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Monday, February 28, 2011

At ConFusion, Caleb learned that Asher hoped to cheer up Colby by surprising her with a truffle burger. Asher admitted to being one of the people who had upset Colby, but she was unaware of it. Caleb was curious what Asher was talking about, but Asher didn't want to discuss it. Caleb promised to listen if Asher wanted to talk. Asher hesitated a moment and then sat down.

Asher confessed that he had learned about an ugly secret, but he had kept it from Colby. However, Colby had eventually discovered the secret, so Asher regretted not being truthful with Colby from the beginning. Caleb could tell that Asher had feelings for Colby, but Asher didn't want to discuss it. Caleb wondered what Asher's gut instinct had told him. "To come clean," Asher admitted.

Caleb was curious how Asher felt about the possible consequences. "Damn the consequences," Asher responded. The bartender returned with Asher's order. Asher started to pay for it, but Caleb offered to pick up the tab. Asher thanked Caleb and then left.

At the mansion, Colby was touched that Asher had remembered that she loved truffle burgers. She insisted that he was the only person in her life who hadn't let her down. "Not exactly true," Asher argued. She wondered who else hadn't let her down; she knew that he couldn't be referring to her mother. At the mention of her mother, Colby began to complain about Liza and Damon's betrayal.

Colby confided to Asher that she would have respected them if Liza and Damon had told her the truth from the beginning. Asher decided to admit that he had overheard Liza and Damon talking about the one-night stand on the night of Damon's farewell party. Colby started to cry as she realized that she had been the last to know. Asher quickly apologized for keeping the secret from her, but Colby resented everyone's pity. Asher explained that he had kept quiet because he had been reluctant to add to her pain.

Asher knew what it was like to be let down by a loved one. He swore that he was not like the others, but Colby refused to listen. Colby was horrified when Asher mentioned that he had talked to Liza about the one-night stand. She couldn't believe that Asher had allowed Liza to persuade him to lie to her. Angry, Colby wondered if Liza had offered Asher the same "benefits" as Liza had offered Damon.

Asher insisted that it hadn't been like that. He denied any involvement with Liza. Colby was distraught because Asher had watched her turn to Liza for comfort, all the while knowing that Liza had slept with Damon. Asher was filled with remorse, but Colby fled the parlor in tears. Later, Colby returned to the parlor. She walked over to the laptop, sat down, and then began to talk to her web camera about the people who had betrayed her.

At Krystal's Restaurant, Jackson and Krystal went over some paperwork. Jack took the opportunity to let Krystal know how grateful he was to have her help. He also appreciated that Krystal hadn't asked about Erica. Krystal seemed uncertain how to respond, so she decided to take the paperwork to the office. Opal walked in as Krystal stood up and then left. Opal marched over to Jack's table and then informed him that for a smart man, he acted mighty dumb at times.

Jack was curious if he had offended Opal. Opal warned Jack that Erica would have been upset to have walked in to find Jack and Krystal holding hands. Jack denied that anything inappropriate had occurred between him and Krystal. Opal reminded Jack that Erica had been under tremendous stress recently. Jack listened patiently as Opal tried to explain Erica's friendship with Caleb. However, he was stunned when Opal let it slip that Erica and Caleb had kissed on New Year's Eve.

Opal immediately realized what she had said, so she tried to downplay the kiss. She insisted that Erica had forgotten all about the kiss and that Jack was Erica's true love. Jack had his doubts, so Opal revealed that Erica intended to end her partnership with Caleb because Jack meant so much to Erica.

At Fusion, Erica was surprised to learn that Reese had filed for a divorce. Bianca admitted that she hadn't expected Reese to send divorce papers. Erica wished that Bianca had mentioned her marital woes sooner, but Bianca had been reluctant to trouble Erica because Erica had so many things going on. Bianca and Erica began to talk about Erica's relationship with Jack. Bianca was curious if Erica had feelings for Caleb, but Erica denied it.

Bianca wondered if Erica's love for Jack were a strong as it once had been. Bianca explained that she didn't want Erica and Jack to end up drifting apart like Bianca and Reese had, so she urged Erica to examine her feelings for Jack. Later, Erica was startled to see Caleb sitting at the bar in ConFusion. "The bear finally emerges from his den," Erica remarked as she approached Caleb. "Hello, Dorothy," Caleb greeted Erica.

Erica demanded to know why Caleb hadn't shown up for meetings or returned any of her calls. Caleb simply apologized, but Erica wasn't satisfied with the lack of an answer. Caleb explained that he had needed some time and distance. He realized that Erica hadn't deserved to be ignored like that. Erica was curious how much Caleb had already had to drink.

Caleb slid his drink aside and then thanked Erica for persuading him to stay in Pine Valley to fight for what was his and to help him to get his son back. Erica was surprised to learn that Asher had turned to Caleb for advice. Caleb admitted that he had encouraged Asher to follow his instincts. Erica wondered if Asher had listened. Caleb smiled as he responded, "We'll see." Caleb felt that he finally had a chance to make up for everything he had missed with Asher.

Later, Asher returned to ConFusion in a sour mood. Asher was furious because he had listened to Caleb. Caleb reminded Asher that Asher had been prepared to "damn the consequences." Erica watched as Asher stormed out. She waited a few minutes and then walked up to Caleb.

"So much for getting closer to my son," Caleb grumbled. Caleb then switched gears to ask what Erica wanted to discuss with him. "It can wait," Erica assured him. Nearby, Jack scowled when she spotted Erica and Caleb together.

At the hospital, Griffin invited Kendall to tell him about her concerns regarding Zach's letter. Kendall recalled that the words "threat" and "stole" had been in the last page of letter when she had first seen it, but in a scarier context than in the letter that she had eventually read. "There you are," Ricky said with relief when he entered Kendall's hospital room. Ricky explained that he had been concerned when he had learned that Kendall had returned to the hospital. Kendall assured Ricky that she was fine, but she had needed some tests.

Kendall was curious if Ricky had recalled seeing the last page of Zach's letter before she had misplaced it. Griffin was surprised to learn that Ricky had been with Kendall when she had opened the box that had been recovered from Zach's plane. Ricky wondered what was going on. Kendall confessed that the letter had seemed different. Ricky suggested that perhaps grief might be responsible for the changes.

Ricky turned to Griffin for support, but Griffin admitted that it might have been the result of an imbalance with Kendall's medications. Griffin informed Ricky that they were conducting tests to determine if the medications had caused Kendall to see something different the first time she had glanced at the letter. Kendall realized that it sounded odd, but she believed that there had been something in Zach's letter to indicate that Zach had been murdered.

Ricky blamed himself for trying to encourage Kendall to push past her grief. Kendall assured Ricky that he wasn't responsible for her thinking that she had seen a different version of the letter. Ricky insisted that he should have advised Kendall to focus on celebrating the life that she had shared with Zach rather than on how her husband had died. Griffin's pager began to beep, so Ricky invited Griffin take care of it. Griffin realized that he had to leave, but he ordered Kendall to stay put until the test results were complete.

Griffin suggested that Ricky should be out "spreading the good word." "I already have. Peace be with you," Ricky responded as Kendall chuckled. Griffin left without comment. Kendall appreciated Ricky checking up on her, but she insisted that he didn't have to stay to hold her hand. Ricky claimed that he didn't mind, but then he suggested that they leave. Kendall reminded him that she had promised to stay until the test results were back.

Ricky sat down to wait with Kendall. He urged her to talk about Zach, but Kendall claimed that she was all talked out about Zach. Ricky tried to find out where Zach might have hidden the evidence against the casino partners, so he subtly questioned her about any special places that Kendall and Zach had shared. Kendall questioned why Ricky was so interested in the intimate details about her life with Zach. Ricky realized that he might have overplayed his hand, so he quickly changed tactics by feigning concern that Kendall didn't trust him.

Kendall insisted that Ricky had been a source of strength for her. Ricky smiled as he once again tried to get Kendall to leave with him by suggesting that they go somewhere to talk. "I don't think so," Griffin warned Ricky as Griffin entered the room. Griffin explained that Kendall's test results indicated that the medication had not been the problem. Kendall worried that she might be going crazy, but Ricky continued to blame her uncertainty about the letter on her grief for Zach.

Griffin thought that Kendall might benefit from seeing a therapist who could be of more help to her than Griffin or Ricky were. Kendall promised to think about it. Ricky made another attempt to get Kendall to leave with him, but Griffin argued that Kendall needed to rest. Kendall conceded that she was tired, so Griffin decided to take her home, since his shift had just ended. Ricky hid his frustration behind a tight smile when Kendall accepted Griffin's offer.

At Scott and Madison's apartment, Ryan asked Madison to talk to the FBI, so that she would know what to say the next time that Emma called. Madison quickly agreed. Greenlee's cell phone rang, so she stepped into the hallways to take the call. After Greenlee left the apartment, Ryan got a call from the FBI to inform him that Emma had called from a disposable cell phone. Scott offered to help find Emma, so Ryan asked Scott to pass out some flyers at the hospital.

Ryan intended to fetch them from the car, but Scott volunteered to get them, so that Ryan could go over some things with Madison in case Emma called. After Scott left, Ryan congratulated Madison on moving in with Scott. Madison was surprised when she suddenly felt the baby kick. Ryan offered to get Scott, but then stopped when he realized that Madison shouldn't feel the baby kick so early in her pregnancy. Madison realized her mistake, so she quickly passed it off as indigestion.

In the hallway, Greenlee answered a call from Griffin who suggested that Kendall could use a friend at her side while Kendall waited for some test results. Scott stepped into the hallway just as Greenlee ended the call. Greenlee started to congratulate Scott on how things were progressing with Madison, but he warned her not to get too excited. Scott clarified that he and Madison were simply trying to save money, so they were just roommates. Greenlee argued that she had seen the way that Madison had gazed at Scott, so she was certain that Madison had feelings for Scott. Scott accused Greenlee of seeing what she wanted to see.

Scott had no idea how Greenlee could watch Ryan miss Emma while knowing that Greenlee was lying to Ryan about another child. Greenlee became defense as she argued that Ryan had enough to deal with at the moment. She also wondered why it was okay for Madison to keep the secret. "Different motives," Scott claimed. Greenlee reminded Scott that she was the reason that Scott was involved with Madison. Scott argued that it was ancient history, but Greenlee didn't think that Scott should forget how he had gotten where he was.

Scott returned the apartment moments later. Ryan told Scott that Madison had thought that the baby had kicked. Madison quickly revealed that it was too early for the baby to kick, so it had been indigestion. Ryan hoped that Scott would be around for the baby's first kick because it was a special moment. After Ryan left, Scott inquired about the baby's kick. Madison confessed that it had been an incredible feeling.

Later, Scott and Madison went to Krystal's Restaurant. Madison admitted that she had been tempted to tell Ryan about the baby when she had felt it kick. Scott was curious why she hadn't said anything. Madison explained that Ryan had a lot to deal with, so she had kept quiet. Scott wondered why everything seemed to be about Ryan.

Scott reminded Madison that she had once told him that she liked having something for her own. Madison admitted that it was true. Madison was touched when Scott asked if he could feel the movement the next time that the baby kicked. Madison smiled as she assured him that it could be arranged.

At Fusion, Bianca was surprised to see Ryan and Greenlee. Bianca was eager to know if there had been any word on Emma. Ryan let Bianca know about the flyers that they had printed and then asked Bianca to pass them out at the Miranda Center. Ryan also revealed that Annie had hidden out in women's shelters the last time that she had been on the run. Bianca promised to make certain the shelters would be notified. Ryan stepped away when he received a call from the FBI.

Bianca realized that Emma's abduction had to be hard on Greenlee. Greenlee admitted that she and Ryan had thought that their lives would be easier after the wedding. Bianca glanced down to see Greenlee's new wedding ring. "It's beautiful," Bianca observed. Greenlee smiled, but she admitted that the wedding felt as if it had been a million years ago. Greenlee suddenly realized that Bianca and Reese were celebrating their own wedding anniversary, prompting Bianca to tell Greenlee about the divorce.

Later, Greenlee and Ryan returned home. Ryan couldn't understand how Annie could put Emma through the ordeal of being torn away from her father. It baffled him how anyone could do that to a child. Greenlee looked guilt-stricken as she stared at Ryan.