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Monday, August 14, 2006

Livia and Ryan were talking at the courthouse. Livia expressed concern as to whether or not Jonathan deserved her services. Ryan assured her that Jonathan loved Lily. He also asked Livia for help with Zach and Dixie's trial. He told Livia to let him know if she needed anything to make sure they were not found guilty. Livia asked if he thought they were guilty and if he would do something illegal to help them. Ryan promised not to interfere with her job, but Livia was not convinced.

Meanwhile, Jack and Jonathan were in the witness room. Jonathan told Jack he loved Lily, but Jack did not believe it. Jack thought Jonathan was using Lily and conning her. Jonathan said Jack just could not believe a normal man could love his autistic daughter. Jack did not consider Jonathan normal. Jonathan stated Jack would ruin Lily's life by continuing to call her incompetent. Jack said it was not his fault, but Jonathan's because he'd lied to Lily.

Jack then told Jonathan he could prove his love for Lily by confessing the truth. Jonathan said he would tell the truth if Jack would drop the petition. He also asked Jack to let them stay together if Lily still wanted to be married. Jack took the deal because he assumed Lily would not want Jonathan after she learned he'd lied to her.

Meanwhile, Lily was in the courthouse, wondering what Jack and Jonathan were discussing. While she waited, Lily told Amanda and Erin how happy she was to be married. Lily wished the judge would side with her so she could remain married to Jonathan. Then, Jack returned, and the case continued; however, Jonathan did not return. Jack announced he was dropping the petition.

Lily was ecstatic and ran into the witness room to find Jonathan. She expressed her happiness to Jonathan. Jonathan still spoke with a stutter and reminisced with Lily about the good times they'd shared. He told Lily he loved her, and she said she trusted him more than anyone. Then, Jonathan began to speak clearly. He explained to Lily that he'd changed after his seizure in the park.

Lily was shocked and stated her father was right; Jonathan had lied to her. Jonathan asserted he still loved her and wanted to remain married. He asked if she would continue to be his wife. Lily sat silently with tears in her eyes. Outside the room, Livia approached Jack. Livia said there was no winner in the case, and Lily might be the biggest loser in the end.

Erin and Ryan were also discussing the couple. Erin stated Jonathan loved Lily just like Ryan loved Kendall. She said it gave her hope and asked how Ryan could help Zach. Then, a news report was heard on a nearby TV. It said Zach was gambling with love and murder. Erin and Ryan looked stunned.

David went to Dixie's hotel room but found Zach there instead. David inquired if they were having an affair. Then, Dixie walked in, and Zach announced David knew about their affair. Dixie looked surprised as Zach lovingly kissed her forehead. David was appalled that Dixie had chosen to be with Zach and not him.

Dixie followed Zach's lead and explained that she and Zach had grown close in their pursuit of Kate. She said Zach made her happy. David called her a "faithless slut." Dixie said David had no right to her. David claimed he would get her off from the murder charge if she dumped Zach. Dixie told David to get lost.

David proceeded to take out his cell phone to call Kendall, but Zach said she already knew. Zach then kissed Dixie, and David left. Zach explained to Dixie that an affair would be their alibi. Dixie inquired if it would ruin his marriage, but Zach said Kendall supported the plan. Dixie was shocked Kendall approved and revealed to Zach she'd told Kendall she was falling for him.

Erica and Kendall were disgusted to see Josh and Babe getting along so well at Fusion. Kendall exclaimed, "Step away from the tramp!" Josh was upset with Erica and Kendall's disparaging remarks. He left, and Kendall followed him. They began to talk on the roof. Kendall said she had not known they were related for a long time; however, she admitted she'd urged Erica not to tell him the truth.

Kendall explained she'd known how he would feel and had not wanted him to go through the same pain she had. Josh believed their situations were different because Erica had given Kendall up for adoption but had aborted him. Kendall then revealed how much she'd hated Erica at first. She detailed her many acts of revenge but said Erica had never given up on her. Kendall believed Erica would not give up on Josh either. Kendall also told him how terrified Erica had been when his plane had gone down.

Kendall said she understood if Josh did not want to go to them but encouraged him to consider letting them approach him. Josh told Kendall to tell Babe he had some stuff to take care of and left. Meanwhile, Erica and Babe were downstairs, having a heated discussion about Josh. Erica asked Babe if her relationship with Josh was payback to her family. Babe told Erica to "bring it on." Babe also stated she'd made mistakes and was sorry for them.

Erica believed Babe kidnapping Miranda was more than a mistake. Babe said it was hypocritical of Erica not to forgive anyone when she was asking Josh to forgive her. Erica asked why Babe cared so much for a man that was not her husband. Babe inquired if Erica had ever actually forgiven someone. Erica assured Babe she would never forgive her, and she left.

Meanwhile, Danielle and Simone were happy to have the office quiet to do work. They turned on the TV and saw a report on Zach and Dixie's affair. Babe walked in and saw it too. Then, Kendall entered and was curious about what they were watching. Simone tried to divert Kendall, but she looked at the TV anyway and saw a picture of Zach and Dixie kissing.

In Erica's house, a man let many people inside. The man took a picture frame and put it in a gym bag. Another man took another gym bag in. Then, many people passed out beers, shook them up, and sprayed them all over. Erica finally arrived at home and was dismayed by the wild party in her living room.