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Monday, July 17, 2006

Ryan was upset his houseguest was a fugitive. Erin said she was not a criminal and had a good reason to be on the run. Annie began to tell Ryan the truth. She explained her ex-husband molested young girls and she had to get their daughter away from him. Ryan asked why she could not prove this to a judge. She said it was difficult to get proof, but she knew he was a molester. Annie said he coached a soccer team and the girls acted weird around him and quit. Then, she found hundreds of pictures of little girls on his computer. After they split, he had a visitation date with their daughter, Emma. A babysitter was there too. When Annie got home, the babysitter was crying and left. The next day Annie went to talk with her. The girl said Terry got her drunk and took her virginity. He told her he gave her what she wanted and it was too late for regrets. Still, Annie could not use this in court because the girl denied it all later on. Erin said she would do whatever it took to save Annie and Emma. Annie told Ryan Terry had hired private investigators to find them. Ryan realized that Aidan was one of them. Erin admitted Ryan's assumption was correct. She could not risk losing Annie due to Aidan. Annie went upstairs to check on Emma. Erin asked why Ryan was acting so cold. Ryan thought it was possible Annie was trying to steal her child and was lying about T. He said he knew what it was like to fight for a child and could commiserate with T. Erin stated this was not the same situation as Ryan's. Ryan asked why she put Annie's needs before her own. Erin said she broke up with Aidan for his sake also. She did not want him to get into trouble over knowing Erin and Annie's relationship. She declared Annie was her responsibility and would leave with her if she had to. Ryan agreed to let her stay, even though he did not like it. Then, Ryan left and Annie and Erin talked. Annie said it was surreal living on the run, but she would do anything to protect her daughter. Annie was upset Terry was still out there and able to victimize other girls.

Jonathan and Lily were at the bar, ConFusion. Jonathan told Lily this job was much better than the one at the hospital. Then, Amanda came to tell them the bar manager wanted to check everyone out. The employees lined up and the female manager looked them over. She was pleased with her hot bartenders, Jamal and Del. She also liked Amanda as the sexy hostess. However, she thought Lily and Jonathan were too nice and was turned off by Lily's disorder. She told Jonathan he was fired because he did not make her sweat like Jamal and Del did. Lily then grabbed her phone and said she was going to call her sister to tell her why they would not be working there. Amanda told the manager her sister was Kendall Hart, cofounder of the bar. So, the manager reluctantly let them stay. Jonathan thanked Lily for standing up for him and had Amanda play music for them to dance. Meanwhile, Terry had been watching Lily the entire time she was in the bar. As Terry watched her dance, Amanda approached him. She said he was their first customer, but came too early because the bar was not open yet. She told him if he came back, it would be all he hoped for. Terry smiled and said he would have to come back to see if she was right.

JR listened to the CD and realized it was Dr. Madden. He said whoever taped him, must have killed him. He was shocked to hear Josh was Erica's son. He asked Babe where she got the CD. She told him Colby found it in his drawer. JR asked if Babe thought he killed Dr. Madden. Babe inquired who hated the doctor more than JR. He said Josh did because of how terrible his father was. He also declared Josh would benefit from framing him because he would go to jail and Josh would have a chance with Babe. Babe asked JR if she got him off of attempted murder so he could go all the way. JR stated many people hated him and Dr. Madden, such as David, Zach, and Ryan. He said any of them could have done it to protect Dixie, Kendall, and Erica. He asked Babe for the CD. She said no because she would not let him destroy the evidence. He told her he was going to take it to the police since he had nothing to hide. Babe said the police would not believe him. He did not care about the police. He declared he would not let a homicidal maniac ruin his life. Babe thought JR was really going to clear his name and smear Josh's. JR thought Josh should hear the tape. Babe said it was not their place to tell Josh. She said she did not want to believe JR did it. Nevertheless, she also did not want to believe JR was the kind of person who would twist the knife further into Josh's back. JR gave in and said he would destroy the CD. Babe yelled for him not to destroy it and give it to her.

Josh and Kendall were at the hospital. They were shocked and horrified that Josh and Spike's DNA matched. Josh called Dr. Madden a sick bastard and stated he did it all. Kendall said she had to go and tell people. Before she left, she looked at Josh and said we did not do this. She left. Josh began to pack. Jeff walked in and asked if he was quitting. Josh ignored Jeff. Jeff told him not to quit because he was too good. Josh said medicine was in his blood, but that was not all. Jeff told Josh he would not be judged based on his father's evil deeds. He urged Josh to believe this. Josh banged his head against the door and called himself the son of a sick freak. He then stormed out and went to the park. He began to dig in the spot where his father was buried alive. He talked to his father as he angrily dug. He asked if Spike was another miracle baby and how many more victims were out there. He called him a son of a bitch and told him to rot in hell. Then, Julia walked up and asked what he was doing. He said this was her chance to bury his father. Julia watched in dismay while Josh cried and dumped his father's ashes into the hole. He yelled at Julia and forced dirt into her hand. He asked what she was waiting for. He told her this was her chance to bury him and dance on his grave. Julia said she was sorry. Josh grabbed her and screamed he did not want her pity!

Zach was in the condo holding Spike. He told the baby his mother went to get DNA results because she needed some answers. However, Zach claimed he already knew the answer; Spike was their son. Then, Kendall walked in with tears in her eyes. Zach immediately hugged her. She began to cry and walked over to see Spike in his crib. She told Zach her son deserved a father like Ryan that he could respect and be proud of. She wanted Ryan to be the father for Spike and Ryan's sake. Zach stated Ryan would always love Spike. Kendall said it hurt Zach, Ryan, and her to know what terrible fathers they had. She did not want this for Spike because it would kill him, like it was killing Josh. Zach asked if she told Josh. Kendall revealed they had to use Josh's DNA for the test. Zach looked worried and picked up the phone. He wanted to call Ryan and have another test with Ryan's DNA. Kendall said it was useless because Dr. Madden was the father. Zach insisted the test might have been inaccurate. Kendall said she knew the truth and life had to go on. Zach said he had to leave and Kendall was glad because she needed alone time with Spike. She told her son he was loved. She also apologized because the truth would break his heart one day. Still, she proclaimed they could do it. Then, Ryan walked in. Kendall sadly looked at him and said, "He's not your son."

Erica went home to see Jack. She apologized for her secrets and lies. She stated she did not want to shut Jack out when she needed him the most. Jack was happy to hear this, but asked why she was trembling. She told him Dr. Madden might have done something worse than stealing her son. She revealed the possibility he was Spike's father. Erica said she thought she was rid of him, but now he was part of her family forever. Then, Zach walked in. He delivered the news that Kendall used Josh's DNA for the test. He demanded she go and explain everything to Kendall because she was sobbing over the idea Dr. Madden was Spike's father. Erica said it was a possibility Dr. Madden was still Spike's father. She believed it would be even more harmful to divulge the truth because Kendall would tell Josh. She did not want Josh to hurt that much. Jeff walked in and asked if she knew how much he was hurting now. He stated he had enough and either she would tell Josh or he would. Zach added again that Kendall needed her help. Erica decided she made the right choice and would not tell Josh or Kendall. She said Jack agreed with her, but when she looked at him it was obvious he did not. He told her circumstances changed and Kendall needed her help. Zach told Erica to go before it was too late!