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Monday, February 14, 2011

Jackson went to Krystal's restaurant to ask Krystal to cater Greenlee and Ryan's reception. Krystal didn't seem surprised when Jack admitted that Erica had decided not to attend the wedding.

At ConFusion, Ryan was stunned to learn that Madison was pregnant. Ryan immediately assumed that he was the father of the baby, but Madison refused to confirm anything. Scott, who had been standing nearby, sensed that Madison was in trouble, so he approached her to find out what was going on. Madison revealed to Scott that Ryan knew about the pregnancy. Ryan was hurt that Madison had told Scott about the pregnancy, but not Ryan.

Scott surprised everyone by explaining that the pregnancy hadn't been any of Ryan's business because Scott, not Ryan, was the father of Madison's baby. "You're the baby's father?" Greenlee blurted out while Ryan stared at Scott with shock. Madison didn't say a word as Scott claimed that Madison had gotten pregnant after Scott had been released from jail. Scott admitted that the pregnancy hadn't been planned, but that he was determined to be a part of the child's life. Ryan seemed a little taken aback to learn about the affair, but he was more concerned about the cramps that Madison had experienced just moments before.

Madison quickly assured everyone that she was fine and that the pain had passed. Scott decided to take Madison home, so they left. Afterwards, Greenlee wondered how Ryan felt about the news of Madison's pregnancy. Ryan assured Greenlee that he was fine, but surprised. Ryan felt foolish that he hadn't realized sooner that Madison was expecting because the signs had been there.

Greenlee relaxed when Ryan remarked, "So, Scott and Madison." Greenlee insisted that she thought that Scott and Madison made a cute couple. Ryan conceded that Scott was a good guy, but he confessed that they had seemed somewhat awkward around each other, so it was difficult to believe that they were having a baby together. Greenlee suggested that Scott and Madison might end up having an "epic love story" like Ryan and Greenlee's. Ryan chuckled as he wondered if the town could handle two epic romances.

Greenlee turned serious as she asked Ryan if he were ready to get married. "Yes," Ryan answered without hesitation. A short time later, Jack arrived at ConFusion to let Greenlee know that Krystal had agreed to cater the reception. Greenlee was delighted that she would have a perfect wedding day. After Reverend Ricky arrived, everyone quickly took their places.

Just before the ceremony started, Ryan leaned down to let Spike and Emma know that he loved them. The children smiled with joy. Moments later, Jack walked his daughter down the aisle to be married to Ryan. Ricky began the ceremony by acknowledging that Ryan and Greenlee had been married before. Ricky believed that their new union was based on unconditional love, so Ryan and Greenlee's moment had finally arrived.

Ricky looked at Jack to officially ask if Jack gave his daughter's hand in marriage to Ryan. "Yes," Jack answered. Jack then the took the opportunity to tell Ryan and Greenlee that their marriage was meant to be. Jack wished his daughter all the happiness in the world. Ryan and Greenlee joined hands as Ricky invited them to recite their own vows. Ryan spoke first.

Ryan talked about healing and how Ryan and Greenlee were strongest when they were together. Greenlee declared that Ryan was everything that she had ever wanted: her best friend, her "partner in crime," and the man that she couldn't wait to spend the rest of her life with. Greenlee promised to be by Ryan's side, whether he wanted it or not. She admitted that she was no longer afraid and that she was free because of him. After Ryan and Greenlee exchanged rings, Ricky pronounced them to be man and wife.

Ryan and Greenlee kissed while Spike, Emma, and Jack showered the happy couple with flower petals. Krystal popped in to let everyone know that the reception was ready. Ryan and Greenlee were touched when they saw the elegantly decorated reception area at ConFusion. Greenlee thanked Krystal for all the trouble that she had gone to in order to make their day special. Glasses of champagne were passed around and then Jack offered a toast to Ryan and Greenlee.

After Scott and Madison walked away, Scott insisted that Madison drink some water. He suspected that her cramps had been a result of dehydration. Madison sipped on the water while she confessed that she had panicked when Ryan had correctly guessed the baby's paternity. Scott wasn't surprised when Madison revealed that Greenlee had known about the pregnancy for a while and that she had been aware that Ryan was the baby's father. He realized that Greenlee had kept Madison's secret to safeguard Greenlee's relationship with Ryan.

Madison thanked Scott for claiming to be the baby's father, but she assured Scott that he was free to back out. Scott appreciated the offer, but declined. Scott decided to take Madison back to his place after Madison had finished her water. After they arrived at Scott's apartment, he insisted that Madison rest, so he guided her to the bed. Madison confessed that she was starving, so Scott rummaged through his cabinets to find something for her to eat.

Scott found some crackers, but nothing else. He apologized for not being prepared for guests. Madison admitted that she had a craving for a juicy apple and some lemonade, so Scott decided to run to the store to fetch the items. Madison assured Scott that he didn't have to, but Scott insisted on getting one thing straight. He explained that her "baby daddy ain't no slouch." Scott was all smiles until he left the apartment.

In the hallway, Scott sighed deeply, rubbed his forehead, and then slowly made his way to the store. A short time later, Scott returned to the apartment with apples and lemonade. Madison gratefully took a bite of an apple and then a deep drink of the lemonade. She thanked Scott for everything that he had done, including claiming to be the baby's father. She revealed that while he had been gone, she'd decided that she could tell everyone that the baby had been born prematurely to make certain that Ryan didn't learn the truth.

Scott advised Madison not to worry about what would happen down the road; instead, she should focus on the positive aspects of finally having her pregnancy out in the open. Scott reminded her that she no longer had to hide her baby bump. Madison immediately jumped up to undo the top button of her slacks and then sat back down on the bed. Madison confided that she finally felt relaxed for the first time in a long while because she didn't have to keep her baby a secret. She also admitted that she had been able to let go of Ryan. Scott smiled as he wished her a happy Valentine's Day.

At the police station, JR insisted on being released from police custody. Brot made it clear that JR wouldn't be going anywhere because JR's car had been identified as the vehicle responsible for causing the ambulance carrying Kendall to crash. JR continued to argue with Brot until Tad asked to have a private word with JR. Brot nodded, so Tad pulled JR aside. Tad warned JR to calm down, or no one would be willing to work with JR.

JR agreed to tone it down, but the promise flew out the window when JR spotted Jesse. JR demanded that Jesse release him or they would all regret it. Tad and Jesse went to Jesse's office to speak privately. Tad calmly explained that JR hadn't been responsible for the accident, but JR knew who had been driving the car. Tad promised that JR would identify the driver, but that JR needed to do it his own way. Jesse was reluctant to release JR, but Tad managed to persuade Jesse that it was for the best.

Jesse agreed to release JR if JR promised to provide them with a statement. JR readily agreed; however, he insisted that he do it later because it was urgent that he leave. Jesse made it clear that he would hold JR and Tad responsible if anything went wrong. Jesse then ordered Brot to remove JR's handcuffs. JR promised to call Tad as soon as JR had everything handled and then left.

Later, Brot wondered if it were okay to leave early because Brot had plans to see Natalia for Valentine's Day. Jesse agreed and then handed a present to Brot to give to Natalia. After Brot left, Tad wondered how Angie was doing. Jesse confessed that he wished that he could spend Valentine's Day with Angie, but he had decided to save his vacation time for when the baby was born. Tad envied Jesse because Jesse had someone special in his life.

Jesse found it ironic that "Thaddeus the Caddiest" was alone on the most romantic day of the year. Just then, an officer let Jesse know that Angie was on the phone. Tad quickly snatched up the phone and then pretended to be Jesse as he talked to Angie. Angie wasn't fooled, so Jesse smiled indulgently as he pulled the phone away from Tad and then greeted Angie.

In the attic at the Chandler mansion, Annie regretted that she hadn't gotten rid of Marissa a long time before. Annie blamed Marissa for everything that had gone wrong between Annie and JR. Marissa was weak from being knocked unconscious and the fumes leaking into the attic from the broken gas pipe, so she begged Annie to help her up. Annie ignored Marissa's pleas as Annie continued to rant about Marissa. Marissa realized that Annie had snapped. Annie took offense, so she advised Marissa to take a deep breath of the gas and then go to sleep.

Marissa cried out for help as Annie marched out of the attic. Within moments, Marissa passed out. A short time later, Marissa woke up and then slowly crawled to the door, but she lacked the strength to stand up or to open the door. She decided to make her way to a box filled with clothing. After Marissa found a piece of cloth, she crawled to the broken gas pipe and then managed to put the broken ends together.

Afterwards, Marissa tightly wrapped the cloth she had found in the box around the damaged section of the gas pipe to reduce the amount of gas leaking into the attic. Seconds later, Marissa collapsed.

Meanwhile, Annie reached the foyer just as JR arrived home. Annie happily greeted JR, who immediately led her to the parlor for a talk. Annie's good mood fled when JR admitted that he had noticed that she had been spiraling out of control. She tried to deny it, but JR confessed that he knew what she had done to Colby. JR promised that he would help Annie, but Annie insisted that she was fine.

Annie began to complain because the evening had not gone as she had hoped. She confessed that she had expected JR to propose marriage. JR apologized for hurting Annie, but she argued that everything would have been fine if he had just loved her enough. JR assured Annie that he loved her and that he wanted to help her, but Annie didn't believe him. JR held Annie in his arms as he gently suggested that she voluntarily check herself into Oak Haven.

Annie was stunned that JR would want her to seek treatment at a sanitarium, but JR insisted that it would be best for their relationship. JR calmly explained that he didn't want Annie to do anything that she didn't want to, but he felt that it was important for her to go to Oak Haven for treatment. Annie was certain that JR intended to dump her at the sanitarium and then leave her. She refused to be sent back to Oak Haven because it had been a horrible experience for her the last time that she had spent time in the sanitarium. JR vowed to visit Annie every day and to take Emma for visits.

Annie was certain that Marissa was behind JR's suggestion for Annie to go to Oak Haven. JR had no idea what Marissa had to do with anything, so Annie grabbed the commitment papers that she had found and then showed them to JR. According to Annie, Marissa had signed the papers. JR glanced down and then slowly clarified that Dr. Burke's signature was on the papers, not Marissa's. Annie refused to believe him. JR became uneasy when Annie continued to rant about Marissa and how Marissa had made Annie's skin crawl.

JR wondered what Annie had done to Marissa. At first Annie refused to tell him anything, but she eventually revealed that she had lured Marissa to the attic. JR raced to the attic to check on Marissa. Annie lingered in the parlor, begging JR not to hate her. JR reached the attic door moments later. He called out to Marissa, but she didn't respond, so JR was forced to kick in the door.

Later, Annie slipped into ConFusion as Jack suggested that Greenlee and Ryan pose for wedding pictures. Greenlee wanted to spruce up, so Greenlee sent Emma to fetch the makeup bag. Emma skipped off to do Greenlee's bidding, but stopped short when she saw Annie standing on the other side of the curtain that separated the reception area from the rest of ConFusion. Annie held her finger to her lips to warn Emma to be quiet and then waved Emma over.