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Di offered to take a DNA test. David learned something new about Di. Krystal refused to marry Tad. Babe and Jamie argued. JR got the news that he had been hoping for.
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Monday, July 11, 2005

At the New Beginnings launch party Erica is determined to announce to the world that Greenlee is pregnant. Erica talks about Ryan and Greenlee with Ryan looking on and getting more upset by the second. At the last moment Greenlee jumps onstage, steals the microphone from Erica and announces to the entire room full of reporters family and friends that, "Erica Kane is pregnant!" And the crowd goes wild. Ryan, thinking that Erica was trying to manipulate him runs out taking with him his bottle of ‘Dr. Hayward's cure all anger pills'. The reporters in the room immediately try to get a statement from any family member they can find. One particularly obnoxious woman in a red dress corners Lily for a statement. Lily is freaked out from all the noise and of course the red dress tries to get away from the woman. As the woman snatches Lily's sun glasses and tries to stop her from leaving Jack notices what is going on and comes to Lily's rescue. While Jack is rescuing Lily, Reggie notices that Josh is with Danielle. Reggie lands a nice right hook on Josh's chin then grabs Danielle away to take her home. Erica gets the crowd calmed down enough to announce that she is most definitely NOT pregnant. She saves the situation by saying that you can always expect the unexpected on New Beginnings. Once everyone is calmed down Erica asks Kendall if she knows what the heck Greenlee thought she was doing making such an insane announcement. Kendall tells Erica that Greenlee has to be the one to tell Ryan about the baby and that she has to be allowed to do that in her own way and in her own time and that Greenlee wants to tell Ryan about the baby in private. Erica says that she doesn't know if Greenlee will be safe doing that considering how Ryan stormed out of the party and still thinks that Ryan would do better hearing the news with the rest of the family around to support him. Kendall tells Erica to back off and mind her own business then goes to find Greenlee and make sure she is OK.

Greenlee follows Ryan out of the party were he goes off on her about Erica. He tells Greenlee that no one is going to be able to change his mind about having children and that includes Erica Kane. He angrily heads home leaving Greenlee feeling afraid to talk to him. Greenlee talks to Kendall about how she is now afraid to talk to Ryan. She is really nervous about her plan to tell him about the baby in private thinking that he is going to go ballistic. Kendall has a brilliant idea. She wants to let Greenlee and Ryan use the VIP suite at the casino for the night. That way Greenlee and Ryan will be alone in the suite but Kendall and Zach will keep an eye on the situation via the surveillance cameras in the casino. Greenlee heads home to tell Ryan that she has a surprise for him that night. Kendall finds Zach who readily agrees to Kendall's guard plan.

Reggie takes Danielle home and wants to know what is going on. He tells her what Lily told him about seeing Josh hug and try to kiss Danielle. Just as Danielle is about to tell Reggie the truth Garret walks in and asks to talk to Danielle alone. Reggie goes home and Garret asks Danielle if she really wants to keep Reggie as her boyfriend. Garret advises her that if she does she better not tell him about sleeping with Josh. He tells her that the information will only hurt Reggie. Danielle feels guilty about keeping secrets from and telling lies to Reggie but reluctantly agrees that Garret may be right.

Everyone at baby Kate's memorial service is shocked at Di's claim that she really IS Dixie. Adam refuses to take Di's word and wants a DNA test. Knowing that it is the only way to prove that what she says is true Di agrees to the DNA test. David tries to sprint her off for his own DNA test but Tad's not having it. They all head back to the Chandler mansion where Tad has his father, Dr. Joe Martin, come in and take three samples form each Adam, JR, and Di. The three samples then go to three different labs with three different people delivering them (Aidan, Brooke and Joe). Adam wonders if Tads thoroughness is overkill but Tad points out that this way they are sure to get an unaltered test. David tries to leave the mansion but Tad won't let him. Tad insists that they must all stay at the mansion until the tests are back and they all sit back to wait.

Tuesday, July 12, 2005

Tad wouldn't let David, Krystal, Babe, Jamie, Adam, J.R. or Di(xie) leave until the results of the DNA test were returned. Jamie confronted Babe about how long she had known about Di not being Dixie. He asked her when she stopped trusting him. Babe explained that she had a chance to get her momma out of prison and she had to take it. She swore that no matter what, the truth was going to come out whether or not Adam took her deal. Jamie reminded her of all that he had given up and she told him that he had made his own choices and if he wanted to walk away, he could. Jamie told Babe that she has had time to deal with everything and now it is his turn. He walked out the door. Adam warned Babe and Krystal that if Di actually is Dixie, he will make sure they suffer until the day they die. Babe told J.R. that she hoped Di(xie) was real. She told him that she didn't do this to hurt him. Krystal said to Tad that the proposal of marriage he made while she was in prison, was now null and void. Krystal told Tad that he already had his hands full with Di(xie). He tried to convince Krystal that nothing had changed between them and he still wanted to marry her. He kissed her and then said he needed some air. David asked Di(xie) how she was going to rig the DNA test. Tad, sitting outside in the garden, got quite a surprise when Di(xie) showed up instead of Krystal.

When Aidan arrived at his office, he found Amanda there. He asked her to leave, but she continued flirting with him. He clearly wanted no part of her and put her out the door. Amanda then went to Jamie and Babe's apartment and told him that she was officially homeless. She wanted Jamie to tell her why he was in such a mood, but he ignored her. Amanda dreamed that she and Jamie were a couple living a fabulous life with J.R. as their butler. Amanda told Jamie that she thought she was falling in love with him.

Zach and Kendall take Greenlee and Ryan to the VIP suite at the casino. Kendall told Ryan that this was her way of saying she was sorry. Ryan opened a bottle of champagne and he and Greenlee toasted to their family. Ryan continued to ask about his surprise, but Greenlee again put him off. They went downstairs to the casino to gamble and Greenlee reassured Kendall that everything was fine. Ryan too had a surprise for Greenlee. He led her to the place where he was shot a year ago. Ryan said that he had to be in that place so he could face his past. As he sat contemplating, Greenlee asked him if the ghosts were back or gone forever. Ryan told Greenlee that he realized he could beat the memories of Jonathan and his family.

Wednesday, July 13, 2005

Before Greenlee tells Ryan about her pregnancy, Ryan thanks for her having faith in him throughout their problems. He says that they can handle anything that comes their way and brings up where his surprise is. Grabbing his hands, she tries to give him clues about the surprise, but Ryan says that he will love the surprise, no matter what it is. He even jokes that she arranged the northern lights as his surprise. Greenlee and Ryan see it as a sign that nothing else can go wrong in their lives. They go back to their room, make love and snack on fruit. Finally, Greenlee musters up the courage and tells him that she is pregnant.

Looking out for Greenlee's safety, Kendall rushes out to the gazebo to stop Greenlee from spilling the news at that spot. Zach stops her, reminding her that they are not there to interfere with how Greenlee breaks the news, but how to handle the aftermath of it. Kendall threatens to end their marriage if he does not back off, but her husband makes that he is right. Eventually, they go to the gazebo to find Ryan and Greenlee, but they have left. Kendall and Zach see the northern lights and Kendall says it is a sign that despite everything, she has gotten through some rough spots and perhaps, she is finally free from it all. Zach jokes that Kendall is turning soft of him, but Kendall tells him that she still never wants to be in love again because it has a power to destroy people.

Jamie tells Amanda that he is not available, but she blames her romantic feelings on him. Jamie counters that he never came onto her, and when Amanda agrees, he reminds her that he is in love with Babe. Amanda says that she is not trying to take him from Babe and told him the truth because he deserved to know. Amanda starts talking about how attentive, caring and great he is, something that her past loves always lacked. Jamie reminds her that he is not the only respectable guy in Pine Valley, but Amanda has encountered too many roaches like JR to believe him. She vows to get past her feelings for him since she can't compete with Babe. Jamie thanks her for being honest because lies eventually come out. He goes onto a tangent about how love is not worth anything if you have to lie to keep it going. Amanda feels the same way and promises to always be truthful to him.

The gang patiently waits at the Chandler mansion, but their tempers start to flare as Adam begins questioning when the results will be ready. David tells them that it will take a few hours at all three labs before trying to get out of the house, but JR and Adam warn him that he has to stay. Adam will not let him leave because he fears that he will try to change the DNA results. Babe even offers to knock David out herself if he leaves because of his schemes. David says that he did everything for her, but Babe says that he should not have used her to get back at his enemies, as well as contradict her while he lies in her face. David still claims that he did everything because he thought he was helping Dixie get back to her family, but Babe does not believe him. David recants his love affair with Dixie in front of JR, but Babe and JR yell at him to stop. David walks off to get some food as Adam trails behind to keep an eye out on her. Realizing even more how her actions affected JR, Babe apologizes for telling him that their son had died. She understands how much his mother's death meant to him, not to mention how she hurt him. JR is not sure how to accept Babe's apology. He thinks she is only saying it to get more time with her son or speed up Jamie's application to medical school. Babe says no, she just knows that deep inside of him, there is a good man inside of JR. After JR walks away, Krystal tries to comfort Babe about the fight she had with Jamie. Krystal tells her that Jamie just needs some time alone and that their relationship will be fine. Jamie comes back to the mansion after leaving Amanda at his apartment.

Krystal tells Tad outside that she can't marry him, but Tad refuses to believe it.

Krystal walks out to the garden just as Dixie asks Tad if he wanted the DNA test to prove if she is a fake or not. He says that despite what has happened, he does not hate her because she is already miserable enough. Di says that she did not want Tad to find out the entire truth because she was scared she would lose his respect. Tad says that he has learned if you let yourself want something too much, you spend the rest of your life afraid to lose it. Upset by seeing how close Tad and Di are interacting, Krystal walks away before hearing Tad say that he does not care about the DNA results. After seeing the northern lights, Tad leaves Di alone. David comes outside to bother Di and warn her that she is going to crumble when the results are revealed. She will lose Tad and gain another five years in jail, unless she turns to him for help, he says.

Thursday, July 14, 2005

Adam attempts to apologize for starting the current uproar over Di's true identity, but at first JR doesn't seem to want to hear it. As they count down the minutes to when the DNA results will be returned, JR realizes that if they come back in Adam's favor, his father will be the only parent he has left. He notes aloud that he can't afford to lose Adam, and Adam returns the sentiment. JR then muses for a moment at how his father's choices in women have improved (Adam kicked Mary to the curb, and JR noticed that lately, he had been spending more time with Brooke), and then Adam asks if they can get back to talking about their relationship. JR notes that he thinks Adam put everyone through the shredder for fun - and that after the results come back proving that his mother is alive, moving day will be arriving sooner than Adam expected. He tells his father that perhaps a new female friend could give him a child that he could train to be evil - because JR, his only son, is planning to follow in his siblings' footsteps by finally moving out of the house.

Di proclaims that she really is Dixie, which seems to endlessly tickle David. He announces that he is in awe of her - because he has finally figured out how the fake he hired to play the role could actually turn out to be the real thing. David thinks that he knows why Di is betting on DNA results that could land her back in jail, but before he can be specific, she cuts him off. She tells him that the only lie is that he was the mastermind who figured everything out. She reiterates that she is really Dixie and refuses to back down. She wants him to face the fact that she doesn't need him anymore but he keeps pushing - saying that if she waits too much longer, he won't be able to help her anymore. Di says that she forgot how good David was at putting on the pressure until his target caves. She refuses to let him win, saying that if he is skeptical about who she really is, he'll just have to wait for the results to come back. He tries to shake her one more time by stealing her memory with Tad and saying that the stars really say 'David and Dixie Forever', but instead of the desired effect, she is furious and storms out of the garden.

After noting that she has the worst timing when it comes to breaking up with him, Tad confirms Krystal's decision - that they are simply over, with no discussion. Krystal follows by telling a stunned Tad that they were never really together to begin with. Although she says her decision has nothing to do with Dixie, Tad doesn't believe her. She outlines the kind of man that she wants in her life - that once-in-a-lifetime love, where she is first, last and everything to her man. Tad insists that he feels that way for her, and that there is no way that she can tell him how he feels. She tells him that she can see through him - right down to his soul - and even though he doesn't want to admit it, he loves Dixie too much to ever stop. Fed up, Tad announces that he is tired of hearing her "expert opinion" on his so-called relationship with Di/Dixie. He tells her that she is dead wrong when it comes to her take on his feelings for her, but he refuses to push. He won't ask her to marry him again. He wishes her luck in finding the happily ever after that she is looking for and walks off. Once he's gone, Di approaches Krystal from behind and calls her a fool. As she wipes her tears away, Krystal tells Di that there is no way that things with Tad could have worked. As far as she is concerned, Tad always has been and always will be in love with Dixie. The question that remains is if Di really is Dixie back from the dead, or if she's a con artist. Krystal further notes that even if Di turns out to be a fake, Tad's heart, though beaten and bruised, would still go on loving Dixie. Di tells her that she knows Tad was building a good life for himself before she came back, and that she has no intention of stepping in and ruining anything for Krystal. Krystal confesses that she saw Di and Tad in the garden earlier - and that she saw sparks still flying from the two of them. Though they may not want to admit it, Krystal believes that Tad and Dixie are still in love with each other. Irritated, Di notes that while she tried to help Krystal on the inside, it is impossible to help her on the outside. Krystal tells her that the only thing that matters is who she really is. Krystal warns Di that if she isn't who she is claiming to be, and she destroys Tad, all bets are off - Krystal will come after her and destroy Di for what she did. Krystal storms out of the courtyard and on opposite sides of the wall, both women tearily stare off into space, reflecting on everything that changed in their lives that night.

Babe thinks that Jamie's return to the house means that he has forgiven her, but he corrects her quickly. He wants to work out where they went wrong. Babe tells him that she didn't feel that she had a choice when it came to whether or not she could reveal the truth about Di. Jamie tells her that she had a choice - trust him or not. He wants to know when he became the enemy. Jamie tells her that he understands crossing the line when it comes to protecting your family, especially when he did that very thing so she could hold on to her son. She tells him that she couldn't risk letting him in, only to have him turn around and tell his father everything. She admits that she kept the secret because she couldn't risk anyone finding out before Krystal was released. She follows by saying that the Carrey and Martin rulebooks are very different, and she knows that hers is hard to deal with. She also uses this as the reason why she wanted him to walk away. Jamie explodes when he hears that, and demands that she never bring up him leaving again. He tells her that just because they have problems, the solution is not to walk away - at least, that's not his solution. As he's telling her that the only one who would walk away would be her, JR shows up. He misinterprets what he heard and thinks that his brother is finally dumping Babe. He goes off on a rant about how he has prayed for the day that his brother stopped thinking with his tool belt and recognized Babe for who she really is: a lying tramp. As he goes on, Jamie walks over to a side table and finds a pad of paper. He writes a note and hands it to his brother, asking him to read it aloud. JR does so, and realizes that Jamie formally relinquished all of his rights to Phoebe's estate. Babe asks whether he is sure he is doing the right thing, and Jamie assures her that he is fine with it. JR asks what he should do with all of Phoebe's money, and Jamie tells him to donate it to an organization that helps troubled boys - so they don't grow up to be like JR. JR wonders what it will take for his brother to wise up, and Babe looks on, wondering aloud how JR turns hot and cold so easily. Jamie explains that although JR was nice to her earlier by letting her spend more time with Little Adam, he is incapable of doing so around Jamie - because he's always trying to win. However, this is one game that Jamie knows JR will lose because he will never dump Babe. JR, trying to be glib, rips up the note and tells Jamie the money is still his and will be waiting for him when he comes to his senses. He walks out, once again leaving the young couple alone.

In the study, Adam makes a call, attempting to get a progress report on the DNA tests. He leaves a harsh message demanding that someone call back. As he slams the phone, David appears, agreeing that the waiting is hard. Adam wants him to go but David insists that he has news Adam will want to hear - about Di, Dixie and DNA. As with any kind of investment, Adam wants to know what he will get out of David's secret. David refuses to divulge anything until Adam is on board. Knowing that what drives David is the chance to get JR to give Babe a better visitation deal, Adam refuses to play. David retains his poker face, saying that there is one more chance - and that knowledge is power. Adam, believing that the DNA test will end the charade, declines. David intimates that all is not as it seems before taking his leave. Adam's alone time is short-lived as Tad enters the library. He asks Adam if there had been any news about the tests, and Adam is forced to admit that he is still in the dark. Tad starts to leave, but Adam asks if he wants to press charges once it is proven that Di Kirby is a fake. Tad is unwilling to jump to any conclusions or decisions until the tests come back, and Adam thinks that shows weakness. He tells Tad that Dixie brought that weakness out in him - and in JR. He vows to rid his son of that giving streak as soon as the tests come back. Tad follows by saying that there are a number of things that should be done to Adam for all of the pain and heartache he has caused as a father, husband, brother and human being - and then follows the path David took moments before.

Jamie tells Babe that they are never over, and he hopes that she gets that. She says that she does, apologizes again for holding out on him, and they seal forgiveness with a kiss. As they do, Tad walks in from the courtyard and interrupts. They regain their composure and Babe asks where her mother is. After a moment's thought, Tad tells her that Krystal is on her own. He announces that not only is the wedding off but that according to Krystal, it was never on. David, overhearing from the hall, can't stop himself from joining the small group and commenting. He revels in the fact that Tad got dumped, and offers his very insincere hope that Dixie pans out for Tad - lest he be completely out of luck. Tad summarily ignores David, choosing instead to ask why Jamie came back. Jamie admits that Babe and the test results are what drew him back into the Chandler lair. Just then, Krystal makes her way in from the courtyard, and Babe goes to her, explaining that Tad told them the news. Krystal insists that she will be fine, but it is tested when Di comes into room moments later. Uncomfortable silence ensues until JR comes in from the hall, asking where his mother had been. She tells him that she just took a walk, and then falls silent again as Adam comes in from the study. The silence is broken when the doorbell rings, and Adam volunteers to get it. JR intercepts him and answers the door himself. As they all wait with bated breath, moments slide by. Then, Aidan enters the living room with an envelope and announces that the test results are in.

Greenlee confirms a stunned Ryan's worst fears - that she is having a baby. While he tries to wrap his brain around the news, Greenlee explains that she went to the fertility clinic and that's how she got pregnant. She reminds Ryan about what he said in the gazebo - that he wanted to let go of his past and embrace his future...that the ghosts of his father and his brothers were gone. She pleads with him to see that their child can only bring them good, and that they're future is brighter because of it. Ryan insists that he can't be a father, even if she got pregnant with the help of an anonymous donor. She reminds him of days gone by, when he first got to town and made donations for extra cash, and confirms that she went to that center because of that information. Ryan is still mired in disbelief because firstly, he doesn't think that his donations would still be good, and secondly, he didn't think that Greenlee could just walk in and request it. She informs him that while there is no shelf life - he is correct on the second point. She confesses how she broke in and stole three samples that matched his profile, had them tested and got inseminated. Because it took on the first try, Greenlee feels that it was meant to be. With his anger boiling just below the surface, Ryan reminded her that she promised, on their love, that she would never get pregnant. She corrects him and says that she promised to never have any child but his - and she kept her promise. Still reeling, he confirms one more time that she is actually carrying his child.

Kendall charges into her husband's office, with him following closely behind. Before they tune into the VIP suite, Zach notes that there is no sound. Once the picture comes up, Kendall can tell immediately that Ryan has been informed. They both can see that Ryan is none too happy. With their eyes locked to the screen, Kendall begs Ryan to be happy about the news and reach out to Greenlee. Zach tells her that she is hoping for too much, and she fires back, saying that because he screwed up as a dad doesn't mean that Ryan will. Kendall continues to plead with Ryan from the wrong side of the camera. She is astonished that Ryan's face remains blank, and muses aloud regarding the reasons why. Zach steps in and explains that his expression is merely the calm before the storm.

Greenlee apologizes to Ryan for dropping another bomb on him, especially after all he has been through. She explains that she started from a place of love, and that is what gave her the courage to go through with her plan. She tells him that she knows it will take him a while to get used to the idea, and to get to the place where she started, but she has faith that he will succeed. She talks about the things that they will get to do together and the things they can plan, all with tears brimming just behind her eyelids. As Ryan stands there speechless, she grabs his hand and places it on her stomach.

Ryan stands there for a moment, and as Kendall and Zach look on, Kendall holds out the hope that Greenlee is getting through to him. Her hope is short lived as Ryan yanks his hand away and asks his wife how many times he told her that he was not equipped to be a parent. He tells her that the choice he made (in having a vasectomy) was so that they would never have the conversation about expecting a child. He thought that she accepted it, and she agrees that she did...but that his choice justified the choice she made. To stave off the rage, Ryan takes one of the pills that David gave him, but Greenlee tells him that they are unnecessary. Ryan explains to her that he is fighting against the rage for his life, and for hers. He is absolutely certain that a child will open up the door to that rage and he can't allow that. He tells her that the only solution is that she terminate the pregnancy. Greenlee can't believe the words that are coming out of her husband's mouth and says as much. She continues to refer to it as their baby, but Ryan says that since she made it by herself, it is hers and hers alone. He then tells her that she has a choice - either she gets rid of it, or he's leaving.

From the office, Kendall can tell that Ryan and Greenlee are in trouble and she wants to go in and help. Zach tells her that Ryan will only go over the edge if she barges in, but Kendall swears that she isn't afraid of him. Zach tells her that she should be, and that if anyone should go into that room, it should be him. Back in the room, Greenlee tells Ryan that not only does she intend on carrying the child to term, she is not going to let him walk away from them and cheat himself of the chance to prove that he is better than his father and brothers. She tries fervently to convince him that having the child is the only way, but he tells her that she ruined everything. She asks if things were really that fine when he was going to fight club, and Ryan tells her that he was getting better every day. She continues to tell him how great their life will be together, but this only makes him angrier. Unwilling to relent, Greenlee tries to get close to Ryan, all the while saying that he can't make her kill their baby and she won't let him leave. Ryan's anger boils over and he grabs her and pushes her back against a dresser. As a panicked Greenlee stares at a man she barely knows, and Kendall and Zach look on, Ryan pulls his fist back, threatening to hit his wife if she utters one more word.

Friday, July 15, 2005

When talking to Reggie, Danielle initially withheld the truth about what happened with Josh. Then, when they were thisclose to making love Danielle stopped. Reggie was disappointed, but he promised her he wasn't upset. He just needed to know what was wrong. "I had sex with Josh," she revealed. (Probably not what the boy was expecting!)

Over at New Beginnings, Jack freaked when Erica told him exactly how Greens got pregnant. He was worried about his daughter. Amanda was there hoping to get a job from Josh. (And just when you think Amanda's wardrobe can't get any skimpier, you're wrong!) Plus, she wanted his help with Babe. The way she saw it, he should be with Babe and she should be with Jamie. He wanted no part of it though.

Zach and Kendall stopped Ryan from hitting Greenlee. When Mr. Lavery found out Kendall had a part in all of it, he ripped her apart verbally and stopped himself from doing so physically. He ran to take one of his miracle pills, but Greenlee stopped him and told him that they were placebos. Regardless of what she thought, Ryan was convinced he was a monster. "I want to hurt you Greenlee," he spat. And to give her proof of what a monster he was, Ryan trashed the room and stormed out. He stole a motorcycle and sped off, with Greenlee, Zach and Kendall following behind him. The high-speed chase ended in disaster when Ryan drove off a cliff.

At the Chandler Mansion, everyone agreed to wait until Brooke and Joe returned to open all of the DNA results together. While waiting, Derek arrived. Adam wanted Di arrested. If she was a fake, Derek promised she'd serve the max. But that wasn't the case. Once Brooke, Aidan and Joe all opened their respective tests, Joe announced that enough points in the DNA test were matched: Di was Dixie. JR was elated about the news, but Tad walked out. He couldn't talk to her right now. Alone, David smugly told Dixie, "Well done." When she told him she didn't want to see him again, he said he had too much passion for her and couldn't let her go. Adam was still skeptical and chatted with Krystal. All the DNA tests proved was that she was a close blood relative of JR. "Dixie has a sister," he pointed out.

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