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Monday, November 29, 2010

Family, friends, and merriment filled the Slater house in preparation for Thanksgiving. Kendall said that she hoped Zach would hurry back with dessert. The doorbell rang, but when the door opened, it was Bianca. Bianca's arrival shattered Kendall's reverie that Zach was alive and all was perfect in the world.

Kendall confided in Bianca that she had to be strong for the sake of her sons. Bianca said that Kendall should feel safe letting out some of her pain with Bianca. Kendall said that she was sure Spike knew something was wrong. Kendall thought Spike could sense a change in her. Kendall said that she would let Spike have his big moment in the play before she told her son that Zach had died.

Kendall tried to remember everything that she needed to take with her. In doing so, she realized that Zach wouldn't be around to remind her of things she'd normally forget. Sobs wracked Kendall's body. Kendall cried for a few moments until she heard Spike call out for her. Bianca offered to redirect the children, but Kendall said that she wanted to see them. Kendall put on a brave face just as Spike ran into the living room.

Spike asked about Zach, but Kendall skirted the question and instead said that everyone was excited to see Spike in the play. This distracted Spike long enough for Bianca and the nanny to hustle the children out to the car. Kendall somberly watched them go, and wondered how she would hold everything together throughout the day.

With the power out at Spike's school, Erica and Jack helped to set up the school play at ConFusion. Erica admitted that she was worried about how Spike would react when he didn't see Zach in the audience. Jack assured her that all of the other familiar faces would soothe the young boy's worries. A worker nearby dropped something, and the sound startled Erica. Erica wondered why she was so jumpy. Jack said that David being alive had everyone on edge as they waited for the other shoe to drop.

At her restaurant, Krystal broke the news to a small group of people that she didn't have a turkey for Thanksgiving dinner. While most of the group tried to suggest alternatives, Tad was almost irate at the idea of a turkey-less dinner. Tad said that they needed to adhere to Thanksgiving tradition. Tad assured the group that there would be a turkey available and ready to eat by the time the school play was done.

Ryan walked into Krystal's restaurant with Emma and encouraged her to pick out the pie. Madison, who'd been sitting in the corner, tried to escape unnoticed. However, Emma spotted Madison before Madison could get out the door. Ryan sent Emma away, which allowed for Ryan to have an uncomfortable conversation with Madison.

Madison admitted that she was doing okay, and then asked if Ryan would be having dinner with Greenlee. Ryan said that he and Greenlee would be together. Emma ran back over and asked if Madison would join them for dinner. Madison resisted, despite pleas from the little girl. Madison told Emma that they could try to get together another time. Madison ran out of the restaurant before the situation became more painful.

Liza met with David in the interrogation room at the police station. Liza pointed out that David's ruse had destroyed any chance Liza had of feeling thankful. David spotted Greenlee in the doorway to the room and said that he was thankful for his wife. Liza suggested that Greenlee stay far away from David, but Greenlee wouldn't back down.

Liza left the room, and Greenlee told David that she'd only shown up to make sure David was sent away for good. David revealed that Greenlee would get her wish, as he was slated to be transferred to prison later in the day. David tried to express his continued love for Greenlee, but his affection was met with anger.

David said that he understood Greenlee's feelings. Greenlee added that she was disgusted that she'd ever let David into her life. Greenlee made it clear that she blamed David for Zach's death. David said that blame for the plane crash couldn't be attributed to either one of them. Greenlee was unfazed by David's unwillingness to accept responsibility. Instead, she reminded David that he was headed for a prison cell that David wanted for Ryan. She told him to enjoy his time in prison, and stalked out.

Greenlee showed up at ConFusion and told Jack that she'd stopped by the police station to see David. Jack chastised her, and said that Greenlee should restrict her contact with David. Jack had something to take care of, and trusted that Erica and Greenlee could handle being alone together. As soon as Jack left, Greenlee asked if Erica blamed her for Zach's death.

Erica said that she did blame Greenlee, as the whole tragedy started because of Greenlee's actions. Greenlee told Erica that Zach had meant the world to her. Erica felt that self-preservation was more important to Greenlee. Tad and Krystal arrived at that moment, and told Erica that they would help out as needed. Erica thanked them and walked away. Greenlee left the group, and was glad when Ryan finally arrived.

Greenlee confessed that she'd gone to see David. Ryan was a little upset, but Greenlee told Ryan that she'd had some things she needed to say to David. With that done, Greenlee looked forward to spending her day with the man she loved. Ryan asked what David had to say. Greenlee saw Kendall and told Ryan that she would fill him in later.

Greenlee and Ryan walked over to Kendall. After Ryan swung his son into his arms and strolled away, Greenlee tried to talk to her best friend. Kendall was saved from the struggle to find words when Erica approached them. Erica hugged her oldest child and assured Kendall that everyone would make sure that Spike and Ian had the best day. Kendall wasn't sure she would be able to keep her emotions in check.

The play commenced, and everyone smiled when Spike stepped forward to speak. Kendall's eyes filled with tears when the things that Spike was thankful for included Zach. After the play ended, everyone milled around and murmured about what a wonderful job the children had done. Ryan asked Kendall how she felt about the performance. Kendall thought that Spike had done a great job, but wished that Zach could have been there. Erica told Kendall that she was sure Zach had seen the production.

Tad pulled Krystal aside and told her to make sure to get the children back to the restaurant for dinner. Krystal wanted to know how Tad was going to find a turkey, but Tad said that Krystal needed to have faith in him. Across the room, Ryan told Greenlee that they were a reminder of how much Kendall had lost. Ryan encouraged Greenlee to be patient, and said that Kendall would approach them when she was ready.

Tad met up with Jake at the Yacht Club. Tad explained that every year, the club ordered too many turkeys. Tad's plan was to have Jake help take one of the extras to have at their family dinner. Jake was hesitant, but Tad plowed on, certain that Jake wouldn't abandon him.

Krystal and her Thanksgiving Day guests filed back into Krystal's restaurant. They were all hungry and some contemplated other food to eat. Amanda asked everyone to wait a bit longer because Tad and Jake had promised to be there. At that moment, the brothers burst in the door. After a few moments of silence, Jake yanked the cover off of what Tad was holding and revealed a turkey.

After the table was set and everyone took their seats, Tad stood and offered his thanks to everyone for enriching his life. He also noted that Zach's death had made everyone, including him, more aware of how precious life was. Tad added that as long as there was someone to love, and someone that loved you back, life would always get better. Everyone at the table raised their glasses and toasted the season.

Spike emerged from backstage, and the Kane women all congratulated him on how well he'd done. Bianca saw that Kendall was about to lose her composure. Bianca ushered Spike off to see other people who wanted to congratulate him. Kendall rushed away to cry in a more secluded place. Greenlee started to go after Kendall, but Erica intervened and went after Kendall herself.

When Erica caught up with Kendall, Kendall's first concern was whether or not Spike had seen her run off. Erica assured her daughter that Spike was unaware of Kendall's pain. Kendall said that all she'd wanted for her sons was a perfect life where they felt safe, secure, and wanted. Kendall didn't think the boys would have that with Zach gone.

Erica said that although the boys would miss Zach, they would still feel all of the things that Kendall wanted for them from everyone else in their lives. Kendall wondered if she would ever be strong enough for them. Erica said that while Kendall would never get over losing Zach, the pain would be more manageable with time. Erica said that Kendall had what was needed within her to carry on.

Erica told Kendall that all of the women in the Kane family had faced their share of heartache and adversity, and made it through. Kendall said that she didn't know how she would break the news of Zach's death to her sons. Erica said that she and Bianca would be with Kendall and would support her when it was time. Kendall and Erica emerged from the bathroom, and found Bianca waiting for them with the boys in her arms. Kendall said that they needed to go home and have a family meeting.

Kendall, Bianca and Erica took the boys home and sat down with them in the living room. Slowly, Kendall explained that Zach had been in an accident. As he listened, Spike jumped into his mother's arms. Eventually, Kendall put the boys to bed and returned to the living room, where Erica was waiting. Kendall said that she didn't want the boys to forget Zach. Erica was sure that all of the memories the boys had and all of the stories Kendall would tell them would keep Zach alive in their hearts.

Erica offered to stay with Kendall, but Kendall urged Erica to spend the rest of the evening with Jack. Erica hesitated because she could see how fragile Kendall was. Erica finally left when Kendall insisted that she would be okay.

Liza rejoined David in the interrogation room. David apologized for what he had put Liza through. Liza admitted that she'd underestimated what David was capable of. Liza said that she needed to take care of David's transfer papers and left the room. On her way out, she instructed the guard that David shouldn't be allowed to have additional visitors.

After Liza walked away, Jack entered the area outside the interrogation room. The guard initially tried to prevent Jack from seeing David. Jack lied and said that he was David's attorney. The guard let Jack in, and David didn't seem surprised to see Jack. Jack warned David to stay away from Greenlee, but David still thought he should have access to Greenlee because they were still married. Jack tossed the table that sat between them and strong-armed David up against the wall.

The commotion caused Jesse and Liza to run into the interrogation room. David immediately claimed that he'd done nothing to provoke Jack. David said that Jack should be locked up for misrepresenting himself and for assaulting David. Jesse said that he would deal with Jack. Liza announced that the prison bus had arrived and that David needed to leave.

Ryan and Greenlee took Emma back to the penthouse. Ryan explained the real meaning of Thanksgiving to Emma. Shortly thereafter, Jack stopped by for a visit. Greenlee told her father that Ryan knew of her visit to the police station. Ryan sent Emma upstairs so that the adults could talk more freely. Once Emma was gone, Jack shared that David had been put on a bus to prison.

Ryan excused himself after he told Greenlee and Jack that he'd left his phone in the car. Ryan stepped out of the penthouse and pulled his phone from his pocket. After he went outside, Ryan called to find out if David was indeed being transferred to prison. Just as Ryan received confirmation, David stepped out from behind some nearby shrubs.

Upstairs, Emma returned to the living room and asked where her father was. Downstairs, Ryan took a moment to send a message to Zach. Ryan said that he was grateful for all of the time that Zach had spent with Spike, and promised to do the same for Ian. Ryan said that he would be supportive of Kendall and make sure Zach's family never wanted for anything. David spoke up and said that Ryan's promise was touching.

Ryan wasn't surprised that David had escaped, and wanted to know what David's revised plan was. David said that Ryan, not Greenlee, was supposed to be the one to pay for David's "death." Ryan told David to stay away from Greenlee. David pulled out a gun and said that he should have killed Ryan when he had the chance.

Ryan said that David would have to go through him to get to Greenlee, and then they fought over the gun. The gun discharged several times before Ryan knocked it out of David's grip. The two men landed punches on each other before David locked a chokehold on Ryan. Suddenly, a shot rang out, and David's grip loosened.

David's body stiffened, and he stumbled away from Ryan. Once David collapsed, Ryan ran over to see if David was okay. When Ryan realized what had happened, he called out to see if the shooter was still there. Erica emerged from the shadows, holding a gun.

While they waited for Ryan's return, Jack told Emma that he didn't know Greenlee when she was Emma's age. Jack said that Greenlee hadn't grown up knowing that Jack was her father. Jack said that he was especially grateful that he was able to share Thanksgiving with Greenlee. Soon, Greenlee became worried and asked Jack to try to find Ryan.

Tuesday, November 30, 2010

As Ryan and David scuffled on the roof, a shot rang out, and a surprised Ryan looked up to see Erica, gun in hand. "Is he dead yet?" she asked. Jackson arrived as Ryan checked for David's pulse.

Ryan explained to Jackson that David had escaped and had still been after Greenlee. Jackson took the gun from Erica and asked her what had happened. She said that she'd had to help Ryan because they had just lost Zach, and she hadn't been able to face losing someone else because of David. Ryan informed Jackson that David was losing a lot of blood. Jackson called for help. Ryan ordered David not to die because that would be the easy way out.

At the penthouse, Emma asked Greenlee where Ryan was. Greenlee assured her that he'd back soon. Greenlee answered the door to Opal, who handed Greenlee a pie. Greenlee invited Opal in, and Emma suggested that they have dessert while they waited for Ryan and Jackson. Opal offered to watch Emma, while Greenlee left to find the missing men.

As Ryan tended to David, Jackson gently questioned Erica. Erica explained that she had hoped to find Jackson at Ryan's penthouse, but she had spotted David entering the building. She had seen David board the elevator, which subsequently went to the roof, and she had followed him. She had witnessed Ryan and David fighting, and David had been about to push Ryan over the ledge. She had picked up the gun and fired to save Ryan. Jackson told her to let him talk to the police on her behalf.

Greenlee arrived on the rooftop and started to rush to Ryan, but Jackson stopped her. Jackson instructed her to return to the penthouse, but Greenlee demanded to know what had happened. "I couldn't let Kendall's little boys lose another parent," Erica calmly announced.

Greenlee was stunned to hear that David had tried to kill Ryan. Erica reiterated that she had needed to act quickly to save Ryan. Ryan told Greenlee that David had refused to let her go. When the EMTs arrived, Ryan quickly updated them regarding the situation. Greenlee wondered how David had been set free, and Ryan informed her that David had bribed the guards. Jackson told the police that Ryan would be dead if Erica hadn't shot David.

Brot questioned Ryan, who recounted his struggle with David. Jackson tried to intervene when Brot turned his inquiries to Erica, but she said that she had nothing to hide. Erica was adamant that something had to be done to save Ryan. Brot asked if Erica had called out any warning to David, but Jackson interrupted again. Brot received a call, and Erica asked whether David would make it. "We'll see," Brot said.

Ryan wanted to check on Emma, so Brot agreed to let him go. Greenlee decided that she'd go to the hospital and told Ryan she would update him. Ryan reminded her that David belonged in prison. Greenlee advised Ryan that Emma shouldn't see his blood-stained shirt, so Jackson offered his shirt to Ryan. Ryan thanked Erica for saving his life. Erica said that they'd had enough tragedy and that they couldn't stand any more.

Ryan returned to his penthouse and apologized to Emma for disappearing. He explained that a man had to go to the hospital because he had been hurt. Emma asked if the man had been a friend of Ryan's, and as Ryan faltered, Opal volunteered to take Emma home to Annie. Emma ran upstairs to get her things, and Opal asked Ryan if everyone was all right. Ryan thought it would be a long night for everybody.

Later, Ryan called the hospital, but he couldn't get a status update because he wasn't family. There was a knock at his door, and he discovered a woozy-looking Madison, who passed out in his arms. Ryan assisted Madison to the couch and realized that she'd been shot. He recalled the gun firing during his struggle with David. He helped Madison to her feet and promised he'd get her to the hospital.

At Wildwind, Bianca noticed that Caleb was working. She pointed out that Thanksgiving usually meant time with family. Caleb simply stated that he was taking advantage of Kendall's dinner cancellation to get some things done, but Bianca noted that he'd had other options. Bianca understood that Asher was angry with Caleb, but she implored Caleb to talk to his son.

Caleb explained to Bianca that he'd spent 20 years trying to put the past behind him, but Bianca thought perhaps Asher couldn't do the same. Caleb asked Bianca whether telling Asher that Sonia had run off with Adam would make things better. Bianca was stunned that Adam had stolen Sonia from Caleb, but she thought that Asher would understand. Caleb believed that Asher needed a fall guy, and Caleb intended to be just that to save Asher from learning the truth about his mother.

Bianca told Caleb that the holidays were about the kids, who needed them more than ever. Bianca recalled that Spike had been happy at the pageant, but later, Kendall had told her son about Zach's death. Bianca sadly remembered the look on Spike's face and tearfully expressed regret that the boys would grow up without Zach. Caleb assured her that Spike and Ian would be okay because they had the Kane women looking after them. Bianca declared that she'd never been more grateful for her family, especially her mother. She admitted that although Erica had a reputation for being selfish, Erica knew exactly what to do when their family was in crisis.

At the Chandler mansion, Asher overheard Colby and JR discussing their Thanksgiving feast. JR revealed to Asher that their plans had changed due to Zach's death and offered Asher leftovers, but Asher asserted that Thanksgiving wasn't a big deal to him. JR jokingly scoffed at the idea that Asher would turn down pie. Asher reluctantly accepted their dessert invitation. JR noted that it had been nice not having Adam around, but Colby missed her father and thought that things hadn't been the same without him. JR figured that Asher didn't want to hear about Adam, but Asher claimed that he had nothing better to do.

JR changed the subject to what everyone was grateful for. AJ entered and ran into JR's arms. JR told AJ that he was the best son in the world. Asher declared that he was grateful to the Chandlers for taking him in. Colby cattily wished she could be grateful for users being out of their lives and snidely asked where Annie was. Colby then became serious and said that she was glad that JR was alive. As she pointedly looked at Asher, she added that she was grateful that Damon was in her life.

Opal dropped Emma off at the Chandler mansion, as she hadn't been able to find Annie. JR was surprised that Emma wasn't with Ryan. Emma mentioned the "friend" who had been hurt, and JR proposed that he, Emma, and AJ track down Annie together. Emma and AJ ran upstairs, and JR asked Opal about the friend who had been hurt. Opal informed him that David had broken out of prison and had been shot. She suggested that JR keep AJ away from the television until JR had a chance to explain things to AJ.

JR told Colby and Asher that he needed to leave, but he suggested that they stay and share dessert. Colby immediately began to leave to find Damon, though Asher assured her she didn't need to go on his account. She wanted to forget that her kiss with Asher had ever happened, and he agreed. They made small talk about how Thanksgiving had been different for her that year. Asher gently pushed to find out more about Adam. Colby wondered why Asher seemed so interested in Adam. Asher informed her that Caleb had admitted that Adam had something to do with Sonia's death.

Colby confessed to Asher that Adam had done a lot of shady things. Asher said that he couldn't trust Caleb, either. She reminded Asher that Caleb had made an effort to give Sonia's locket to Asher. Asher wondered if Caleb was trying to find someone to blame for Sonia's death. Colby admitted that it was possible that Sonia's death had been Adam's fault. A visibly affected Asher tersely thanked her for the pie and abruptly headed out to go for a drive.

At the hospital, Jake went over his Thanksgiving-related medical cases with Angie. Angie smelled Krystal's pumpkin pie, and Jesse made his presence known. Jesse shared his dessert with his wife. As Jake grabbed a fork, Jesse reminded him that Angie was eating for two. Suddenly, Jake and Jesse's cell phones started ringing at the same time.

Jake was surprised when paramedics arrived at the hospital with David. Greenlee asked Jake to keep her posted, and Jake and Angie tended to David. "Pine Valley's best cardiac surgeon needs a cardiac surgeon," Jake noted. Angie said that their top cardiac doctors weren't available, so Jake offered to perform the surgery. She opted to ask Griffin to take over David's case, as every patient deserved the best care, and Griffin was a cardiac specialist. Jake objected, but Angie ordered Jake to keep his personal problems out of the hospital and to assist as needed. He admitted that she was right.

Angie told Greenlee that she wouldn't know about David's chances until the doctors got him on the operating table. Griffin arrived and examined his patient's x-rays. He commented that he could use David in the operating room. Angie mused that Griffin would get what he wanted, but not in the way he intended.

Greenlee told Jake that she didn't want David dead. Jake informed her that she was next of kin and that she had to make any decisions regarding his care. Griffin approached Greenlee and explained that David had been his mentor. Griffin asked for her authorization to perform the surgery. She told him to do what needed to be done, and he rushed off. Just then, Ryan arrived carrying an unconscious Madison.

Jake examined Madison and told Ryan she'd be fine, though Jake needed to report the incident because it was a bullet wound. Greenlee followed Ryan out of Madison's room and joked that Ryan had ruined a second shirt. Ryan speculated that the shot that fired when he and David were scuffling had hit Madison. He asked about David, and Greenlee said that David needed a blood transfusion. Despite Greenlee's objections, Ryan offered to donate blood so David would survive long enough to answer for his actions.

Ryan assured Greenlee that everything would be all right. She pointed out that he could have died at David's hand. She thought that if David survived, he would continue to seek revenge. Ryan swore that David would never get to her as long as Ryan was around.

At Krystal's restaurant, a lonely Annie gazed at a newspaper photo of JR, who had donated turkey to the homeless. She wistfully wished herself a happy holiday.

Later, Emma surprised Annie at Krystal's. JR appeared to inform her that Ryan had to take care of something. JR suggested that they all share dessert together. Annie thanked him for reminding her of everything she was thankful for. She sent the kids to get a table, and she warned JR that they shouldn't be seen together. JR thought that no one could have a problem with four people sharing pie and talking about what they were grateful for.

At the police station, Jackson argued with Jesse over the police's questioning of Erica. Jesse apologized for the botched murder investigation, but he still needed to get the facts about the shooting. He promised they would verify Erica's "story" as quickly as possible, and she was incensed by his word choice. Jesse left to get Brot's report, and Jackson went to get Erica some coffee. Erica was surprised to see Bianca and Caleb enter the station.

Caleb asked whether Erica had made a statement, and she revealed that she had answered questions at the scene. Caleb worried that she'd done so without an attorney present, but Erica explained that Jackson had been there. Bianca was concerned about Erica, but Erica assured her daughter that she was fine. Jackson returned with coffee. Caleb hoped David made it for Erica's sake. Erica was relieved when Bianca informed her that Kendall remained unaware of the evening's events.

Caleb assured Erica that she'd be home in no time. Jesse arrived to take Erica's statement. Bianca offered to stay, but Erica said that she was in good hands with Jackson by her side. Caleb told Erica to hang in there, but he looked dejected after he stepped out of the interrogation room. Just then, a cop escorted Asher into the station for speeding and for having a fake ID. Caleb offered to be Asher's lawyer, but Asher rejected Caleb's help. Caleb wished Asher a happy Thanksgiving.

Griffin operated on David. Meanwhile, Jesse questioned a withdrawn Erica. He recounted her statement to Brot, in which she had admitted that she had shot David in the back with no warning. Erica insisted that she had done what she had to do. Jackson suggested they take a break, and Jesse left to call the hospital. Jackson asked Erica if she was all right. She assured him that she was fine. "This really turned out to be some holiday," he stated. She hugged him and said that her family was safe, which was all she needed for the holiday.

Wednesday, December 1, 2010

At home with Bianca, Kendall admitted that she couldn't sleep in her and Zach's bed. Kendall wanted to zone out from the real world, but Bianca broke the news that Erica had shot David the other night. Once Bianca explained what had happened, Kendall decided that they should go to the police station to check on Erica.

At the police station, Erica raged about her detainment. Ryan and Jackson tried to convince Jesse to release her, to no avail. Ryan left to check on Madison, and Jesse asked if Erica had warned David before shooting him. Jackson and Jesse argued, and Erica challenged Jesse to arrest her or let her go. "You're under arrest!" Jesse declared, halting Erica in her tracks.

As they bickered, Jesse pointed out that David had tried to kill Erica in a plane crash, and her only shooting witness happened to be David's biggest enemy. Jesse regrettably said he had to thoroughly investigate David's shooting.

Liza entered and demanded to talk to Jackson in private. Annoyed, he followed her out of the interrogation room. Liza said she was sorry about the letter he'd received from the court's disciplinary board. Jackson didn't know about any letter, so she explained that his attorney's license had been suspended. She said he'd used his credentials to gain access to a suspect, and then he'd assaulted that suspect. All of it had occurred while Jackson had already been on probation. Liza informed him that without a license, he could not represent Erica.

Jackson returned to Erica to say he had some legal business to take care of. He asked for Jesse's personal assurance that she'd be treated with respect and discretion. Jesse agreed and left. Jackson asked if Erica would be okay, and she said she'd be fine because he was on her side.

After Jackson left, Bianca and Kendall arrived to support their mother. They wanted to take Erica home, but she reluctantly revealed that she'd been arrested. Kendall grew upset, but Erica assured her daughters that she'd be fine, because she had the best lawyer around.

At the hospital, Caleb approached Griffin about David's condition. Caleb admitted that he wasn't David's friend, but he wondered if David would make it. As Griffin explained that David was stable but critical, Caleb strode off. "It was great talking to you, too!" Griffin yelled after him.

Once Caleb got home, Jackson arrived to announce that Erica had been arrested. Because of his suspension, Jackson needed Caleb's help. As Jackson explained his predicament, he realized that he shouldn't have roughed David up. Caleb replied that he would have put David's head through a wall. Jackson asked Caleb to defend Erica, but Caleb was reluctant to take a celebrity case. Jackson insisted that if things went badly, Caleb was the one they needed.

Later, Jackson and Caleb arrived in the police interrogation room, and Erica tensed, wondering what the problem was. Jackson explained that he'd run into a legal snag, and since he couldn't represent her, Caleb had agreed to do it. Caleb promised to get Erica released as soon as possible. Caleb left, and as Erica put on a brave front, she asked why Jackson had chosen Caleb. Jackson recalled that Caleb had once said that a lawyer should share his client's passion to stay out of jail.

At the courthouse later, Caleb met Marissa, who admitted that she was confused about her feelings for David. She said she'd accepted David's death only to have him return to fight for a life that he'd pretended to lose. Erica and Jackson arrived. Caleb expressed nervousness because he hadn't been in court in a long time, but Erica and Jackson displayed confidence in him.

When the hearing started, Caleb composed himself and explained to the judge that Erica wasn't a runner. He reasoned that her ability to face things had saved Ryan's life, and so she should be released on her own recognizance. Liza saw no problem with that, and the judge ruled in Erica's favor. Erica complimented Caleb, who decided that returning to court had been just like riding a bike.

In Madison's hospital room, she murmured that she loved waking up next to Ryan. Glancing around, she said it was the drugs talking, and Ryan explained that she'd been shot the other night. She asked by whom. "By the man who will not die," Ryan stated.

Ryan explained that Madison had been inadvertently shot from his rooftop while he'd been wrestling with David over a gun. Madison recalled that she'd seen David slip inside the building while she'd been driving home. She'd parked, but on the way into the building, she'd heard a loud pop and felt an intense pain in her arm. Guessing that she'd been trying to warn him, Ryan expressed surprise that she'd still look out for him after all that had happened.

Madison downplayed the significance of her actions, and Jake entered to check on her. Ryan left, saying he'd visit her later. Jake asked if she was in pain, and she said there was nothing that he could put in an I.V. that would help. He replied that only time could heal her heart. She asked if she'd wake up one day to discover that the pain had completely gone, but Jake just wordlessly stared away.

In the lounge, Jake told Greenlee that David was in critical condition after surgery. He felt that she wasn't safe at the hospital, but she said she wanted to see David. Though Jake tried to stop her, she visited the unconscious David and asked how a man with his potential could do what he'd done. She wished they could have started over and that he could be a better man; however, that was impossible. She concluded that everyone would be better off if he'd just died.

"You really believe that?" Griffin asked from the doorway. Greenlee noted that she'd been having a private conversation. Griffin entered and cited that coma patients could possibly hear the people around them. He introduced himself and said he needed to check on her husband. She didn't want to be considered David's wife, and when Griffin announced that he'd done an incredible thing in saving David's life, she rasped that David had hurt the people she'd cared about. "You mean yourself?" Griffin quipped.

Greenlee attempted to leave, but Griffin notified her that as David's next of kin, she was responsible for his medical decisions. Greenlee didn't want to have anything to do with it, but Griffin informed her that she was legally bound to do so.

In the corridor, Greenlee encountered Ryan. She pronounced Erica as her hero and kissed him. Kendall approached and stared strangely at them before announcing her intent to see David. Ryan said it wasn't a good idea. "I didn't ask you," Kendall quipped, and Greenlee advised him to go check on Erica. Once he left, Greenlee told Kendall that David wasn't expected to regain consciousness. Kendall pushed past Greenlee and strode into David's room.

Later, Griffin encountered Jake in the corridor. Jake admitted that David's operation had taken some skill to pull off, but Jake felt that Griffin had wasted his time in saving David. Griffin retorted that he didn't realize doctors got to choose whose lives to save.

Griffin went to Krystal's restaurant for an energy drink, where Amanda scowled and said his drink looked like mud. She guessed he needed an energy boost after the surgery. Griffin said he'd just realized that half the town had been rooting for him to fail, including Jake, who'd admitted to wishing David had died on the operating table. Amanda reasoned that Jake hadn't really meant it, just as he hadn't really meant to punch Griffin in the face. "It felt like he meant that," Griffin replied.

Amanda quipped that Griffin had stolen Jake's wife, but he couldn't do it again if he tried. Griffin, however, considered himself out of the wife-stealing business. Amanda asked about his name, and Griffin explained that his last name was Mexican, but his mother had named him Griffin after "Dr. Griffin," who'd delivered Griffin during a turbulent time in his village. Amanda guessed that Griffin had been meant to be a doctor, just as Jake had been meant to be in her life-despite what had happened in his past.

Griffin advised Amanda to let it go, because Cara was "lead sneakers." Amanda wondered what "lead sneakers" were, and he said they were dead weight. She admitted that Jake's history with Cara bothered her, and Griffin recalled a time when David had purposely sabotaged everything in Griffin's life to test Griffin's ability to hold it together during surgery. "It was the greatest thing anyone ever did for me," he concluded.

Griffin said that while in the operating room, David would always say there was "only here," and everything else was "lead sneakers." Griffin wondered why Cara mattered to Amanda, because Amanda had everything that she wanted. Amanda stammered, but Griffin decided to go back to the hospital. Outside the restaurant, he placed a phone call to Cara.

Thursday, December 2, 2010

At the hospital, Kendall stared at an unconscious David. She asked whether Greenlee had stayed all night and wondered why Greenlee still cared. Greenlee stated that she had to be there, but Kendall told her to stop making excuses and wanted Greenlee to admit to having sympathy for David. Kendall was irate that Greenlee was standing by David, when he had been responsible for Zach's death. Kendall reminded Greenlee that Kendall had tried to save Greenlee from David, and Kendall stormed off.

Ryan informed Greenlee that Jackson and Caleb had gotten Erica out on bail. Greenlee updated Ryan about Kendall's state of mind. Ryan tried to convince Greenlee that she didn't owe David anything. He asked whether she actually wanted to be at the hospital, and she pointed out that she was still David's wife and that his life could be in her hands.

Ryan implored Greenlee to stop torturing herself over David's condition. He suggested that someone else take responsibility for making decisions on David's behalf. Ryan urged her to be done with David once and for all and to save her concern for Kendall. Greenlee felt guilty for being part of Zach's death, though Ryan assured her it wasn't her fault.

Frankie checked in on David and complimented David's incredible will to live, but added that David had probably only survived because his heart was made of stone. Meanwhile, David flashed back to memories of himself and Greenlee together. His thoughts shifted to seeing Greenlee and Ryan in the park together, and Greenlee later telling David that she and David were finished. His pulse began to race.

Kendall arrived home and recalled a happy memory of Zach carrying her through the doorway. She opened the front door and forlornly looked around the empty living room. Bianca entered through the open door, startling Kendall. Bianca informed Kendall of Erica's release, but a distraught Kendall remained silent. Bianca tenderly told her sister that everyone who loved Kendall was supporting her and suggested that they plan a memorial service to remember and to honor Zach, but Kendall adamantly refused.

Bianca thought that Kendall needed closure and that a service would show Kendall that she wasn't alone. Kendall didn't want to be put on a display and didn't think others would understand, as no one missed Zach like she did. Bianca encouraged Kendall to express her grief, but Kendall wanted to do things her own way. Kendall's phone rang, and she ignored a call from a telemarketer, but she spotted a box in her purse. She opened it to reveal the sand dollar that she and Zach had found on "their" beach. She sadly said that if they hadn't returned to Pine Valley, they'd still be together. Bianca consoled her sister.

Bianca answered the Slaters' phone and told someone that Kendall was unavailable. After she hung up, she informed Kendall that the California police had found Zach's overnight bag in the wreckage. There was a knock at the door, and Bianca opened it to Greenlee. Bianca tried to tell her that it wasn't a good time, but Greenlee sauntered in and refused to leave.

Greenlee explained that she wasn't there to apologize again, but she wanted to help Kendall and wouldn't allow Kendall to push her away. Greenlee recalled that Kendall had been there for her countless times, and even when Greenlee had rejected Kendall's help, Kendall had stood by her side. Greenlee vowed to do the same, whether Kendall liked it or not.

Kendall informed Greenlee that the police had recovered Zach's bag and that she wanted to go to California to see where the crash had happened. Bianca offered to accompany her, but Kendall said that Bianca needed to stay for Erica and the boys. Kendall coldly ordered Greenlee to go with her to show her exactly where it had taken place. After Greenlee left to charter a plane, Kendall explained to Bianca that while she didn't want Greenlee to join her, she needed Greenlee there.

Later, in California, Greenlee took Kendall to the cave where Greenlee and Ryan had hidden. Kendall asked Greenlee to tell her about the last time she had seen Zach. Greenlee explained that Zach had ensured that they had been safe and settled, and as he had been leaving, Greenlee had picked up Kendall's letter and had handed it to him.

Kendall wanted to know exactly where Zach had been when he had held the letter. Greenlee pointed to the spot, and Kendall knelt down to the ground, feeling the sand in her hands. Greenlee asked if Kendall was all right, and Kendall asked Greenlee to take her to the beach. Once there, Kendall looked out to the water and despondently asked, "Where?" Greenlee silently pointed to the crash site, then comforted a crying Kendall.

Later, Greenlee escorted two men -- a police officer and a member of the recovery team -- to the cave. They expressed their condolences and handed Zach's bag to Kendall. Greenlee led the men out, and Kendall tearfully unzipped the bag. She wept as she pulled out Zach's shirt and held it to her face. She opened a toiletry kit and found her letter tucked inside. She remembered telling Zach that all she had wanted was him. She quietly sobbed as Greenlee returned.

Kendall said that her note to Zach was all that was left of him, and it meant nothing because he was gone. Kendall explained that Zach had tried to save Greenlee because of what David had done, but it wasn't the only reason he had helped. Kendall revealed that he had done so because she had asked him to. Zach had been angry that Kendall had risked their future to help Ryan and Greenlee, so he had agreed to go in her place.

Kendall felt guilty because she had sent Zach on the plane that had gone down. While she was angry with David, Ryan, and Greenlee, she was mostly angry at herself. She blamed herself for Zach's death and broke down in wailing sobs as Greenlee held her. Greenlee insisted that it wasn't Kendall's fault. Kendall realized that she needed to say goodbye.

From the top of a cliff, Kendall looked out at the ocean, and Greenlee handed her a bunch of hand-picked flowers. "Always, only you. I love you, Zach," Kendall declared. She kissed the flowers and threw them into the waves below.

Annie greeted JR at the Chandler mansion, where they made small talk about Erica shooting David. JR asked if she had anything else to wear, because he wanted her to accompany him to Washington, DC. A surprised Annie inquired whether something had changed in AJ's custody battle. JR realized that Annie had assumed his invitation was personal, but JR clarified that it would be a business trip to meet with the SEC regarding Caleb's claim against Chandler Enterprises. JR assured Annie that she wouldn't regret joining him, and she left to prepare for the trip. There was a collect call from Scott at the penitentiary, but JR refused to accept it.

Emma and Annie stopped by Ryan's penthouse, and he was thrilled to see his daughter. Emma hugged Annie goodbye and ran upstairs to see Spike. Annie apologized for her last-minute business trip, and Ryan noted that JR had put his trust in her. Annie downplayed the importance of the trip and said that it was only one night. She left, and Emma and Spike entered. Emma reported that Spike had just awoken from a dream about Zach. Spike declared that "Daddy Zach" was with the angels. Ryan confirmed that he was, because Zach had been a superhero who had taken care of the bad guys. Spike asked who would deal with the bad guys with Zach gone, and Emma matter-of-factly stated that Ryan would.

At the hospital, Ryan asked an unconscious David how David had gotten away with causing people so much pain, and how he was allowed to live when so many good people had lost their lives. Ryan said that he had just spoken with his kids about Zach's death, and how Emma had declared that only Ryan was left to take care of the bad guys. Ryan promised that he would spend a lot of time doing just that if David survived. Ryan contemplated pulling the plug, but he realized that it would make him just like David. Ryan wished that David would just give up.

Ryan told David that if David loved Greenlee, he would give her what she needed, which was to be done with David. Ryan believed that David would pull through, and Ryan demanded that David walk away from Greenlee if he did. Ryan recognized that David had saved Greenlee once, and that David could save her again by letting her go.

Frankie told Ryan that he couldn't predict whether David would ever wake up. Frankie commented that it was strange to watch a man who had done so many evil things, fighting for his life, when Frankie knew that David would cause more trouble if he recovered. Ryan swore that he would personally make sure that David didn't cause any more harm to the people they cared about.

David flashed back to Greenlee's courtroom declaration that he himself had pushed Ryan and Greenlee back together. His memories then shifted to his struggle with Ryan on the rooftop. In his mind, David woke up and saw Ryan in his hospital room. "I'm not through with you, Lavery," David snarled in his dream. In reality, David remained unconscious as Ryan promised him that Ryan and Greenlee would be happy for the rest of their lives and that Kendall would get through her loss.

Later, Annie and JR arrived in DC, where he dropped her off at her room. A stunned Annie looked around the room. He began to comment that it looked like the same room where they had first made love, but she quickly corrected that it was exactly the same room.

JR insisted that nothing about the trip was personal, and Annie agreed that it was strictly business. Annie was glad that JR believed in her. He began to say that AJ and Chandler Enterprises were his priorities for the time being, but Annie cut him off and suggested they get to work. She said that they would return to Pine Valley with a big business win and nothing more.

JR told Annie that they had to make it clear to the SEC that the nanotech theft and the Cortlandt Electronics acquisition were unrelated. She seemed distant, and he asked what was wrong. She said that she had just received a message that Scott had signed their divorce papers. JR admitted that Scott had called the house, but JR hadn't told her because he'd known it would upset her. Annie recalled how she'd felt when Adam had divorced her, but this time she didn't feel lost. JR told her that she'd be free to have whatever kind of life she wanted once her divorce was final. She wondered if she should feel guilty for being excited about moving on, but he assured her that it was exciting.

Annie and JR awkwardly discussed the importance of the next day's meeting. The sexual tension was evident as he took his jacket and left. Once alone, Annie began to undress as JR stood outside her door. After hesitating for a moment, he knocked and called out to her. She greeted him in her underwear and asked if he had forgotten something. He closed the door and pulled her into a passionate kiss. They gave in to their temptation and began to make love.

Friday, December 3, 2010

In Washington, DC, Annie was happy to wake up in bed with JR. They agreed that it felt different for them because they no longer had anything to hide or be ashamed about. JR confessed that he had dreamed of Annie. Annie smiled seductively as she asked him what he had dreamed about. JR leaned forward to kiss Annie.

Annie wished that she could wake up with JR every day. JR assured her that it didn't have to end for them. After they made love, the phone rang. It was AJ. AJ confessed that he'd had a bad dream about "Grandpa David," so he wanted JR to return home. JR promised AJ that he would be home soon and that he would have a present for AJ.

Annie's good mood evaporated as JR ended the call. Annie started to get out of bed, but JR wanted to know what was wrong. Annie explained that the reality of their lives required them to keep their relationship under wraps. JR disagreed, but Annie insisted that they didn't have time to discuss it because they had to get ready for their meetings. Hours later, JR and Annie returned to the hotel room.

Annie was thrilled because their meetings had been a success. JR was grateful for Annie's help, but it was clear that he was concerned about AJ. Annie realized that JR was eager to get home, but JR argued that they had time to spend together. Annie didn't see the point, since they couldn't be open about their relationship because of the custody battle between Marissa and JR. JR reluctantly agreed.

JR decided to pack for the return trip home, but he stopped when he reached the door. JR didn't want to give up Annie. He realized that he could never change Caleb's opinion of him; however, he was confident that he could persuade Marissa to trust him again if he showed her that he was the man that she had first met. Annie had her doubts, but JR insisted that it was the only way that he and Annie could have a real future together. He was curious if she wanted it as much as he did. "Yes," Annie promised before they kissed.

After Annie and JR returned to Pine Valley, Annie picked up Emma and then took her to Krystal's. Emma noticed how happy Annie seemed. Annie's smile brightened as she explained that she was hopeful more than anything else.

At the Chandler mansion, Colby was rattled when she spotted Asher in the parlor without a shirt. Asher explained that he had been working out in the gym to help strengthen his leg. Colby's eyes slid away from Asher's bare chest as she tried to hide her attraction to him. Asher invited Colby to join him in the gym the following day, but Colby claimed that she couldn't work out because she had a neck injury. Asher reached out to rub the back of Colby's neck, but she quickly pulled away from his touch.

Colby insisted on setting some ground rules. Asher suspected that it was because of the kiss that they had shared, but Colby denied it. She reminded Asher that Damon was his friend and her boyfriend. She was adamant that if she went to dinner or worked out with anyone, it would be with Damon, not Asher. Asher thought that they were friends.

Colby assured him that they were, but she didn't think that they had to spend all of their time together. Colby reminded Asher that it had been JR's idea for Asher to live at the mansion, not hers. Asher assured her that he had received her message loud and clear. Later, Asher bumped into AJ on the staircase just after AJ had spoken to JR. AJ was in a cheerful mood because JR had promised to buy him a rocket ship.

After AJ left, Asher sat down on one of the steps to reflect on the close moments that he had shared with Colby. A smile spread across Asher's face as called out to Colby on his way to the parlor. Asher stopped short when entered the parlor to find Colby and Damon in a heated kiss. Asher became increasingly uncomfortable as he watched Damon being affectionate with Colby. After Asher excused himself, Damon started to comment on Asher's obvious reaction to finding them together, but Colby didn't want to talk about Asher.

Colby wanted to focus on herself and Damon. Damon explained that he couldn't stay because he had to meet Liza at the courthouse to drop off some paperwork. Colby resented that Damon always seemed to be working. Damon reminded Colby how important it was for him to have two jobs. Colby confessed that she believed that Liza was trying to keep them apart by loading Damon down with work.

Damon promised that he would try to make more time for Colby, but he admitted that he felt as if everything had finally gotten on track for him. Colby apologized for her fit of temper and then assured him that everything was fine. Damon confided that he liked that she missed him. After Damon left, Colby appeared worried.

At Wildwind, Bianca was upset to learn that Caleb had decided to step down from representing Erica. Caleb was confident that Jackson would be able to defend Erica. Bianca reminded Caleb that Jack didn't have his license, so she wanted Caleb to agree to remain Erica's attorney until Jack could practice law again. Marissa stood in the doorway, listening to the conversation. Caleb was curious what Marissa was staring at.

Marissa admitted that she hadn't realized how busy Caleb had become since arriving in Pine Valley. Bianca agreed that there were a lot of people counting on Caleb. Caleb reluctantly admitted that he had stayed in town because he liked the burgers at Krystal's and he was fond of Bianca and Marissa. Bianca and Marissa were delighted by the admission. They relentlessly teased Caleb about his gruff reputation and the impression that he didn't like children, even though it was clear that the kids loved him.

Marissa excused herself when her phone rang. Bianca wondered if Caleb had talked to Asher. Caleb didn't see why it mattered, but Bianca pointed out that they had been discussing Caleb's reasons for staying in Pine Valley. Caleb complained that Asher didn't want to talk to him. Bianca realized that she didn't know the whole story behind what had happened between Caleb and Asher's mother, but she suspected that Caleb could tell Asher about Sonia without tainting her memory.

Bianca sensed that Caleb had loved Sonia, despite the mistakes that she had made with Adam. She thought that Asher realized that there might be more to Caleb and Sonia's relationship because Asher had remained in town after he had confronted Caleb. Bianca left Caleb to ponder her words. A short time later, Marissa returned to the living room. Marissa revealed that one of their contacts in Washington, DC, had called to let her know that JR and Annie were in town to talk to some lobbyists.

Marissa couldn't believe how different JR was from the man that she had first met. Marissa then surprised Caleb by requesting some time off, so that she could visit David. Marissa smiled when Caleb didn't object; she confessed that she had been let down by a lot of men, but not all of them. Caleb was touched by the compliment. Later, Marissa showed up at the hospital to visit David.

Marissa was startled to find a police officer standing outside of David's room. The police officer explained that he was there in the event that David woke up. The police officer realized that it couldn't be easy to be David's daughter. "You have no idea," Marissa answered. Meanwhile, JR rounded a corner, but quickly ducked out of sight when he saw Marissa talking to the police officer.

Elsewhere at the hospital, Erica spotted a reporter interviewing Liza. The reporter questioned Liza's competence as a district attorney. Liza became defensive as she vowed to seek justice for David's shooting. Erica was about to interrupt the interview, when Jack quickly pulled Erica away. Erica demanded to know why Jack had stopped her from confronting Liza.

Jack reminded Erica that Liza hadn't decided whether or not to prosecute Erica for shooting David, so it hadn't been the time to provoke an argument with Liza. Erica was furious that Liza was considering prosecuting her for trying to save Ryan's life. Liza approached Jack and Erica moments later. Jack insisted that his conversation with Erica was confidential, but Liza reminded Jack that attorney/client privilege didn't apply, since his law license had been revoked. Liza explained that she had only heard Erica and Ryan's version of things, so Liza needed to know what David had to say about the shooting.

Erica realized that Liza didn't have any solid case against her. Erica insisted that David had been armed when he had confronted Ryan and that Erica had no choice but to shoot when David had been about to shove Ryan off of the ledge of the rooftop. Liza argued that Erica could have warned David that she would shoot if he didn't back off. Liza insisted that shooting David in the back had been an act of vigilante justice.

Erica thought that the suggestion was preposterous; she had tried to save Ryan's life. Liza was confident that a jury wouldn't agree. Erica realized that Liza had already decided to prosecute her. Jack warned Liza that she would end up a laughing stock if she attempted to go to court with the case. Liza made it clear that she wasn't one of Erica's minions who could be swatted away.

After Liza left, Jack tried to comfort Erica. Erica thought that all of their troubles would be behind them when Greenlee had called to tell them that they had proof against David. Jack and Erica were frustrated that their wedding plans had been put on hold because of David's shooting. Jack decided that they should talk to Caleb about Erica's legal situation. Erica agreed, but she wanted to put it off until she could clear her head.

Jack wondered where Erica was going, but she would only tell him that she wanted to be in a place where she could focus on their wedding plans. After Erica left the hospital, she went to the rooftop where David had been shot. Moments later, Caleb walked up to her. He revealed that he had decided to leave town. Erica was stunned; she couldn't believe that Caleb would abandon her when Liza was threatening to prosecute her.

Caleb was certain that Jack could take care of Erica's legal troubles, but Erica insisted that Liza was "hellbent" on going to trial. Caleb agreed to help Erica if she told him everything that had transpired on the rooftop. According to Caleb, it was the only way that he could stop Liza. Erica agreed, so she showed Caleb where she had been standing when she had pulled the trigger. Erica became rattled as she recalled the sound of the gunshot.

Caleb continued to push Erica for details about the confrontation between David and Ryan. Erica was annoyed because she didn't think that she should be charged with a crime for trying to save a man's life. However, Erica realized that Liza was desperate to save face after the fiasco with Greenlee's trial, so Liza wouldn't stop until she had prevailed in court. Erica wondered if she should consider pleading to a lesser charge, without jail time, to spare her family the stress of a trial. Erica explained that she needed to be there for Kendall in Kendall's hour of need.

Caleb was disgusted by Erica's decision, so he started to leave. He suggested that she get a dog if she wanted someone to roll over for her. Erica argued that she couldn't put her family through a long trial when Kendall was suffering. Caleb suggested that Erica was just giving up. Erica insisted that she wasn't a quitter. "Prove it," Caleb challenged her.

At Krystal's, Bianca bumped into Asher. Asher bristled when Bianca mentioned Caleb. He vowed that Caleb wouldn't get away with what he had done. Bianca suggested that Caleb's relationship with Asher's mother might have been more complicated than Asher realized, but Asher didn't want to hear Bianca's defense of Caleb. Bianca backed down by changing the subject. She explained that she needed Asher's help with her computer.

Asher wasn't interested until Bianca agreed to make sure that Caleb wouldn't be at Wildwind and that she would arrange for Asher to have a gourmet lunch. A short time later, Asher and Bianca arrived at Wildwind. Asher complained about the cold temperatures, so Bianca suggested that he buy a coat. Asher explained that he hadn't packed one because he hadn't intended to remain in Pine Valley through the winter. Asher quickly identified the problem with Bianca's computer when he checked it.

Bianca decided to fetch Asher's lunch, while Asher worked on the computer. A short time later, Caleb arrived home to find Asher working. Asher was not pleased to see his father, so he decided to leave. Asher promised to return to fix the computer at a later date. Asher was surprised when Caleb blurted out that he had taken care of Asher's legal troubles resulting from the speeding ticket.

At ConFusion, Jack tried to dissuade Liza from prosecuting Erica. Jack believed that Liza had the potential to become an attorney general one day, if she didn't put Erica through a trial for shooting David. He was certain that the trial would end up being the death of Liza's career. Later, Damon met Liza at the courthouse to drop off some paperwork. Damon wondered if Liza truly intended to file charges against Erica.

"That's the big question," Erica noted from the doorway. Liza asked Damon to excuse them, so Damon left. Liza warned Erica that she might want to have an attorney present, but Erica insisted that she simply wanted to talk to Liza woman-to-woman and mother-to-mother. Erica realized that she stood to lose her life and family if Liza pursued the case against her. However, Erica wanted Liza to know what Liza would lose. "Or, more precisely, what I will take from you," Erica threatened.

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