AMC Recaps: The week of May 15, 2006 on All My Children
A stranger persuaded Lily to drink alcohol. Zach resorted to extreme measures to keep the doctors from performing an emergency Cesarean section on Kendall. Adam had JR's assets frozen, making it impossible for JR to bail himself out of jail. Babe contemplated fleeing with little Adam.
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Monday, May 15, 2006

Dr. Madden told Tad he had information on Tad's baby, Kate. Tad said it was probably a scam aided by David. Dr. Madden said it was not and revealed he had been Dixie's obstetrician in Europe. He said Kate had been delivered by C-section after Dixie's accident. He explained she had weighed 3.1 pounds and had had Dixie's eyes. Kate had been healthy for a while, and Dixie had met her. Then, Dixie had gone into emergency surgery, and the baby had stopped eating and had gotten very sick.

When Dixie had been unconscious, Kate had died. Tad was disturbed and asked if the terrible story was payback for exposing Dr. Madden's secret to Erica. Dr. Madden said it was the opposite. He was appreciative that Tad had not gone public about Josh and wanted to compensate Tad by giving him the truth about Kate. Dr. Madden then asked for Tad's help with Dixie. Dr. Madden said she could not face Kate's death and accused Dr. Madden of stealing the baby. Dr. Madden told Tad her harassment had gone too far, and if Tad did not stop her then Dr. Madden would go to the authorities.

At the Chandler mansion, Babe was giving JR her ultimatum. Either JR would go to rehab or to jail. JR said if it was up to him, they would have a life together without cons and games. However, he felt it was impossible because Babe was always deceitful. Babe pleaded her case by saying she did not want him to go to jail. Instead, she wanted him healthy.

Babe begged JR to get help and to fight for their relationship, if not for her then for Little Adam. Her idea was for JR to check into Pine Valley Hospital that night, while they looked for the best rehab facility. He refused because he was on the board there, and people knew him. He also claimed he had too much work.

As JR made excuses, Jamie stormed in. He asked if it was true that JR had tried to kill Babe. JR became enraged and said he had dug two holes for their dead bodies in the orchard. He then claimed he had to tie up some loose ends at work. Babe made him promise he would return, and he promised.

After JR left, Jamie inquired why Babe was not more freaked out and asked if Babe knew where Little Adam was. Babe got nervous and ran to check on her son. He was all right and in Krystal's care. Jamie said Babe's nerves proved she was not fully confident in JR. He said JR was plotting his next move against Babe.

An irritated Babe, snapped at Jamie and asked him to cut JR some slack for once. Jamie snapped back and said she should get a clue. He reminded her that the last time JR had been cut some slack, he had evaded vehicular manslaughter and this time would get away with attempted murder. He asked how much damage she would let JR cause everyone.

Josh found Julia taking a nap. He scolded her, and they began to argue. While they squabbled, Josh made it known that he cared for his patients, especially Kendall. After he left, Erica approached Julia. She thanked Julia for trying to take down Dr. Madden for Kendall's sake. Julia said it was not just for Kendall but for all the women he had victimized. Erica was appreciative and said she would never forget what Julia had done.

Zach revealed to Erica and Ryan that he was Kendall's husband. Erica did not believe him, so he showed her proof: their marriage certificate. Erica claimed it was fraudulent, but Ryan examined it and said it was real. Zach asserted that he would make all decisions regarding Kendall and that he had decided against the C-section. Erica thought that was Zach's way of regaining all of his casino shares. She offered to pay him whatever he wanted for Kendall's shares if he would decide in favor of the C-section.

Zach was disgusted by Erica's allegation and said his only motivation was his love for Kendall, not money. He then went into Kendall's room. Erica was in a fit of rage and asked Ryan to help her get rid of Zach. He said no because he thought Kendall needed Zach.

During Erica and Ryan's discussion, Dixie walked into the hospital and overheard how mad Erica was with Zach. Dixie tried to plead Zach's case to Erica by telling her how much he loved Kendall. Erica would not hear it. She got angry with Dixie, as well, because Dixie did not tell her secret about Dr. Madden. Erica blamed Kendall's situation on Dixie because she had refused to expose Dr. Madden.

Dixie surprised Erica by telling her that she could have done the same, since Erica had dirt on Dr. Madden also. Erica denied it and began to attack Dixie for abandoning her family. Ryan interceded and claimed all of it was his fault because he had played dead, which had resulted in Kendall's desire to be inseminated.

Zach told Kendall how much he loved her. In her head, Kendall, still in a coma, told him his voice made her feel safe. Ryan walked in and said, "You really do love her." He asked why Zach would risk her life. Zach revealed that Kendall loved the baby more than herself, and he needed to honor that.

Ryan asked what would happen to the baby if Kendall died. Kendall and Zach both replied that it would be Ryan's job to raise the baby alone. Ryan asked what Zach would have left if she died. Zach had no answer except the sad look on his face.

Ryan left, and Dixie went in to see Zach. She reassured him that he was doing the right thing. Zach admitted that he did not want to risk Kendall's life. Dixie said she understood what it was like to do anything to save a baby. She said by respecting Kendall's choice, Zach was respecting her and his love for her. Outside, the doctor explained to Ryan that there was no change in Kendall and no chance for a miraculous recovery.

JR overheard and protested the doctor's bad news. He said Kendall could not die. Josh interrupted and publicly accused JR of causing the accident. Ryan looked concerned, but Erica dismissed Josh and paid no attention to the accusation. Just then, Dixie, Tad, Zach, Babe, and Jamie gathered with Erica, Ryan, and JR outside Kendall's room.

JR assumed it was another intervention. He was wrong. Babe, with a grave face, apologized to JR. It was then that Chief Frye emerged and arrested JR for assault on an unborn child and the attempted murder of Kendall Hart. The whole group stared at JR in handcuffs, completely stunned.

Tuesday, May 16, 2006

Babe blew the whistle on JR and turned him over to Derek. Babe explained that he had never wanted to hurt Kendall but instead had wanted Babe to be the one under the rubble. JR tried to explain that just when he'd thought his life was happy, the past had blown up on him. He said that he knew that he had been out of control but had never expected what happened. JR said that when he had seen Kendall under the rubble, he had realized that nothing would ever be the same again.

Erica asked JR if it was true, and just when it seemed that he was going to tell the truth, JR told them that he was only guilty of marrying the "biggest backstabbing bitch in the world." Babe said she would take a lie detector test or whatever she had to do to prove she was telling the truth. Erica sided with JR and called Babe a baby stealer.

Derek arrested JR and took him away. Jamie told Babe that she had done the right thing. Adam immediately was at the jail, and when Derek locked them both inside, he said, "What's right about this picture?" Adam told JR that together, JR and Babe could get through it, and JR should forgive Babe and go on.

JR could only concentrate on making Babe miserable. Adam said he wouldn't help JR hurt Babe or anyone else. Adam left and said JR was on his own. JR screamed that he didn't need Adam or anyone else.

Adam and Krystal went round and round about JR. Adam wanted to protect JR from Babe, but Krystal wanted him to let JR fight his own battle. Krystal tried to convince Adam that JR needed to face the consequences of his actions.

The doctor told Zach, Erica, and Ryan that the pressure in Kendall's head was becoming dangerous. He explained that the medicine she needed could not be administered to a pregnant woman. It was Kendall or the baby. Erica pleaded with Zach to save Kendall, but he told her that Kendall loved the baby and would want the baby to live. He said that he was honoring Kendall's wishes.

Zach went to see Kendall and told her to open her eyes and return. He told her that he hadn't just married her but that he'd married the whole package including Spike. Kendall asked if she was dying. He told her to keep breathing and return. Ryan told Erica that he believed Zach, and she told him he would regret it with every breath he took. Ryan entered the room and told Zach that he was going to sacrifice the baby to save Kendall. Zach said that he would fight Ryan, and Ryan said to do what he had to do.

Tad stopped Dixie at the hospital and asked about Kate. He told Dixie that Dr. Madden had said that she wouldn't accept Kate's death and insisted Dr. Madden knew where Kate was. Dixie said she didn't know why Dr. Madden would say that, and Tad should just believe what he wanted to believe. Tad asked her if she had stayed in Europe four years because she had really thought Kate was alive. She again told him to think what he wanted because she didn't "give a damn."

Wednesday, May 17, 2006

Ryan saw Julia pushing around a baby in the hospital hallway. Ryan revealed that he was on his way to the courthouse. He had decided to fight for Kendall's life, not his son's. Still, he confessed to Julia that he had fallen in love with his unborn child. He asked what the odds were that the baby would survive an early C-section. Julia said that the baby had a chance, and she would fight for his life as if it were her own son.

Zach was in Kendall's hospital room, where she still lay unconscious. He told her he had to leave to go fight for her son's life. He asked her to fight, too, for her own life. Kendall thanked him and said she loved him. Zach kissed her on the head and left.

Erica and Myrtle were in the hospital lobby, discussing Kendall's dire situation. Erica said she was mad that Myrtle was defending Zach. Myrtle said she was not taking his side. She was only stating the fact that he loved Kendall just as much as everyone else. She told Erica to keep faith, and everything would work out for the best in time. Erica said Kendall did not have time and needed the medicine immediately.

Zach walked into the lobby, and Erica asked him why he was willing to let Kendall die. Zach replied he was honoring Kendall's wishes. Erica begged him to administer the life-saving drug to Kendall. When he denied her again, she claimed it was not Kendall's will, but his own. Myrtle interceded and said they should have the argument in the courthouse later on. Erica agreed and left to find Ryan.

Zach stayed to talk with Myrtle. He asked her if he was doing the right thing. Myrtle said he knew what was truly in Kendall's heart because he loved her more completely than anyone else.

Babe went to visit Kendall. She told Kendall she was conflicted. She did not know if she should testify about what Kendall had said before the accident. She wanted to help but was not totally sure if Kendall would want to risk her life for the baby's. She also apologized because it should have been Babe, not Kendall, who had gotten hurt in JR's trap. Kendall said she wanted Babe's help and claimed Zach would take care of JR. However, Babe, still confused, decided not to interfere and left the room.

Outside, Babe ran into Julia. She had the sonogram of Kendall's son. Just then, Babe flashed back to her conversation with Kendall before the accident. She remembered how happy Kendall was and that Kendall had finally felt a connection with her son. She also recalled Kendall saying she would give up her life for the baby if she ever had to. Babe went back in the room. She asked Kendall to give a sign if she wanted help. Kendall moved her finger.

Danielle, Erin, and Simone went to visit Kendall. They had beauty supplies and gave Kendall a makeover. Erin felt Kendall's stomach and said hello to her nephew. She thanked Kendall for saving Ryan from the dark place he had been in. At that point, Kendall realized how much she wanted to live. She longed for more time with her friends, family, husband, and especially her son. Nevertheless, she said if dying was the only way to save her baby, she was willing to give up her life.

Meanwhile, at the courthouse, Dr. Martin was testifying. He explained the situation with Kendall. In order to save one life, another had to be compromised. He also said that although babies had survived early C-sections, it was highly unlikely for Kendall's baby to make it. Zach's lawyer questioned him.

Zach described the wedding on the yacht and said it was there that Kendall had realized no one could love the baby as much as she did. He asserted her biggest wish was for a healthy child and that she wanted the baby more than her own life. He said that would be Kendall's choice, and he was speaking on her behalf. Olivia cross-examined him. She asked if their first marriage had been for love. He said no; it had been to save his casino business.

Ryan testified next. He said he was forced to get custody of the baby because Kendall did not want him and put him up for adoption. He spoke of his love for Kendall and the baby, but ultimately had chosen Kendall. During his cross-examination, a man entered the courtroom and gave Olivia an envelope.

Olivia asked to have new evidence admitted, and the judge agreed. She revealed it was a report obtained by private investigators that Erica had hired. She asked Ryan to read from it. He stated it showed Zach had a lot to gain from Kendall's death.

Zach took the stand again. Olivia questioned him on the report. He admitted that he and Kendall had taken out a business partner life insurance policy. He also disclosed his business was not doing well and that he would receive ten million dollars if Kendall died. Still, he said his decision was for Kendall, not him.

Babe barged into the courtroom. She proclaimed Zach was right. The judge allowed her to testify. She told the court what Kendall had said to her and that she had given Babe a sign in the hospital by moving her finger.

During the cross-examination, Olivia presented the allegations against JR and asked who would get custody of Little Adam if he were convicted of murder. Babe admitted she would. Dr. Martin testified again. He explained the finger movement was probably an involuntary muscle twitch and not a sign that Kendall was aware of her surroundings.

Finally, Erica took the stand. She said Babe wanted Kendall dead so Babe could gain control of Fusion. She yelled, "Mrs. Chandler is a lying bitch!" She said Kendall had never wanted to be a mother and refused to stand idly by and lose her daughter. The judge thanked everyone for their testimony and took a recess to make his decision. He left, and everyone stood up, looking tensely at each other.

Thursday, May 18, 2006

JR tried to use his obnoxiously drunk mannerisms to get himself out of jail, to no avail. Instead, he received an unwanted visit from Tad. He tried to make Tad turn around and leave as quickly as he had appeared, but his former stepfather was on a mission to find out if Dixie had said anything to JR about Kate. JR was immediately defensive, thinking that Tad's sole goal was to make JR's day worse. JR implied that somehow, a dead Kate was better than a live JR. Tad, saddened by the emotional hell that had taken over, continued to insist that he was simply trying to get at the truth.

Tad told JR that Stuart had given him some good advice: stop feeling sorry for yourself and find out the real story behind Dixie's absence. Tad told JR that he needed to know where Dixie had been and why she had made the choices that she had for so long. Completely wrapped up in his pain, JR couldn't see beyond the fact that his mother hadn't been at his son's birthdays or his christening -- and she certainly hadn't been with Tad. Tad remembered it all clearly, but was convinced that Kate had had something to do with Dixie's reasoning.

JR initially refused to cooperate, figuring it was pointless to see if he could remember his mother talking about his sister at any point. He thought back, anyway, and finally admitted that Dixie had started to tell him something about his sister, but he had stopped her because he just hadn't cared. He then lamented the day that he had ever thought that fixing his family could work. Tad asked what had happened to the young man that had stood in a hospital room, thankful that his wife and son were still alive, forgiving all those that had done him wrong as well as asking forgiveness. JR laughed at the memory and simply said that he should have never returned from the steamer -- and that as soon as everyone realized that there was nothing left in Pine Valley for him or his son -- the better off everyone would be.

Dixie showed up at Greg Madden's hotel room and furiously took him to task for inviting Tad into their madness. Although he swore he had nothing to say to her, he was hard-pressed to keep his silence when she demanded to know why he had it out for her. She insisted that he wouldn't get away with his misdeeds, but Greg was starting to view her words as empty threats, as his career was still intact. She noted what a miserable excuse for a human being he was, and he asked why, if he was so evil, she hadn't told Tad that their daughter was still alive. Greg recalled how Dixie and Tad had once been Pine Valley's top couple, and how Tad had once been the love of her life. Greg said that it baffled him how she could keep the secret about their daughter for four years, when Tad was trained in unearthing secrets.

Greg told Dixie that he could see through the myth of sainthood that surrounded her -- looking at the chaos that she had caused, it was easy to understand that she, not he, was really the evil one. He called her a horrible mother and stated that she had never been fit to be one. Dixie was horrified at his assessment of her and reminded him that at the very least, she could call her children her own -- not the product of a stolen embryo.

Greg told Dixie to stop fighting him because she knew he was right -- after all, he pointed out, Kendall and her son were fighting for their lives because of the amazing mothering job Dixie had done with her own son. Dixie was amazed that Greg, the man who had biologically had thousands of children, dared to sit in judgment of her. On the other hand, he viewed his decision as giving life -- which was a much greater and more positive contribution than anything Dixie had ever done. Infuriated and at a loss for words, she stormed out of the room.

A woman called for police assistance when she became convinced that Jonathan was stalking her. Jonathan, upset, brokenly tried to explain to them that he was looking for Lily, but he was unable to get his meaning across and ended up in handcuffs, headed for the police station. Before they could leave, Aidan swooped in to save the day. He smoothly explained that they were looking for a young woman that bore a striking resemblance to the woman pressing charges.

The offended woman was utterly charmed by Aidan's accent, appearance, and demeanor. He went on to say that they were concerned because of Lily's autism. He apologized to both the officer and the woman, saying that Jonathan found it difficult to express himself when he got excited. The woman relented and said that she wouldn't press charges. The officer unlocked the handcuffs and advised Jonathan not to accost anyone else.

The police officer asked the woman to step outside with him, and she obliged, leaving Jonathan and Aidan alone. Jonathan started to leave immediately, intent on continuing the search. Aidan pleaded with him to share any information he might have on Lily, but Jonathan swore he hadn't heard from her since he had arrived in New York. He then told Aidan that Aidan needed to leave the city; he believed that if Lily spotted Aidan, she would run again because she would know that Aidan's only plan was to take her back to her father.

Aidan tried to convince Jonathan that neither he nor Lily had the skills required to live on their own -- and pointed at the situation with the cop as an example. Aidan's argument angered Jonathan, who believed that Aidan didn't have the first clue about Jonathan's relationship with Lily nor did he know about the work that she had done so that they could survive. Aidan noted that Lily had never lived on her own or paid her own bills, so any schematic that she might have worked up was faulty at best. Jonathan refused to listen to Aidan's brand of reasoning and stalked out, with Aidan close behind.

As Lily got dressed, the mystery man from the alley barged in. She tried to reprimand him for doing so, but he ignored her -- likening himself to her brother. He went to touch her arm, but she backed up, reminding him of her boundaries. He pretended to understand and told her that he had called Jonathan and delivered the coded message.

Excited and unable to detect any falseness, Lily asked about Jonathan's response but was confused when the man told her that Jonathan had said she should go home. Because it was a complete change from their original plan, Lily started to panic. The man tried to calm her down, telling her that she should feel no need to leave the city right away because he could take care of her until she was ready to go. Lily posited that perhaps her father had gotten to Jonathan and persuaded him to stop opposing his directives.

Lily thanked the man for offering to take care of her but believed that because she was 18, she should follow her own plan. She told him that even though she had lost everything on the train to the city, she had worked up a new financial plan while he had been away. She asked if she could borrow money so that she could take the train the rest of the way to Boston -- a total of $85. The man looked in his wallet, and despite having hundreds, told her that he was short.

The man promised that he would procure more money from the ATM and meet Lily back at the hotel after work. Lily worried that his arrival time would be after checkout, but he told her that he could pay for another day. She told him that she would send Jonathan an email to say goodbye and then return to the room. The man warned her to be careful, as she could be tracked down by doing things like sending email.

After finding something to eat, Lily stashed herself away in a corner near the stone lion at the public library. Unbeknownst to her, Jonathan appeared on the other side of the pillar, searching for her. He spotted Aidan and scurried to hide from him, unknowingly stationing himself closer to his goal, while Aidan loomed above, equally close. After waiting a few moments, Jonathan was able to ascertain that he had lost Aidan, and he inched out from his hiding place. Lily, meanwhile, finished her food and stood up to throw her trash away. Upon doing so, she spotted Jonathan.

As she lay in bed, Kendall silently called out to find out where everyone was and what was going on. As if she had actually heard Kendall's voice, Julia entered the room and said that everyone was still at the courthouse and that there should be a ruling soon. Julia did some basic physical therapy on Kendall's legs, talking about relationships after the newness wore off while she worked.

Internally, Kendall was bored and tried to will her nemesis to leave. Instead, Julia told Kendall that the solution to everything that was going on was for Kendall to wake up and tell everyone what she really wanted. Julia acknowledged that she was probably the last person Kendall wanted around her, but Julia continued to try to encourage Kendall nonetheless. In her mind, Kendall noted that if she could move and make the nightmare end, she would.

In the courtroom, the clock ticked away the minutes, and everyone was restless as they waited for the decision to be handed down. The judge returned and began by noting that the two innocents at the center of the controversy -- mother and child -- made it so that no one would feel like the absolute victor when all was said and done. He went on to say that although the medical testimony from Dr. Martin was compelling, neither scenario had a guaranteed outcome.

The judge believed that it would be best to stick closely to who would have the legal right to make decisions, regardless of said testimony. However, because there was legal paperwork in place that maintained Ryan's guardianship over his unborn child, it superseded any spousal privilege bestowed upon Zach, leaving the final decision in Ryan's hands. The judge sealed his ruling with a bang of his gavel, and Zach's lawyer moved for an immediate appeal.

The courtroom started to clear, and Zach's lawyer assured him that they had additional moves to make. Zach thought that anything they did would be too late. As they left, Erica thanked Olivia for her brilliance and noted that Kendall would one day be able to thank her as well. Ryan, with a heavy heart, told Erica that they needed to go back to the hospital to carry out what they had fought to do.

Zach was the first back to the hospital, and he made a beeline for his wife's room. Kendall sensed that he was there, and although she couldn't ask aloud, she silently pleaded for an update. Zach had no words, but her questions were soon answered when Julia returned to the room and said that she needed to finish prepping Kendall for surgery. She also informed Zach that the hospital's neonatal team was on standby for after the baby was delivered. Kendall, brokenhearted, mutely begged Zach to do something to fix it, and a dismayed Zach soon left his wife's side, knowing that there was nothing he could say that would make a difference.

Ryan and Erica showed up at the nurses' station, and Ryan painfully signed off on the paperwork that granted the hospital permission to perform the C-section. Erica assured him that he was making the right decision by choosing Kendall. Ryan nodded his agreement then managed to ask the doctor when they would know what his son's chances were. The doctor said that it would be difficult to say until they could examine the baby. The doctor took the paperwork and headed out to start the procedure when a series of sirens began to go off.

Julia soon appeared, and Ryan asked what had happened. She informed them that everyone who could be evacuated from the hospital would be. Erica didn't want to leave Kendall there, but Julia assured her that she would stay on the floor. Reluctantly, Erica followed directions and left the building.

A short time later, after everyone was allowed back in the hospital, Julia said that it had simply been an electrical malfunction, but they had needed to follow procedure. She said that she would continue to prep Kendall for surgery and then transport her upstairs. Erica asked to see her daughter before Kendall was taken away, and Julia agreed. Julia tried to let them in the room. She noticed that the blinds were drawn, when they hadn't been before. When she tried the door, it wouldn't move.

Inside, the other side of the door was blocked by a number of heavy objects, and Zach sat by his wife's bedside, oblivious to Julia's pounding on the other side. Kendall reached out with her mind and asked if he had fixed everything, and as if he had heard, Zach told her that he would allow the doctors to take Spike over his dead body.

JR was hauled up to the courtroom for his arraignment and upon seeing Babe, who had stayed after the Slater v. Lavery proceedings, reminded her that he held her responsible for his predicament. He asked her if what she saw was what love really looked like. Before Babe could think up an answer, Adam, Krystal, and Tad all filed in. Adam asked how his son was faring, and JR cockily noted that he was fine because he was sure that he would be released soon.

The judge entered the courtroom and was wryly pleased to have a Chandler before him. The prosecutor read the laundry list of charges against JR, and the judge asked for his plea. JR responded, "Not guilty." The judge deemed that there was sufficient evidence to hold JR over for trial.

The defense asked that JR be released on his own recognizance, but the prosecutor felt that despite JR's ties to the community, he posed an extreme flight risk and had the means to disappear. The judge agreed with the prosecution and set bail at $1.5 million cash. JR quickly said that the fee could be paid from his company's assets, but Adam stepped up and rejected that idea. He informed JR that his assets were frozen -- and with that, JR was taken back to his cell, spouting his fury the entire way.

With JR gone, Adam and Krystal started to leave the courtroom. Tad followed them, but before he could say much, Adam demanded that Tad leave them alone, as neither one of them was in need of his concern or pity.

Back inside the courtroom, Babe sat quietly, contemplating everything that had transpired.

In his cell once again, JR sat in angry silence until he heard the sound of approaching footsteps. He looked up and saw Dixie.

Friday, May 19, 2006

In New York, Lily saw Jonathan and Aidan. Jonathan told Aidan to leave him alone and stop using him as bait to find Lily. Aidan wanted to work with Jonathan to find Lily, but Jonathan wanted to investigate on his own. Jonathan saw Lily, but she ran away, thinking he and Aidan were going to take her back to Pine Valley. The boys lost Lily's trail, so Jonathan blamed Aidan for scaring her. Lily went back to her hotel room, where her new male friend entered the room with a shopping bag. He told Lily that the train to Boston would leave the next morning. He handed her a cake, making sure it was not red, and some alcohol, boasting that adults normally drank.

Jonathan went to the library to respond to an email Lily had sent him after she had run away. Aidan asked to look at the email, so when he sat down at the chair, Jonathan took a large book and whopped Aidan over the head. The alcohol started to take effect on Lily's body, so the man suggested that she lie down on the bed and get some rest. Jonathan read the email from Lily, which told him where she was in a secret code. As Jonathan tried to find Lily, using her code, the man refused to leave Lily's room.

In the empty courtroom, Tad tried to comfort Babe, who was crying. She asked Tad how to deal with saving JR when it seemed hopeless. She had been imagining his trial for attempted murder and testifying against him. The possibility of sending JR to prison and taking him away from their son was something Babe didn't want to live with. Tad said that JR's actions were not Babe's fault, and she had made the right decision by turning him in to the police.

Babe recounted another time in the courtroom, fighting for custody of her son, thinking life was over. In the end, she had gotten her son and JR back, similar to the love Dixie and Tad had shared. Tad asked Babe what she would do if JR got out of jail. Babe figured taking Little Adam and running was the best answer, but it would also confirm his suspicions about her.

Derek let Dixie inside the cell with JR, but JR wasn't interesting in anything his mother had to say. Dixie told JR she understood he was hurt by her behavior, but it did not excuse him trying to kill Babe. Dixie said she had known JR would be disappointed when he found out she had lied about her death, but she was also disappointed in him. JR responded that Dixie had no right to call him a disappointment, considering what she had done to him. Dixie took responsibility for her actions but said it was JR's turn to do the same.

JR countered that Dixie was choosing sides -- Babe and Tad -- but Dixie didn't buy it. She told JR she knew he had caused Kendall's accident, and he needed to step up and be a man. Dixie began trying to figure out why drinking appealed to JR. She started listing off all of JR's problems, thanks to the friendliness of alcohol -- including tying Krystal to a chair and waving a gun around. Dixie told him she had been outside the cabin and had seen everything. JR told Dixie he'd had no intention of shooting Krystal, so she blurted out that he had shot her instead.

As Julia tried opening the door to Kendall's room, Erica told them Zach was probably inside. When Ryan called out to Zach, Zach said that they were not taking Kendall's child. Erica told Zach the doctors would perform the C-section, and because of their court order, he couldn't fight them.

Ryan made another attempt, reminding Zach that he would be the one who would tell Kendall what had happened to their child. Zach told Ryan he had made Kendall a promise, meaning he would save Spike himself if no one else would. He told Ryan that the judge had given Ryan the right to make a decision not to take the baby. Zach told Ryan he could enter the room if he promised not to order the C-section.

Erica pushed Ryan to trick Zach, but Ryan refused after Erica walked off. Joe was next in line to speak to Zach, but still, Zach refused to budge. Suddenly, Derek and the cops showed up, at Erica's request. Ryan got upset at Erica making the cops interfere in a "hostage situation." Ryan told Erica that Zach was trying to give Kendall what she wanted, leading Erica to question Ryan's loyalty to Kendall.

Ryan begged for Derek to back off, claiming Zach was not a threat to Kendall. Derek told Joe their only option to get to Kendall, without harming the other patients, was to break down the door. As Derek's crew started pounding away and Ryan and Joe begged them to stop, Zach stood at the door with a gun in his hand. Kendall mentally told Zach not to die for her as a shot rang out.

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