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Monday, July 12, 2010

In the park, Erica explained that she had an obligation to protect Palmer's legacy. Jackson loved Erica, but he didn't think that their marriage would work unless she was honest with herself and with him. Jack felt that he deserved to know what had happened on the mountain after the plane crash. Jack was certain that whatever had transpired was still playing out. Erica gently stroked Jack's face as she admitted that she didn't know what was going on between her and Caleb.

Erica confessed that she thought that she was going to die in the moments following the plane crash. She credited Caleb with saving her life on more than one occasion. She acknowledged that she didn't understand Caleb, but she owed him her life. Erica revealed that it had been very intense on the mountain and that she had felt alone, trapped, and scared until Jack had found her. She was stunned that Caleb had turned out to be Palmer's nephew.

Jack wondered why Erica had let Caleb get to her. Erica suspected that it might have to do with some type of posttraumatic stress. However, Erica was adamant that she wanted Caleb out of their lives. She insisted that all she had thought about on the mountain was Jack. Jack smiled as Erica rested her head on his shoulder. Jack suggested that he and Erica exchange vows on a yacht and then sail off into the sunset. Erica agreed that it sounded wonderful, but she didn't think that running away was the answer. Erica wanted to settle things with Caleb, so that she could sever all ties with Palmer's nephew.

In Colby's bedroom, Colby wondered why Damon didn't seem happy that she was staying in Pine Valley. Damon assured her that he was glad that she wasn't leaving, but he didn't want her to have any regrets because of missed opportunities. Colby relaxed as she explained that she didn't want to miss out on what they had. Colby kissed Damon and then admitted that quite a few people had disappointed her in the past few years, including her father. Colby trusted Damon, but she wanted him to promise that he wouldn't let her down. Damon tried to hide his discomfort as he explained that he had to go. Colby tried to stop Damon, but he dashed out of the door.

At the Martin residence, Liza urged Tad to keep an eye on Damon. Tad suspected that Liza's warning stemmed from her concern about Damon's involvement with Colby, but Liza denied it. Liza flashed back to when Damon had kissed her. She pushed the image aside as she accused Damon of being a troublemaker. Tad argued that his son had changed, but Liza didn't believe him. She insisted that Damon had been doing things behind Tad's back; however, she refused to elaborate.

Tad warned Liza that it wasn't going to work out for them if she didn't cut Damon some slack. A phone call from Liza's friend in New York interrupted them. Liza was stunned to learn that Colby had backed out of the internship program.

Later, Tad met Damon for lunch at the Yacht Club. Tad opened up about his biological father, Ray Gardner. He made it clear to Damon that Ray had been a sadistic man who had hurt a lot of people. Tad had vowed long before never to be like Ray. Damon assured Tad that he didn't see any of Ray's traits in Tad, but Tad disagreed. Tad admitted that he had seen a glimpse of Ray in himself when Tad had punched Paul.

Tad realized long before that the best way to avoid being like Ray was to live well. Tad talked about how being adopted by the Martins had changed his life. Tad realized that Damon was going through a lot at that moment, so he could appreciate that Damon needed some time to adjust to everything. Tad promised that he would be there for Damon every step of the way.

Colby entered the Martin residence looking for Damon. She quickly seized the opportunity to search through Damon's things when she realized that no one was at home. As Colby struggled to open the locked door to Damon's bedroom, Liza walked in. Colby was startled when she heard the door close. Colby turned to find her mother standing in the foyer. She immediately wondered what Liza was doing there.

Liza revealed that she had just learned that Colby had turned down the internship. Colby panicked when Liza decided to call her friend to explain that Colby had changed her mind. Colby insisted that she intended to remain in Pine Valley with Damon. Liza turned off the phone and then wondered if Colby could see herself. Liza accused Colby of turning into an insecure person who was sneaking around looking for proof that Damon was cheating.

Colby tried to deny it, but Liza argued that love wasn't about doubts and secrets. Liza was certain that Colby's relationship with Damon wasn't going to last. "You are starting to piss me off," Colby warned her mother. Liza was about to respond, but Tad and Damon arrived home. Damon had a bouquet of flowers for Colby.

Liza silently seethed while Damon apologized to Colby. Colby melted as Damon promised that she was the only girl that he wanted to be with. A short time later, Colby and Damon went to the park. As they stretched out on the grass, Colby apologized for being paranoid. She explained that she felt like she was losing him sometimes and that it scared her because she had lost so many people recently.

Colby looked up with expectation shining in her eyes as she confessed that she just wanted to know that she could count on Damon. Damon assured her, "You can count on me." Colby relaxed and then smiled with satisfaction. When she looked away, Damon's expression turned troubled.

At the Martin house, Liza confessed that she was concerned about Colby. Tad rubbed Liza's neck as she revealed that she had nearly convinced Colby to not give up on the internship until Damon had walked in with the flowers. "What woman can resist that?" Liza remarked. Tad hugged Liza and then urged her to have more faith in Colby. Tad conceded that Colby might be hung up on Damon, but she wouldn't throw everything away for him.

After Tad went to fetch some wine, Liza spotted a bottle of prescription pills on the table. Liza picked up the bottle to read the label. When she realized that they were Damon's pills for his Attention-Deficit/Hyperactivity Disorder, she slipped them into her purse.

At the Chandler mansion, Scott knocked on Marissa's bedroom door. He wanted to let her know that Annie had been hired to head the public relations department at Chandler Enterprises. Marissa was livid, but Scott insisted that Annie just wanted to help. Marissa reminded Scott that Annie had slept with JR. Scott pointed out that he and Annie were together. He promised that Annie would work primarily with him, not JR. He suggested that it was time that they start to trust Annie and JR.

At the Yacht Club, Annie showed JR a press release that she planned to use. JR wondered "what the hell" they were doing. He insisted that they couldn't be near each other, but Annie argued that they would have to find a way to work together. She assured him that nothing would happen because they were in public, so they couldn't rip each other's clothes off.

Annie wanted to learn everything about the business from JR, but JR suggested that she learn from Scott. Annie snapped at JR that it had been easier to hate him. Later, Annie returned to the mansion, where she found Scott working in the parlor. Annie tried to lure Scott out to the veranda for some lemonade, but Scott explained that he had to work. After Scott left, JR entered the room.

"Well, here we are alone again," Annie observed. Marissa and AJ walked in seconds later. AJ was eager to show JR the fort that he had built. JR agreed to check it out, but hesitated to follow AJ out of the room. JR looked pointedly at Annie and then Marissa as he observed that forts were cool, but violence was never the answer. After JR left, Marissa warned Annie not to set up any private meetings with JR.

At Krystal's restaurant, Caleb invited Krystal to share her view of the Chandler men. Krystal explained that the Chandler men went after what they wanted and didn't stop until they had it. Krystal admitted that her daughter, Marissa, had made the mistake of marrying a Chandler. She confessed that it scared her to death. Caleb was curious of JR had ever hurt Marissa.

Krystal clarified that JR tried to love Marissa, but JR was his father's son. "Good old Adam," Caleb sourly grumbled. Krystal wondered if Caleb knew Adam Chandler. Caleb explained that he had heard things, but he didn't volunteer anything beyond that. Krystal changed the subject; she was curious why he was trying to sell Cortlandt Electronics.

Caleb denied that he was trying to sell the company. However, he did admit that he missed the peacefulness of living in the mountains. Krystal imagined that Erica's unexpected arrival had destroyed that serenity. Krystal confessed that she saw a spark between Caleb and Erica. Caleb insisted that prison wasn't as bad as being trapped on a mountain with "a mouse who roared."

Krystal argued that Erica was a tough mouse, but Caleb complained that Erica talked endlessly. As Krystal laughed, Caleb rose, paid his bill, and then thanked Krystal for the good service and conversation. A short time later, Caleb arrived at the Chandler mansion. As Caleb waited for someone to answer his knock, he had a flashback of someone dressed in black pouring gasoline on the front door. Caleb pushed the image away when Annie answered the door.

JR joined Caleb and Annie in the foyer a few moments later. JR admitted that they didn't have a number for Caleb, but they could show him the preliminary offer. As Caleb looked around, Marissa walked in. Marissa greeted Caleb, but JR explained that they had business to discuss. After Marissa left, JR let Caleb know how much they were considering offering him for Cortlandt Electronics.

Caleb wasn't impressed with the offer. Annie tried to salvage the situation, but Caleb's mood soured when he spotted a picture of Adam Chandler. As Caleb picked it up, he wondered how Annie could have married a man like Adam. JR snatched the picture away from Caleb, but accidentally dropped it. Annie was alarmed when she realized that JR had cut his hand. She immediately tried to attend to JR's injury while Caleb looked on dispassionately.

"What's going on?" Erica demanded when she entered the parlor. Annie insisted that JR needed stitches, but JR was certain that he would be fine. Erica observed that Caleb seemed to spend a lot of time with the Chandlers, despite his claims that he didn't like them. Caleb explained that he had merely been interested in seeing what they would offer for Cortlandt Electronics.

JR didn't think that Caleb was interested in a deal. According to JR, Caleb just wanted blood. Caleb looked at JR's injured hand as he snidely commented that it appeared that he had gotten it without even trying. Caleb insisted that the mansion should have burned to the ground years before. He instructed JR to "go to hell" and then walked out. Erica followed Caleb into the foyer.

Erica sensed that something was troubling Caleb. She reached out to gently stroke his cheek as she urged him to open up to her. Caleb appeared tempted to confide to Erica, but then changed his mind. He stiffened his spine and then walked away. Erica refused to give up. She caught up with Caleb in the park.

Caleb wanted Erica to leave him alone, but she argued that she owed it to Palmer to figure out what was wrong with Caleb. Caleb insisted that it wasn't Erica's business, but she ignored him. She continued to push until Caleb cryptically revealed that "it's happening all over again." Erica immediately suspected that whatever was troubling Caleb had something to do with the woman whose picture Caleb had tucked into the locket that Erica had found. Caleb denied it; he claimed that he had been annoyed by JR's lowball offer.

Caleb wanted Erica to walk away, but she explained that she couldn't ignore what was going on between them. She conceded that something had happened on the mountain. Caleb walked away, so Erica chased after him. She caught up to him outside of his room. Caleb complained that he was tired of talking, so it was time to end it. Caleb warned Erica that she was driving him to the edge and then emphasized his point by kicking in the door.

Erica followed Caleb into the room to demand to know what Caleb was doing. Caleb ordered Erica to leave, but she stood her ground. Caleb moved threateningly close, but Erica refused to budge.

Marissa went to her mother's restaurant to study. Krystal wanted to talk to Marissa about JR because she had seen JR and Annie together earlier that day. Marissa revealed that Scott had hired Annie to work for Chandler Enterprises. Krystal was surprised when Marissa threatened to follow David's advice if Annie tried anything with JR. Krystal warned Marissa not to listen to David because it was too dangerous. Marissa disagreed; she made it clear that she refused to allow Annie to destroy her marriage.

At the Chandler mansion, Annie bandaged JR's injured hand. JR ranted about how Caleb was a threat to their family. Annie was touched that JR had included her. JR immediately sobered. He confessed that he'd rather deal with an army of Calebs than try to resist the urge to touch Annie. JR then revealed that he wanted to purchase Cortlandt Electronics to prove himself to everyone.

Annie insisted that JR had a lot to be proud of, so he didn't have to prove anything to anyone. JR and Annie moved closer to each other, but then Annie spotted Marissa out of the corner of her eye. Annie's immediately adopted an air of outrage as she pretended to be furious that JR had blown the deal with Caleb. JR quickly caught on, so he played along with Annie. Marissa was distracted when she noticed JR's injured hand.

JR insisted that he was fine, but Marissa wanted to take him to their room to take care of her husband's injury. JR quietly followed Marissa to their room. He admitted that he was glad that she had moved back in. He vowed that things would work out for them.

In the parlor, Annie tried to concentrate on her work, but her thoughts kept drifting to JR.

At Krystal's restaurant, Jack told Krystal about his wedding plans. Krystal was happy for Jack, but she was curious why he seemed so troubled. Jack admitted that Erica had seemed "scattered" lately. Krystal assured Jack that Erica loved him and was lucky to have a guy like him.

Tuesday, July 13, 2010

At Krystal's restaurant, Ryan doubted that he could take the New York trip, because Emma hadn't adjusted well to Annie's return to the workforce. When Emma arrived at their table, Madison dazzled her with images of New York and hinted that Ryan might buy her a doll that included a matching outfit for the owner. Emma was still leery about him leaving, so Madison told her a story about "Eloise," whose parents were never around. Likening herself to Eloise, Madison wished that she'd had devoted parents like Emma's. Emma realized that she was lucky to have her parents, and she decided that it was okay for her father to take the short trip.

Ryan offered to take Emma with him the next time, and she scampered off to call her mother about the fabulous doll. Madison apologized to Ryan for offering such an expensive gift, but he said that he didn't mind buying the doll to keep Emma happy. Madison called him a great father, and he joked that he was also witty. He looked forward to going to New York with her, and she said she was excited about going with him, too.

During dinner at the Yacht Club, David remarked upon Greenlee's gloomy mood. Greenlee claimed that she was waiting for the next shoe to drop. He assured her that he'd take care of the plane crash investigation and anything else that might arise. As he massaged her shoulders, she grimaced, claiming that he couldn't fix everything. She wiggled away from him and said that she needed to go the office. He offered to accompany her, but she declined and left.

After David paid the bill, he encountered an irate Frankie, who'd learned that he'd be laid off in the next round of hospital budget cuts. David told Frankie to blame it on the economy. "It's the new reality, and you and your mother better get used to it," David stated and left.

In the park, Ryan approached David as he left a message for his wife. The two men quarreled about Greenlee, and David said Ryan would never understand the Haywards' marriage, because Ryan's marriage had been a dismal failure. Ryan countered that David's marriage was built upon lies, and the first lie had been Greenlee's vow to love David for the rest of her life.

Later, David arrived at Fusion, looking for Greenlee. Bianca took a swipe at him about his marriage, and the cynical David wondered where Bianca's wife was. Offended, she told him to leave. "And you people judge my marriage," he quipped, walking out.

At home, Frankie found his giddy wife packing for her Italy trip. She sensed that he was upset, and he told her about the probable layoff. He asserted that David was using him to hurt Angie and Jesse. Randi stacked her bags by the door, but offered to cancel her trip. Frankie encouraged her to go, especially since she'd hounded Amanda about declining it. He figured that if he got laid off, he'd busy himself with projects around the house. They hugged, and she left.

Later, Madison and Frankie ate pizza, and she agreed with him that David had a vendetta against his family. She doubted that the hospital board would let David lay Frankie off, and she offered to protest outside the hospital for him. Frankie wanted to prepare himself in case it did happen, but she urged him to remain positive, because he was an amazing doctor.

Madison remarked that her life was going well, and Frankie cited that the New York trip was a big step for her and Ryan. She stated that she'd have her own room, but Frankie hinted that it was up to her if she "wanted it." She wasn't jittery about going, because she already felt that she was a part of Ryan's life. She wondered if the trip would take them to a whole new level.

At Fusion, Bianca worried that she'd break her promise to visit her children, because she'd somehow wound up on the government's "no fly" list. Jackson assured her that he'd fix it, and she hugged him. She remarked that without him, she'd be locked up in Guantanamo, and Erica would still be on the mountain. Bianca asked about the wedding, and he whipped out Erica's huge guest list. "Captain, I think you're going to need a bigger boat," she joked.

Bianca went to her office, and Greenlee disembarked the elevator. She snatched Jackson's guest list off a desk and was disappointed to see that she wasn't on it. He claimed that the list wasn't finalized, but she figured that Erica wouldn't add her. Jackson replied that the wedding wasn't just about Erica, but Greenlee quipped that she'd just crash his wedding, as he'd crashed hers. "I wasn't crashing your wedding. I was trying to stop it," he corrected.

Greenlee figured that the truce in the battle about their relationships had expired, but Jackson cited that they'd made the truce long before David and Greenlee had cooked the Fusion books and sabotaged Erica's plane. Greenlee proclaimed her innocence, and Jackson wished he could believe her. She stomped into the elevator and sighed as the doors closed.

Greenlee's phone rang, and upon seeing David's name on the screen, she ignored the call. She went to Krystal's restaurant, put her phone on vibrate, and ordered a scotch. Later, Ryan approached, and the inebriated Greenlee claimed that she was drinking to end her worries. Ryan suggested that she could be "not worrying" at home. She told him that she was fine, and he could go. David called her again, and while fumbling with her phone, she slipped off her bar stool. Ryan caught her, and they intently stared at each other.

In Jackson's room at the Yacht Club, Caleb claimed that he'd taken Erica there to end things. Erica replied that she wanted to stop caring about him. "I want you out of my head," she stated. Erica expected him to start deriding her, but when he chose not to, she implored him to open up to her. He decided that he was done talking, and she admonished him for shutting down. He roared that he didn't ask to be tossed into a suburban nightmare to run a company with her.

Erica ordered him go back home, because she didn't need him messing with her head. He replied that she blamed him for trying to screw up her perfect wedding to the man with the perfect hair, but in truth, she was the one screwing it up. Jackson entered and grabbed Caleb's arm, but Erica told him to just let Caleb go. Caleb exited, and Jackson asked what had happened.

Under Jackson's heated gaze, Erica explained her suspicion that Caleb had a problem with the Chandlers. Jackson hadn't a clue as to why that concerned her, and he demanded to know how she'd wound up in his room alone with Caleb. "Oh, that was his idea, not mine," Erica replied. She stated that Caleb had wanted to "end things," and Jackson realized that Caleb also thought something was going on between Caleb and Erica. "I guess! I don't know," a flustered Erica responded. Jackson received a phone call that someone at Fusion needed to see Erica. He said that she'd just gotten a reprieve, but they'd resume the discussion later.

When they arrived at Fusion, they found Bianca distraught after having learned that it'd take weeks for officials to straighten out the "no fly" problem. As Erica consoled her daughter about missing the kids, Jackson said that he might have a solution. He led the ladies to the elevator, and moments later, the doors opened to reveal Bianca's daughters inside. The women rejoiced at their reunion, and Jackson stealthily left in the elevator.

Erica and Bianca realized that Jackson had gone. Erica said to herself that she'd always known that she could never fully be with anyone but Jackson, and once they were married, she never would be. She left Jackson a voicemail in which she hoped that he wasn't angry about her and Caleb. She thanked him for flying her grandchildren to town and asked him to call her.

Bianca overheard the message and asked what was going on with Caleb. Erica claimed that he just flustered her. "Is it possible that he does more than 'fluster' you?" Bianca asked. Erica hesitated, but then frankly replied, "Maybe." Erica tried to explain it away as Stockholm syndrome; however, Bianca worried that Erica might risk her relationship with Jackson over a man she knew nothing about. Erica claimed that Jackson was her destiny, and Bianca hoped that her mother meant it. "I hope so, too," Erica responded.

Erica decided that Bianca was right; Erica really didn't know Caleb. When Erica stated her intention to learn about him, Bianca looked skeptical. Erica claimed that she needed to know about him if she wished to oust him from Palmer's company. Erica sent Bianca home to tend to the children, and once alone, Erica performed an online search for Caleb Cooney.

At home, Caleb opened an envelope to reveal pictures of what appeared to be a black Labrador Retriever. "Dog!" he exclaimed, glad that Grady was taking good care of the animal. As Caleb kissed the photo, Jackson arrived and asked if Caleb had a moment.

Jackson wondered what Caleb wanted from Erica, and Caleb succinctly replied, "Nothing." Jackson asked why Caleb had been in Jackson's room, and Caleb claimed that he'd been taking Erica to Jackson. Jackson asserted that Erica wanted nothing to do with Caleb, and Jackson intended to make sure that their paths didn't cross. Caleb suggested that Jackson keep Erica away from Caleb, then.

Wednesday, July 14, 2010

At the hospital, Jake arrived on his day off to be Angie's eyes, but she claimed that she hadn't had a vision loss episode all day. As they discussed it, Jesse arrived, and they told him that they were sharing decorating ideas. David approached to confer with Angie, and Jake and Jesse stepped into the corridor. Still worried about Angie, Jesse asked Jake to keep an eye on things around the hospital until David was back in jail. Jake replied that he was on it.

Aside with David, Angie assumed that Frankie was a layoff candidate because his last name was Hubbard. David challenged her to find another area in the budget from which he could cut $200,000. She readily agreed to do it, but when she looked at the budget report, her vision blurred. She stalled, and David asserted that she just couldn't admit that he was right.

Jake intervened and pointed out that Angie had mentioned reworking the schedule to cut overtime. Angie conveyed that doing so would almost meet David's figure. Though David was amenable to the idea, he seemed concerned that Angie wasn't "on the ball." She hoped that it would be "on the ball enough" for him if she sent him a formal proposal by the end of the day.

David left, and Jake and Angie expressed relief that David hadn't caught on to anything. Angie worried about what would happen to the hospital if David discovered her weakness.

Further down the hall, David encountered Jesse and wondered why Jesse wasn't making good use of his "spare time." Jesse said that his suspension gave him more leeway to investigate David. David stated that there was nothing to find. "Enjoy your suspension," David said and left.

When Jesse encountered Angie again, he saw that she looked troubled. He guessed that David had threatened to fire Frankie, but she stated that she'd averted that for the time being. Jesse remarked that she'd lost the sparkle in her eye. He decided that it would be his top priority to put it back. They hugged, but Angie still seemed dismayed.

At Krystal's restaurant, the inebriated Greenlee rebuffed Ryan's help, but he insisted upon driving her home. Meanwhile, Madison sat at home with Frankie and worried about why Ryan hadn't picked her up for their New York trip. Ryan called to say that he'd be late because he had "an errand" to run. Madison seemed startled when she heard Greenlee's voice in the background. "If you have such a hot date, why are your hands all over me?" Greenlee slurred.

After the call, Madison tried to reason away what she'd heard, but Frankie asked if she'd even found out where Ryan and Greenlee stood. Madison said that Ryan had put Greenlee in the past; however, Frankie pointed out that Ryan kept abandoning Madison for one "Greenlee crisis" after another. Frankie hesitated to offer more relationship advice, but Madison pressed him about what to do. He warned her to be careful, because she might get hurt.

Ryan escorted Greenlee to her hotel room and helped her when she couldn't get the door open. She climbed onto the bed and complained because Ryan hadn't left yet. When he turned to go, she murmured that David was probably out finding more ways to become her savior. Ryan tried to advise her, but she again told him to leave. He went to the door, but she stopped him. She confided that some mornings, she'd forget about all the things that had happened, and she'd awaken, expecting to see him in bed beside her.

Ryan told Greenlee to sleep it off, and he left. While closing the door, he heard David demand to know what "the hell" he was doing in David's room. Ryan told him to ask Greenlee. As Ryan left, he advised David to treat his wife a little bit better.

Inside the room, David patiently asked why Ryan had been there. "What do you think happened?" Greenlee asked. She guessed that he thought she'd been drinking with Ryan; however, she lied that she'd been drinking with a client when Ryan saved her from a fall off a barstool. David wished that she'd called him, but she said Ryan had taken care of it. David was glad that someone had taken her home. "Even if that 'someone' was Ryan?" she asked.

The drunken Greenlee assumed that David didn't believe her. She remarked that it was depressing when the trust left a relationship. David expressed his complete trust in his wife, and he stated that it was his job to keep her happy. He asked if she were happy, but she responded that she just wanted to sleep. As she dozed, he whispered that he wouldn't let her slip away.

Later, Ryan arrived at Frankie's to pick up Madison. As she got her things, he tried to strike up a conversation with Frankie, who was aloof and curt in response. Ryan asked if things were okay, and Frankie warned, "Don't hurt her, Ryan." Ryan looked surprised by the comment, and Frankie faked a smile as Ryan and Madison wheeled her luggage out of the apartment.

Ryan took Madison to dinner at the Yacht Club before their flight on his jet. He apologized for being late and remarked that Frankie seemed upset about it. She referred to the tough time that Frankie was having at work, and Ryan guessed that David had caused a problem. He hoped that David would get what he deserved one day, and Madison asked if Ryan's earlier "errand" had been about Greenlee. Madison quickly retracted the question, but he admitted that he'd helped a drunken Greenlee get home. He apologized for not being up-front about it and said that Madison could always ask him anything.

Back at Frankie's house, Angie and Jesse arrived to make dinner for their son. As she cooked, Frankie kidded Jesse about how Jesse used to invite the neighbor's dog over for broccoli night. They heard a clatter and rushed into the kitchen. The vision-blurred Angie joked about knocking something on the floor. As the men cleaned it up, she eerily stared into space.

At Wildwind, Jackson doubted that Erica had the time to follow Caleb around, but Caleb just grumbled that he'd worry, too, if Erica were his woman. Jackson stated that Caleb's connection to Erica would be severed once they settled matters with Cortlandt Electronics. "Then make it happen already," Caleb quipped.

Jackson left, and a short time later, Erica marched in, waving a piece of paper and calling Caleb a fraud. She'd discovered that Caleb had graduated at the top of his class from Stanford University, and he'd been the youngest lawyer in the history of L.A.'s top law firm. "You're not a mountain man; you're just hiding out in that flannel shirt," she asserted.

Caleb wryly guessed that his past made him acceptable in Erica's world. She questioned why he'd left it all behind, but Caleb ordered her to leave before Jackson, who'd just warned Caleb away from Erica, returned to do his "alpha wolf" thing again. Erica, however, persisted in discovering the whole story. She guessed that it involved the lover who'd owned the locket. "She was my wife! And Adam Chandler stole her from me, all right?" Caleb raged.

Caleb revealed that, back then, he'd just made partner in his firm and planned to marry Sonya. He'd accepted an out-of-town client, despite Pete's warnings. Erica guessed that Adam had seduced Sonya. "While I was out earning him another couple of million bucks. Then he bailed on me, left me holding the bag. The firm fired me. My reputation was shot," Caleb admitted. He conveyed that he'd attempted to burn down Adam's house, but he hadn't done it.

Erica wondered if he'd ever tried to find Sonya again, but Caleb revealed that Sonya had died. He grew emotional as he confided that he'd look at his mountain and think, "Someday Sonya and I..." He fought back tears as he explained that once she'd passed away, he'd known that he belonged on that mountain. Erica encouraged him to get out of his shell, but he considered that his life was pretty good as it was. Wiping away tears, he recomposed himself.

Just then, Jackson called Erica from Fusion, and she claimed that she was discussing business with Caleb at Wildwind. Caleb took the phone and asked Jackson to find a buyer for Cortlandt Electronics. "Chandlers need not apply," Caleb said. He declined holding meetings about the sale, because he was leaving town that night. "You take a finder's fee, unload the damn company, and send me a check," Caleb ordered.

Caleb hung up on Jackson, and Erica wondered what had just happened. Caleb sternly uttered that he didn't belong there. She accused him of running, and said that it mattered to her because of Palmer. She doubted that Palmer would want Caleb to run away. "Who are you kidding? You're the one who doesn't want me to leave," Caleb replied.

At Fusion, Jackson called someone to have the notes on his Paris honeymoon plans emailed to him. He sat at a computer and discovered Erica's online research about Caleb.

Thursday, July 15, 2010

At Wildwind, Caleb packed, but Erica claimed that things were unsettled. She reasoned that Palmer had wanted to challenge Caleb by giving him the business, and she wondered when Caleb had last been genuinely challenged. "Every time you open your mouth," he retorted. Erica said that fate kept throwing them together. She ordered him to either shape his own destiny, or walk out the door, because she was tired of talking. "Good," he replied and kissed her.

Tearing away from him, Erica claimed that she loved Jackson, and she refused to give him up over a kiss. Caleb asked whom she was trying to convince. She asserted that she'd already made her choice. "Have a safe life," he said. Erica retorted that he had plenty of safety in running when he didn't get his way. She vowed not to let him ruin her life, and she stormed out.

At Krystal's restaurant, Jackson discussed the sale of Palmer's company with Krystal. She remarked that the mountain man should appreciate Jackson's help, and Jackson wryly explained that Caleb had once been a high-powered attorney. Jackson showed her a file on Caleb and bitterly stated that Erica had done the research on her own.

Jackson tried to determine why Erica was fixated on Caleb, but Krystal thought that Erica had researched Caleb, just as any prudent businessperson would. Jackson stated that he knew what he and Erica meant to each other. Krystal assured Jackson that, no matter who Caleb was, he certainly was no Jackson Montgomery. Jackson thanked her for giving him some perspective.

Unbeknownst to Jackson, Erica entered. She saw him at a table and ducked back out the door. On the curb, she called Bianca to request some help and then reentered the restaurant. Erica joined Jackson at his table, and Krystal left on a food delivery.

As Jackson worked on their honeymoon, Erica rued hurting him in the past, but he cited that they'd hurt each other. She wondered if they were rushing into marriage before they'd conclusively decided that it was really and truly the right decision. He replied that he thought they'd already concluded that it was "really and truly the right decision." She suggested that they postpone the wedding, and he grimaced.

Smiling at the perplexed Jackson, Erica stated that she wanted to "do it in reverse." She proposed that they take their honeymoon before they got married, and she wanted to leave that very night. She excitedly described traveling for months on a carefree journey to anywhere in the world. "Months?" he repeated. She prattled on about how marvelously in love they'd be. At the end, they'd run down the aisle, and they'd know that it was forever.

Jackson loved her unpredictability, and he couldn't wait to have her all to himself. Before they left to prepare for the trip, he asked if she were trying to escape something at home. She assured him that it was all about their relationship. He inquired about Cortlandt Electronics, and she replied that she'd already taken care of it.

Back at Wildwind, Bianca arrived with a letter from Erica. Caleb discovered that it was Erica's resignation from Cortlandt Electronics. Krystal showed up with takeout that Caleb hadn't ordered. She said that it was on the house, and Caleb hoped that she'd brought champagne. Bianca informed Krystal that Erica had resigned, because she was leaving on an extended trip that night with Jackson. Caleb pretended that the trip news hadn't rattled him, and he asked Bianca to thank Erica for the resignation.

Bianca left, and Caleb questioned Krystal's motives for visiting. She swore that she had none and noted that he'd packed his bags. He murmured that he had been about to leave. She figured that Erica was the reason that he hadn't gone yet. Krystal offered to take him to the airport, but she said she understood if he needed to say a final goodbye.

Caleb asked why Krystal would encourage him to go to Erica, and Krystal referenced her belief in fate. "End of conversation," he declared, abhorring fate talk. Krystal knew that Erica and Jackson had something special, but she figured that Caleb and Erica needed to resolve things. Krystal said he could let the moment pass, or he could take action. She handed him the keys to her car, and he headed to the door. "I want those back!" she yelled after him.

In her hotel room, Greenlee dreamed that Ryan tucked her into bed. She grabbed his hand and thanked him for being honest, unlike David. Ryan replied that he'd never wanted her to get hurt. Someone pounded on the door, and she jolted from her sleep. The hung-over Greenlee expected to see Ryan, but grimaced to discover Bianca at the door.

Bianca berated Greenlee for missing a business meeting and for getting drunk. Doling out aspirin, Bianca listened as Greenlee murmured that Ryan had taken her home. Bianca hoped that it hadn't delayed Ryan, who was traveling to New York with Madison that night to check out advertising firms for Cambias and Fusion. Greenlee looked shocked, and Bianca stated that she wouldn't be surprised if Madison returned with "a big score."

After Bianca left, Greenlee found a note from David, which indicated that he'd stepped out. She recalled telling Ryan that she expected to see him when she awakened some mornings. She sighed, remembering that he'd said to just sleep it off.

Later, Greenlee groaned when Jackson knocked on her door. She let him in and crawled back into bed to nurse her hangover. He explained that he and Erica had decided to honeymoon before the actual wedding. He expected to be gone for a couple months, so he wanted to right things with his daughter before he left. Greenlee remarked that they could never permit knives at their family dinners. "Forks, either," he joked.

Jackson said that, no matter what Greenlee had done, he loved her. He lamented the lost years, and she stated that he was a glutton for punishment. He felt that as long as they had hope, anything was possible. He handed her an envelope with a picture in it and said that he hoped to see the happy Greenlee from that photo once again.

They expressed their love for each other, and after Jackson left, Greenlee mumbled that she was sorry. She pulled the picture from the envelope and saw that it was of her and Ryan. Her heart leapt, and after she downed a shot of liquor, she called to check flights to New York.

At Fusion later, Bianca explained to her mother that Caleb had been surprised by the resignation. Bianca worried that Erica's sudden trip indicated that something was wrong; however, Erica claimed that Jackson and she were just solidifying their commitment. Bianca still questioned Erica's relationship with Caleb, but Erica swore that he had nothing to do with her destiny, "who" was just about to take her on the trip of a lifetime.

Erica announced that she'd be blogging and tweeting during her trip, and urged her daughter to check out her web site to keep up with her travels.. Bianca left for a meeting, and once alone, Erica glanced around and uttered, "I am done with you." Just then, Caleb entered.

Caleb said that he'd gotten her letter. Erica figured that there was nothing more to discuss. He stated that a letter couriered by her daughter wasn't her style, and she asked if he preferred a fight. He remarked that she hadn't mentioned her trip before, and she said that it had materialized after she and Caleb had finished. "Finished?'" he responded.

Erica reminded Caleb that her life was with Jackson, and Caleb's life was on the mountain. She figured that he couldn't find the kind of peace that he sought in her world, so it was time for him to return to the clouds. He asked who was really doing the running, and he wondered if she were leaving because she didn't trust herself around him.

Just then, Jackson arrived to pick up Erica. She explained that Caleb and she had just finished discussing her resignation. Jackson assured Caleb that he could handle the sale of the company from anywhere in the world. "Fly safe, Dorothy. Try not to land on anybody's house this time," Caleb said. Before Erica and Jackson left, she told Caleb that the answer to his last question was, "No." Caleb and Erica stared at each other until the elevator doors closed.

In a New York hotel room, Ryan explained that Madison's room wouldn't be ready for a few hours. He joked that there might have only been one room all along. She quipped that she might have bribed the concierge to let her room go, and they laughed. As they changed for their meeting, he warned her not to leave the bathroom while he was undressing. Though she agreed, she slipped out to retrieve a bag. She saw his bare chest and sighed like a teenager.

Before they left for the meeting, Ryan's eyes glowed as he regarded Madison. She coyly remarked that she'd be out of her league at the meeting. He assured her that she'd be just fine, but she added that it was weird for her to be there with him. Still dazzled by her beauty, he replied that it wasn't weird at all, and he led her out of the room.

Later, Greenlee apprehensively approached Ryan's hotel room door. She changed her mind about knocking, but before she could leave, a room attendant offered his assistance to her. She allowed him to believe that it was her room, and he let her inside. In the darkened room, she managed to see Madison's clothes laid out. "What was I thinking? A new low--even for me," she said. Before she could leave, she heard Ryan and Madison talking in the corridor.

Friday, July 16, 2010

Disheartened, Angie used her recorder to note that the medications hadn't improved her condition. She said that she was increasingly fatigued, but was unsure if it was related to the disorder, or emotions. Angie abandoned her recording when Jesse arrived home. He held his suit for his meeting with the mayor to end his suspension. Before he went to change, Jesse handed Angie her family Bible, which he'd found in their closet.

When Jesse returned to the living room, Angie asked if he had prepared something to say to the mayor. Jesse said that he preferred think on his feet. Jesse asked her to pick out a tie, but when her vision became obscured, Angie resisted. Jesse insisted, so Angie made her way into the bedroom and picked out gawdy ties. She laughed the selection off and told Jesse that a tie was unnecessary. Jesse agreed, and then asked an alarmed Angie to drive to the station.

Jesse went down to the car before Angie but when she took too long, Jesse went back up to the apartment. Angie told Jesse that he hated when she drove because she was too slow. She also pointed out that she was directionally challenged and might get them turned around. Jesse realized Angie was right and agreed to drive.

JR's confident stride into the Chandler living room was cut short when he caught sight of Annie. They regarded each other uncomfortably, and chose to say as little as possible. Scott unknowingly broke the tension when he walked into the room. Scott asked JR if Annie had revealed her new project. JR looked puzzled, so Scott handed over a folder.

JR saw that Annie's assignment involved getting a contract extended for a year. JR said that he wasn't in favor of the idea. JR said that Tucker, the man in charge of the contract, required special handling. JR thought that there had to be someone better-suited for the job. Annie insisted that she could handle it.

Marissa ran into David at Krystal's restaurant. David commented on the armload of books that Marissa was carrying. Marissa said that she wasn't sure she would be ready for the bar, between all of the studying and the things going on at home. David asked if JR was treating her well. Marissa said that her marriage had been fine. Marissa told David that Scott had hired Annie, which meant that Annie would be working with JR.

Marissa asked if David had any advice, but David was distracted. Marissa said she wouldn't be upset if David needed to be somewhere else. David confessed that he'd been trying to reach Greenlee but had been unsuccessful. He tried to reach Greenlee one more time, but his phone call went directly to voicemail. Marissa suggested that Greenlee turned her phone off. Dejected, David said that he'd been unable to reach her more frequently as of late.

David tried a different tack to get in touch with Greenlee, but when that failed, he asked the person on the other end to let Greenlee know he'd called. When David hung up, Marissa asked if something was wrong with Greenlee. David revealed that Greenlee had ingested a few too many alcoholic drinks.

Eager to focus on someone else, David asked how having Annie around made Marissa feel. Marissa said that she felt insecure. David said that JR should feel uneasy with the situation. David advised Marissa not to let anything or anyone tear down her marriage. Marissa was stunned that David seemed to be supportive of her marriage. David said that he was facing the same kind of discord with regard to his marriage, so he knew how Marissa felt.

JR told Scott that he should give Annie smaller projects first so that she could experience some success. Scott said he believed in Annie and asked that JR stop second-guessing his decisions. JR and Annie walked out into the foyer. JR asked Annie to claim that she wasn't ready. Annie was irate because JR's motives had nothing to do with business and everything to do with their struggle to stay away from each other.

Marissa walked in at that moment and asked what was going on. JR told her that Scott had decided to send Annie, a novice, to handle some negotiations for the company. Annie stormed back into living room, and Marissa told JR not to worry. Marissa told JR that Annie didn't matter, but Marissa started to worry when JR was slow to agree.

In the living room, Annie pulled together the materials she would need for her meeting. Scott assured her that she would be fine. Annie said that she didn't care if JR approved or not. When Annie pointed out that she had been dealing with disapproval her whole life, Scott told her that the cycle would end. Scott said Annie should let him know if JR did anything to make her unhappy so that he could deal with JR directly. Annie thanked Scot and left for her meeting.

Annie passed Marissa and JR in the foyer, but summarily ignored them. Marissa tried to distract JR by asking for help with studying. JR realized he'd forgotten about a meeting he'd set up. JR promised to help when he returned, and quickly ran out the door. After she sat dejectedly on the stairs for a moment, Marissa went upstairs to retrieve her study materials.

Marissa struggled to transport the towering stack of papers into the living room. She almost made it to the table before the materials tumbled out of her hand and all over the floor. Scott leapt to his feet to help her clean up. Marissa vented her frustration about all the studying she needed to do. Her phone rang, and when she answered the call, she found out that she was next in line to drive the car pool.

Marissa tried to figure out a way out of the obligation, but the person on the other end said that Marissa needed to drive. Marissa said she would figure something out and ended the call. Scott suggested that JR take over the driving, but Marissa said that JR was perpetually busy. Scott said that he was worried about Marissa. Marissa said that according to everyone else, she was perfect. As she ticked off the "perfect" things about herself -- student, mother, wife -- she threw her study materials across the room.

Marissa apologized for throwing a tantrum, and then asked if Scott had seen what had been going on between JR and Annie. Scott said that there was nothing to worry about because the connection between Annie and JR wasn't real. Marissa said that they needed to be proactive and fight for their respective relationships. Scott asked what had happened to get Marissa fired up. Marissa admitted that she had talked to David. Scott said that no one should take romantic advice from David.

Scott said that he understood fighting for family, but told Marissa that she shouldn't fight the way David did. Marissa knew that David didn't make the best choices, but said David's motives were sound. Marissa said that she wanted her family back to the way it was, and was willing to do whatever she had to do to fix things. She told Scott that he should feel free to warn Annie.

Greenlee panicked inside Ryan's room when she heard Ryan and Madison in the hall. She was granted a brief reprieve when Ryan had difficulty locating his key. By the time he finally found it and opened the door to the room, Greenlee was tucked away in the bathroom. Greenlee was horrified as the increasingly flirtatious banter between Ryan and Madison became a heated makeout session.

The phone rang and, although Ryan wanted to ignore it, Madison was worried that they would miss something important. While Madison was on the phone, Ryan walked around the room and started to go into the bathroom in an effort to calm down. Before Ryan could leave the main part of the room, Madison ended the call and said their other room was ready.

Madison offered to go retrieve the key from the front desk, and left quickly. A few moments after the door closed, Ryan called out to Greenlee. Greenlee froze, but when Ryan said he knew she was in the bathroom, Greenlee had no choice but to reveal herself. Greenlee asked how Ryan knew she was there, and Ryan said he recognized her signature scent.

Ryan asked why Greenlee had followed him to New York. Greenlee chuckled uncomfortably and said that she'd planned to go to the advertisers' conference. Ryan asked why Greenlee felt an urgency to talk to him. Greenlee tried to avoid the question and simply told Ryan that she asked to be let in so that she could leave him a note. Ryan redirected Greenlee and said that she hadn't answered his question.

Greenlee finally said that she wanted to make sure that Ryan wasn't going to the police about David's payoff to the SEC. Annoyed, Ryan confirmed that his involvement was over, so Greenlee attempted to leave. Ryan knew that Greenlee was being dishonest. Before Greenlee reached the door, Ryan demanded to know the real reason Greenlee had tracked him down.

Greenlee said that she was grateful Ryan had taken care of her when she got too drunk. Greenlee felt that Ryan was owed a personal thank you. She added that the sloppy drunk that Ryan saw was not part of the real Greenlee. Ryan asked if he should forget everything from that night, or if there was something specific that Greenlee wanted him to forget. Greenlee mentally flashed back to when she told Ryan that some mornings, as she woke up, she forgot that they weren't together.

Greenlee snapped back to the present and told Ryan that she didn't remember much of what happened after getting into his car. A grin crept on to Ryan's face, and Greenlee wanted to know what was funny. Ryan remarked that Greenlee hadn't uttered one true statement since she'd arrived. Before the truth could be unveiled, Madison burst back into the room. With Madison as their audience Ryan chose not to let on to why he believed Greenlee followed him to New York.

Madison, ever gracious, asked if Greenlee wanted to go to a show with them. Ryan interrupted and said that Greenlee had other plans. Greenlee went along with it, and took her leave. Once the door closed, Madison asked if Ryan actually wanted to go to a show. Instead of directly answering the question, Ryan kissed Madison passionately.

The police officers started to applaud when Jesse and Angie walked into the station. Jesse told them that he wasn't officially off suspension, but Angie told him to accept the applause. Angie said that she knew the suspension would be lifted and Jesse would be back at his desk in no time. David walked in just then, Angie verbally attacked David for being a miserable person.

Angie said that if David weren't so selfish, he would know how to be happy. Unbothered by Angie's hostility, David said that he had been happy as a heart surgeon but it had been ripped away from him. Before Angie could do any additional damage, Jesse dragged her away. Angie apologized for her behavior, and Jesse thought it best if she went home. Jesse offered to have someone take Angie home, but Angie said she would walk.

After Angie left the station, David revealed that the mayor had cancelled the meeting. David said it was likely that the mayor didn't want Jesse back as chief. He then told Jesse that he hoped Angie and Frankie had been saving money because they might be in the next round of cuts at the hospital. Jesse warned David to leave Angie and Frankie alone. Jesse made it clear that he could and would do a lot more to exact revenge on David without a badge holding him back.

David agreed when Jesse said that he and David were nothing alike. David went on to say that because Jesse played by the rules, he would never be able to take David down. Jesse said that he'd dealt with far worse people to protect his family. David invited Jesse to continue his quest to make David pay for his alleged crimes. David felt that Jesse would be unrecognizable to his family if Jesse truly went to the depths necessary to prosecute David. Jesse said it would all be worth it if David were stopped.

Angie made her way to Krystal's restaurant and managed to find an empty chair. As tears filled her eyes, she silently started to pray. She knew that she hadn't been the most devoted believer, but said that she always had her faith to lean on. She asked why she'd been afflicted with vision loss when she used her hands and her sight to help others. Angie asked if there was a message or a lesson that was being shared that she missed. She begged for guidance to help her through the crisis.

David found Angie clutching her Bible. He facetiously told her that she wouldn't be helped unless she learned to help herself. Barely containing her rage, Angie demanded that David not mock her faith. She told him that she had been struggling to deal with him, the confrontations, and all of the uproar at the hospital. Angie admitted that the stress of dealing with a good part of those things on her own made it hard to get up in the morning. Angie said that leaning on her faith was the only thing that helped her.

At the Yacht Club, Annie was close to closing the deal with Tucker when she spotted JR, watching her progress. She excused herself and demanded to know why JR was spying on her. Annie said that she wasn't a worthless, mercy hire that Scott inflicted on Chandler. JR said that if he felt that Annie was worthless, he wouldn't have shown up.

Annie insisted that she could handle the deal on her own and stalked off before JR could say anything else. When she got back to the table, Annie asked Tucker if he was ready to sign the deal. Tucker told her that he'd left some paperwork in his room, and asked if Annie would be willing to accompany him to retrieve it. Annie readily agreed and defiantly flipped her hair in JR's direction upon leaving.

Annie and Tucker arrived at his room, and Annie was anxious to get the papers signed. Tucker locked the door and said that they had other things to discuss. Annie nervously asked what those things were. Tucker said that he assumed there would be perks that accompanied the contract. Annie told him that she was there strictly for business. Tucker said that no one believed that Annie was a serious businesswoman, and made it clear what kind of perk he expected from her.

Annie said that she wasn't part of the package. Tucker thought that Annie was playing hard to get. Tucker pulled her close and although Annie struggled, Tucker was able to pin Annie on the bed. Annie screamed for him to let her go, to no avail. Just then, JR burst into the room.

David walked into his room at the Yacht Club and tried to reach Greenlee again. He hung up when he got her voicemail. David spotted the nearly empty travel-sized bottle of alcohol and left quickly, determined to find his wife. Across town, Jesse blew into his apartment and threw his keys and jacket in anger. Jesse spotted a picture of himself with Angie when they were younger. He called Angie's name in hopes that she was home.

Angie tried to leave the restaurant, but her vision hadn't cleared up. She tried to feel her way along the benches out front, but she felt uneasy. A young man accidentally ran into her and knocked her purse to the ground. He apologized but walked away without helping. Angie collapsed to the ground and, gripped by fear, she tried to locate the contents that had spilled out of her purse.

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