AMC Recaps: The week of October 2, 2006 on All My Children
Adam was overjoyed when he learned that Krystal was pregnant. Babe admitted that she was in love with both JR and Josh. Lily was released from the hospital and returned home. Sean learned that Jack had been granted guardianship of him. Kendall and Ryan grew closer.
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Monday, October 2, 2006

Adam was ecstatic over Krystal's pregnancy. He believed it was a girl. Colby was not happy about the baby news. Adam and Krystal told Colby she would have a lot to teach her new sibling. Colby joked she would teach her new sister how to steal cars and crash yachts. Adam and Krystal said Colby was capable of doing great things. Adam also stated the new baby would be amazing, just like its mother. Then, Colby left the room and heard a knock at the door. It was Sean. Colby was worried Adam would kill him, but Sean came in anyway. Colby expressed her jealousy and distress over the new baby. Sean said she should be happy because the new baby would take attention off her and allow her more freedom. Sean further explained that he was born so he could be a marrow donor for his sister. Colby felt bad about the reasons behind Sean's birth. Then, Sean had to quickly leave because Adam was looking for Colby. Later, Babe and JR came home. Babe saw the banner announcing the baby and was very excited. Meanwhile, Colby told JR to wise up about Babe. She asserted Babe and Josh were having an affair. JR threatened Colby to stop lying about Babe or he would send her back to Liza.

Livia was still questioning Tad. Tad said he regretted getting so mad on the stand. Livia would not let it go. She made it seem like Tad was only testifying to get revenge on Dixie. Tad remained that he was telling the truth and the tape was fake. After Tad got off the stand, Dixie asked how he could do this to her. The judge ordered Dixie to be quiet and Tad walked out. Jamie and JR followed him. JR said Tad's actions were unforgivable. Jamie told JR to go easy on Tad. Tad stated he did what he had to do. Then, they went back into the courtroom. Livia gave her closing arguments. She attacked Tad's testimony as a jealous man seeking revenge. The D.A. rebutted that the physical evidence made it apparent that Zach and Dixie were guilty. During the closing statements Dixie, Kendall, Ryan, and Zach all thought about the outcome of the trial. Dixie hoped they would be acquitted so she could look for Kate and have a chance with Zach. Kendall hoped Zach would get off, but still doubted his innocence. Ryan also hoped Zach would be found innocent, so Kendall's heart would not be broken. Zach wanted to be acquitted, so he could fight for Kendall. The jury then left to make their decision. Josh yelled that Zach and Dixie should be found guilty. Zach was then brought to his cell. Dixie visited him and they held hands and smiled. They did not know Kendall was there too. She saw Zach and Dixie together and left without saying anything. That night everyone was at home waiting anxiously for the verdict. In the morning, everyone received a phone call stating the jury was out. The courtroom was packed when the jury announced their verdict. Zach and Dixie were found not guilty on all charges! Zach and Dixie hugged as Kendall watched. Zach then took Dixie to Tad's house. She did not want to go, but Zach said to trust him. Tad opened the door and Zach left them alone. Dixie chastised Tad for his testimony. Tad told Dixie it was time for him to tell the truth. Meanwhile, Kendall was at home and Zach went to see her. They just looked at each other silently.

Tuesday, October 3, 2006

Dixie listened incredulously as Tad said everything he did, he did to protect her, not hurt her. The only reason she wasn't convicted was because he got her acquitted. Derek and Summerhill were convinced they had a solid gold witness, but the best lie is always the one that's wrapped in the truth. He was sorry, he knew it hurt, but it was the best he could come up with. Dixie couldn't believe Zach was in on it, but Tad noted you didn't have to like someone to respect them. Dixie thought he hated Zach because he thought they were having an affair, but Tad knew her alibi was a sham from the get-go, much as she wished it were true. Zach would never cheat on Kendall. Dixie was stunned that Jamie was in on it, and Aidan had arranged for the airport security tape that was actually made last week, not June 5th; all Kagan did was alter the time stamp. Dixie was angry he'd kept her in the dark to get even, but Tad said no matter how he felt about her, it didn't really compare to how he felt about himself. He couldn't let her be convicted for a crime she didn't commit. He killed Greg Madden.

Zach said he wasn't perfect, but he still loved her like crazy and wanted to spend the rest of his life with her and Spike. Kendall protested just because Tad lied didn't mean he was innocent! Zach asked why she couldn't just believe he didn't kill the guy and let it go? Kendall said because she was his wife, and deserved a real answer. It was like there were two Zachs, and she couldn't reconcile the two. Asked why he refused to tell her the truth about the disc, Zach admitted it was because he didn't want her to see who he really was. Kendall cried she had lost her trust in him, but Zach insisted she'd thrown it away and wondered how much of her thinking came from Ryan. When she insisted she needed the truth or they were through, Zach told her he could go to places so dark, she couldn't even begin to imagine, and she wasn't going to like what he had to say. He told her about his men picking up a signal with a scanning device; he listened in, and it turned out Madden had been kidnapped by somebody who needed information about Kate. Kendall was horrified he knew Greg was buried alive and didn't do anything to save him; she cried when Zach admitted he hadn't because he didn't care. Kendall realized this was about his own father and Ethan. Zach agreed, and was only sorry that it wasn't him that put Madden in that box and left him there to die. He reached for her hand, but Kendall told him not to touch her.

Babe reminded Josh she was married and loved her husband. What happened between them was a one-time deal and they couldn't take this any further. Josh insisted if she really wanted this to end, she was going to have to be the one to do it. Just tell him it was over! Babe couldn't, she didn't want it to be over.

Dixie exclaimed it was impossible that Tad killed Madden! Tad told her of finding Greg about to take off on the jet with a drugged Erica, and how he had to act fast. He knew he couldn't kill Madden, and he knew he couldn't let him go. He just had to come up with a way to make him tell them where their daughter was. The only thing that made sense in that moment was to get him off that plane, so he carried him to the cargo storage area and went back for Erica. He filled her in on taking them to the park, and how he realized the park was the same park where Ray Gardner had dropped him off when he was 6 years old. The city was digging trenches all over the park, putting in a new drainage system, and all he had to do was choose one. He drove to a convenience store, picked up some food and some water, he stripped a stereo out of the dashboard, rewired the receiver, tore a speaker out of the door, and stopped by a construction site to get a length of pipe, something he could use as an air hose. He went home and set up a voice filter, recorded a few choice messages for the good doctor, encouraging him to spill his guts, and then waited for that pile of crap to wake up. He never meant to kill anybody. All he wanted to do was break him, and he was so close. He thought about confessing or running away, and then just decided not to do anything until she got arrested. It was ironic, after everything she'd done, he was the one that lost their little girl-he was so sorry! He laid his head in Dixie's lap as he cried.

Wednesday, October 4, 2006

Babe and Josh were kissing. Josh asked Babe if she loved him and she said yes! They proceeded to undress each other. Then, Babe stopped and said she had to go home. When Babe got home, she saw Colby in the living room. Colby said Babe looked like crud. Colby attributed Babe's terrible condition to running back and forth between Josh and JR's beds. Babe began to yell at Colby for being a brat. Krystal heard this and came in. Krystal told Babe to let up on Colby and asked Colby to stay out of Babe's business. Colby was mad at Krystal for getting pregnant. Krystal explained that Adam would still love Colby, even after the new baby arrived. Krystal also wanted everyone to get along, like a family. Krystal even expressed her desire to be Colby's friend. Colby refused Krystal's attempt at a friendship. Colby believed Krystal was only trying to keep her quiet about Babe's affair. Colby then left. Babe began to talk trash about Colby, but Krystal stopped her. She asked if Babe was with Josh again. Babe said she did not want to answer and walked out.

Aidan was talking to Jamie at ConFusion. Jamie thanked Aidan for his help with the airport security guard. Jamie then asked if Aidan knew who really killed Dr. Madden. Aidan warned Jamie to drop it. Di was at the bar too and Aidan walked up and kissed her. Di was surprised to see him and asked where he had been. Aidan said he was in Ireland and handling some other things as well. Di was very annoyed that Aidan stayed away instead of helping her with Dixie's trial. Aidan said he thought about her while he was gone. Di was still upset, so Aidan announced he set up a hang gliding lesson for them that night. Di smiled and gave in and they left together. Meanwhile, Josh came into ConFusion and sat next to Jamie. Jamie bought Josh a drink. Josh asked if Jamie felt good about lying in court. He also asked if Jamie really knew what happened to Dr. Madden. Jamie said he would not tell and got up.

Ryan and Erica were outside Kendall's condo and saw that Zach was inside. Erica wanted to go inside, but Ryan told her not to. Erica did not listen and headed for the door, so Ryan picked her up and carried her away. He brought her to the New Beginnings office. Erica wanted Ryan to go back and save Kendall from Zach. Ryan stated that Kendall needed to make her own decision. Erica asked if it would kill Ryan if Kendall chose Zach. He said yes, but he would still be a good father and friend to Kendall and Spike. Erica hoped Ryan and Kendall would be reunited.

Kendall was still disturbed that Zach allowed Dr. Madden to be tortured and killed. She tried to attest this behavior to his father, Alexander Cambias. She believed Zach was trying to avenge his father's wrongdoings and Ethan's death. Zach told Kendall to stop analyzing him. He said there was no excuse for his behavior and that he was worse than Michael and Alexander Cambias. Kendall said Zach was a good man. Zach believed Kendall was ignoring the truth because she wanted to save him. He stated some men do not want to be saved. He also said she was free to go after Ryan, her hero. Kendall was still upset and shocked that Zach did not help Dr. Madden. She told him to leave, but before he left, she asked if he knew who killed the doctor. Zach said he knew, but would not tell Kendall. Zach left and Ryan walked into the courtyard. Kendall saw Ryan and yelled out for him.

Tad was still distraught over killing Dr. Madden and their only chance of finding Kate. Tad told Dixie he was more responsible for the loss of Kate than she was. Dixie consoled him and encouraged him to look ahead. Tad said he understood that Dixie was only trying to protect Kate when she gave her up. He apologized for judging Dixie so harshly. Tad also asked Dixie if he could be the one to explain things to JR. Dixie agreed and told Tad that he could trust her. Dixie promised not to tell anyone about Tad's crime and urged him to look for Kate with her. Tad got up and brought out all of his files on Kate. He wanted to look for Kate with Dixie. Then, Derek came in. Derek stated he knew Tad lied on the stand. And, Derek still believed Dixie and Zach were guilty. So, Derek proceeded to arrest Tad for perjury. Then, Zach came in and asserted Tad did see them with Dr. Madden's body!

Thursday, October 5, 2006

Erica talks to Jonathan by phone and tells him that Jack is on his way home from the hospital with Lily. He asks if it would be all right if he called every now and again to check in on Lily's progress, and Erica agrees that it will be fine. Then, she hears a sound in the driveway, figures out that the duo has arrived home and abruptly ends the call. Jack and Lily come through the door and Jack immediately tells his daughter that everything has been kept the same way since the day she left. Erica follows by saying that there are so many people that care about her that will be glad to hear that she is home - including Jonathan. At the mention of her ex-husband's name, Lily barks out a verbal rejection. They try to calm her down again with some tea and suggestions of things that they could do to while away the evening. Sean then shows up, tells Lily that he is glad that she is home and apologizes for his part in her current state. He tells her that if he had known Terry was behind everything, he wouldn't have helped her escape the party. He also tells her that things will be better for her now that Terry is dead, and Jack stops him there, thinking his nephew has said enough. Jack offers to take Lily up to her room and get her settled in again and when they go, it gives Sean and Erica an opportunity to speak. Sean admits that he is trying his best to keep things low key around the house so that Lily can be more comfortable, and then informs Erica that he won't be around much longer. Erica assumes that Sean will be going back to live with his mother, but Sean quickly tells her that he is enrolling in the local high school, and will therefore be out of the house from 8-3 everyday. Erica thinks that Sean should talk this over with Jack, but Sean notes that going to school would never be an idea that he would come up with on his own.

A short time later, Erica stands at the window as Jack wraps up a call with the autism spectrum disorder specialist in New York. When he is done, Erica asks if he was ever going to get around to telling her about Sean staying on for the school year. Jack blames it on the chaos surrounding Lily's hospitalization and tries to apologize. Erica isn't really interested, instead reminding him that they promised not to let their children get in the way of making their marriage the best it can be. Jack remembers, and then tells her that Barbara called and said that she can't deal with Sean anymore. He admits that he couldn't just leave his nephew to fend for himself in the world. Erica is taken aback that he could make such a decision on his own, and tells him that things aren't working. Jack thinks she means their marriage, but she tells him quickly that she was referring to their vow. They proceed to make allowances for themselves because of all of the drama that has filtered into their lives since their wedding day. She then remarks that although she loves being a mother, it doesn't completely define her and that she needs to attend to her business. She mentions a big ball for New Beginnings, and Jack regretfully reminds her that he will still be in New York with Lily and won't be able to accompany her. Unable to hide her disappointment, she says that she understands and then tells him she is sure he will understand that she needs to go away on somewhat of a business trip so that she can focus on work that she can't do at home. Unsettled, Jack asks where her trip would take her.

In the midst of the Fusion crowd, Josh finds Babe and asks if she is ready to give them a chance. He tells her that he will go with her to tell JR, and that her husband will have to deal with the fact that they are in love. Babe tries to remain indifferent, insisting that she only showed up to check out the people in attendance and the books before making a quick exit, but Josh won't let the love discussion die. Caving slightly, she tells him that she is not prepared to talk about things further. She begs Josh to leave her alone so that she can focus on work, and he agrees somewhat flippantly, causing her to break into a smile. She ends up saying that she wants him to stay and have fun, but that she can't work when he's providing a very tantalizing distraction. Josh finally makes the decision for her, saying that although all he wants to do is make her smile and see her happy, he will be okay with having to imagine it for now. He takes his leave, and Amanda fills the other side of the conversation from behind the bar. When Babe turns around, Amanda notices how torn up Babe is. She asks what JR did this time, and Babe tells her that her husband let her fall in love with another man. Amanda demands details, but Babe tries to escape up to the office instead, citing the need to hide her sheer stupidity. Before she can get away, Jonathan shows up behind Amanda to get something and is very obvious about his flirtation. It only lasts a few seconds before Amanda playfully swats him away. Intrigued, Babe turns the tables and asks for more information. Amanda quickly says that what Babe saw was proof that there are other people in the world more stupid about love than she. Amanda admits that she has fallen in love with Jonathan and that the mind-blowing sex doesn't hurt the cause. Babe asks how she can surrender herself to that knowing that he still loves Lily. Amanda confesses that his love for Lily is what made her fall for him in the first place. Babe asks if she would be content settling for a man who loves another, and Amanda tells her that she'd be okay with that and that if there is the tiniest chance that Jonathan could love her someday, she can't walk away. Her admission causes Babe to remember one of the water-soaked kisses she shared with Josh on the rooftop, and Amanda is forced to snap her back to reality. Babe finally owns up to the fact that although she is still in love with her husband - she has fallen in love with Josh as well. After Amanda delights in some good-natured jabbing over Babe's rooftop pool romp with Josh, they get serious. Babe tells her that although she tries not to think about what she did, since she is married and it was wrong, she can't help fixating on it. Amanda suggests that perhaps it's the amazing sex, but Babe tells her that she also loves him because he always opens up to her. Amanda admits that she can't whip up much sympathy for JR because of all of the things he has done to both of them, but Babe tells her that her heart is literally split down the middle. Amanda remarks that the best thing that JR ever did for her, besides helping her make a son, is give her custody papers. She thinks that Babe should sign the divorce papers, take her son and make with the happily ever after with Josh. Babe informs her that JR recently trusted her enough to open up about his feelings, which is what she has been waiting for. She asks how she could walk away from that. Babe admits that she doesn't know how to choose and Amanda tells her that with JR having run her over with a car, and Josh having framed her for Erica's drugging, she isn't any real help. She jokingly asks Babe if she has a third choice and the two take a moment to laugh.

Ryan gazes upon Kendall's tear-stained visage and immediately knows that her pain was caused by Zach. Kendall confesses that her best bet would have been to leave well enough alone and just trust Zach, but because she couldn't, she now knows more about her husband than she ever wanted to know. Ryan asks her to spare him the details, but does request that she reveal if she knows what happened the night that Greg was kidnapped. Kendall admits as much, saying that the up side is that Zach and Dixie didn't bury Madden. However, she notes, the down side is that with what he is guilty of, Zach might as well have been holding the shovel. They go back inside and Kendall laments over the idea that if she and Zach stay together, she will be living with and raising a child around a man who is capable of anything. After a pause, she questions aloud why she is surprised, given that Ryan revealed Zach as the wizard behind the blackout scheme. Ryan tells her that Zach must have had his reasons for doing things the way that he did. Kendall thinks that Ryan is defending her husband, but Ryan reminds her that he too played god with peoples' lives, and that Zach isn't the only person with the ability to hurt people. He continues by saying that he can't be completely angry with Zach over the blackout stunt because if he hadn't done that, he wouldn't be lucky enough to be a parent. Kendall then decides that she needs to stop dragging Ryan into her mess of a marriage, and promises that she will provide a drama-free zone in which they can raise their son. Ryan thanks her for that, and goes on to note that if things don't work out with Zach, he is certain of two things: he will not lose sleep over it, and he will not expect that the end of one relationship will automatically mean that theirs will resume. Resigned, Kendall states that she is nowhere near done with Zach. She immediately reneges on her word and tells Ryan that what she wants to do is take all of the darkness that Zach revealed to her and just put it in a box so that she can ignore it and go on believing that everything will be okay. She says that the things that Zach told her make her sick, but when he looks at her, she remembers why he is the man she loves. She asks Ryan for advice or commentary, but sticking to the promise, he simply tells her that Spike will roll over someday soon. She realizes what he is doing and notes that she understands that the final decision is hers. Unable to help herself, she goes on to note that she isn't sure that she can live with Zach and his sins - especially since she can't be sure he wouldn't do it again - but she isn't sure that she can live without him. Ryan tells her that she will figure out things in her own time, leaves a kiss on his baby boy's cheek, and takes his leave. On her own with her son, she tells him that he will be a lot smarter than his mom when it comes to love. She is surprised when she hears a knock at the door, and even more so when her son's father comes bursting back in when she opens it. She asks what he is up to and he tells her that at some point during her tirade, his hunger pangs kicked in. He decided to go to all of the places that had food that sounded good, and brought back something from each. After getting over her pleased shock, the duo starts to dig in. When they finish, they promise that someday soon, their son will join them in similar massive eat-a-thons. They reluctantly bid each other good night, and Kendall closes the door.

Zach continues to assert that although he and Dixie were acquitted, they really were responsible for putting Greg in the ground, and ultimately killing him. Derek asks after Zach's motivation in cautious tones, and Zach replies that his latest confession is for Derek's own good. He feels that if the police chief arrests the currently handcuffed Tad, his career as head of the force will be over. Zach and Dixie then admit that if Tad is charged with perjury, they will testify that they did indeed kill Greg so that Tad will walk. Tad chimes in that perhaps Derek needs to let this go since he took such a beating on his last case. Disgusted, Derek releases Tad from his constraints and offers that perhaps they should applaud themselves or pat themselves on the back for a job well done. He goes on to say that even if they did get away with murder, alone or as a group, they will probably have difficulty getting to sleep at night. He exits the Martin residence and once Zach closes the door behind him, Zach notes aloud that he will continue to sleep like a baby. He then proceeds to get into a verbal row with Tad, each of them trying to tear each other down. Dixie stamps out the fires of their anger quickly, saying that with the trial over, their behavior is the last thing they need. She sends Zach to the car, saying that she will join him soon. When he leaves, she thanks Tad for everything he did to save her and Zach, and for understanding about Kate. He accepts it, and then closes the door behind her when she goes. Jamie shows up a short time later to check in with his father and through cryptic language discovers that Tad is indeed responsible for the death of Greg Madden. Jamie asks what the next step is and Tad tells him that though a lot has happened, they all just need to move on. Jamie notes that it is a lot to deal with, but Tad reveals that he is surviving thus far. Jamie then asks what they should do next, so the father and son relax in the living room and take in a documentary. While Tad stares blankly at the screen, Jamie looks over at his father and tries to figure out what's going on in his head.

Back at the casino, Dixie asks Zach if he wants to come in for a drink. He tries to skip out, citing a long night, but Dixie tells him that she has things that she needs to ask him. He accompanies her inside, and she confirms that Zach figured out who is really responsible for Greg's demise. She then asks if he was the person who made the disc of Greg's last words, and Zach confirms that too. Painfully, she asks if he was the one who tried to frame JR, and much to her relief, he tells her no. She then notes that she feels the need to move out of the casino and stand on her own two feet, but he tells her there is no reason. She says that she thinks she has done enough damage and has hurt Kendall too much, but Zach simply reiterates his belief and exits the scene.

Josh arrives back at his hotel to find his biological father about to enter a room. He hopes aloud that perhaps Jeff is at the Valley Inn because he is checking on a patient or because it is half a mile closer to the hospital. Jeff tells his son that he could have made up an excuse but decided that the truth would be a good move from here on out. Jeff then tells him that he changed hotels because wanted to be closer to his son. Josh thanks him for all of his support throughout the trial, and worries that perhaps Jeff moved closer to make sure that he could take care of his son if he had another meltdown and rebuilt a casket. Jeff assures him that he just wants to be available if Josh ever wants to come over and have a few beers and talk. Josh considers it and realizes that it couldn't be that bad - and agrees. They crack open a few cold ones and Jeff fills his son in on some of the family members. He stops with Tad and the comparison between himself and his reckless brother, and Josh tells Jeff that his acting out can be summed up in two words: Erica Kane. Jeff laughs and agrees that his marriage to Erica was quite a ride. Josh then laments that Jeff is such a standup kind of guy, as he has a question that might be out of his realm of expertise. Jeff invites his son to try him out anyway, and Josh asks what Jeff would do if he ever fell in love with a married woman. Jeff replies that he would have to find out more about the husband - if he treated her right and gave her what she deserved. If the husband was an ass, Jeff notes, he would have to fight like hell to win over the object of his affection. Pleasantly surprised, Josh admits that Jeff's first piece of fatherly advice was right on target. After bonding for a little while longer, the two men go their separate ways. Jeff then goes to leave his room, and finds Erica out in the hall, waiting to talk to him.

Josh returns to the club and finds Babe. Stunned, she asks him why he came back, and he makes clear his intentions to fight for her.

Friday, October 6, 2006

Adam continues to pamper a newly pregnant Krystal, but Colby feels sick and goes to her room. When Colby goes to her room, Sydney is busy trying to pick an outfit for school. Colby confesses that she might be pregnant with Sean's baby, even though they used protection. Seeing how upset Colby is, Sydney gives her a hug and starts doing research on the effectiveness of condoms on the Internet. Colby is worried that Adam will send her away if he finds out she is pregnant. Not to mention, it will ruin her days of miniskirts, bikinis and hot guys. Sydney suggests that Colby take a pregnancy test before going any further. Colby says she is too embarrassed to go buy the test and Sydney agrees to do it for her. Sydney comes back with the test and Colby hides the test behind her back when Adam walks into the room. Adam tries to reassure Colby that even though Krystal is having a child, she will always be his little girl.

As Adam and Krystal discuss the future of their child, Adam asks Krystal when the baby was conceived. They whisper back and forth about when the child is conceived. Adam realizes that this child will be the first child he has had with a wife who he happily married to. Adam considers the child a testament to their never ending love. Krystal tells Adam that although she likes his attention, he should be focusing on Colby, who feels she is about lose her father to a new baby. Colby drops the directions on the floor and goes upstairs. Adams finds them and assumes they belong to Krystal. Krystal tells him she went straight to the doctor, so Adam guess it is Babe's test. When Babe and JR come in, Adam asks Babe if she is pregnant. Babe tells him she didn't take a test, so all eyes on Colby when she walks into the room.

Jackson finds Sean in the living room, lounging around and watching television. Sean suggests he and Jackson hit the clubs and throw down a few beers as a way to distract Jackson from the fact that Erica left him. When Sean asks Jackson if his actions were the reason Erica left, Jackson tells him no, but blowing up the boat wasn't helpful either. Jackson tells Sean that his actions prove he needs more rules and stability in his life. He warns Sean to get rid of his attitude, but Sean thinks that he needs to live his life up while he is young. Jackson tells Sean that if there was sex at the party, he hopes Sean had enough sense to use protection. Sean gets upset when Jackson breaks out the "sex talk" and threatens to walk out. Jackson tells him that after speaking to his mother, they decided to appoint Jackson as Sean's guardian. Sean tells him that the guardianship is some type of revenge for blowing up his boat. Jackson tells Sean that he has been let go most of his life. Now, it is Jackson's turn to hold him close when no one else will.

Erica is surprised to find out Jeff is living across from her at the hotel. They go to the hotel's restaurant to chat while Erica waits for her room to be made up. Erica tells Jeff she is at the hotel to prepare for a huge launch party at New Beginnings because the house was uncomfortable. She tells him that Jackson did not come with her to the hotel because he wanted to stay behind and care for Lily. Jeff does not believe Erica's excuses for shacking up at the hotel so he ponders more about Erica's marriage to Jackson. Erica tells him she loves Jackson and their family, but has had a difficult time living with so many people. She has been used to living alone for so long, that living with a husband makes her feel as though she is losing a part of herself. Erica jokes that after 10 marriages she should be an expert. Throughout the years and husbands, Erica says that she is still ambitious and can't imagine not being married to Jackson. When Erica's room is ready, she tells Jeff she has to plan the party. When Erica tells him Jackson will not escorting her to the party, Jeff offers to take her.

Josh is determined to be with Babe, even if it means breaking apart her marriage. Babe tells Josh that he promised not to tell JR about their affair, but Josh is silent. When JR comes into ConFusion, he runs into Amanda, who tries to distract JR for Babe. Babe rushes off to be with JR, but Josh follows behind exclaiming Simone has hired him back to Fusion. After Josh walks off, JR tells Babe she should confront Simone about going against her wishes to fire Josh. Babe said she went against Simone by hiring Amanda at ConFusion, so it would not be fair to fight Simone on rehiring Josh. When JR blurts out that Amanda's customer service skills aren't too par when he is around, Babe reminds him that he ran her over. Jonathan comes to Amanda's defense when JR says Amanda deserved to get run over. As JR, Jonathan and Amanda insult each other, Babe thanks Josh for not telling JR they slept together. Babe and JR leave, giving Jonathan a chance to ask Amanda what type of man she would fall in love with. Amanda describes her dream man and says she wants a man like Jonathan. He asks Amanda if their arrangement is interfering in her dating, but Amanda says she is not shopping around for Mr. Right.

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