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Monday, December 13, 2010

At ConFusion, Jackson handed Erica a glass of champagne and then sat down. Jack suggested that they plan their wedding to give the family something to be hopeful about. Erica didn't think that the timing was right because Kendall was grieving. Erica started to blame Greenlee for Kendall's troubles, but Jack insisted that they focus on their future. Erica agreed and then lifted her glass as Jack proposed a toast to "hope." Jack and Erica were unaware that Greenlee stood nearby and that she had overheard part of Jack and Erica's conversation.

After Jack left, Greenlee approached Erica's table. Erica suspected that Greenlee had been waiting for Jack to leave. Greenlee explained that she had hoped to enlist Erica's help with Kendall. Greenlee told Erica about the trip to the beach where Zach had perished. Greenlee had thought that the trip had helped Kendall, but then Greenlee had realized that Kendall had erected a wall between them. Greenlee was certain that she could help Kendall if Erica persuaded Kendall to let Greenlee in.

Erica couldn't believe that Greenlee had made Kendall's tragedy all about Greenlee. Erica advised Greenlee to stay away from Kendall if Greenlee truly wanted to help. Erica reminded Greenlee that Kendall had lost the love of her life. Greenlee recalled thinking that her life had been over after Leo had died, but she had been wrong. Erica was certain that Greenlee was only interested in seeking absolution from Kendall, but Greenlee insisted that Erica was wrong. Erica didn't believe Greenlee; she reminded Greenlee how deeply Zach's tragic death had affected his family.

Jack went to Wildwind to check if Caleb had made any progress with getting Jack's law license reinstated. Jack warned Caleb that it might be difficult because Jack had gone "off the reservation" a few years before, so there might be strong opposition. Caleb realized that it wouldn't be easy, but he promised to do his best. Jack thanked Caleb for all of his help and then left. Afterwards, Jack returned to ConFusion, where he spotted Erica in a heated confrontation with Greenlee. Jack was stunned when he overheard Erica admit that she wished to God that Greenlee had never returned.

Jack was disappointed; he had hoped that they had been beyond that. Greenlee quickly excused herself and then left. Jack immediately blasted Erica for ripping into Greenlee. Erica made it clear that Greenlee had approached her to ask for Erica's help to get through to Kendall. Jack didn't understand why that was a problem. Erica reminded Jack that Kendall was grieving for her husband; Kendall needed her family, not Greenlee.

Jack argued that Erica couldn't possibly blame Greenlee for what had happened to Zach. Erica disagreed because Zach had been on his way to pick up Greenlee and Ryan. Erica insisted that Greenlee and her "so-called husband, David," were responsible for Zach's death. Jack wondered if Erica could try to meet Greenlee halfway because Greenlee was going through a lot at the moment. Erica stared at Jack in disbelief.

Erica reminded Jack that Kendall was the one suffering; it infuriated Erica that Jack had jumped to Greenlee's defense, but he had never once reached out to try to help Kendall, despite his claims that they were family. Jack seemed taken aback as Erica stormed off.

Madison stopped by Kendall's place to drop off some files for Kendall to sign. Madison realized that perhaps it was too soon for Kendall to think about Fusion, so she started to leave. Kendall assured Madison that it was okay and then invited Madison inside. Moments later, the phone rang. Kendall's cheerful greeting of, "Team Slater" filled the air as the answering machine picked up the call. It was Greenlee.

Kendall and Madison listened as Greenlee left a message, apologizing to Kendall for stopping by to share the good news that Ryan and Greenlee had decided to move in together. As Greenlee spoke, Kendall reached over and then stopped the answering machine to spare her and Madison from having to listen to the rest of Greenlee's message. Kendall admitted that it had been difficult without Zach. Madison empathized because she knew that everything reminded Kendall of Zach. Madison was deeply sorry for Kendall's loss, so she promised to help Kendall in any way possible. Kendall assured Madison that it wasn't necessary.

Madison admitted that she could use the distraction. Kendall realized that Madison was referring the breakup with Ryan. Kendall felt bad for Madison, but Madison assured Kendall that she would be okay. Seconds later, Madison had a dizzy spell. Kendall noticed how pale Madison seemed, which she attributed to Madison's gunshot wound. Kendall offered to drive Madison to the hospital to be checked out.

Madison assured Kendall that she was fine and then revealed that she had a doctor's appointment, so there wasn't anything to be concerned about. Kendall insisted on driving Madison to the hospital. Madison accepted the offer after Kendall explained that she had business at the hospital anyway. A short while later, Madison and Kendall arrived at the hospital. After Madison thanked Kendall for the ride, the women went their separate ways. Madison let the nurse know that she was ready for her appointment.

Randi strolled in moments later. Randi immediately assumed that Madison was there to see Frankie about the gunshot wound, so she let the nurse know that Madison was a close family friend and to make certain that Madison didn't wait too long. The nurse was confused; she didn't know if Madison was there to see a surgeon or an OB/GYN. "OB/GYN," Madison quietly clarified. Randi was shocked when Madison revealed that she was pregnant with Ryan's baby. Madison seemed grateful when Randi offered to wait with her.

As they sat down, Randi wondered if Madison had suffered any morning sickness. Madison admitted that she had only had a few dizzy spells. Randi let Madison know how lucky Madison was. Randi confided that she'd had terrible bouts of morning sickness during her pregnancy. Madison was horrified when she realized how insensitive she had been, given the circumstances of Randi's heartbreaking miscarriage. Randi assured Madison that it was in the past.

Madison and Randi then began to talk about Ryan. Randi quickly realized that Madison was still in love with Ryan. The nurse popped into the waiting area to let them know that the doctor would be ready shortly. Greenlee suddenly appeared in the doorway. It was clear to Randi and Madison that Greenlee had overheard the nurse. Randi quickly covered for Madison by explaining to Greenlee that the appointment was for Randi's yearly checkup.

Madison claimed that she was in the hospital to talk to Bianca about Miranda Center business. Greenlee pasted on a saccharine smile and then excused herself. Madison immediately thanked Randi for covering for her. Randi offered to go with Madison for the examination, but Madison declined. Madison decided that she needed to do it on her own. A short time later, Madison learned that she was seven weeks pregnant. She seemed awed when the doctor referred the child as "your baby."

At ConFusion, Amanda was furious that Cara was in town and had pretended that she hadn't known who Amanda was when they had bumped into each other at Krystal's. Griffin insisted that Cara was in town to visit him, but Amanda didn't believe him. Amanda questioned the timing of Cara's email to Jake, Griffin's arrival in Pine Valley, and Cara's unexpected visit. Griffin suggested that perhaps Cara didn't realize that Amanda had been Jake's wife, but Amanda pulled out the holiday card, with Amanda, Jake, and Trevor featured on it, that she had shown to Cara. Amanda feared that Cara wanted Jake back. Griffin assured her that she was wrong, but Amanda warned him that he hadn't been very convincing.

Later, Griffin was furious when he entered David's room to find Kendall standing by David's bed. He reminded her that she had promised him to stay away from David after Griffin had caught her holding a pillow, ready to smother David. Kendall started to apologize, but Griffin grabbed her by the arm and then started to lead her out. Caleb appeared in the doorway and then immediately demanded to know what was going on. In the hallway, Griffin informed Caleb that Kendall's family needed to make certain that Kendall kept her distance from David.

After Griffin walked away, Caleb gently asked Kendall to explain what he had walked in on. Kendall admitted that Griffin had been right to be concerned about her presence in David's room. She explained that she hurt deeply from the grief and that she had been worried about Erica's legal situation. Kendall also admitted that she had felt overwhelmed by anger because she couldn't yell at the person who had been responsible for Zach's death. Caleb was surprised when Kendall confessed that Griffin had recently caught her ready to smother David with a pillow.

Kendall became distraught as she confided that she had no idea what would happen if Erica went to jail for trying to protect a man from David's evil intentions. Caleb assured Kendall that he would do everything in his power to make certain that it didn't happen. After Kendall left, Erica found Caleb outside of David's room. Erica wanted to know what was troubling Kendall because Kendall had seemed rattled when Erica had passed Kendall in the hallway. Caleb suggested that Kendall needed some space. He explained that Kendall was terrified because Kendall had tried to kill David.

Shortly after Kendall arrived home, Jack stopped by to see if she needed anything. Kendall assured him that she was all set, but Jack refused to take no for an answer. He realized that Christmas was difficult for her, so he offered to shop for the boys and even write a letter to Santa; however, he drew the line at leaving "veggies and fuzzy water" out for Santa. According to Jack, Santa didn't roll that way; it was cookies and milk or nothing. Kendall smiled as she accepted Jack's offer.

Greenlee entered David's hospital room to let him know that she was angry that she had been getting all of the flak for what he had done. She wished that she could say that she'd never see David again, but she suspected that they both knew that it wasn't true. After Greenlee left, David began to move as if he were emerging from the coma.

At the hospital, Jake couldn't believe his eyes when he saw Cara standing before him. He wondered what she was doing in Pine Valley. "I came to see you. I need you Jake," she told him. She quickly realized that her choice of words had been inappropriate, so she apologized. Jake was curious what she was sorry for: walking out on him or for leaving him a letter instead of telling him to his face that their marriage was over. Cara claimed that she had never meant to hurt him, but Jake didn't believe her.

Jake thought that she should have realized that her desertion of their marriage would have been painful. Cara didn't know what to say, so Jake suggested that she seek him out after she had found the words. Cara wondered why it mattered when he clearly had moved on with a beautiful wife and cute child. Jake didn't appreciate her checking up on him. Cara quickly clarified that she was there to talk to him about Doctors Without Borders. Jake reminded her that there were a million doctors that she could get to work for the organization, but Cara insisted that none were like him.

Jake decided to take Cara to Krystal's restaurant to continue their conversation over a couple of beers. Jake insisted on knowing why she had walked out on their marriage. Cara remained reluctant to give Jake the answers that he seemed to need. Jake admitted that he hadn't seen any signs that their marriage had been falling apart or that she had been seeing Griffin on the side. Cara claimed that it hadn't been like that, but she refused to elaborate. Instead, she wondered if Jake were happy.

Jake made it clear that she didn't have the right to ask that question. Cara smiled softly as she recalled how fearless and dedicated Jake had been when he had worked for Doctors Without Borders. She remembered how he would look whenever he returned from a dangerous mission and would say, "Reckless abandon." Jake insisted that he wasn't like that any more. Cara admitted that she could see that. Jake was curious what else Cara saw.

Amanda walked in seconds later, marched up to Jake, and then gave her husband a passionate kiss before she turned to Cara and then invited Jake to introduce his "friend." Jake started to make the introductions, but Amanda cut him off. Amanda demanded to know why Cara had intentionally misled her when they had met. Cara explained that she hadn't wanted to cause any problems and then excused herself. After Cara left, Jake apologized to Amanda. He regretted that she had to deal with "all the insanity."

Jake promised that he'd had no idea that Cara had been in town. Amanda was curious how Jake had felt seeing Cara again. He admitted that he was relieved that the first meeting was behind him. Amanda bristled at the suggestion that there might be future encounters. Jake assured Amanda that Cara was leaving town. Amanda wondered if Cara had asked about Jake's marriage to Amanda.

"No," Jake admitted, but he promised Amanda that he was happy with her and Trevor. Amanda seemed to relax, but she realized that she needed to leave to fetch their son. Jake asked for one of their holiday cards, so that he could show it to some of his co-workers. Amanda smiled as she handed the card to him. Jake glanced at the card, but was immediately hit by a memory of a particular Christmas that he had spent with Cara.

Jake recalled ducking for safety with Cara as bullets whizzed over their heads and all around them. Cara and Jake held hands as they tried to distract each other from the danger that they faced. They talked about what they would like for Christmas and their hopes for the future. As the gunfire continued, Cara wished Jake, "Feliz Navidad." Jake shook off the memory, reached out for Amanda, and then kissed her. "Feliz Navidad," Amanda said as Jake wrapped his arms around his wife.

Griffin went to the Yacht Club to see Cara. Cara was happy that he had received her message, but she realized almost immediately that Griffin was mad at her. Griffin admitted that he was trying not to be, but she had made that difficult. He warned her that Jake's wife knew about her. Cara admitted that she was aware of Amanda's discovery and that it had been wrong to lie to Amanda.

Griffin's temper flared when Cara revealed that she had seen Jake, in order to recruit him for Doctors Without Borders. Griffin realized that Cara was in town to see Jake, not him. Cara insisted that it was always a "bonus" to see Griffin, but she hadn't told him about the reason for her visit because she had known that he would try to stop her. "Damn straight I would have," Griffin agreed. After Griffin calmed down, he wondered how it had gone with Cara and Jake.

"Not good," Cara admitted. She confessed that it had been harder than she had thought it would be. Cara's attention drifted momentarily as she recalled spending Christmas with Jake while they had been surrounded by gunfire. She focused on Griffin when he called her name several times to get her attention. He wondered if she were okay. "I'm good," she assured him.