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Monday, October 11, 2010

At Wildwind, Caleb admitted that he needed Erica's help. Erica was shocked that Caleb had asked for it; however, she warned him that he would have to make it worth her while. According to Erica, they both knew that she was valuable to Cortlandt Electronics. She insisted that Caleb would have to make a great pitch in order for her to rearrange her life. Caleb decided to cut to the chase by inviting Erica to list her demands.

Erica informed him that she wanted a peaceful work environment and for Caleb to collaborate with her as a team. However, she admitted that she had some reservations about Caleb's capability. She wanted to know what she was getting into with him. Caleb was surprised. Erica explained that she knew that he had been a good lawyer at one time, but she wondered if it still held true.

Caleb assured Erica that he was back in the game, which seemed to satisfy Erica. Caleb and Erica sat down to discuss JR's possible weaknesses. Caleb revealed that JR had someone doing JR's dirty work for him. Erica was not pleased to learn that Asher had used Miranda to worm his way into the house and that Asher had attacked Caleb a few weeks before. However, Erica suspected that Asher might be JR's weak link.

"Maybe," Caleb agreed. Erica suggested that she talk to Asher to see if she could get him to switch sides. Caleb wasn't thrilled with the idea, but the doorbell interrupted his lecture. It was a deliveryman with an envelope for Caleb. After Caleb scanned the letter, he announced that he had the perfect opportunity to pay JR a visit.

In the park, Asher read the letter that Palmer had sent to him. In the letter, Palmer admitted that he hadn't agreed with Caleb's choices, so he urged Asher to go to Pine Valley to reconnect with his father. Asher refolded the letter and then walked away. A short time later, Asher was standing in Krystal's restaurant when Erica entered. Erica pretended to accidentally bump into Asher. She claimed that she had recognized him from Wildwind. According to Erica, she had seen Asher leave after a heated argument with Caleb.

Asher didn't deny it, but it was clear that he wasn't interested in talking to Erica. Erica resorted to flattery and then pretended to be interested in what Asher's story was. Asher revealed that he worked for Caleb's competitor. Erica calmly informed Asher that she was Caleb's partner, so Asher also worked for her competitor. Asher warned Erica that Caleb was, "one phony son of a bitch."

Erica observed that the insult sounded personal. She was certain that JR had been feeding Asher a bunch of lies about Caleb. Erica confided that she hadn't gotten along with Caleb in the beginning, either, but she had eventually discovered that Caleb had a big heart and that his first priority was his family. Asher was curious how she knew that. Erica explained that Caleb had honored Palmer's last wishes.

Erica knew JR, so she suspected that JR had seen something special in Asher that had led JR to trust him. However, she insisted that JR was the bad guy, not Caleb. Erica explained that the Chandlers had stolen something from Caleb. She suggested that Asher could work for thieves or he could be handsomely rewarded by providing her and Caleb with information. Asher made it clear that there wasn't any reward worth having if it meant that he had to work for Caleb.

At ConFusion, Greenlee hoped that Jackson had been kidding when he had suggested pointing the finger of guilt at Ryan. She made it clear that she did not want Jackson to launch an attack on Ryan. Jackson clarified that it would create reasonable doubt with the jurors. Jackson was certain that Ryan would be fine. "No, he won't," Greenlee loudly disagreed. Ryan overheard Greenlee's outburst; he turned to look at Greenlee and Jackson, but then continued on his way out when Jackson and Greenlee quietly resumed their conversation.

Jackson promised Greenlee that he would do his best to keep Greenlee out of jail, but he wanted her to promise not to let her feelings for Ryan get in the way. Greenlee was confident that her father could secure her freedom without dragging Ryan into it. Jackson was determined to do his best, but he refused to allow his daughter to go to prison. Greenlee argued that everyone had forgotten that Ryan had been a suspect, so she wanted it to stay that way. Jackson pulled out an edition of the Exposer to show her the front page.

The Exposer had a picture of Greenlee, Ryan, and David on the cover. The caption read: "They wanted him out of the way." Greenlee proposed holding a news conference to deal with the gossip and rumors head-on. Jackson didn't think it was a good idea, but he was curious what she would say. Greenlee explained that she would tell the press that David had been a tortured soul, but, despite everything, she missed him.

Jackson pointed to the gossip magazine as evidence that no one had forgotten that Ryan had once been a prime suspect, so they should use it to their advantage. Greenlee refused to continue the conversation. She had made it clear where she stood, so she expected Jackson to respect her wishes. Greenlee changed the subject; she wondered where someone accused of murder might stay. Jackson had an idea, but he didn't think that Greenlee would like it.

Erica called out Jackson's name when she arrived home. She was taken aback when Greenlee suddenly appeared in the living room, clutching a pillow to her chest. Jackson joined his daughter moments later and then explained that Greenlee had needed a place to spend the night. Erica noticed that Greenlee had chosen the good linen. Greenlee saucily offered to return the pillowcase and sheets to the cupboard, but Erica ignored the comment.

Erica let Jackson know that she was not happy with Greenlee's presence in their home, but she realized that Jackson wanted to keep Greenlee out of the media spotlight. However, Erica couldn't imagine that Greenlee was happy to be there. Greenlee surprised Erica by admitting that she owed Erica an apology. Erica wasn't receptive to the apology, so Greenlee offered to leave. Erica knew that it was important to Jackson, so invited Greenlee to stay.

Jackson was relieved, so he excused himself to make a phone call. Greenlee and Erica urged him to hurry up. However, as Jackson turned to leave, he dropped his phone. Greenlee's good humor fled when she glanced at the phone as she picked it up. She realized that Jackson had intended to call Ryan. Greenlee grabbed her father's arm and then led him to the door. Greenlee vowed that "one way or another, it ends now."

After Jackson and Greenlee left, Erica called Caleb to let him know that she had ignored his advice not to speak to Asher. Erica was certain that there was more to Asher than either of them knew. After Erica ended the call, she spotted a picture of her and Jackson during their trip. She picked up the picture, looked at it for a long moment, and then held it close to her heart.

Kendall was frantically cleaning up Spike's clothes when Ryan and Madison arrived at the penthouse. Kendall promised to be out of their way soon, but Ryan sensed that Kendall was upset. Kendall admitted that she had walked out on a meeting because someone had suggested that Greenlee step down until after the trial. Kendall explained that her employees were worried about losing their jobs because of the negative publicity that Greenlee's arrest had on the company's image.

Kendall didn't know what to tell her employees. Ryan suggested that Kendall let everyone know that Greenlee was innocent. He was confident that Jackson would find a way to get Greenlee acquitted of the charges. Kendall was curious if Ryan wanted to know who had really killed David. Ryan insisted that it could wait until after Greenlee was free. Kendall decided to deal with the bad press and false rumors later. She was surprised when Madison offered to help.

Madison explained that a famous shoe designer had dealt with a similar issue when rumors had surfaced that had threatened to destroy the company. Madison explained that the designer had managed to beat the "gossip machine" at its own game. Kendall was grateful when Madison offered to find out how the company had survived the scandal. After Madison left, Kendall admitted that Madison was "something." Ryan agreed; he was grateful because Madison had accepted that he had to get Greenlee through the trial.

Kendall wondered if things would be easier or harder for Ryan after Greenlee's legal woes were behind her. Ryan insisted that there wouldn't be anything to keep him and Greenlee in each other's orbit after the trial. Ryan acknowledged that he and Greenlee would remain friends, but he was confident that it wouldn't be as intense. Kendall didn't think that it was reasonable of Ryan to expect things to remain casual between him and Greenlee. Ryan disagreed because he had Madison in his life.

Ryan explained that Madison was different than Greenlee because Madison wasn't surrounded by drama. Ryan claimed that it was "easy and fun" for him to spend time with Madison. According to Ryan, his relationship with Madison was new and exciting. Ryan was confident that he and Greenlee would go their separate ways once the trial was over. "It's what Greenlee wants," Ryan added.

A short time later, Greenlee and Jackson arrived. Greenlee informed Ryan and Kendall that Jackson wanted to create reasonable doubt by implicating Ryan in the murder. Kendall was outraged at the suggestion. Greenlee was stunned when Ryan revealed that it had been his plan, not Jackson's. Greenlee informed Ryan that she didn't want any part of it. Greenlee appreciated Ryan's concern, but she refused to let Ryan's children suffer.

Greenlee threatened to fire Jackson if they didn't respect her wishes. Ryan insisted that Greenlee couldn't fire Jackson the day before her trial. Greenlee agreed to keep Jackson on as her attorney, but she made it clear that she expected him to follow her orders. Jackson and Greenlee left moments later, but they stopped in the hallway. Greenlee wanted Jackson to promise her that he wouldn't implicate Ryan, but Jackson refused. Frustrated, Greenlee walked away.

At the Chandler mansion, Scott eavesdropped as Annie and JR argued. A few minutes later, Scott entered the living room and observed, "At least this time you both have your clothes on." JR realized that Scott was angry, but he insisted that they had to put aside their differences. JR turned to Annie to invite her to explain why they had to work together. Annie immediately explained that Caleb and Erica had learned that Scott had stolen something from Palmer. She was certain that Caleb and Erica knew it was the nanotechnology.

Scott calmly walked to the safe, opened it, and then reached for a gun. JR and Annie stood behind Scott, unaware of what he held in his hands. Images of JR and Annie in bed together flashed through Scott's mind, but he dropped the gun when Colby entered the parlor to find out what was going on. Scott made it clear that JR was on his own. After Scott left, Colby demanded some answers.

JR refused to tell Colby about the stolen nanotechnology, but he did let her know that it was business-related. Colby insisted that she had a right to know because she was part of the family business; however, JR refused to involve his sister. Colby tried to blame Annie for their troubles, but JR refused to let her. JR then excused himself, claiming that he had a phone call to make. After JR left, Annie sensed that Colby wasn't finished with her, so she warned Colby that there wasn't anything that Colby could say to make her feel worse.

Colby wanted to try anyway, but Annie reminded Colby that there was Emma to consider. Annie made it clear that she would do whatever was necessary to protect her daughter. Colby wasn't impressed; however, the doorbell ran before Colby could continue. Colby and Annie entered the foyer just as JR opened the door. It was Caleb.

Caleb smugly informed JR that Marissa had been granted full custody of AJ pending the divorce settlement. Caleb explained that Marissa had given the judge some pictures of JR and Annie after the party. The judge had decided that JR's home was an unfit environment for a child, so it had been decided that AJ should stay with Marissa.

Colby was surprised when she entered her bedroom to find Asher bouncing a tennis ball against the wall. Colby made it clear that Asher couldn't just stroll into her room whenever he liked simply because he worked for JR. Asher told Colby about his encounter with Erica. He admitted that it had been a bit unsettling to have someone famous turn the screws on him. Colby wished that Erica had turned the screws on JR. She confided that things had gotten much worse with her family.

Asher suggested that perhaps it was as bad as it would get, so things might start to improve. Colby argued that the only way that things would get better would be if Adam returned home for good. According to Colby, there was something comforting about having her dad around. Colby immediately regretted her choice of words when she remembered that Asher had lost his father as a youngster. Asher assured Colby that he was over it, but Colby didn't see how that was possible.

Colby wondered what Asher would say if he could talk to his father. Asher suggested, "Where have you been all of my life?" Colby didn't think it was funny. Asher clarified that it hadn't been meant as a joke; he'd been serious. Asher admitted that he honestly didn't know what he would say. Colby was certain that Asher's father would tell Asher that he was proud of him, but Asher didn't know why his father would say that. Colby answered, "For one thing, you saved my life."

In the park, Scott found himself standing in front of the bench that had been dedicated to his father. Scott appeared tormented as he sat down on the bench and then recalled all the ways that Annie and JR had wronged him. Scott was startled when he heard Stuart's voice assure him that he would always be proud of Scott. Scott didn't know how that could be possible after what he had done. Scott tearfully apologized to his father as past conversations with Stuart ran through his mind. Scott remembered promising that he wouldn't change, but that he would change Chandler Enterprises for the better.

At the Chandler mansion, JR vowed that Caleb would never take AJ from him. Caleb smiled victoriously as he commented that it wasn't fun to have something taken away. JR insisted that he had bought Cortlandt Electronics fair and square. Scott entered the parlor in time to hear JR's claim. "I wouldn't be so sure about that," Scott admitted.

Scott smiled at Caleb as he revealed that he had intended to pay Caleb a visit at Wildwind. JR seemed to sense where Scott was headed with the conversation, so JR tried to warn his cousin to remain quiet. Scott ignored JR as he announced that a crime had been committed; something had been stolen.