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Monday, July 9, 2007

Greenlee and Annie busted into the Fusion office hurling insults at each other. So, Ava took the opportunity to sneak out of the room while Kendall was distracted. However, Di saw Ava and followed her into ConFusion. Di was disappointed with Ava's impersonation of Lily. Ava explained that she was ambitious and knew this was her only chance to be the face of Fusion. Di understood and called the photographer downstairs. At first, the photographer was hesitant to work with Ava again. Even Ava was nervous, but Di assured Ava that she would be great. So, they began another shoot and all three of them were impressed with the results. Meanwhile, Greenlee and Annie were still fighting upstairs. Greenlee arrogantly announced that Ryan still loved her, but Ryan just focused on Annie and bluntly said that Greenlee was wrong. Greenlee looked hurt and ran into the elevator. Annie followed her and stopped the elevator. Greenlee began freaking out because of her claustrophobia. However, Annie did not care because she wanted to finish their confrontation. Greenlee began to cry and admitted that Ryan no longer loved her. Greenlee said that Annie had Ryan's heart now. Annie looked shocked, but not fully convinced. Greenlee begged Annie to let her out, so she did. Meanwhile, Ryan was asking Kendall to stop forcing a relationship between Greenlee and Annie. Kendall thought they could be friends because of her unlikely friendship with Greenlee. Then, they saw Greenlee run out of the elevator. Kendall tried to console Greenlee, but she did not want pity. Greenlee told herself that she would find a way to "un-love" Ryan. Then, Annie had a revelation. Annie told Ryan that she no longer cared about Greenlee's actions because all that mattered was their relationship. Ryan was happy to hear this and they went home holding hands. Then, Di and Ava came back to show Kendall a picture from the photo shoot. Kendall was surprised by how "hot" Ava looked, but still rejected Ava.

Jonathan and Lily began to eat dinner together at the yacht club. Lily explained that Ava was taking her place at the Fusion photo shoot. Lily believed that Ava would be allowed to be the model once everyone saw how good she was. Lily did not think that anyone would be mad that Ava was pretending to be her again. However, Jonathan looked nervous when Lily told him about this set up. Lily saw this and deducted that Jonathan cared about Ava. Then, Lily became flustered because she thought it was possible that Jonathan and Ava could fall in love. Jonathan assured Lily that they were just friends. Lily calmed down and stated that Jonathan still remembered how to help her. Lily said that they were not a fit anymore because Jonathan could help her, but she could no longer help Jonathan. Jonathan looked sad and agreed. Then, as they were paying the bill, Josh entered. Josh came to the table and started to discuss work with Lily. As they spoke, Jonathan left without saying a word. Then, Josh saw Greenlee sitting alone. Josh told Greenlee that she needed some "one on one time" and grabbed her from the table. Meanwhile, Jonathan went to the boathouse and ran into Ava. Jonathan demanded to know why Ava tried to set him up with Lily. However, Jonathan was distracted by the sexy photo Ava was holding from her shoot. Then, they looked into each other's eyes and began passionately kissing.

JR came to see Amanda at ConFusion. Amanda did not want to speak with JR until he paid her. Then, Jamie and Babe entered. The four looked at each other awkwardly, but still sat at a table together. Babe asked JR about his business trip. JR did not want to tell Babe the truth, but Amanda made him. Babe was furious with JR for staging his own kidnapping and left the table. Amanda followed Babe and filled her in on all the details. Then, Babe realized that Amanda was dating JR. Amanda denied this because of her friendship with Babe. However, Babe did not care about herself, but worried that JR would hurt Amanda. Meanwhile, Jamie affirmed that he was on JR's side. Jamie offered to help JR with Zach. JR joked and asked if Jamie could lend him 100 million dollars. Jamie said no, but offered to buy JR a cup of coffee. Then, Babe and Amanda returned. Babe was more composed and toasted herself for taking the GED. JR did not know about this and congratulated Babe.

Adam went to The Comeback and told Krystal that he was there to check on Colby. Krystal reluctantly let him sit at the bar. Adam asked for a beer, but Krystal did not want to oblige because of Adam's heart condition. Adam said his health was none of her business and demanded the beer. So, Krystal tried to pour one, but she could not get the tap to work. Adam nicely instructed Krystal on how to work the tap and they shared a smile. Meanwhile, Colby saw this and looked excited. Colby then approached Adam and said she loved him. Krystal believed that Colby still had hope that they would get back together. Krystal felt that they should both tell Colby that this would never happen. Krystal also asked Adam to stay away from the bar for Colby's sake. Adam looked disappointed, but agreed. Krystal then assured Adam that he would retrieve his money and vowed to get her half. Then, Krystal warmly smiled and affirmed that Adam always got what he wanted. Adam watched Krystal as she walked away and murmured that he knew what he wanted.

Tuesday, July 10, 2007

Having been in her shoes, Josh wants to help Greenlee get over her obsession with Ryan and initiates her into his "love detox" program. After having some fun on the basketball court, Josh takes Greenlee to the beach and they both end up in the water, although Josh is wearing considerably less that she is. Josh stops himself from making love with Greenlee as he points out she'd feel strange in the morning and that's not what he wants. Greenlee is grateful for Josh's friendship and they grow closer. Lily is confused by her feelings when she sees Jonathan and Ava kissing. Lily admits to a sympathetic Di that she can accept Jonathan and Ava being together but doesn't want to see them together. Ava tries to put the brakes on her and Jonathan's passion but they end up making love. Kendall is impressed when Zach tells her about how he swindled Adam and JR. Kendall assures Zach he will be a wonderful father to their son or daughter. A comment from Zach leads Kendall to decide to combine Fusion's two new campaigns and to use Ava as the model. Colby tries to push Adam towards Krystal and exposes the truth about JR's kidnapping hoax. Krystal is glad Adam got a taste of the hell he put her through when he had Jenny taken from her. After initially leaving, Adam returns to the Comeback but stops himself from going in when he sees Krystal slow dancing with Derek. Sean tells Colby how much she means to him.

Wednesday, July 11, 2007

Annie and Ryan woke up happily in their bed. They looked into each other's eyes and reaffirmed that everything was going to be alright with their relationship. Then, they got up and got dressed. Ryan asked Annie to accompany him to New York because he had a business appointment there. Annie declined because she did not want to take time off at work. Annie wanted to prove that she was dedicated, so Greenlee could not harass her. Then, they went to the yacht club for breakfast. Meanwhile, Greenlee and Josh woke up on the beach together. Greenlee looked very content and thanked Josh for the night before. Greenlee was grateful that Josh did not take advantage of her. Josh said that Greenlee was the woman of his dreams. Then, they laughed and walked into the yacht club to leave the beach. During their exit, they saw Ryan and Annie eating. Josh and Greenlee awkwardly said hello and left. Ryan and Annie laughed and assumed that Greenlee and Josh slept together. This gave them hope that Greenlee was moving on.

Ava woke up and Jonathan was no longer in the bed. Ava looked hurt, but then Jonathan arrived with a tray of food. Jonathan stated that he only left to get her breakfast in bed. Ava admitted that no man had ever treated her this kindly. Then, Jonathan proposed that they go to a movie after work. Ava was nervous that Lily might see them. Ava did not want to hurt Lily, but she did not want to ends things with Jonathan either. Jonathan wanted to be honest with Lily, but Ava convinced him to keep quiet for a little while. Then, Ava got a phone call from Di. Di told Ava to come to Fusion right away and Ava quickly left. Then, as Jonathan got dressed, Lily walked in. Lily stated that she saw Jonathan and Ava kissing the night before. Jonathan looked nervous. However, Lily explained that she logically deducted that Jonathan and Ava should be able to kiss and date. Then, Lily asked if they had sex. Jonathan said yes. Lily also asked if Jonathan loved Ava. Jonathan said it was too soon to tell. Lily advised him to be honest with Ava. Then, as Lily left, Jonathan went to the window and watched her leave. Lily looked up at Jonathan and they exchanged smiles.

Kendall came to work and announced her big plans to Babe and Di. Kendall explained that she wanted to market Fusion Green as two separate lines, night and day. Babe and Di loved the idea. Kendall further explained that she wanted Ava to be the model because she could portray both looks. Di was excited and called Ava right away. Then, Kendall said that she was still nervous about Greenlee and Di because they had a huge fight the night before. Then, Annie entered and they all told her about Kendall's idea. Annie thought it was great. Then, Greenlee entered and they told her about the idea. Greenlee agreed that it was terrific. Then, Annie approached Greenlee and said that she did not tell anyone about Greenlee's night with Josh. Greenlee was glad and they agreed that everything was good between them. Then, Ava entered and Di immediately told her that Lily saw her kissing Jonathan. Ava was nervous and started yelling at everyone for rejecting her from Fusion. Everyone explained that they changed their minds and wanted her to be the new face of Fusion. Ava was very excited. Then, Kendall announced that they all needed to go to New York to present their new marketing plan. Everyone was positive that Fusion Green would be a success.

Zach was at home. Zach left Josh a message wondering how his transition at Chandler was going. Then, Stuart came over. Stuart stated that he wanted to buy the Chandler mansion from Zach. Zach explained that he acquired the mansion fairly because Adam needed money to save JR. Zach believed it was not his fault that Adam lost everything. Stuart affirmed that he did not want the house for JR or Adam, but for Colby and Little Adam. Then, a man delivered a crib Zach ordered. Zach was upset because the crib was not assembled. Stuart offered to help put the crib together if Zach would hear him out. Zach agreed. As they assembled the crib, Stuart complimented Zach on being a good father. Stuart felt that he had to be a father figure to Colby and Little Adam. Stuart wanted them to grow up their family home and continue to make memories there. Stuart then offered all of his money and the deed to his studio to buy the mansion. Zach said he would consider it. Then, Stuart left and Ryan entered. Ryan asked Zach to invest in his new venture capitalist company, "Eco Fleet." The company made hybrid vehicles for various businesses. Zach asked why Ryan wanted to invest with him since Ryan turned down his initial offer to work together. Ryan said this was a one time deal. So, Zach agreed to go with Ryan to New York to learn more about the venture.

Thursday, July 12, 2007

Colby goes to see Sean while he is doing his community service work at the yacht club. Sean asks Colby out on a "real date" and she happily accepts. Before leaving, Colby hands him a musical device to keep him busy during his community service work. Sean rushes off when he sees his mother come into the restaurant. He oversees Barbara telling someone that she has audio and video proof Jackson and Erica are back together.

Tad and Krystal and the rest of the family gather at the beach for Jenny's bapstism ceremony. Tad and Krystal ask Jamie to be the godfather and Colby to be the godfather to Jenny. Colby is surprised that she is chosen over Babe, but Krystal reminds Colby she is the woman who delivered the baby. Tad talks about his late sister Jenny, saying she always believed the best in him. He adds that he wants Jenny to know her aunt (Tad's sister) and so many other deceased loved ones are going to be her guardian angels. Babe asks JR why he didn't bring Amanda with him, but he says she goes where she wants. JR quizzes Babe about her relationship with Jamie, but she insists they are just friends. Tad tells Jamie although it is Jenny's day, it is hard not to think about Kate. Krystal finds Adam on the terrace, overlooking the baptism, and asks what he wants. Adam said he wanted to talk to her alone, but is unable to communicate how he feels. Krystal tells him to call her when he is ready to talk. Stuart tells Adam that he missed the perfect chance to tell Krystal he is sorry, but he leaves instead.

Jackson and Erica nuzzle up beside each other at the hotel room. Jackson hands Erica a script that has been written for when they reveal their make-up on screen. Erica says the script is terrible and she refuses to use it for the show. Jackson throws the script away and Jackson agrees to look at a script with Erica that is being written by Pam, the producer. Erica kisses Jackson passionately before heading back to the office, draped in sunglasses and an oversized black hat. Moments later, Jackson leaves. Barbara walks into the room and takes a plant with a hidden camera, which caught all of the action between Jackson and Erica. Barbara calls her source about the evidence, but Sean takes the phone away and tells the person Barbara is crazy. Sean takes the video and he tells her to get out of town because she is not wanted there.

Amanda tells Kendall that is not leaving Fusion because of her relationship with JR, but wants to look at other opportunities. Kendall tells Amanda she can continue to be manager at ConFusion, but invites her to come to the Fusion offices tomorrow to discuss opportunities with the new Fusion campaign. JR meets Amanda at ConFusion and she immediately begins asking about her money. JR's questioning about how Amanda would like the money transferred leads them to a passionate kiss.

Jonathan, Aidan, Dell and Di round up a game of basketball, but Jonathan keeps getting paranoid t hat Aidan and Dell are talking about Ava. Jonathan tell Di he wants to work things out with Ava, but needs her to get Aidan off his back. Di tells Jonathan about Fusion hiring Ava as a model for their Fusion Greene line. Di and Jonathan win the game and Di suggests Aidan take her out to dinner to celebrate. Dell begins making jokes about Ava, Jonathan tells him he will be sorry.

Friday, July 13, 2007

Despite some minor ruffles from partners battling over trying to improve her look, Ava's first shoot for the Night portion of the Fusion Green campaign reaches completion, and they move into the next phase. Greenlee can't help but harp about Ava's unnatural stiffness but Kendall lets her know in no uncertain terms that it's Ava she wants. Greenlee continues to make noise about the unprofessionalism in the office once Amanda shows up for her first day. Kendall reminds her that Amanda was integral in coming up with the idea. Annie then jumps in and tells Greenlee that they need all hands on deck, and if she isn't prepared to be a team player, she can feel free to leave. Unwilling to view success from the outside, Greenlee recommits herself to keeping her mouth shut. On the other side of the room, Di gives a pep talk to one very nervous model. Ava gripes about how nervous she was through the whole first half as herself, and then says that because the lens seems to see inside her, it will make it that much tougher to pretend to be Lily. Di calms her down enough to get her in the chair for hair and makeup consultation. Her nerves still getting the best of her, she suggests using Night shots again, but Greenlee rudely tells her that they chose her because she looks like Lily, so she needs to get used to it. Kendall sends her and the stylist off with a picture of Lily to work some magic while everyone continues to work on different projects. Little things seem to keep unraveling, but the team plows forward. Zach shows up then, which slightly freaks Kendall out since they are so busy. He tells her that he never had plans to leave town without saying goodbye. He soothes her fears about his interruption with a kiss, so she allows him in and updates him on their progress. He looks at their prospectus and Ava's first round of pictures and approves. He notices Greenlee and Annie working amicably and wonders how long it will last. Kendall is just thankful for a modicum of peace in the melee.

Ryan interrupts Jonathan's daydreaming about the night he spent with Ava to tell him that he is headed out of town. He fills him in about finding the startup money with Zach and going to New York to make everything happen. He asks his brother to join him but Jonathan tells him that he has a lot of things going on in town and he plans to stay put. Noting his brother's dreamy demeanor, Ryan asks about Ava, and Jonathan tells him that even though she initially bombed, she got hired on at Fusion. He also tells his big brother that he really likes Ava and thinks that they could be good together. Ryan immediately switches into protective mode but Jonathan stops him, telling him that if he doesn't have anything nice to say, choose not to say anything at all. They exchange ‘I love you's before Ryan heads out the door.

Annie and Greenlee continue to work peacefully together, although their coworkers are disbelieving as they look on. They throw out some keywords to use, and end up mentioning sex under the moon. Annie asks about including a beach. Greenlee tells her that although she is curious, what happened between her and Josh the other night would stay there. Annie tells her that she is happy that Greenlee seems to be trying new things. Then, the elevator door opens and Ryan emerges, much to Annie's delight. He tells her that he and Zach agreed to meet up there before heading off to New York so they could say goodbye to their wives. As he drags her out to the foyer for some face time, Greenlee looks after them forlornly. Amanda approaches Babe and asks if Greenlee is always a bitch. Babe tells her that she trying and Amanda admits that it has to be tough watching Annie with her ex. Babe reminds her that they are working well together despite the fact that Amanda has hooked up with JR. Amanda wonders if Babe is holding that against her, but Babe tells her that she is over JR. Amanda tries to convince Babe that things aren't serious, but Babe says that once you are in JR's bed – it's serious. Finally the boys are about ready to leave when Ava emerges from the back, with her hair and makeup more like Lily. All are stunned at her transformation. Greenlee remains skeptical and that feeling wraps itself around Ava. It takes the rest of the ladies and several tries before Ava relaxes enough to let the innocence shine through. Once she does, the photographer is able to snap off some amazing shots. After they finish, Ava wants to call it a day, but the Fusion ladies deliver the bad news that they are nowhere near done. Kendall comes up with a plan for an all-nighter but her still-present husband notes that he wants his pregnant wife to rest. Ava thinks it's a good idea, so they allow her to go home and take a nap as long as she doesn't mess up her Day look. Amanda brings up a digital rendering of the Day pictures for Ava, and thinks she has found the perfect one. Kendall tells her Annie has final say, but the woman in question is nowhere in the immediate area.

Up on the roof, Ryan lays a deep kiss on his wife. They break apart a few moments later, and Annie wants to know what he's thinking. He tells her that he doesn't want to leave her and she assures him that they will be back together before they have time to miss each other. They then return to the main floor just as Zach and Kendall are saying their goodbyes. The guys head into the elevators and when the doors close, and their wives convince themselves that all will be okay because it's just one night. A moment later, the doors open back up and, under Greenlee's watchful gaze, their men come back out of the elevator for one more lip lock.

Colby finds Sean dozing outside of the Comeback and tells him that he should head home and get some sleep. He tells her that he finished up his community service and now all he wants is to be with her. he tells her that after she left him the day before, he listened to the playlist she created and recalled that the songs were all from times that they spent together. She praises him for paying attention, and he tells her that it's a no-brainer when it comes to her. He then has the inspiration to do something but tells her that she has to leave while he does. He tells her he needs a knife and then asks her to go get him a coffee so that he can surprise her. Baffled, she does as he asks. She comes back with his beverage but he isn't done, so he makes her set the drink down and turn her back. They talk about how easy they thought it would be to come back to Pine Valley and jump into an instant family versus the reality they found. They agree although things had been difficult, it was worth it because they found each other. She then goes back in for a short while to give him more time, but finally can't take the suspense anymore. She reemerges and asks if her surprise is ready. He tells her that it is, but that he has to make sure that she won't think him stupid of soft after she sees it. She promises, but immediately melts when she sees that he carved their initials in a heart on the post.

Tad finds Krystal setting up the bar and plants kisses on her cheeks in thanks for Jenny's christening. Krystal agrees that everything was perfect, and notes that there is no better way to spend a day than with family. At that, Tad asks if she would like to make their family official. Unsure of what to say, she tries to change the subject, but Tad laughs at her and tells her he didn't mean marriage. Visibly relieved, she finally opens up to what he has to say. He tells her how much Jenny means to him, and how she saved his life by showing up just when he needed her to. He also tells her that seeing Jenny only half the time kills him, and he can't imagine that she feels differently. Krystal agrees, and Tad tells her that he believes he has come up with an idea that will solve that problem. He shows her a printout of a house he is interested in buying, and gives her all the details about how it could work. Krystal appears as though she still needs some convincing, so he tells her that there are all sorts of families out there making up the rules as they go along, and says that he thinks they could be one of them. They talk a little while longer, but then Tad gets a call from Aidan and has to run. Krystal says she will think about the house and after giving her the printout, Tad tells her that her consideration is all he can ask for.

Adam and Erica meet up at the Yacht Club and Adam proposes that after she ends things with Jack, they should get married. Erica is floored, but Adam tells her that after the million dollar offer came up, he started wondering why he hadn't thought of it first. He tells her that he is the only man worthy of her. She sees through his lies and in an attempt to call him on it, she tells him that she will marry him, even though there will be some bumps along the way. Adam, not expecting her to agree, starts to let his ruffled feathers show. He tries to make excuses so that he can leave but Erica insists that he stay and make wedding plans. She lets him flounder for a few moments and then tells him that she knows that his proposal has nothing to do with marriage and everything to do with Krystal. Adam tries to deny it but when Erica won't let up, he admits it. He tells her how much it hurts him, and how much he hates that it does. Erica tells him that sometimes even the thing that we want most is something that we can't control, and he may just have to be okay with loving Krystal. He thinks that she is speaking from experience, and she is forced to admit that she still loves Jack. She begs him not to tell anyone, for the sake of her show, but Adam tells her that he is more preoccupied with his own woes and that her secret is safe. He tells her that he just wants to rip Krystal out of his life, but she points out that it may not be a possibility since he is still in love with her. She notes that although Adam is not the type to forgive a woman that has betrayed him, he might take this opportunity to try. Adam tells her that forgiveness is not a possibility, but although she understands his position, she tells him that doing things another way, where you forgive and still win, has its benefits too.

Ava returns to Wildwind in full hair and makeup and Jonathan immediately mistakes her for her sister.

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