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Monday, August 1, 2011

At Krystal's restaurant, Tad was surprised by Cara's suggestion that they go on a romantic getaway. Tad wondered if that were truly what Cara wanted. Cara babbled nervously, so Tad grabbed her and then passionately kissed her. "I'm in," Tad assured Cara. Cara smiled as she and Tad happily discussed plans for Opal to watch the girls, while Cara and Tad went to Martha's Vineyard. Tad tried to ignore his phone when it rang, but Cara insisted that he take the call.

Tad groaned when he learned that JR had gotten drunk and then stolen Bianca's car. Cara urged Tad to find JR. She promised Tad that the beach could wait. Tad was about to leave when Brot walked in. Brot revealed that they had found Bianca's car wrapped around a tree, but JR hadn't been at the scene of the accident. Tad decided to leave it for the cops to handle, but Cara knew that Tad wanted to be there to catch JR during JR's freefall.

In the park, JR stumbled around in a drunken stupor. JR continued to drink from a bottle of whiskey until he spotted AJ with the babysitter. JR stayed out of sight, watching his son as AJ ran around with a kite. Eventually, the kite got away, so the babysitter ran to catch it. AJ gave chase as well, just as JR stepped forward. However, Tad called out to JR before JR could take more than a step.

Tad realized that JR had intended to snatch AJ. JR didn't deny it as he reminded Tad that AJ was his son. Tad argued that it didn't give JR the right to ruin AJ's life. JR claimed that he had just wanted to apologize to AJ, but Tad insisted that JR had intended to keep AJ away from Marissa, and then turn AJ into another version of Adam. Tad thought that JR had already gone far enough down that road himself, so he shouldn't do that to AJ. JR assured Tad that he wouldn't wish that on anyone, but it didn't matter, since Adam had left.

Tad admitted that he had once promised Dixie that he would watch out for JR, so Tad intended to keep that vow. JR started to hand Tad the bottle of whiskey, but Tad refused to take it. Tad wanted JR to throw it away on his own. JR wondered what had happened to the promise that Tad had made to Dixie, so Tad explained that JR was the only person who had the power to save JR. JR drunkenly reminded Tad that he wasn't just a common drunk in the park, but Tad suggested that JR was well on his way to becoming one if JR continued down the same path. Later, JR dropped his empty bottle of whiskey into the trashcan.

A homeless man bemoaned the sound of the empty bottle hitting the bottom of the trashcan, so he offered JR a drink from his own bottle. JR insisted that he didn't drink with strangers. The homeless man chuckled as he pointed out that bars were filled with strangers. The man wondered if JR had any pressing business, or a family to go home to. JR thought about it for a moment and then took the bottle that the homeless man had extended to him. JR was curious what the man's name was, but the homeless man didn't think that it mattered, since he was no one; JR admitted that he was no one too.

Meanwhile, Tad returned to the restaurant with AJ. Cara greeted AJ and then sent him to the kitchen for a hot fudge sundae. Tad confessed that he had just done the hardest thing that he had ever done in his entire life. Cara revealed that her mother had once told her that sometimes people had to love others differently than they were used to. Tad admitted that Cara's mother was a wise woman. Tad revealed that he had told JR that JR had to help himself, so Tad was determined to focus on his own life, starting with their trip to Martha's Vineyard.

At Oak Haven, Erica was shocked when she recognized Dixie sleeping in one of the rooms. Erica tried to explain who Dixie was to the nurse, but the nurse assumed that Erica was just rambling. The nurse suggested that the doctor could give Erica something to help calm her, and then tossed Erica into another room. Erica banged on the door as she begged to be let out because the woman in the other room was "Dixie Martin." Moments later, Janet appeared on the other side of the door. Erica implored Janet to help her, but Janet warned Erica that Erica would never get out if she continued to claim to see dead people.

Erica tried to explain that she had seen Dixie, but Janet started talking about Ralph. Erica didn't want to hear about Ralph because something "strange" was going on that Erica was determined to get to the bottom of. Erica had a quick change of heart about Ralph when Janet revealed that Ralph had keys to all the rooms, and he was eager to help Janet. A short time later, Ralph unlocked the door to Dixie's room, and then instructed Erica that she would only have five minutes to spend inside the room. Erica slipped into the room, where she found Dixie lying in bed. Erica quietly greeted Dixie.

Spooked, Dixie looked up and then huddled close to the headboard as she stared at Erica. Erica was shocked because she realized that she was really looking at Dixie. "It's me, Erica Kane," Erica told Dixie. Dixie didn't appear to recognize Erica, so Erica assured Dixie that she would get Dixie some real help. Erica offered to take Dixie to the hospital for treatment, but Dixie became agitated. "No! No, David," Dixie yelled and then began to scream.

Ralph quickly returned to hustle Erica out of the room. After Erica was locked back in her room, Erica cried out for Janet's help. Erica explained that Dixie knew something about David, but Janet, who stood on the other side of the door, was upset because Erica hadn't kept her promise to Ralph to spend no more than five minutes with Dixie. Janet took offense when Erica ordered Janet to stop talking like a crazy person for a minute. Janet suggested that Erica could find someone else to help her talk to people who couldn't stay dead.

Later, Dixie used a hairbrush to tap on the wall. Erica recognized the sound because she had heard something similar when she had been kept a prisoner in the faux bedroom, so she wondered if Dixie had been held captive at the quarry too.

At the Yacht Club, Jackson spotted Kendall at a table, so he assumed that she was waiting for Griffin. He realized his mistake when Kendall hinted that things were over. Kendall realized that Jack probably didn't want to hear about her troubles with Griffin because Jack had his own problems with Erica to deal with. Jack revealed that he had decided to find Jane to corroborate Erica's story. Kendall was amazed that Jack continued to fight for Erica despite what had happened. Jack tried to shift gears to find out what had happened between Kendall and Griffin, but Kendall would only reveal that Griffin had blown it.

Kendall then deftly turned the discussion back to Erica by explaining that she wanted to believe her mother's story, but Erica's claims were too outrageous. Jack confided that a part of him wanted to believe Erica's story because it would mean that another woman had told him that she wasn't in love with him. Kendall assured Jack that, sane or not, Erica's heart belonged to Jack. Jack insisted that they needed to get Erica out of Oak Haven. Kendall smiled as she realized that Jack would never give up on her mother. Jack confessed that he didn't think that he could.

Jack then turned the conversation back to Griffin. Kendall explained that Griffin didn't trust her, and that he had been working with David on something. Jack was immediately interested, but Kendall admitted that she had no idea what the project was about. She couldn't understand why Griffin was involved, since he always seemed to have had good intentions. Jack suggested that perhaps Griffin wanted to protect Kendall.

Griffin intercepted Ryan in the hallway as Ryan arrived home from his trip. Griffin revealed that he knew that Ryan had been snooping around Stanford for information about Griffin. Ryan argued that Griffin had chosen to side with David. Griffin disagreed, so Ryan invited Griffin inside. Griffin explained that the Orpheus Project had started out as stem cell research on lab rats, but Griffin had recently learned that David had tested the treatment on human subjects. Ryan guessed that one of those patients had been Greenlee.

Griffin confirmed that the other patient had been Maria Santos. Ryan was stunned that it had gone that far back, so he wondered if there had been anyone else involved in the treatments. Griffin confessed that he had no idea, but he suspected that, from his conversations with David, there had been several more patients, and that they were in Pine Valley. Griffin explained that stem cells were unique because they could "divide and differentiate" into any type of tissue. Griffin insisted that originally their work had been focused on blood diseases, like leukemia, and spinal cord injuries, such as the one that Greenlee had suffered after the motorcycle crash. However, Griffin revealed that David had taken the research one step further.

Griffin revealed that when the heart stopped, organs and tissues immediately started to die, so if it continued for a prolonged time then it would be impossible to resuscitate a person. Ryan realized that what Griffin was talking about was "bringing people back from the dead." Griffin conceded that the potential to do that was there. "No wonder he thinks he's God," Ryan remarked about David. It dawned on Ryan that people whom they had thought had died might actually be alive, and that Zach might be one of them.

As if on cue, Kendall walked in. Kendall sensed that she had interrupted an intense conversation, but she was more surprised to see Griffin sitting in Ryan's living room. Ryan decided to give Griffin and Kendall some privacy, so Ryan asked them to lock up when they left and then excused himself. Griffin admitted that he and Kendall had a lot to talk about, but he wanted to first assure her that he was through working for David. Griffin confessed that he was ready to tell her everything. Kendall realized that Griffin was nervous, so she assured him that nothing that he could say would change how she felt about him.

Griffin recalled David warning him that the answers to Griffin's questions might cost Griffin Kendall's affections. Griffin pushed the memory away and then forged ahead with his confession. Griffin acknowledged that Kendall had been sad, depressed, and angry when he had first met her and that her anger had led her to nearly take a man's life. Griffin admired Kendall because she had worked to become a stronger woman. Kendall was curious what that had to do with David, so Griffin explained that he was reluctant to open old wounds. Kendall admitted that Griffin was making her nervous.

Griffin reminded Kendall that David had saved Greenlee and Maria's lives. Kendall agreed, and then added that everyone had believed that Greenlee and Maria had died. Griffin suggested that if David had been able to "bring them back then he could probably bring back someone else." Kendall hesitated a moment and then whispered, "Zach." Kendall became upset as the realization of what Griffin meant sank in, so she demanded to know if David had said anything about Zach.

Griffin confessed that David had implied it, but Kendall refused to believe that David could have that kind of power over her life. Griffin argued that Greenlee and Maria were alive, so if there were the slightest chance that Zach could be alive, Griffin felt obligated to tell Kendall. Kendall angrily ordered Griffin to leave. Once she was alone, she snarled between gritted teeth, "Damn you, David."

At the hospital, Greenlee reminded David that he had promised to take care of her. David assured Greenlee that he would, once he was recovered. Greenlee explained that she couldn't wait that long because she feared that she might end up in the hospital before David's injuries had healed. David was curious if Greenlee had experienced any numbing sensation in her legs, so Greenlee claimed that she had and then added that it had been getting worse. Greenlee insisted that she couldn't be confined to a wheelchair again, so she begged David not to let her die.

David asked Greenlee to have faith in him. He reminded her that he had helped her cheat death once before, so he would make certain that she lived a long life. However, David explained that it wasn't a matter of giving her a magic pill. According to David, it was a complicated process, which only he could do. Greenlee was curious if he intended to take her to the same facility where he had originally treated her. David told her no, but he refused to elaborate.

Greenlee suspected that David had an ulterior motive for trying to get her out of Pine Valley, so David offered to let her speak to someone who had been in her situation. Greenlee admitted that she suspected that someone else had been in the room with her during the early days when David had treated her injuries following the accident. David tried to brush it off as him or Nurse Gail, but Greenlee was certain that it had been a patient because she recalled seeing the person on a gurney. David remained silent, so Greenlee warned him that she was through playing games with him because her life was on the line. Greenlee demanded a straight answer from David, but David reminded her that he had no reason to trust her.

Greenlee accused David of not being able to choke down his utter joy at having her dependent on him for something important. She was certain that he loved knowing that she needed him, and that he enjoyed seeing her desperate enough for ask for his help. David suggested that Greenlee might be playing him. Greenlee argued that she was more likely to put herself into his care a second time if she knew that her cure hadn't been a fluke, so she wanted to know if others had been helped by his treatments. Greenlee suggested that saving her life had been a miracle, but she found it curious that he was reluctant to tell the world. She reminded him that he could trust her because she had everything to lose, including her life. "Yes," David finally answered, "there was someone else in that room."

Greenlee wanted to know who it was, but David would only reveal, "Someone near and dear; someone taken from us way too soon." A nurse entered the room, and then shooed Greenlee out, so that David could get some rest. Later, David called someone to order the person to find Dixie because David didn't want everything to crash down before he was ready to reveal his secrets to the world.

At the Yacht Club, Ryan spotted Greenlee at the bar. Greenlee greeted her husband and then revealed that she had just seen David. Greenlee assured Ryan that she had David believing that she needed him. Greenlee then shifted gears to find out how Ryan's trip had gone. Ryan updated Greenlee on what Griffin had told him about the stem cell research. Greenlee was relieved that Griffin had gotten on board with them, instead of continuing to work for David.

Ryan was curious about what David had told Greenlee. Greenlee was reluctant to share what she and David had discussed, which made Ryan fear that David had gotten to her. Greenlee explained that she was just tired, but Ryan didn't believe her. He threatened to go to the hospital to get answers from David, but Greenlee stopped him. She explained that David wanted to take her away for treatment because he claimed that she required a special procedure that only David was qualified to do. "Because it's illegal and nobody even knows it exists," Ryan warned her.

Ryan was relieved when Greenlee assured him that she had told David no. Ryan insisted that he and Griffin would take care of everything, so Greenlee could steer clear of David. Greenlee argued that she couldn't, so Ryan demanded to know why. Greenlee admitted that she had told David about her dream. Ryan realized that the dream had been a memory, so Greenlee revealed that David had confirmed that someone close to her and David, who had been taken too soon from them, had been in the room with her. "Leo," Ryan realized.

"The son of a bitch certainly knows what buttons to push," Ryan remarked as he looked at Greenlee's concerned expression. Ryan understood why Greenlee had seemed upset when he had first walked in. Ryan hugged his wife, while Greenlee flashed back to special moments that she had shared with Leo.