support as Opal got gussied up for her class reunion. Exiting in a sparkly green dress, Opal told the ladies not to wait up for her. Opal went to the reunion, held at ConFusion, and gasped when she saw Sam Brady. He greeted her enthusiastically and said he'd been remembering the past. They laughed over the old memories until he recalled his tango lessons. Opal seethed that he'd taken them for Verla Grubbs. Just then, redheaded Verla arrived, and yelled, "Sam Brady, you old dog!"

Verla scooted Opal out of the way to flirt with Sam, but Opal interrupted to find out what Verla was doing in town. Verla expressed surprise that Erica hadn't updated Opal. Referring to Sam, Verla said she'd kept tabs on the naughty boy. Verla praised Sam for his infomercials, but he was more interested in what Opal had been up to. Verla gloated about her reality series, and as she talked it up, Sam quickly figured out that she was looking for financing.

Verla pretended it wasn't true, but suggested that Sam look into it. Sam said he'd arrived at the reunion to see Opal, and he wasn't interested in investments, business or otherwise. Verla guessed the best "womano" had won, and she wished Opal and him the best of luck. Verla walked away and then sobbed loudly behind a wall. She reappeared with a smile and left the bar.

Opal was flattered that Sam had traveled there to see her. Sam said he'd been heartbroken when she'd married Palmer, but Palmer's passing had given Sam the courage to return to see if they could get to know each other again. Opal replied that she'd be very interested. Sam invited Opal to Hawaii, and she squealed and jumped into his arms.

Back at the Martin house, Dixie opened up to Krystal about Tad catching her letting David examine her. She swore she'd only done it to find out whom else David had treated. Dixie recalled the bracelet with the "B" on it, and Krystal gasped, saying David had hinted to Babe being alive. The women contemplated the possibility, but Krystal doubted that it could be Babe, who hadn't had a bracelet like that. Krystal advised Dixie to concentrate on herself and Tad, because they had once been a fun-loving couple. Laughing, Dixie said Krystal had given her a brilliant idea.

At Krystal's restaurant with Jake, Tad confided that he felt a lot of pressure not to blow it with Dixie that time. Jake advised his brother to forget history and get on with life. Jake shared that Amanda was well, but coping with being unable to have more children. Jake mentioned adoption, and Tad said he didn't know where he'd be if the Martins hadn't taken him in. Jake joked that Tad had been the runt of the litter, but he was an amazing big brother.

Back on the topic of Tad and Dixie, Jake advised Tad to let Dixie handle herself with David, because if he didn't, the animosity would cause David to win. Surprised to hear that advice from Jake, Tad replied that he was still the same old Tad, who might screw it up. Jake insisted that Tad didn't have to try so hard because he was the love of Dixie's life.

Later, Tad was sitting alone when Dixie pranced in wearing a feathered chicken suit. He was speechless as she squawked and announced that she was his Dixie chicken.

At the police station, the cuffed Zach and Ryan sniped at each other as Brot booked Ryan. Ryan suggested that Brot figure out why Zach had been taking Ryan out of town when they were pulled over. Ryan accused Zach of planning to never let Ryan return to Pine Valley.

Brot called Jesse to say Ryan had been driving recklessly while Zach had been aiming a gun at Ryan. Jesse said he couldn't deal with it because he was with Angie at the hospital. Brot also wished to locate David, because Ryan had been trying to break into one of David's labs.

At the hospital after Angie's surgery, David told Angie that she'd remain blind for a few days, but gradually, she'd see light and then colors and shapes. Jesse informed David about the break-in, and David went to the police station, where Zach seemed to be guarding the situation with Ryan like a pit-bull. Brot asked if David wanted to press charges against Ryan, and Zach affirmed it before David could even think.

Brot took Ryan to the interrogation room, where Ryan was livid that he, but not Zach, was being held. Brot said Zach's gun was registered, and Zach had "technically" made a citizen's arrest for the break-in. Ryan asserted that David was using Zach, and Ryan warned the police to get Zach under control before Ryan did.

In the main headquarters, David told Zach that the empty storage facility wasn't worth the trouble. Zach warned that David didn't want anyone going in there. Shocked, David guessed that Griffin was in the facility, but Zach just shushed David and asked that Ryan be detained for a while, so that Zach could clean up. David asked "what the hell" Zach had done, and Zach replied that he'd made sure that no one would interrupt David's work.

David stated that he hadn't agreed to all that, but Zach reasoned that David had agreed to Zach, which meant agreeing to everything Zach had on the table. Zach claimed he'd handle Ryan, and David asked if it'd be the way Zach had handled Griffin. "Whatever it takes," Zach replied. David was skeptical, because Zach and Ryan had been friends. Zach claimed that friendship only went so far, but David had saved Zach's life. Zach said he would have been skeptical of David's motives if David hadn't done it for Greenlee, Dixie, and Angie, too.

Zach vowed his allegiance to David and the project. David seemed unconvinced, and Zach asked if David trusted him, or not. Though David appreciated Zach's loyalty, he asked that Zach take it down a notch, because the clash with Ryan could put the other patients in jeopardy. Zach decided to go "clean up the lab," and David asked what had become of Griffin, "Trust," Zach reminded David.

Ryan interrupted as Brot hauled him away. Ryan accused David of messing with Zach's head, and he vowed to find the others David had stashed away. Brot took Ryan to the holding cells, and Zach advised David to trust no one, not even Zach. "Two," David responded and explained that there were two more people in recovery. David said they'd soon be revealed, and he warned Zach not to screw it up.

Later, Frankie and Jesse took Angie home. Frankie discovered that Maya and the baby were gone, and as he and Jesse whispered about it, Angie suspected that something was wrong. Frankie said Maya's clothes were still there, and Jesse guessed Maya and the baby had gone for a walk. Frankie left to look for them, and Jesse assured Angie that Maya wouldn't just leave with the baby. Angie, however, reasoned that she had to accept the reality that Lucy wasn't her child, and they might not have Lucy in their lives forever.

Later, Frankie returned with Maya and Lucy, whom he'd found in the park. Maya apologetically said she'd never leave without giving them the chance to say goodbye. Jesse figured she meant if she ever decided to leave; however, May a corrected, "When I leave."

Maya said that Angie had been like a mother to her, and in being so, Angie had given Maya the courage to stand up for herself and believe that she could be a single mother. Maya was heartbroken that she had to break Jesse and Angie's hearts by leaving, but she felt she had to try to make it on her own. Angie expressed faith in Maya, who said she wasn't leaving right away, and she'd give Angie time with Lucy. Angie took Lucy into her arms and smiled.

Thursday, September 8, 2011

At the hospital, Amanda complained to Jake about her early menopause, but she was grateful that she otherwise had a clean bill of health. He proclaimed to everyone within earshot that his wife was a superstar, but she sensed that he was hiding something. Jake admitted that he wanted to discuss something with Amanda in private, but he assured her that she shouldn't be scared about what it was. He suggested they talk outside of the hospital, and she agreed.

Cara handed over her files for the rest of her appointments that day to a nurse, and David expressed surprise that she had unloaded her patients on someone else, but she was worried about her health. He pointed out that she didn't know what was going on yet, but she maintained that she wasn't in any condition to help anyone. He asked where she was going, and she expected him to stop her, but he offered to go with her. Cara didn't want to drag David down, but he suggested that she choose their destination. She led him away.

Cara and David strolled through the park, and he proposed that they go to New York City for dinner. She said she had to do something, and she started digging in the ground. She pulled out some small figures, which she called "trouble dolls," and she explained that each one represented one of her troubles -- cancer; missing Griffin; her lack of living situation; and the children she wanted that she probably would never have. David softly touched her face, but she handed him a cloth bag and told him it was his turn. He claimed that he didn't have any troubles and that his life was great. Jake, Amanda, and Trevor passed by, and Jake declared that David's statement was a lie, because he believed that David would need at least a couple dozen dolls to face his troubles.

David accused Jake of causing more problems for Cara than David ever could, and Jake warned Cara to watch her back. Jake and Trevor walked away, and Amanda reminded Cara of the good feeling Amanda had experienced after her surgery. Amanda speculated that something good had already happened to Cara, but Cara was skeptical. Amanda left, and David wondered what the women's conversation had meant, but Cara's ringing phone interrupted them. She saw the call was from the hospital, and she wondered if her test results were in.

Cara reported that the call hadn't been about her test results, and she wasn't sure if that was good or bad. David felt it was a little of both, and she smiled at him and invited him to lie down on the ground next to her to look at the clouds. He laughed and balked at the thought of getting dirty, but she promised to cover his dry cleaning bill. He reluctantly sat down next to her, and she pointed to a cloud that she thought looked like a dog with a sock in his mouth. She explained that Griffin had made up the game to take their mind off their problems when they had been kids. David agreed to play, and he observed an alligator with a walking stick, but she playfully argued that it was a pool cue.

Cara and David lightheartedly bickered about the shapes in the clouds. He admitted that he was having fun, and she suddenly jumped up and said they should go, because she needed to face the fact that she might get news that could change her life. David refused to get up, and he pointed out that Cara's results weren't due until the next day, but she couldn't get them out of her head. He acknowledged that the results could be her worst nightmare or nothing, so he suggested that they simply enjoy the day. She returned to his side, and they dreamily gazed up at the sky.

Amanda rejoined Jake and Trevor. Jake remarked that he couldn't believe that Cara hadn't seen through David yet. Amanda called Cara lucky, because at least Cara could have a baby, but she quickly apologized for feeling sorry for herself. Jake thought Amanda was allowed to be angry, but she called herself lucky for having Jake and Trevor. Jake consoled Amanda and urged her to talk to him. She bemoaned that every symptom of early menopause was like a slap in the face and a reminder that she couldn't have more kids. He declared that they could still have a big family, just like they'd always dreamed about.

Jake showed Amanda some pamphlets about adoption, and Amanda realized that he was serious about expanding their family. She wondered if he was really okay with not having more biological children, but he assured her that he'd done a lot of thinking while she had been recovering from her surgery. He explained that while their adopted children wouldn't inherit Jake and Amanda's physical traits, their kids would have the best part -- Jake and Amanda's hearts. She didn't want him to do it just to make her feel better, but he insisted that he was doing it for them and for Trevor.

Jake suggested that he and Amanda have two or three more children, but she countered that they start with one at a time. She commented that it was a big step, but he couldn't wait to take it with her. They kissed. Amanda scooped Trevor into her arms, and Jake inquired if the boy would like another brother or sister. Trevor nodded happily and ran off to play. Jake asked Amanda if she wanted to proceed with pursuing adoption, and she joyfully cried yes.

Clad in a chicken suit, Dixie announced to Tad that she intended to show him how much she wanted to be with him and how sorry she was that she had allowed David to examine her. She treasured "every sweet, special, wacky moment" that Tad had given her, and she promised to provide the same for him. He chuckled and started to grab his phone to snap a photo, but she informed him that they had reservations at ConFusion. He wondered if she planned to go dressed as a chicken, and she jokingly asked whether he was "chicken" to be seen with her.

Dixie, still dressed in her chicken costume, and Tad arrived at ConFusion, where she had set up a table with flowers and sparkling cider. She declared that they were celebrating, and he poured the cider and asked what they should drink to. She toasted their first date -- this time around. He worried that it might be their last, but she cut him off and happily clinked her glass to his. He couldn't help but giggle when he looked at her in her goofy outfit.

Tad amorously remarked that he was interested in more than a date, but she wanted to take things slowly. He quipped that his not being married to someone else was a good start, and he stated that Dixie looked pretty hot. She complained that the costume was literally hot and itchy, and he laughed. She requested that he help her remove the chicken suit, but he found that the zipper was stuck. She suddenly cried out in discomfort, and he hoped the suit didn't have bedbugs.

Dixie pleaded with Tad to get her out of the costume. Tad became exasperated because the zipper wouldn't budge, and Dixie instructed him to go to the kitchen to get a knife to cut her out. She used a spoon to scratch her itchy skin under the suit. Tad ran off and returned with an umbrella, which he used to try to force the zipper open, but a cop approached and accused Tad of stealing the umbrella.

At the police station, a policeman announced that the theft charges against Tad had been dropped, and Dixie thanked Krystal for her help with getting Dixie out of the chicken suit. Dixie left to see how JR was doing, and Krystal expressed relief that Marissa and AJ had moved out of the Chandler mansion. Tad said he felt sorry for JR, because he understood the pain of being kept from his child. Krystal wanted to talk to Tad about something, and Tad noted that her tone didn't sound good. Krystal informed Tad that she planned to move out.

Krystal explained that she needed a place of her own and that it was time to move on, but she had found a home near Tad's, and she was certain they could make it an easy transition for their children. Tad conceded that Krystal deserved her own life life after everything she'd done for him, and he thanked her for being the best friend and roommate he could have asked for. He said he didn't know what he would do without her, and she promised that she would always be there for him. He remarked that it had been quite a journey, and she replied that it wasn't over yet.

At the Chandler mansion, Scott confronted JR about the house being in foreclosure, and he lectured that the home was part of the Chandler legacy. Scott announced that the bank would force the Chandlers to vacate by the following week, and he warned that JR would be living on the street unless JR listened to Scott. Scott explained that the gatehouse was safe, since it was considered a separate property, and he invited JR to stay there while JR figured things out. JR spat that he wasn't homeless and that Scott would never be the man Stuart had been.

Scott remarked that JR wasn't above the law, but JR swore to keep the house, the company, and his son, regardless of what the law dictated. Madison entered, and JR barked that Scott should focus on her as a charity case. Scott advanced ominously toward JR, but JR stalked off. Madison presented Scott with a microwave oven as a housewarming gift. He offered to show her the progress on the gatehouse, and as they left, they ran into Marissa in the foyer. Scott asked for a moment alone with Marissa, and Madison left.

Marissa wondered if Madison had been the reason Scott had been dodging Marissa's calls. Scott insisted that Madison was his friend and that Madison had simply stopped by to check on the gatehouse. Marissa explained that she wanted to talk to JR, but Scott warned her that JR was in a mood and to be careful. Scott left, and Marissa informed JR that AJ wanted to see him, and JR's expression turned hopeful.

JR became livid when he learned that he hadn't known about a father/son breakfast, and Marissa wished she hadn't stopped by. She had hoped that JR had cleaned up his act, but she realized that she should have known better when she'd heard that the board had kicked him out of Chandler Enterprises. He proclaimed that he would restore the Chandler name to its former glory. She said there had been a time when she would have believed in him, and he angrily retorted that at one time she had known which bed to sleep in. Colby entered and confronted JR about the house being in foreclosure.

JR hesitated to respond, but Colby asserted that the bank had contacted Liza. JR threatened Marissa not to use the information to keep AJ from him, but Marissa pointed out that JR wasn't in a good state of mind. JR growled that he'd be more forceful with the judge, but Marissa said that AJ had already been scared of JR, and JR was only getting scarier. Colby begged JR to stop, but he yelled that he would never back down, and he warned Marissa that she'd made a terrible mistake by fighting him. Marissa departed, and JR reprimanded Colby for mentioning the foreclosure in front of Marissa. Colby began to call Adam, but an irate JR grabbed the phone and threw it across the room.

JR thought it was a mistake to involve Adam, but Colby wondered how things could get any worse. JR vowed to get everything back, but Colby pointed out that he'd said the same about Marissa and AJ, and that situation had turned into a disaster. She began to leave, and she ran into Dixie in the foyer. Colby advised Dixie to pack up her stuff before the bank seized the house. Colby hoped that perhaps Dixie would be the one person who could get through to JR. Colby closed the foyer doors and placed a call to attempt to track down Adam.

Dixie asked if JR had lost the house, and JR called it a minor setback. Dixie inquired whether he could afford a hotel room, and she suggested that he stay with Tad. JR retorted that the house was his birthright, and he refused to give up or to let anyone drive him out. She hugged him and assured him that she'd always be there for him.

At Krystal's, Madison apologized for shutting Scott out, because he had also gotten close to Sara and had grieved Sara's death. He acknowledged that he'd lied to Madison, but he accepted her apology, though he added that she didn't need to be forgiven. She called him a good guy, and she was astounded that he and JR had turned out so differently. Scott said that Stuart had been a good role model, whereas JR had emulated Adam. Madison wished she'd known Stuart, and she admitted that she'd bailed on a date that day, because she hadn't been able to stop thinking about Scott.

At the Martin home, Tad was shocked to learn from Dixie that that JR was about to lose the house. Dixie confessed that she'd extended an invitation for JR to stay there, and Tad agreed that "their" door was always open. "Our door?" she asked in surprise. He paused, and then he said that he didn't want to take back his words. She grinned, and he gently pressed her to move back in, so they could be together. She admitted that she wanted that, too, but she pointed out that it was Opal and Krystal's house, as well. Tad reasoned that Opal would be thrilled, and Krystal had already planned to move out. Dixie still wasn't sure she should move in.

Tad left the room, and moments later, he made clucking noises as he appeared in the doorway, wearing the chicken suit. She laughed and asked what he was doing, and he said she'd reminded him of important things, like humor and love, which had both been present on the day he'd proposed in the suit. He declared that he had another important question to ask about their relationship, and he made a heartfelt plea for her to return home. She observed that in one day they'd progressed from their "first date" to moving in together, but he proclaimed that he wanted to wake up every day for the rest of their lives with humor and love. Dixie replied that there was no other way she'd rather wake up. They kissed.

Colby explained over the phone that the company was bankrupt, the house was in foreclosure, and JR was a mess. Moments later, she said hello to Adam, and she stated that they really needed him. Meanwhile, JR looked at a photo of Adam and surmised that Adam would enjoy seeing JR's downfall. JR wondered how much he had to lose before Adam was finished with him. "Have more? Bring it on, because I'm not going to go out that easy ... or alone," JR vowed.

Friday, September 9, 2011

Greenlee arrived at the police station, incensed that Ryan had been forced to spend the night in jail. Jesse reminded both of them that Ryan had committed a crime when he broke into David's property. Ryan asked why Jesse wasn't looking into the illegal practices David was carrying out in his labs, or the fact that Zach had pulled a gun on Ryan. Jesse said that there was no proof of illegal activity in the labs, and added that Zach's gun was registered. Ryan was horrified that no one on the police force was aware of the bigger picture, and the danger that the David/Zach pairing was creating.

Jesse said that he'd made the decision to not let his personal feelings interfere with his job. Ryan wondered if Jesse's decision had anything to do with the work David had recently done with Angie. Without missing a beat, Ryan said that the reason he wanted to go after David was in the interest of justice. Ryan added that if the police wouldn't do the right thing, Ryan would take care of the problem on his own.

David sat at the hospital, consumed by thoughts of Cara and her belief that her cancer had returned. Zach interrupted David's thoughts when he walked into the room. Zach mentioned that Ryan had spent the night in jail. Zach hoped the stay was enough to convince Ryan to stay away from Orpheus. Zach also pointed out that his actions should have proved to David that Zach was willing to do whatever was necessary to protect the project. David said that he was worried about Zach's level of commitment, and demanded that Zach confess to what he'd done to Griffin.

Zach didn't feel that David needed to know anything specific about what had happened to Griffin. David gave up and requested that Zach get Griffin back from wherever the doctor had been stashed. Zach said that it was too late for Griffin. David was shocked at the implication that Zach had harmed Griffin, and insisted that Orpheus was about helping people. Zach said that what had been done was necessary because Griffin had betrayed David's trust. Zach told David that unlike Griffin, he would be loyal to David -- and to Orpheus.

Cara received the results from her oncology tests but was hesitant to open the envelope with the results. When Jake walked into the room and asked about the envelope she was holding, Cara pretended that someone else was the patient. Cara expressed remorse that her job seemed to be more about being a messenger with bad news. Jake assured her that she made a real difference in the lives of her patients every day.

Amanda walked in, and her crestfallen expression shifted the focus of the room. Amanda said that after talking with the adoption coordinator, the process seemed a lot harder than Amanda originally thought. Jake said that they knew they wouldn't be able to adopt overnight, but he was certain that they would be successful in the end. Amanda wasn't swayed and said that the hope she'd felt after her surgery had disappeared.

Cara was reluctant to interrupt but felt that she could help. Cara asked if Jake remembered an organization that they had worked with while in Doctors Without Borders. He did, and he explained to Amanda that the group's mission was to relocate children who had been orphaned by war. Amanda was immediately sympathetic and said that she would love to work with that organization on adopting a child. Cara said that she would be happy to put Jake and Amanda in touch with her contact.

Jake and Amanda said that they didn't want Cara to feel obligated to help them. Cara said that her offer had more to do with what she had revealed to Jake earlier -- that life was precious, and Cara wanted to do everything she could to honor that belief. Before she could give them any information, Cara winced in pain. Jake and Amanda both expressed concern, but David walked in as Cara was ensuring the duo that she was fine.

David asked if he could talk to Cara. Jake reminded Cara that she didn't need to deal with David if she didn't want to. Cara indicated that she was fine talking to David on her own. Cara quickly wrote down the contact information for the person she'd recommended to Amanda and Jake. After they left, David asked about Cara's test results. Cara said she hadn't opened them because she was used to having Griffin with her. Guiltily, David said that he was doing everything he could to locate Griffin.

Alarmed, Cara said that she thought Griffin had returned to DWB. Cara demanded to know if David knew information about Griffin that he hadn't shared.

David clarified that he wasn't certain of Griffin's exact location, and reminded Cara of how mercurial life in DWB could be. Cara relaxed, and David told her that he knew she would want to be in touch with Griffin when she found out the results of her tests. Cara was surprised that David could read her so well. David said that it was easy to see how much Cara and Griffin meant to each other. David then told Cara that he cared about her as more than a colleague. Cara joked that David had to be careful about hanging out with her, as he seemed to be losing his edge.

Before the book-signing event began, Erica made a call to see if she could find out more information on Mike Roy. The person on the other end said that the location she'd received from David, Spinnacle Facility number 25, had been abandoned. When Erica continued to insist that there had to be patients there, the person she had been speaking to hung up. Frustrated, Erica almost missed Opal's arrival.

When Erica finally realized that her best friend was present, Erica was delighted. Opal said that she was on a layover and wanted to check on Erica. Erica asked where Opal was headed, so Opal called Sam Brady over and said that they were headed to Hawaii. When Erica didn't seem pleased, Opal asked why. Erica tried to snap out of her reverie and insisted that she was happy for Opal. However, Erica's real feelings became apparent when she took her frustration out by punching a cardboard cutout of herself.

Opal pulled Erica aside and demanded to know what was going on. Erica said that she'd hit a number of dead ends in her search for the truth about Mike Roy. Opal said that perhaps Erica should take the lack of information as a sign. Opal added that Erica should cherish the time that she had with Jack. Erica said that if she didn't see the inquiry through to the end, she wouldn't be able to stop thinking about Mike.

Sam interrupted and said that he had sent out the address Erica mentioned to some of his electrician friends in the area. One had gotten back to Sam and said that the electrical work had been paid for by someone named Orpheus. Erica was elated that she was still on the correct path and hugged Sam in gratitude.

Erica sneaked away from her book event and visited the Spinnacle facility. She slowly approached one door but found that it was locked. Erica proceeded around a corner and spotted a door marked "Authorized Personnel Only." Erica tried the handle and was surprised when the door opened. However, before she could see what was in the room, a guard called out and asked what Erica was doing there.

Erica told the guard that she was representing Project Orpheus and had partnered with David on the initiative. Erica said that David had been concerned about a patient known as M.R. When the guard didn't give any information, Erica tried referring to the patient as Mike Roy. When the guard wasn't swayed, Erica dashed toward the open room. The room was empty, and Erica's spirits deflated. Erica asked the guard if Mike had been in the room. The guard insisted that Mike Roy had never been a patient there.

Erica returned to the bookstore and was immediately greeted by the paparazzi. She allowed a few pictures before she stepped toward the back of the store. Erica pulled her phone out of her purse and became engrossed in something on the display. A man was able to enter the bookstore and monitor Erica's actions without alerting her.

Cara resigned herself to opening the oncology results on her own. David said that Cara shouldn't be alone while she read the results, and offered to let her use his office. Before Cara could respond, David's phone began to ring. David didn't want to answer it, but Cara encouraged him to see if the call was important, and promised that she would wait for him.

David answered his phone and was treated to an earful from Erica. Erica chastised David for sending her on a wild goose chase. Although David tried to tell Erica that he needed to call her back, Erica refused to be put off. She insisted that if David possessed any shred of decency, he would tell her whether Mike Roy was at his facility. David paused for a moment, and then told Erica that Mike Roy was dead.

David told Erica that Mike Roy had never been a patient of his. The news sent Erica into a tailspin. She blasted David for the torture he had inflicted on her and the disruption he'd caused in her life. David told Erica that she wouldn't have to worry because he'd never do anything nice for her again. Erica said that it would be nice if someone showed up and gave David a dose of his own medicine.

Erica hung up on David as Opal applauded Erica for the performance. Erica said that she was done with David and planned to return to Pine Valley to live her life with Jack and the rest of her family. The mystery man approached Erica and questioned Erica's defeatist attitude. Erica asked if she knew the man. The man simply introduced himself as the person who would grant all of Erica's dreams.

The man said his name was Kit Sterling, and Erica recognized him as one of the best movie producers in Hollywood. Kit told Erica that he wanted to buy the movie rights to her book. Erica reluctantly told him that her book wasn't quite finished, but Kit said that he'd read an advanced copy. Erica was flattered that Kit wanted to make a movie out of her life, but Opal was hesitant. Opal reminded Erica of when Adam had tried to make a movie out of Raising Kane, and the ill effects that had had. Erica dismissed Opal's concern and told Kit that she would be very interested in working with him.

Sam found Opal and told her that they needed to head back to the airport. Opal insisted that Erica join them, but Erica wanted to stay behind and talk with Kit. Opal was reluctant but finally left without her best friend. In the aftermath, Erica explained that Opal had been right about her bad experience with movies of her life. Kit told Erica that she shouldn't deny herself an opportunity because of something that had happened once. Kit promised that he could give Erica the success story she longed for.

Ryan and Greenlee went to Krystal's restaurant, and Ryan was irritated that Jesse had followed them. Jesse once again urged Ryan to let go of his vendetta, lest Ryan end up in jail again. Jesse added that Greenlee could risk losing her friendship with Kendall. Greenlee told Jesse that Kendall wasn't supportive of Zach's partnership with David. Greenlee said that Kendall was so happy to have her husband back that she was willing to stand by Zach, regardless of his choices.

Zach walked into Krystal's restaurant and asked Ryan if he'd learned anything during his overnight stay in jail. Ryan said he'd learned that David was hiding something when Zach pulled his gun on Ryan. Zach insisted that he'd only done so because Ryan had trespassed. Ryan was certain that he'd gotten too close to evidence that would get David arrested. Ryan was certain that his persistence in destroying David got under Zach's skin. Zach urged Ryan to walk away before he got hurt.

Ryan thought Zach's words sounded like a threat, so Zach opted to remove himself from the confrontation. Ryan wouldn't let that happen, and physically blocked Zach from leaving. Ryan said that if Zach were smart, he would give up the information he knew about David. Ryan assured Zach that if he didn't break his alliance with David, Ryan would make both of them pay for their illegal activities.

Zach told Greenlee that she needed to control her husband, and Jesse told Ryan that he needed to back down. Ryan was irate that David and Zach were allowed to do illegal things with no consequences. Zach told Ryan not to disparage what he didn't understand. Greenlee jumped in and said that she'd promised to get Zach home to his wife and boys, but had been rethinking the benefits of that move.

Jesse stepped between the men and admitted that he didn't understand why there was so much tension between them. Ryan said that his sole problem was that Zach had chosen to support David and Project Orpheus. Jesse ignored the information and stated that the volatile confrontations between Ryan and Zach needed to stop. Jesse suggested that they leave, but Ryan resisted. Greenlee had an idea of what to do and left the restaurant first. Jesse made sure to escort Ryan out soon after.

David found Cara out in the hospital hallway and asked if she would stop him the next time he thought about doing something nice for Erica. David pushed that aside and asked if Cara was ready to find a quiet place to open the results. Just as Cara told David that she wanted to look at the results on her own, Greenlee approached them. David tried to postpone a conversation with Greenlee, but Greenlee was insistent. Cara assured David she would be okay and left. Greenlee told David that he needed to find a way to neutralize the tension between Ryan and Zach.

Cara made her way to the on-call room and started to open her results. Before she could, Jake and Amanda found her. They thanked Cara for the contact information, and shared that they'd been able to get the ball rolling with the adoption. Amanda said that she felt her hope returning. Jake spotted the envelope in Cara's hands and asked if she'd broken the news to her patient.

Cara said that still needed to discuss the results, so Jake and Amanda took their leave. Tears filled Cara's eyes as she opened the envelope with shaky hands. When she looked at the letter, she was stunned to find out that she was pregnant.

As Jesse and Ryan walked in the park, Jesse pointed out that Ryan needed to stop making accusations when he had no proof. Ryan acknowledged that his anger toward David had gotten out of hand. Ryan said that he would let go of his vendetta. To be sure, Jesse said he wanted to take Ryan back to the station. Ryan said that he could cool down on his own, but Jesse insisted. Ryan agreed, but then pushed Jesse to the ground and took off running.

Zach went to the facility that Ryan had tried to break into. He looked around quickly, and then pushed a gurney with a sheet-covered body into one of the rooms. David showed up with Greenlee close behind. Zach demanded that David escort Greenlee out but Greenlee was too stunned to move. David tried to tell Greenlee that he hadn't meant for anyone to get hurt, but Zach contradicted him. Greenlee needed to know who was under the sheet, so she pulled it off of the body quickly. She gasped when she saw Griffin's motionless form on the gurney. Ryan joined the group moments later and was equally stunned by what he saw.

Ryan thought that David had killed Griffin. David vehemently denied it and insisted that Zach had acted on his own. Zach said that he had taken the life of one man in order to save the lives of millions. David told Zach that hurting others was never part of the plan, but Zach said that the work was the most important thing, no matter who needed to be sacrificed. Zach pulled out a gun and aimed it at Ryan and Greenlee. Ryan dove toward Zach and they struggled over the gun. In the process, the gun went off.

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