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Monday, March 6, 2006

Reggie is not happy when he overhears Lily tell Jonathan that she intends to marry him. He quickly runs Jonathan off and tries to talk to Lily. Lily tells him that she wants to go to her tree because she is upset and the tree always calms her. Reggie offers to go with her but Lily refuses the company. Lily arrives at the treehouse where Jonathan is waiting. Lily tells him that when she turns 18 she can marry him and no one will be able to stop her. Jonathan points out that when she turns 18 she won't have to marry him because she will be an adult and able to make her own decisions without anyone being able to tell her what she can or cannot do. He tells Lily that he loves her and wants to marry her but he doesn't want her to marry him just to get away from Jack. Lily thinks about it and realizes that she has more options than believed. She isn't sure if she loves Jonathan but she does want to be in a relationship with him. He tells her that they can continue being boyfriend and girlfriend who love and support each other if she decides that she doesn't want to get married. Lily likes the sound of that. They decide to continue hiding their relationship until Lily turns 18 so that Jack doesn't send her away.

Kendall asks Ryan why he kissed her. He tells her that he wanted to distract her from thinking about Zach. At the mention of Zach's name, Kendall points out that he failed. Ryan smiles and then suggests that they make their relationship more permanent. He tries to sway her, reminding Kendall that it was a guarantee to stick it to Zach. Kendall declines the offer, pointing out that with Zach leaving town there is really no need to do anything. They decide to keep their relationship as is, platonic. Ryan then shows Kendall his divorce papers from Greenlee. Kendall is surprised that Greenlee is going by du Pres instead of Lavery. Ryan suggests that it's Greenlee's way of telling him that her marriage to Leo is the only one that counts for her.

Dixie is accidentally shot when JR's gun goes off. While Tad, Adam and Krystal yell at JR, telling him that he's lucky no one was injured, Dixie drops to her knees in agony. Tad hears a noise outside but by the time he goes to the door and opens it to investigate, Dixie is gone. He returns inside to try to talk some sense into JR. As the Tad and Adam try to convince JR that Janet kidnapped Babe and little Adam, Krystal decides to text message Janet. When they realize what Krystal has done, Adam and Tad are furious. They are convinced that she just made matters worse. As Adam once again tries to get through to JR, Tad tries to do damage control, text messaging Janet another message. It quickly becomes clear that JR refuses to accept that Janet kidnapped Babe and his son because it could mean that little Adam is dead. He believes Janet is perfectly capable of it. Adam finally manages to convince JR that Janet is holding his son and Babe. When the realization hits, JR is stunned by the ramifications. He tells them about the men that he hired and that he gave them orders to use whatever force is necessary including shooting Babe to get his son back. Krystal goes ballistic. JR quickly makes a call and changes his orders. Shortly afterwards all of them leave to search for Babe.

Zach is deep in thought as he looks at a gun in his office. His contemplations lead him to conjure up an image of Ethan but before they "talk" he is interrupted by a knock at the door. He is surprised to find Dixie on his doorstep and even more so when she collapses in his arms. He quickly takes her over to his sofa and ascertains that she's been shot. When he tries to call for a doctor, Dixie becomes quite upset. She adamantly refuses to see a doctor and threatens to leave if he does not abide by her decision. Zach tries to convince her that she needs help but Dixie is steadfast in her determination that no one, especially JR, discovers that she's been shot. Realizing that he can't sway her decision, Zach asks Dixie to trust him and then makes a phone call. He tells the person on the other end to send up a doctor who is currently sitting at one of the tables in his casino. The doctor arrives and determines that her gunshot wound is minor. He orders her to go to a hospital to have the wound cleaned and patched up but Dixie refuses. When the doctor tries to explain to Zach that he's required by law to report all gunshots, Zach reminds the doctor that he's is indebted to Zach. He strikes a bargain with the doctor who gives Zach a list of the supplies he will need to take care of Dixie's wound. After the doctor leaves, Zach sits down to talk to Dixie. She offers to answer his questions, but Zach declines.

Babe is stunned when she sees a dead body in the freezer. After Janet puts little Adam down in his crib, she returns to the living room of the cabin and introduces Babe to Trevor. Babe is horrified. She asks Janet why she killed Trevor. Janet denies that she did any such thing. She explains that she just froze him. In her delusional state, Janet believes that she can defrost Trevor when things settle down. When Babe asks Janet how Trevor ended up in the freezer, she listens with growing concern as Janet tells her about Trevor confronting her one night. After telling Janet that she was mentally unstable, he tried to take her to a sanitarium. Janet tells her that on the way out the door, she spotted Trevor's golf club, picked it up and then proceeded to bash Trevor with it. After that she put him in the freezer. As Janet is talking, she is growing increasingly agitated. In the hopes of calming her down, Babe starts talking about the new life they are about to embark on as mother and daughter. She tries to convince Janet that they need to make JR think that Babe is returning little Adam so that he will release Krystal. Once that is accomplished, they can start their new life. Unfortunately, at that moment Janet receives a text message on Babe's cell phone. It's Krystal. The message reads "Babe, I'm ok. Let my daughter go, you bitch!". Babe is crushed and her eyes well up with tears. Janet mistakenly believes that they are tears of joy that her "old" mother is safe. She sees it as an indication of what a loving and good person Babe is. Thrilled that Babe is now her daughter, Janet once again finds a measure of calm. Then Tad text messages Janet. He tries to convince her that he is willing to help her because she once saved his son but Janet is distrustful. Babe tries to convince Janet of Tad's sincerity but to no avail. Babe once again appeals to Janet to return little Adam to JR. She tells Janet that as long as they have little Adam, JR is going to keep coming after them until he is reunited with little Adam. Janet shrugs off the concern. She is confident she can easily outwit JR. Later, as they prepare to leave the cabin, Babe dresses little Adam. As she talks to him, she shares her plan to save them when they reach civilization. Just then Janet walks into the bedroom, clearly not pleased. She tells Babe to take little Adam's coat off and then informs her that she and her son are never leaving the cabin.

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Tuesday, March 7, 2006

As Tad searched for some sign of Janet, he was punched in the jaw by David. Frustrated at not finding Babe, David blamed their disappearance on J.R. and Jamie. David told Tad that Dixie was the only one who could help them now. Tad said that Jamie and J.R.'s life went straight to hell after Dixie's death and it was David's fault. David said that he made Dixie happy and Tad said that Dixie only loved him. Tad and David relived the reasons that Dixie left, blaming one another. Tad said he would not stay and grieve Dixie with him. David told Tad that he had already searched the well that Janet had stashed Natalie in and it was empty. Tad, all alone, spoke to Dixie and asked for help. He told Dixie that J.R. was a mess and afraid he was going to lose someone else in his life. Zach and Dixie saw a light and headed toward it unaware it was Tad's flashlight.

Zach offered Dixie a room at his casino and protection from whoever shot her. Dixie told him that J.R. accidentally shot her. Dixie explained that as she lurked outside, J.R. was upset because his son was missing and he shot through the door. Dixie said that Janet was crazy and capable of anything. Dixie insisted that she had to help J.R. find his son, but Zach made her sit down and have some water. Dixie told Zach that she knew how to look for Janet. She said that she had to help find Little A because she knew what it was like to not know where your baby was. Dixie explained that when she went to Europe she was pregnant with a little girl and then she couldn't go on with the story. Zach again told her that he would add his men to the search. Dixie reminded Zach that he wasn't going to get involved in other people's lives. Zach conceded the point and told her she was right, but he would follow her as she looked for Babe and Little A.

J.R. attacked Amanda and demanded to know where Janet was holding Babe and Little A. Derek came in to go over some information with Amanda, and he threw J.R. out. J.R. told Jamie that he couldn't lose his family. He broke down in Jamie's arms. Jamie comforted him and told him to trust them. Amanda made Derek promise not to hurt Janet and to help find Trevor. Amanda looked at a brochure and realized that Janet was holding them at the fishing cabin.


Janet told Babe (while holding a large sledgehammer ) that she and Little Adam were never going to leave the cabin again. Janet explained that this cabin was their new home and how wonderful it will be for the three of them. Babe continued to pretend to be concerned about Janet, but Babe told her that they need food and supplies. Janet showed Babe a wad of cash that she got from raiding the Chandler wall safe. Janet said it was time for dinner and she opened the freezer and visited with Trevor. Janet told Babe not to be afraid of Trevor because she wouldn't let him out until he was ready to play nice. She took out a frozen solid large leg of lamb and set it on the table. Janet rambled on about how the lamb was too frozen for dinner but they could have pasta. Babe kept looking for a chance to club Janet with the lamb leg, and as Janet set the table, she found it. Janet went down and Babe checked for a pulse. As babe checked Janet's pockets for the keys, Janet grabbed her. Janet told Babe that she had given her hope that they could be a family. Babe told Janet that she couldn't just lock people up when she felt like it and Janet said why not, they do it to me. Babe called Janet crazy and Janet said she would get what is coming to her. Janet still wouldn't let Babe see little Adam and Babe asked Janet what kind of mother she was. Janet told Babe that she was Little Adam's new mother.

Adam tried to calm Krystal down, but she shunned him. Adam asked what he could do to make it up to her and Krystal told him to bring home Babe and Little Adam. Krystal told Adam the whole truth about how their marriage came to be. She told him how she conned him to get him to marry her. She said that she married him on purpose so that Babe could have her son. A very confused Adam tried to put it all together saying that Krystal was as drunk as he was when they got married. Krystal told Adam that when Babe and Little Adam returned, she was gone. No more marriage no more anything. Adam said he would not let her out of the marriage because he loved her.

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Wednesday, March 8, 2006

Adam tells Krystal that she loves her. She reminds him that she married him on purpose in order to provide Babe the opportunity to spend more time with little Adam. Adam continues to insist that he loves her and suggests that Krystal returns the feelings for him. Krystal denies loving him. She tells him she can only think about finding Babe and their grandson.

As Zach and Dixie search the woods in the hopes of finding Amanda, Tad approaches. Dixie manages to hide before he can see her. Tad is suspicious about Zach's presence in the woods. Zach tires to convince him that he's just trying to help find Babe but Tad doesn't believe him. He suggests that Zach's real motive is to find Janet because she's responsible for Ethan's death. Zach is stunned. He had no idea Janet was responsible for the explosion. Tad is sympathetic but insists that Zach leave the search for Janet, Babe and little Adam to Tad and the police. He fears that Zach will only make a bad situation worse as he has every reason to want to see Janet dead. When Jamie calls Tad with news, Tad issues one final warning for Zach to go home and leaves. Dixie emerges from her hiding place and offers Zach her condolences. Unfortunately the blood loss she recently experienced has left her weak. She collapses in Zach's arms forcing him to take her somewhere that is safe.

Amanda tells JR and David about Trevor's fishing cabin but has no idea where it is. Jamie tries looking up lakes on the computer in the hopes of triggering Amanda's memory but none of the names sound familiar. She realizes that Tim may know where Trevor's cabin is located and calls him. Unfortunately, Tim doesn't know it's location either. David suggests that he inject Amanda with a serum that would trigger her memories. Jamie is against the idea but Amanda insists on taking the drug because she feels responsible for Janet's actions. Tad arrives and is furious that Amanda was given the drug. Jamie assures him that he's been monitoring Amanda and she doesn't seem to be having any adverse effects from it. JR busies himself playing on the pinball machine, convinced that Amanda isn't going to remember anything that will help them. He's wrong. The sounds from the machine trigger a memory of a similar sound being made when they walked into the bait shop. She also remembers seeing a sign that gives Tad a clue to work with. After looking up the sign on the computer, he has a fairly good idea where Trevor's cabin is located. By this time, Aidan has joined the group. Amanda insists on joining them as they all prepare to leave but Jamie refuses to let her come along. They explain that she will probably just complicate matters so it would be best if she waited to hear from them.

Kendall has a vivid dream of Zach telling her goodbye in her bedroom. Suddenly Zach turns into Ethan. When Kendall asks him where Zach is, Ethan tells her that he's dead. Kendall refuses to believe it. Ethan tells her that all the Cambias men who hurt her end up dead. He goes on to remind her that Michael hurt her and ended up dead. Ethan hurt her too and he died. Now Zach has hurt her so he too will end up dead. Kendall wakes up and jumps out of bed. After quickly dressing she rushes off to Zach's office and finds it empty. She looks around, hoping to find a clue as to where Zach is. As she searches the office, she notices that Ethan's obituary is on his desk along with a will. When she notices the gun, she becomes concerned. She quickly surmises that Zach intends to kill himself. She doubles her efforts to find Zach when suddenly the door opens and Zach walks into the office. Outside the office, Dixie hides from Kendall and listens as Kendall confronts Zach about her concerns. Zach doesn't deny that he intends to commit suicide. Instead he gives her other possible reasons for having the will, gun and Ethan's obituary out. Kendall doesn't believe him and becomes angry. She tells him that if he intends to kill himself he will be leaving her pain and anger along with his estate. When she questions why she's there and why she cares, Zach admits that he would like to know the answer to those questions as well. Kendall doesn't give it to him. She evades answering by asking him when he plans to leave. Zach gives her another vague answer which frustrates Kendall enough to storm out of the office. Dixie walks in a moment later and quietly closes the door. She calls Zach a liar and promises him that if Kendall hasn't already convinced him not to end his life, she will.

Babe warns Janet that over her dead body will she let Janet anywhere near little Adam much less raise him. Janet isn't impressed. She is more than happy to accommodate Babe if she insists. As Janet rambles on about being little Adam's new mommy, Babe becomes increasingly angry. She starts to yell at Janet, calling her crazy and telling her that Amanda wants nothing to do with her mother. Things escalate until Janet approaches the door. Fearing what Janet will do, Babe picks up the iron skillet and threatens to bash in Janet's head if she goes anywhere near little Adam. Convinced she now has the upper hand, Babe begins threatening Janet until she cowers in a corner, crying about how sick she is in the head. Babe demands that Janet hand over the key to the bedroom that little Adam is locked in. Janet complies and when Babe goes to open the bedroom door, Janet springs into action and knocks Babe out from behind. After she quickly ascertains that Babe is still breathing, Janet begins making plans to leave with little Adam and drags Babe's unconscious body over to the freezer.

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Thursday, March 9, 2006

As his passengers sit quietly, JR reflects on his mistaken impressions of why Babe disappeared with their son as he drives toward the cabin. He also mentally recalls the recent events that have made him fall in love with his ex-wife all over again. A short time later, after Aidan had taken over driving, Tad does some reflecting of his own, remembering when he once held Little A and told him that he would be safe because he had Dixie watching over him. On the other side of the car, David thinks back to when Babe first found out that she was his daughter - and how she effortlessly came to love him. Regret haunts his face as he thinks of the time they have lost so far. JR finally breaks the silence out of irritation, urging Aidan to drive faster. Both Tad and Jamie note that slower is better so they don't miss anything. David sides with JR, just as anxious to reach their destination. Tad tries to reassure JR that they would find Babe and Little A, but JR is far too jaded to automatically believe. They all try to settle down again just as Tad is able to pick out the bait shop that Amanda recalled. As they inch closer on the only road they can take, Jamie notices that David has a few vials with him. He asks if David takes his drugs wherever he goes, and David tells him that if they show up and find Janet alone, he would rather administer the truth serum instead of wasting time trying to convince her to tell them where she stashed his daughter and grandson. Amazingly, JR agrees with him. Jamie starts to ask what a second vial contains, but Tad's cell phone rings and interrupts. Di is on the other end, asking for updates about the situation. Tad gives her the scoop on where they are headed, and Di holds out hope that everything will be okay.

In the study at the Chandler mansion, Krystal tells Adam that JR doesn't know what he is doing, and might just get Babe and Little Adam killed. She suggests that they get the police involved, but Adam believes they will only botch the rescue attempt. They agree simultaneously that the only answer is to head up to the Dillon cabin as well.

At the casino, Dixie chastises Zach for even thinking that killing himself is a good idea. She expresses genuine regret that he lost his only son, but then reminds him that he has a woman who loves him and a thriving business - those alone should tell him that he has a life worth living. She tells him that he has no right to choose to die - because it's a coward's way out, and a very lonely choice. Zach tries to counter by alluding to the fact that although she is alive, none of her loved ones know it - and how that too is a cowardly thing to do. She tells him of the many surgeries that she has had over the past year, and how with each one, she had to fight to stay alive. She acknowledges that she knows how it feels to be him, but because he is not alone, he is obligated to make the choice to fight. He then asks her a hard question: does she think that he has a right to be alive when his son isn't? When he is met with silence, he knows that she doesn't have a better answer than that which he has already found. He tells her about how he didn't know that Ethan existed while he was growing up and how, when he found out that they were father and son, he still denied him. He admits that he feels like he is continuing to cheat his son with every breath he takes. He then demands to know how Dixie feels that she has the right to insist that he embrace life when she effectively killed Dixie Martin when she decided to stay away. She tells him that she had her reasons, and he starts to scoff, but she goes on to remind him that she did come back. In doing so, she was able to see the effect that her death has had on the people who love her. She admits that she is still undecided about whether she will reveal herself or not, because there is a chance that it could make things worse. She makes her point by saying that he shouldn't do what she did - because even though life is painful, the only true choice is to get through it and go on living. She then admits how scared she is that things won't work out with rescuing her grandson, and how awful it feels not to be able to be there for her son, especially if Little Adam is lost in the struggle. Zach quips that JR might want to kill himself, but Dixie's sharp look quickly cuts him down to size. She admits that she knows that losing a child is more pain than any parent should bear - because she lost her little girl in the accident overseas and, for a long time, she lost JR as well.

Up in the cabin, Janet drags Babe on a blanket until she is interrupted by Little Adam calling for his mommy. She immediately abandons Babe and runs to the crib. She picks the little boy up and immediately smothers him with loving attention, and calling him not only her little boy, but also her whole world. She then decides that she needs to rename him, and immediately thinks that Trevor would fit. Upon making that suggestion aloud, a memory of being soundly rejected by Trevor in favor of her sister comes flooding back to her. Although it had been years, Janet's pained expression silently notes that it would never be forgotten. She opts for a different name, thinking that her new son needed to share a name with one of the greats. She settles on Rembrandt Green, Remy for short, and tells him that once she cleans up the cabin (which includes getting rid of Babe), they can start their new life far away. She leaves him alone for just a few more minutes and moves out into the main area of the cabin. Addressing a still unconscious Babe, she expresses her disappointment that Babe didn't follow through with her promises to be a new daughter that would never betray her. Then, after coming to a decision, she goes over to the freezer and informs her very frozen husband that he will soon have company. She gets Babe situated in the freezer and proceeds to have a very odd conversation with Trevor about how understanding she has been: after he tried to have her sent away, she is now allowing a trashy blonde to mount him. She cuts herself off after hearing a twig snap outside. The rescue crew approach slowly, and although JR and David want to burst in and ambush Janet, they are held back with the warnings that Janet could have a weapon and a sudden attack could push her over the edge. Before they can make any further moves, she calls out to them, saying that they need to go away because there is no way that she will ever let anyone take her child away.

Aidan loads his gun, and after making some hand gestures as way of communicating with Tad, he heads off to investigate other openings to the house. The confrontation begins in earnest when Tad, as the spokesperson, calls out and identifies himself. He tries to convince Janet that he believes she has been misjudged, and that all she needs to do is come out of the house and tell her side of the story. In order to sound more genuine, he reminds her that she was the one that saved Jamie from downing in the lake - and says that he only wants to return the favor. As they exchange words, Aidan uses a handheld video feed to spy on her inside the house. She talks about how Tad can't be trusted because of how often he lied to Dixie - and how bad of a parent he was for forgetting his ex-wife and taking up with Di the Imposter (who joined the crew in time to hear the proclamation, along with Adam and Krystal). Just then, Aidan checks in via walkie talkie and tells them that he can see Janet holding the baby, and that he appears to be all right. JR urgently asks if Aidan can see Babe - and Aidan tells him that he hasn't spotted her. Enraged, Tad is unable to contain JR's sudden outburst, as he demands that Janet tell him what she did with his ex-wife. Startled, Janet replies that he needn't worry about Babe, and rushes back into the side room to put her new son back in his crib. When she returns to the main room, Mirror Janet taunts her, telling her that she ruined everything and that she will soon be headed back to the psych ward. Janet tries to block out the now echoing voices that call her a loser and rejoice in the fact that she botched things up again. When she can't take it anymore, she grabs a frying pan and starts to smash at the mirror until it falls into an infinite number of pieces on the floor. Unfortunately, the voices only get louder. Hysterical over the fact that she isn't able to silence Mirror Janet, she starts to destroy the place to mask the sound of the taunting. Outside, all of the concerned family members gear up again to burst into the cabin, not knowing how the baby is being affected by the chaos. Aidan is able to tell them that Janet put Little Adam in his crib before capsizing the large objects in the main room. They still want to rush in, but Tad urges them to hold back and let her burn off some of the energy she's been harboring. Further, he doesn't want to find all of them in a situation where Janet begins to use Little Adam for a shield. This is the only thing that quiets them again, and it does so just in time to hear Janet fall silent indoors.

At the PI office, Amanda paces nervously as she waits for news from the makeshift rescue team. Brooke comes in looking for Tad and tries to ascertain what's going on. Amanda tries to relay details to her at the same time that she calls Derek at the station, but leaves out a lot of pertinent information. Confused, Brooke is forced to eavesdrop on Amanda's conversation to fill in the gaps. Amanda tells Derek that she thought of new information and fills him in on the crew that went to track Janet down. She begs Derek to follow suit to ensure that Janet won't be killed once located. After she gets off the phone, she second-guesses herself, informing Brooke of the reasons why she was told to not get the police involved. She then starts to vent about how even though she knows everyone hates Janet, Janet is still her mom - and she may have just killed her. Brooke is taken aback, unable to process how Amanda could possibly be to blame, but Amanda tells her that she made a promise to protect her mom - and has failed at that. Brooke tries to assure her that everything will be all right, and that Janet still loves her and will understand why Amanda did what she did once she gets her head on straight again. Amanda can't believe her, saying that her mother stopped loving her when her own daughter tried to turn her in. Distraught, Amanda can't stay still anymore and says that she needs to go to the cabin and fix what she broke. Without hesitation, Brooke insists that she will make the trip as well.

The cops arrive at the cabin, letting out one blare of the siren. The group expresses their anger, thinking that any headway they may have made was lost with Derek's audible arrival. As they try to form a cohesive whole that can work together toward their common goal, Adam pulls Krystal off to the side and tries to guarantee that Babe would be okay. Krystal reminds him that Aidan hadn't seen any sign of her daughter, and then starts to fall apart at the thought that Babe could be hurt or dead. Adam pulls her into a comforting embrace and promises her that no matter what happens, he wouldn't leave her to deal with the outcome alone.

Derek calls out to Janet and, after identifying himself, insists that no one wants to hurt her and that the best thing that she could do would be to come out of the cabin with her hands up so that they can get her the help she needs. Janet reminds him that he is no longer a friend of hers, and further informs him that she isn't the one in need of help. Derek asks what she wants, and she tells him simply that they all need to go away so that they don't risk putting her or her son in harm's way. She then walks over to the freezer, tells both Trevor and Babe that she'd had fun with them, and drops the door down to seal them in. Derek calls out to her again but gets no response. He tells the group that he is giving her 10 minutes to emerge from the house. If she fails to show, he will have his troops throw tear gas into the house. JR freaks out at that, and at seeing the troops ready their firearms. He blasts Derek for putting his son in harm's way, but Derek insists that they are only trying to protect his son, and Babe. Not knowing if she will come out of the house willingly and alone, or with a gun to Babe or Little A's head, Derek insists that they need to proceed cautiously. He asks Tad to take JR away and keep him under control, but JR manages to do so all on his own.

Di approaches JR and tries to comfort him, and out of habit, he automatically rejects her. He tells her that he is fine and that she can't help him. She reminds him that she is still family and that she loves both him and his son. Noting that she just wants to help is what breaks JR's resolve. He turns to face her and grabs her in a fierce hug, his body wracked with sobs.

Janet finally emerges from the house, and quixotically notes that the crowd gathered came to say goodbye to them. Derek tells her that she knows they won't let her leave, and suggests that he put the boy down before anyone gets hurt. She views that as a threat and tells Derek that he doesn't want to take that road with her just as JR rejoins the group, openly frantic over his son. Janet tells everyone that they need to leave so that she may take her sweet angel to where he belongs. Just then, Amanda arrives and, having heard those last words, tells Janet that she thought she was her only sweet angel. She reminds her mother of all the good things that she'd done in the past, which Amanda carries with her. She tells Janet that one disagreement would never make her stop loving her mom, and begs her to not let the baby take her place. Janet sees her visit to see Amanda in the NICU years ago in her mind's eye, and the last of her resolve breaks down. Tears streaming down both faces, Janet releases her hold on Little Adam, and embraces her daughter again. JR heaves a huge sigh of relief and takes his son in his arms, vowing to never let anything happen to him again. Krystal comes up behind him, pleading with them to find out where Babe is. JR hands the baby over to Krystal and promises that he will find out. Simultaneously, Derek starts to extract Janet from Amanda's arms. Janet is confused by Derek putting her in handcuffs, as she did nothing wrong, but Amanda keeps her calm by telling her that she won't leave her under any circumstances.

Tad and the rest of the original team march through the cabin, calling out Babe's name, trying to determine her location. After Aidan announces that the bedroom is empty, JR stops in front of the freezer, hoping against hope that his hunch is wrong. He opens the lid and finds Babe lying there, unconscious. Alerting everyone, they quickly take her out and check to make sure she is still alive. Once David finds a pulse, they get blankets and call for medical assistance. Tad goes over to the freezer to close it again and spots an well as a trademark ugly tie. Jamie joins his father and takes in the same view. Tad, making the connection between the tie and Trevor, calls Derek over so that he could see the shocking truth with his own eyes. Moments later, Brooke asks Amanda to step off to the side with her so that Derek could finish with the formalities of arresting Janet. She obliges, and Derek informs Janet that she will not only be charged with kidnapping and the attempted murder of Babe, she will also be charged with Trevor's murder.

The medical team brings Babe out on a gurney, and Krystal's relief that Babe has been found quickly turns into alarm at finding out that she is unconscious. JR instructs her to take Little Adam to the hospital with Babe so that he can get checked out. He says that he will follow when he is done. After Krystal heads off to the ambulance, JR tells Janet that she will die for what she did. Derek tries to control him, but Janet is not intimidated. She retorts that JR is an evil man and that Dixie must be so ashamed. Speaking of his mother only seals Janet's proposed fate as far as JR is concerned. At that moment back in Pine Valley, Zach receives a call from his contact at the police station. When he wraps up the call, he tells Dixie that her grandson had been rescued - and that he is alive and well. He also tells her that Babe is on her way to the hospital, and that he will give her updates as he gets them. Overwhelmed with relief, Dixie collapses into his arms, all the pent up fear released through her tears.

Meanwhile, Janet rambles on about wishing that Dixie were with them at that moment because she would understand that what Janet did wasn't so bad. While everyone stares at her, thinking that she'd lost it for good, Tad has to hold a tearful JR back. Tad finally tells Janet that Dixie died over four years ago, and Janet, with a look of amazement, contradicts his statement. She tells him that she has seen Dixie recently - in Pine Valley.

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Thursday, March 10, 2006

Janet continues to tell everyone that Dixie was at the Mardi Gras ball. By the look of everyone's faces, Janet says that she must have spilled the surprise about Dixie's return. JR threatens to make Janet pay for what she has done, but Janet claims Dixie would be ashamed of JR. Dixie is probably so ashamed of her son, that is why she has not revealed herself, Janet adds. JR tells Janet that he loves his mother, but Adam and Jamie tell Janet to be quiet. Amanda jumps in and tells Janet to stop hurting everyone. When Brooke offers to take Amanda home, Janet thinks Brooke is trying to tear them apart. Amanda tells her mother that what she is saying about Dixie does not make sense. Janet tells Derek she can take her to prison, but Little Adam is the one who needs to be taken from the crazy Chandlers. JR breaks free of Tad's gripe and grabs Janet by the shoulders, threatening to take her out himself. Jamie and Tad remove JR, while JR and Janet keep throwing back and forth insults until Derek takes her away. When Amanda asks Aidan if he has found her dad, Aidan is silent. Adam and JR rush off to go see how Babe is doing. David asks Di what she thinks about Janet's story and Di claims Janet is lying. Tad tells Amanda that her father died, but she figures out that Janet is the one who killed him. Amanda demands to know where her father is, but no one answers her. She realizes Trevor is inside, so everyone allows her to go inside and find her father in the freezer. Amanda breaks down into tears and Jamie and Brooke quickly lead her outside. Aidan tells Tad that no one deserved the pain Janet inflicted on everyone, including ruining Dixie's memory.

Josh comes into Erica's room with a cameraman at his side. She tells him to turn off the camera while Josh explains that the man is doing a documentary on him as part of an internship. Erica tells Josh to do something good with medicine, instead of exposing people. He ignores her comments and tells his sidekick they should find someone else to film who is worth it. When she walks out to her room, she finds Greg touching Kendall's stomach to check on the baby. Erica asks Ryan and Kendall to check on her release papers, allowing Erica to ask Greg to speak to her privately. Erica tells Greg she would like to repair their mended relationship for Josh's sake. Erica claims she does not want to punish Josh for drugging her, but would like to work with Greg to get Josh out of town. Greg claims Josh will never leave the hospital because he feels the need to be bigger and better than everyone else. Little Adam gets a clean bill of health, but Krystal will not allow JR to hold his son. Kendall goes inside Erica's room to announce that her paperwork has been cleared. Erica tells Kendall she is still not thrilled about Greg being Kendall's doctor, then apologizes, blaming Josh's newfound medical position for her negative feelings.

Joe is not thrilled about Josh's videotape stunt, but Josh insists that it will promote positive publicity for the hospital. Moments later, Babe is rushed to the hospital, where Josh and the rest of the workers take her into another room. Josh tries to boss Julia around, but she tells him to stop acting like a donkey and get focused on their patient. Julia comes outside and tells everyone that Babe's heart beat is up and her pulse is rising. JR goes inside to see Babe, who is rousing from her sleep. When JR touches her, Babe thinks it is Janet and she starts screaming, until she sees JR. JR tells her that their son is safe and Janet has been arrested, while Julia goes to get Krystal. Krystal and Adam come into the room with Little Adam so Babe can be assured that her son is safe. Babe tells Krystal to thank everyone who helped save them, while David peaks inside. JR tells Babe how much he loves her and wants to be a family with Little Adam and proposes to her in front of Adam and Krystal.

Ryan finds Julia outside of Babe's room, where he sings her praises for saving Babe's life. Julia asks Ryan how Kendall how the baby is doing. He tells her the baby is fine, but a decision has not been made about who will raise the child. Julia explains that she is not exploring any other options until Ryan lets her know if she can adopt his child. Kendall walks out to overhear Julia laughing about Erica being involved in the baby process. Kendall goes to talk to Julia, pretending to know about what she and Ryan were talking about. Julia tells Kendall she is glad that she will consider her adopting the baby, which stuns Kendall.

Zach and Dixie return to the casino, where Dixie nearly collapses and Zach catches her. One of Zach's medical workers tends to Dixie's wounds. When she wakes up, Dixie asks Zach about the kidnapping. Zach tells her Babe and Little Adam have been taken to the hospital, but were both fine.

Janet is taken to her cell. Derek tells her he has contacted legal aide to get her a lawyer. Janet claims she does not need a lawyer because she has Trevor. Derek asks Janet why she killed Trevor, but Janet seems shocked that her husband is dead. David goes to visit Janet, reaches through the cell to grab her neck and starts asking about Dixie.

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