AMC Recaps: The week of March 13, 2006 on All My Children
Zach nursed Dixie through the infection that had resulted from the gunshot. JR turned over a new leaf. Babe agreed to marry JR. Jonathan landed a job as an orderly at the hospital. Kendall panicked on the rooftop of Fusion, but Zach found her before things escalated.
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Monday, March 13, 2006

David questions Janet about Dixie. After bribing her with a chocolate bar, Janet begins rambling on about blond women being favored by society. David continues to question Janet in the hopes of gleaming enough information to tell him if she really did see Dixie or just imagined it. When Janet mentions Dixie being at the ball, David's interest is piqued but Janet's disjointed ramblings soon frustrate David to the point where he storms off without a clear answer one way or the other. Later, Jonathan stops by to see Janet. She tells him that all of her life she has tried to fin in and do right by the people she loved but the harder she tried the worse things turned out. Jonathan is able to identify.

Babe asks JR why she would want to marry him given what he did to Krystal. She tells him that if he were the last man on earth, she wouldn't consider the proposal. Krystal is more than happy to enlighten Babe further about JR's actions while Janet held Babe and little Adam captive. Babe is disgusted. Dejected, JR walks out of the room and finds Tad and Di in a waiting area. He asks them for their help and later returns with them to Babe's room, also accompanied by Jamie and Adam. He opens his heart to Babe and tells her that she has left a handprint on his soul that he has never been able to shake. He turns to Krystal and tells her that he forgives her. Krystal is outraged at JR's audacity. JR ignores her anger and tells her that he forgives her for falsifying the DNA tests and then shocks her by asking her to forgive him for all the things he said and did out of anger to her and Babe. Krystal is too shocked to say anything. JR then turns to Jamie and forgives him for stealing his son and running away with his wife. He tells Jamie that he understands why he did what he did and asks his brother to forgive him for all the hateful things he said and how he used Aunt Phoebe's will to manipulate Jamie. JR seems sincere about wanting to rebuild their brotherly bond and Jamie promises JR that he'll consider everything that JR has said. Next, JR turns to Tad and then Di, to make amends. Di protests. She feels what she has done is unforgivable but JR points out that if it was, it would mean that his actions are also unforgivable and he doesn't want that. David walks in seconds later and is shocked when JR offers to forgive him for his role in the breakup of Dixie and Tad's marriage and for encouraging Dixie to leave town when she decided to have her baby. JR turns once again to Babe and promises her that he will spend the rest of his days making everything up to her if she could find it in her heart to forgive and marry him. To JR's great relief, Babe tearfully forgives him. Later, when JR goes to check on little Adam and plan a special surprise for Babe, Adam stops him in the hallway. He offers to give JR and Babe their dream wedding.

In the room, Krystal is still riddled with doubt. She is certain, JR is just conning all of them. She turns to Babe and asks her if she honestly believes what JR has said and is seriously considering marrying him.

Erica tells Ryan that Greg can't be trusted and that he needs to do whatever is necessary to convince Kendall to get a different doctor. Ryan hesitates agreeing to Erica's demands and wants explanations. Erica refuses to tell him anything but instead asks him to trust her. Ryan eventually does agree to see what he can do about getting Kendall to switch doctors. After she leaves Ryan, Erica stops by to visit Jack and then Joe. She tries to convince Joe to reconsider his offer to Josh and firing Greg but Joe remains stubborn. He respects Erica's decision not to tell Josh about his true origins but insists that he has a right to be a part of his grandson's life. Erica finds Joe's attitude incredibly selfish and warns him that if anything awful happens to Kendall as a result of Greg's actions, she will hold Joe responsible. Later, as Erica prepares to check out of the hospital, Josh enters her room and offers to take her to her car. Erica declines the offer and the two trade words.

Kendall is surprised by Julia's offer to adopt her baby. She asks Julia if she discussed her adoption plans with Ryan and what his reaction was. Julia avoids answering her with specifics and concentrates instead on convincing Kendall to consider the idea. Kendall grows increasingly annoyed with Julia especially when Julia refers to the baby as "Ryan's baby". She becomes livid when Julia admits that it will be up to Ryan how much of a role he wants to play in his son's life after the adoption. Julia finally realizes just how angry Kendall is when she points out how unfair her suggestion is. Ryan will be allowed whatever role he would like in his son's life but for Kendall it would be all or nothing. She can either raise her baby or watch Julia do it. Julia tries to calm Kendall down as Ryan walks up. Kendall accuses Julia of being nothing more than a horny desperate idiot and Ryan of being a deceitful. She tells him that she regrets ever considering giving him a role in her child's life and promises him that she will make sure he will not have any rights to her baby. Ryan tries to talk to Kendall but she is too angry to listen and storms off.

Tuesday, March 14, 2006

Adam offered to pay for Babe and J.R.'s wedding. He told J.R. that if gave him a date, he would give them a wedding they would never forget. Adam said that he was glad to have J.R. back and then told J.R. that he was in love with Krystal. He said that she had guts and he couldn't get enough of her. Krystal came out of Babe's hospital room upset and told Adam she couldn't take anymore. She told Adam that she loved him. Adam said now was the time for a loving stable marriage with just a little gun play. They embraced and Adam said that she had made him the happiest man in the hospital.

Krystal still harbored some doubt about J.R. and asked Babe if she was still going to marry him. Babe said she was going to walk down the aisle 'til death do they part or until J.R. turned on her, whichever came first. Krystal told Babe she saw nothing but trouble ahead and to take her time and be sure. Babe said that she didn't want to wait; she wanted to give Little Adam a real family. Babe tried to explain that she wanted this marriage to work, but if J.R. did turn sour she would not be ambushed. She said that she would sue for custody and take her little boy far away from J.R. Krystal asked Babe if she was more in love with J.R than ever before and Babe said the God help her she was. J.R. came in and presented Babe with the ring he had bought before and told her that if she didn't want that ring he would get her whatever she wanted. She said she loved the ring and loved him. J.R. asked Babe if she would marry him on Little Adam's birthday and she said yes.

J.R. told Babe that Adam loved Krystal and was all about getting her to love him too. J.R.

told her that he had taken so much from her he would make it up to her and he swore he would prove his love.

Erica told Josh that his internship was a big mistake. Erica said that being a doctor would never take him where he wanted to go. Erica said that medicine was unglamorous but Josh replied that he was naturally glamorous. Erica said that she was once married to a doctor, Jeff Martin, but his patients came first. Josh said that her failed marriage was not his problem. Again she asked Josh to forget the internship telling him that there was nothing for him there.

Kendall confided in Dr. Madden that Julia had offered to adopt the "Rendall" spawn. Dr. Madden asked if she had decided to keep the baby and Kendall said she did not know yet. She said that she had to make the best decision for everyone and maybe she should just give the baby away. Kendall told Madden that this whole thing had brought up bad feelings about her adoption and she didn't want her baby to feel like that. Filled with doubt, Kendall said she felt no connection to the baby and compared herself to Bianca, Greenlee and Babe. Kendall said she had no idea what to do and Dr. Madden reminded her that when she got pregnant, she had intention of becoming a mother. Madden told Kendall that he worked with couples who were desperate for a child and the gift she created for Greenlee could become a gift for someone else. Still pushing for adoption, Madden told Kendall about a couple he had in mind. Erica walked by and heard Madden say that if she would entrust her baby to him, the baby would end up with a loving family. Erica went into the office and told Kendall she was ready to leave. Erica tried to get Kendall to break ties with Madden, but she refused.

Ryan thanked Julia for her offer of adoption but said that he wanted to raise his son himself. Ryan said that if he had chosen to put the baby up for adoption, she would be his first choice. Ryan told Julia that he really thought he could be a good dad and give the baby something positive. Julia asked where Kendall fit into the plan and Ryan said he still didn't know. Ryan asked what Julia thought of Madden and she said that he seemed to go the extra mile for his patients. Disappointed, Julia said that she had to go and she went into an exam room and began crying. Josh was there Erica and Kendall ran into Ryan and told him she had to go without him. She said she was sure he had plans to make without her. Back at Erica's, she asked for her laptop. Kendall said she would check on her later and Erica told her that everything would be alright. Vowing that Greg Madden would take no more children from the Kane women, Erica opened the laptop and typed, slow acting non-traceable poisons in the search bar. At Kendall's, Ryan told Kendall that the child needed parents and they had to decide who those parents were going to be.

Wednesday, March 15, 2006

Kendall does not appreciate Ryan's visit as she prepares to go to bed. She tells him to leave but Ryan insists on staying. Resigned, Kendall tells him to state his business and then leave. Ryan shocks her when he reveals that he wants to raise their child. Kendall promises to consider his suggestion but advises him to think long on and hard about his decision. She points out that raising the baby as a single parent is not going to be all baseball games and sleepovers. At Ryan's expression, Kendall realizes that Ryan may not be intending to raise their son alone. Kendall becomes angry when she suspects that Ryan is planning on raising the baby with Julia. She orders him out of her home but Ryan isn't quick to leave. He tells her that he has not thought that far ahead. He only knows that somewhere along the way, he has fallen in love with their son and wants to be a part of his life. As he's talking, Kendall begins to suspect that Ryan is actually intending on raising the child with Kendall. She tries to tell him that, unlike Ryan, she does not feel very connected to the baby and has not imagined what he would look like. Ryan understands her feelings. He points out that for Kendall, the pregnancy is a reminder of Zach's betrayal and the loss of Greenlee's friendship. He is certain though that Kendall will make a wonderful mother to their son. As Ryan is talking, Kendall makes a startling revelation. The man before her is the old Ryan. The man that she fell in love with. Ryan is a bit taken aback by Kendall's announcement and after a moment realizes that she's right. He doesn't know how he found his way back to the man he used to be but he feels at home for the first time in a long while. He admits that there are some changes but he's at peace. Kendall leans forward and gently kisses Ryan. After the kiss, Ryan admits that he wasn't expecting it. Kendall smiles softly and confesses that she kissed him on impulse. She then leans forward and softly whispers "Make love to me Ryan." Ryan hesitates a moment and then kisses Kendall.

Lily meets Jonathan at their treehouse. When she asks him what was so urgent, Jonathan announces that he wanted to celebrate. He gives Lily the wonderful news that not only did he get the job at the hospital as an orderly but that Janet was arrested which means that everyone will now know that Jonathan is innocent of all the things that had been happening lately. Lily is angry on Jonathan's behalf that Janet framed him for all those crimes. She is certain that Janet is an evil person who knew exactly what she was doing. Jonathan admits that he is no longer angry at Janet. He feels sorry for her and is certain that she really didn't know that she had done wrong. When Lily suddenly decides to leave, Jonathan becomes concerned. He asks her why. Lily explains that since they both disagree about Janet they can no longer be boyfriend and girlfriend. Jonathan becomes upset. He tells Lily that it's ok if they disagree. He loves Lily because her mind works differently from his and that it doesn't mean they have to breakup. They can just agree to disagree. Lily likes the sound of that and agrees to remain his girlfriend. Happy that they resolved the problem, Jonathan makes a toast to "Freedom Day", their special holiday celebrating Jonathan's freedom. After they toast, Lily decides to leave before Reggie realizes that she has slipped away.

Dixie's health takes a turn for the worse as she is ravaged by an infection. The doctor gives her antibiotics and fluids and then warns Zach that if she doesn't improve she may need to be admitted to a hospital. Zach sits by Dixie's bedside as she drifts in and out of delirium. During a lucid moment, Dixie talks to Zach about Kendall, urging him to try to talk to Kendall in an effort to repair their relationship. Zach feels it's a bad idea and changes the subject by offering Dixie some water. Later, during one of her delirious moments, Dixie starts talking about Katie. He asks her who Katie is and if she should get her but Dixie doesn't answer. When Dixie starts talking about Tad and needing to see him so that she can explain everything to him, Zach thinks that Dixie is lucid. After awhile, a woman helping to nurse Dixie takes her temperature and gives Dixie the good news that her fever is gone. Dixie looks around the room and asks her where Zach went.

It's a double date as Tad and Di are joined by Aidan and Erin at the bowling alley. They decide to make it a competition, ladies versus gentlemen. Confident that they will easily defeat the ladies, Aidan and Tad are surprised when the ladies end up winning the game. They go their separate ways after the game.

Aidan and Erin return to Aidan's place where they spend some time flirting and having fun. After awhile, Erin notes that she has not seen Aidan's bedroom yet. She then asks him to make love to her. Aidan smiles and begins kissing her.

At Tad's home, Di and Tad end up necking on the sofa. When things become heated, Tad tells Di that he wants to make love to her. Much to his frustration, they are interrupted by a knock at the door. It's Zach.

Thursday, March 16, 2006

As JR gets Babe settled into the VIP suite at the hospital, he once again details all the perks that she has been given - right down to the personal chef. She tells him that all he has done will mostly go to waste, as she is looking to check out of PVH in the morning. JR insists that what he'd done in the now is nothing compared to what he will do for the rest of their lives. With a seamless segue, he tells her that when she is ready, he'd like to talk about her hopes and dreams for their third and final wedding. She admits that she is ready now - but that she is sure what she wants, he won't give to her. She reminds him that although they both want to reinvent themselves and be the way they used to be - consumed by love for each other - it's difficult to change two years of behavior. They agree that they both did horrible things to each other, and JR tells her that even after all that, there is nothing that she could say that would make him stop loving her. Babe tells him that she would win if they are talking about unforgivable deeds, and further admits that she almost committed one more sin in that regard. Although she is hesitant to say, JR wants the slate to be wiped clean and encourages her to talk. She tells him that she wants him to trust her, and she wants to trust him in return - and JR says that he wants those things as well. Babe admits that she is confused as to why loving each other is so difficult for them, and JR is ready with an answer. He tells her that normally, people find that they trust each other in the moment that they fall in love. With him, he fell fast and hard for her long before he ever found that trust. His feelings scared him, and he didn't know how to recover from that fear. Now, he assures her, he has no questions about their trust, and he can prove it. He hands over an envelope, and in it, Babe finds another pre-nup. He tells her to remain calm - that the agreement in the envelope is a duplicate of the one that she gave him at the ball (that was subsequently blown up). He tells her that he already signed it and that she can take as long as she needs to review it. After finding out that he did indeed include the clause about joint custody should they ever divorce again, she tells him that she doesn't think she can sign, and rips the document in half. She tells him that signing the pre-nup is like going into the marriage expecting it to fail. Instead, she says that she wants to give back to him everything that he has given to her - complete faith and trust. JR promises that he will confirm those things with her every day. She looks at him, and sees the man that she first saw on the pier in San Francisco. She tells him that she was so lost that day, but was found when he touched her. He tells her that she did the same thing for him.

When Aidan pauses, Erin remains cradled in his arms as she questions why he isn't whisking her off to his bedroom. He admits that he isn't sure how she wants him to answer that. She turns around to face him, and assures him that she wants him to make love to her. They kiss for a few moments before Erin gets freaked out and pushes herself away. While Aidan sits back and watches her, mildly amused, she rants on about how she might want something to eat or drink instead. When she finally loses speed, she marvels at how she could be in the company of a gorgeous man and be doing anything other than being with him. She notes that he must think her crazy - but he tells her that he just believes she's scared. She laments over being a virgin at 26 - and being caught between her fear, and her desire to be completely ready. Aidan tells her that he understands and he has no problems waiting. She doesn't completely believe him but is, at the same time, amazed by his control. He offers to watch her play a game of pinball instead, but soon after she begins, he starts to distract her by kissing her neck and ear. It doesn't take long for Erin to change her mind about being completely ready. Smiling at his success, he picks her up and totes her off to the bedroom. Once there, after lighting a candle, he spares her the torture of dealing with the tedious things with her shaking hands, and slowly begins to make love to her.

As Dixie's fever breaks, she asks Zach's assistant where her boss is. She tells Dixie that Zach should return soon, and that she needs to continue to rest. The assistant then reveals that Zach went off to bring back the man that Dixie asked for - Tad.

Tad, irritated that Zach interrupted his face time with Di, seems less than interested that Zach wants to talk. He offers the option of email before trying to shut the door in Zach's face. Zach stops him, and as a stunned Di listens in, he informs Tad that someone needs to see him. Zach proceeds to invite Tad to come back to the casino with him, but it sounds more like a command. He then spots Di, and modifies his invitation to make it clear that Di isn't invited. Tad tells Zach that he won't be going, and that anything Zach has to say can be said in front of Di. Di asks Zach what the big emergency is and with their eyes locked, Di dares Zach to come clean. Zach tells her that his business doesn't concern her but Tad makes her a part of it by saying that he needs a witness. Resigned, he starts to tell the truth. It's at that moment that his cell phone rings. Dixie is on the other end of the line, hoping that she caught him before he did any damage. He confirms that he has been silent thus far, and she begs him to stay that way. Willing to do whatever she needs, he agrees and quickly ends the call. Tad is even more irritated because the situation now becomes an unnecessary interruption. Zach tells him that it's been a misunderstanding and apologizes. Di notes that he made his business sound important, and Zach uses that to make a turn in their discussion. He tells her that they have business of their own to discuss, and Tad's feathers ruffle at the idea of being left out. Di brings it out into the open and says that she knows Zach wants to fire her. Zach denies her claim, saying that he recognized her need to get at the truth, and that she used her old friend Marty to get it. He then tells her that he expects to see her first thing in the morning at the casino, and then turns to take his leave. Once they are alone again, they ponder what little information Zach gave them. They go back inside, and although Tad wants to get back to business, Di is lost in thought. She tells him that when a knock comes late at night, there is no telling who it could be. She then asks if he ever thought it might be Dixie. Tad is confused as to why Di would bring up her half-sister out of nowhere, but Di chalks it up to thinking a lot about Dixie during the ordeal with Babe and little Adam, and how it would have been great for JR to have his mother in such difficult times. Tad makes a note that Di is slipping in to her old habits of always looking at the dark side of things. He tells her that he wants to help change her ways because they have so much to be thankful for. She reminds him about the damage she has done thus far and he soothes her by saying that there isn't a person in town that hasn't done something similar. He then reminds her of when she offered to leave town if he would sleep with her, knowing he wouldn't, and knowing how he felt about her. He tells her that he hopes the offer still stands, sans the part where she leaves. Completely taken in, Di admits that she loves Tad, and that she has wanted to hear those words from him for a long time. Now that the moment's here, she can't seem to give in to that desire. Tad asks if it is because of Dixie, and she tells him yes. Tad tells her that although he loved Dixie with his whole heart, he had to accept that she was dead and never coming back. Di tries to tell him that bigger miracles have happened but he interrupts and says that if Dixie were alive, she would have made coming back her first priority. Tad declares that he's made his peace with the loss of Dixie, and that he wants to move on with Di. He kisses her, and pleads with her to want him back. She can resist but for a moment, and then gives in.

Zach returns to Dixie's suite in the casino and she asks if Tad suspects anything. He assures her that he never let on to the reason for his visit, which provides her with immediate relief. She apologizes for sending him off on such an errand, and notes that she isn't aware of what she'd said while in the grips of her fever. She tells him that telling Tad wouldn't be a good thing to do since she brought this situation on herself. She then asks after Zach's motivations: he saves her life, helps look for her son - and not once did he ask questions. Zach tells her that he isn't in a position to question her or pass judgment on why she is choosing to stay away from her family. However, he is willing to listen if she wants to confess anything. She thanks him again for being so kind in her hour of need. Then, she asks if Tad was alone when Zach went to see him. Met with silence, she surmises that not only did he have company - the company was Di. She confesses that she knows about the new couple, and goes on to say that she can't really blame her sister. She says that Di believes Dixie has turned her back on everything that she once knew and loved. Zach asks if she is okay with that, and Dixie tells him that she doesn't have much of a choice. She then tells him that she isn't sure how much longer she can stay away. She is beyond aching for her family, and Tad - even though they have gotten together and broken up more times than she can remember - will always be in her heart. She apologizes for giving Zach a hard time about accepting forgiveness - especially since she can't seem to follow her own advice. She admits to the sorrow that she feels about making Tad grieve by not telling the truth, but Zach tells her that perhaps it's not his truth to know - not now, in any case. She thinks that perhaps she is a coward, afraid of living...and that perhaps her sister was right when she called Dixie a fool.

Barely breaking away long enough to take a breath, Kendall manages to tell Ryan that she got the go ahead from Dr. Madden to make love whenever she was ready. Ryan doesn't have to wait long before she confirms that the time is now. He briefly gets swept up in the intensity of their kisses before he tries to stop them in their tracks. Ryan tells a frustrated Kendall that if he truly believed that the lovemaking she wants was about him, he would have no problem granting her wish. She counters and tells him that she has never wanted anything more. She manages him to pull him back in for a moment, and though they continue to kiss, he tells her that he thinks if they make love, she will wake up hating herself and him in the morning. He pulls himself out of her arms and although she follows him with kisses and promises, he manages to get to the heart of the matter - that Kendall wants to go back to the way things were. Without thinking, Kendall agrees to this, noting that things were the best with them when they were good to each other. Ryan agrees, but he also sees a more important point - that by sleeping with Ryan, she can forget about Zach. After a moment's consideration, Kendall gives up on trying to seduce Ryan and admits that he's right. She thinks that because of the position she is in, it makes sense that she would want to experience a little of how things were before. Ryan tells her that they are too complicated as individuals to have any success in the "friends with benefits department". Acknowledging as much, she reminds Ryan that she lost Zach because of him, and that everything hurts without him - therefore Ryan should owe her some relief. She then tells him that she needs to find a way to stop thinking about the person she thought was the love of her life. She asks if Ryan can help with that, but he tells her he doesn't think that's really possible. She apologizes for using him, but he tells her that he's seen it before. They reminisce about all of the things they have been to each other, and Kendall quips that he's trying to make light of everything so that she'll do something like agree to co-parent. Then, as they fall into talking about how they picture their son and what he will inherit from them, all becomes right in the world again. They settle in by the fire, and Ryan spots a book on the coffee table that he also owns a copy of. Kendall admits that she hasn't been able to read past "what happens in the third trimester". Ryan starts to run off at the mouth about how amazing babies are and how quickly they learn things in the first year. He soon notices the odd look on Kendall's face and asks her about it. She tells him that just wishes she could be as excited about the baby as he is.

As Erin and Aidan lie in bed, cherishing the experience they shared, Babe and JR reflect on happy times of the past, and then reconnect with a kiss. Across town, as Kendall sleeps on his lap, Ryan thinks back to when they were each other's everything...while Zach does the same as he exits Dixie's suite. On the other side of the wall, Dixie buries beneath covers and she remembers the early days with Tad, while her sister lays quietly with a sleeping Tad at his house. Then, the phone rings, and Di rushes to answer it, so as to not to disturb Tad. Dixie is on the other end of the line, and she says that she needs to see Di tomorrow...because she has made a decision about what she is going to do.

Friday, March 17, 2006

As Zach continues to care for Dixie, there is a knock at her hotel room's door. Di is surprised when Zach opens the door, thinking she has gone to the wrong room. He tells her to come inside and opens to door to reveal Dixie. Dixie tells Di to relax, but Di is freaked out that another person knows Dixie alive. Di asks Dixie about the previous night when Zach almost revealed the truth about Dixie to Tad. Dixie admits that she stopped Zach just in time before her cover was blown. Dixie claims that hiding from her family has been the hardest decision of her life, but Di thinks she does it just to put a knife in her back. Di asks Dixie that if she wants to remain dead, why is she still in Pine Valley and what is Zach's role in this dilemma? Zach claims he is just a friend who helped Dixie out and leaves. When Dixie begins to explain that she has made a decision, Di assumes it is telling everyone she is alive. Dixie does not answer, but instead asks how JR is doing. Di informs Dixie that JR has turned a corner and made a change for the better. She explains that JR's change came from wanting to be the person Babe fell in love with him. JR forgave everyone in his life before proposing to Babe. When Dixie asks if Di thinks Babe truly cares for JR, Di says yes. Dixie worries that if she came back into JR's life now, it may hurt him so much he would never recover. Despite that thought, Di reminds her sister that JR loves her. Dixie claims that JR will want answers and she won't be able to provide those to him just yet.

Erica receives a special package at her home, but it does not take her long to tear it open. Inside, is a bottle of pills that may cause a heart attack. Tad comes over to see Erica to discuss Greg, as she requested. Erica is sure that she is not the only woman Greg has violated, but Tad says he has dug as deep as he could and still, got nothing. Erica tells Tad that Greg wants to play God with his patients, including Kendall, who refuses to get a doctor. When Tad tells Erica they need more time, she demands that something be done now to make Greg suffer. The only way for Kendall to kick Greg out of her life is to go public with what Greg did to Erica, Tad suggests. Erica thinks that if she did that, it would ruin her family and Greg, but it seems that though her options are all coming with a cost. Reading Erica's eyes, Tad warns her not to do anything illegal because if it backfires, her family will be the ones to suffer. Tad leaves and Erica picks the pills up again.

Greg goes to see Kendall so he can provide her information on the couple who he feels would make great adoptive parents for her child. Ryan, who is laying on the couch, overhears Greg discussing the couple, who have been trying to conceive a child for years, but are now exploring other options. Kendall thanks Greg for his concern and promises to read the papers. When Greg leaves, Ryan is confused about Kendall's actions, considering they were discussing how their child would look the previous night. Kendall explains that she is still looking at all of her choices because she does not love the child. Ryan is positive her motherly instincts will kick in, but Kendall wants a backup plan, incase that doesn't happen. Kendall has no problem with Ryan being a single parent, as long as Julia stays out his way, but Ryan claims his son will need a motherly figure in his life. Kendall opens the information and starts talking about the couple, Jennifer and Joel. The couple seems perfect - they live on a large home with cats, dogs and horses. Ryan is not pleased with Kendall's light attitude, but she feels that most adopted children fit well with their adopted families. When Kendall suggests that Ryan talk to Greg, he refuses and heads off to work. Kendall goes to the Fusion rooftop and thinks about the conversations between she, Ryan and Greenlee regarding the baby. Kendall looks down at the ground and remembers being tied up. When she screams for someone to help her, Zach comes to her aid.

Ryan runs to Erica and explains that Greg is pushing adoption on Kendall. Ryan thinks that Kendall is ready to hand over their son to complete strangers. Erica assures Ryan she will take care of Greg, but warns Ryan not to bring up their discussion to Kendall. When Ryan asks Erica how she can be so calm, Erica claims that she will make sure Greg never hurts anyone again. Erica calls Greg and asks him to come to her home immediately. He arrives shortly where Kendall begins explaining that Kendall is avoiding her. Greg says Kendall just needs some time to figure out things between Ryan and Zach. Erica wants to step in and help, but Greg assures her the baby will be fine. Since Jackson is still in the hospital, Erica tells Greg she just needs someone to talk to for awhile. She pours them both a cup of tea, pouring sugar in Greg's cup. They make a toast to lasting peace and Greg starts drinking his tea.

At the hospital, Josh tells Babe he does not understand why she is putting up with JR - again. Babe claims he does not understand how it feels to be in love, but Josh counters that he fell in love with her the first time he and Babe met. JR walks in and demands that Josh get away from Babe. Josh starts barking at JR for using Little Adam to abuse Babe, but JR brings up Josh drugging Erica. JR tells Joe that he does not want Josh in Babe's room anymore. Tad goes to see Babe, where JR announces that he and Babe will get married on Little Adam's birthday which is March 23. JR invites Tad and Di, earning him a kiss on the cheek from Babe. As Babe and JR talk about their future, Amanda walks in wearing a hospital gown. Tad goes to see Zach at the casino and prepares to walk into Dixie's room while she is packing.

David goes to find Di, but Del tells him she is not at home so David asks for the other sister, Dixie. Del has no idea David is talking about so he thinks the doctor may be on some of his special drugs. David claims to be clean and keeps saying that Dixie is alive, which will make a great ending for Del's book. Del tells David he can't confirm anything about Dixie until he hears otherwise. When David asks who that person is, Del ignores his question. David announces that Janet claimed to see Dixie at the ball, but Del reminds David Janet is not the most reliable person. David says he believed Janet so badly because he wants Dixie to be alive, then leaves. When Di comes home from her visit with Dixie, David pops up and demands to see Dixie.

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