AMC Recaps: The week of November 15, 2004 on All My Children
Someone shot at Greenlee and Ryan. Greenlee feared a brain tumor when Maria ordered an MRI. JR told Bianca what Babe's letter had said. The judge refused to drop the charges against Ethan. Maria was served with divorce papers. Bianca suspected that Jamie and Babe had been involved with Paul's murder.
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Monday, November 15, 2004

Anita chastised Maria for working too hard and not going home. Maria accused her of doing the same. Ethan was brought in due to a hand injury sustained in jail. Aidan came in to see Anita and she offered to buy him coffee. She wondered if she'd led him on and then freaked out when Aidan admitted he had a thing for her. He found her and explained she had made it clear she wanted her marriage to work and that she had done nothing wrong. Maria wanted to be alone with Ethan, so the cuffs came off and the police waited outside the door. Ethan suggested he find another doctor and she informed him she had no agendas and could perform as his doctor. He was indignant when she told him he was faking pain and nothing was broken. She called him "Mr. Cambias" and he told her he is not a Cambias. She hoped he was innocent of the shooting charges and recommended he not look guilty by trying to run. She told him Zach is on his side and he should trust him. Maria was surprised Zach had refused to post his bail. Ethan saw an opportunity to escape and ran out of the hospital, only to run into Aidan right outside the door.

Ryan laid on top of Greenlee outside as bullets hit a nearby picnic table. Zach lowered the rifle and ran out of the woods. Greenlee was groggy as they made their way back to their car and drove home. Jonathan saw the bullet holes in the car and was worried. Derek arrived and told them it couldn't be Ethan because he was still locked up. Ryan found a bullet in the car and asked Jonathan to watch over Greenlee while he ran an errand. They sat in the car and Jonathan expressed his opinion that Kendall was the shooter. Alone, Greenlee relived the event, this time with Kendall holding the gun. She was convinced that Kendall had shot and killed Ryan and when she saw her in the parking lot, put the car in gear and gunned it.

Erica called Kendall to meet her at the office spaces for her new venture, "New Beginnings" and wanted her input. Kendall told Erica about Bianca looking for a letter from Babe. Erica told Kendall Bianca was better off without reading it. Erica wouldn't answer any more questions from Kendall about it, except to say Babe is nothing but trouble. Kendall was enthusiastic about Erica's plans for New Beginnings. Erica offered Kendall a job and a chance to get away from Ryan and Greenlee, assuming that things were not going well at Fusion. Kendall turned down the offer, saying she needs to find her own new beginning and asked for Erica's help. Erica was annoyed that the seller was late for their appointment and even more annoyed when Zach/Alexander showed up as the owner. Kendall asked him about posting bail for Ethan and Zach said Ethan isn't in trouble anymore. She rushed out when he told them about Ryan being shot at again. Zach informed Erica that since she told Edmund about him hugging Maria and breaking up their marriage, he has a reason to stay in town and the space is no longer available. After he left, Erica made a phone call to get the papers drawn up, saying she would persuade the owner to sell.

Bianca held Bess and did not believe JR's story that Babe's letter said Bess is really Miranda and it was their son who had died in the accident. JR apologized for the shock and Bianca said she understood everything. She was upset and told JR she was close to committing murder. JR reminded her of the DNA test that proved Bess is his daughter and called Babe twisted and using Bianca to get back at him. Bianca told him he was the liar, not Babe. Bianca accused JR of threatening Babe and forcing her to leave town. She demanded to see the letter and JR told her he'd destroyed both their letters. Bianca refused to believe that Babe could have kept her baby away from her for even a day and blamed JR for the cruel plan. JR pretended to want to protect Bianca from Babe. Bianca talked to Bess about how it was impossible that her mother could have done it. She warned JR that this wasn't over as she left.

Ryan confronted Zach in his office and offered him a clean shot.

Tuesday, November 16

Bianca confronts Erica at New Beginnings with JR's claims that Babe's letter to her revealed that Bess was actually Miranda. She demands for Erica to confirm what the letter sent to her said. Erica does her best to avoid discussing it but Bianca is steadfast until Erica admits that although she did not read the letter herself, JR had told her that the letter to Bianca was filled with lies about Bess being Miranda. Lies that were intended to punish JR. Bianca is torn between disbelief that JR would go to such extremes in order to discredit Babe and hope that maybe Babe's claims were true. A hope that Erica is quick to put to into perspective by pointing out that she confirmed the DNA results proving that Bess is JR's daughter with Joe Martin, who is completely trustworthy. She tells Erica that she doesn't believe that Babe would make such an outrageous claim if it wasn't true but Erica reminds her that Babe's history is jaded at best. She slept with her husband's brother and broke promises to Bianca including the one about never leaving her. Bianca refuses to believe the worst about Babe. She again wonders why JR would behave the way that he is towards Babe and Erica gives Bianca insight by sharing the similarities between her relationship with Bianca's father, Travis, and his brother Jackson back when she was married to him. She tells Bianca that situations like that tend to bring out the worst in everyone.

As Tad reads the paper with the headline caption of "No Answers in the Death of Lt. Governor's Ex-In-Law" featuring a picture of Paul Cramer, he remembers David's warning about not telling Bianca the truth about Miranda lest their children are charged with the murder of Paul. A knock at the door interrupts his thoughts and he finds JR standing on his doorstep with Bess in his arms. He claims to want to talk to Tad about the situation Babe and Jamie are in. He does his best to convince him that he is merely looking out for their best interests in his desire to make sure they don't return to town then shares with Tad, Adam's plan to have Jamie charged with the missing money in order to force Tad to reveal Colby's whereabouts. Tad isn't fooled. He sees through JR deceptions and calls him on it. He tells JR that the real reason he doesn't want Jamie and Babe to return to Pine Valley is because he's afraid that Babe will return and take his daughter away from him. JR tries to deny it but Tad is wise to him. Frustrated, JR leaves just as Joe arrives to pay a visit to his son. Tad decides to tell his father everything that is going on including that Ace is really JR's son and that Babe and Jamie are probably going to be the prime suspects in the murder of Paul Cramer. Joe points out how much Jamie and Babe's actions resemble Tad and Dixie's when JR was a baby and they took him from Adam. Tad isn't pleased but he sees his father's point. The difference though, he's quick to point out, is that Jamie is keeping the news that his brother's son is alive and well not dead. Conflicted about what to do, they discuss things further. Joe encourages Tad, reminding him that he knows in his heart what to do just before leaving. Shortly afterwards, Aidan arrives with information about the aliases that Jamie and Babe are using then they both set out to find them.

Greenlee, still in the grips of her delusion sees Kendall, whom she believes murdered Ryan, walk in front of her car in the parking garage. She turns on the engine and proceeds to run her down just as Jonathan emerges from the stairwell. He runs up to Greenlee to see if she's ok then goes to check on Kendall who had been knocked out but not seriously injured. Greenlee gets out of the car and once again tries to attack Kendall who by now is standing up. Screaming that she killed Ryan, Jonathan physically holds her back while Kendall tells Greenlee that she's lost her mind. Jonathan does his best to reassure Greenlee that Ryan is safe, only out running errands but Greenlee remains irrational convinced that Ryan has been murdered. He tells Kendall that it was only an accident and after suggesting that Kendall go to the ER to be checked out, Jonathan manages to get Greenlee up to the apartment where he gives her something to drink then gets her to lay down and rest. Then he leaves the apartment to get Greenlee something to eat.

Outside the hospital, Ethan attempts to flee but is stopped by Aidan who tells him about Ryan's shooting. Ethan is clearly surprised which leads Aidan to suspect that he may not have been behind the shooting after all. After the police officer, with Maria close on his heels, catches up with Ethan, Aidan surprises both Ethan and Maria by providing Ethan a cover story...that he needed fresh air, so he wouldn't be charged with trying to escape.

In her office, Maria and Anita share a private moment. Maria confesses to Anita that she is in love with both Edmund and Zach. That she believed she could be happily married to Edmund and maintain a friendship with Zach but she obviously couldn't. She suggests that Edmund figured the truth out before she did. Anita listens with a sympathetic ear until Ethan's X-rays arrive showing his hand is not fractured. Anita resumes her duties while Maria gets back to work as well. In the waiting area, Kendall walks in to find Ethan waiting for his results. She's surprised to find Ethan in the hospital and asks him why but he is more concerned about her condition. She tells him what happened then Anita arrives to take her to radiology. While patching Kendall up, Anita lets her know how angry she is for how she used Bobby. She offers to pay Kendall back but Kendall tells her that she is the one who owes her. That she used Bobby because she couldn't accept that Ryan couldn't love her the way that she wanted him to. Anita admitted she knew how that felt.

Ryan barges into Zach's office and accuses him of being the shooter at the rest stop. Zach listens as Ryan shows him his proof, the bullet he found in the back seat of his car, and tells him that it matches the ones that he saw in his desk. Zach smiles and admits that though they may be the same bullets it doesn't prove he's the shooter. Ryan tries to bait Zach by discussing Alexander Cambias, Sr. but Zach retains his cool. A phone call interrupts them and Zach cuts Ryan off and leaves.

Zach arrives in Maria's office, concerned about Ethan's injury only to discover that Ethan tried to escape. In his upset, he reveals enough information for Maria to figure out that Zach didn't help Ethan with his bail so that he could get him cleared of the charges by making it appear the shooter was attempting to kill Ryan again while Ethan, providing him with the perfect alibi. Maria confronts him with her suspicions which Zach does not deny. In the waiting area, Kendall returns to find Olivia with Ethan and the news that a judge will see them that night to drop charges now that it looks like Ethan was not the shooter. Zach's plan worked.

Greenlee wakes up to find Ryan in the apartment. She reacts violently believing he's not real. That it's a trick of her imagination, that the real Ryan is dead. Ryan tries to calm her down but to no avail. Greenlee cries out that her Ryan is dead and for him to get away from her. He's finally able to reach her but it's clear that Greenlee's grasp on reality is tentative. When Jonathan walks in carrying a take out, Ryan yells at him for leaving her alone. Jonathan tries to explain that he was only across the street getting Greenlee some food thinking she hadn't eaten all day and needed it. Ryan's attention is quickly diverted when Greenlee starts complaining of a headache. Realizing he has no other choice, Ryan picks her up and carries her out of the apartment intent on getting her to the hospital to find out what is wrong with her.

Wednesday, November 17

Ryan carries Greenlee into the hospital only to be told by the nurse behind the desk that he has to take a seat and wait his turn. He tries to impress upon her that it's an emergency but the nurse stubbornly refuses to listen to him. When Joe Martin passes by, Ryan grabs him and begs for his help with Greenlee who is standing next to Ryan looking dazed and wobbly. He realizes right away that there is something terribly wrong with Greenlee so he orders the nurse to call Maria and tell her to meet them in an examination room. Maria is in her office arguing with Zach about his outlandish attempt to free Ethan by shooting at Ryan and Greenlee. She is interrupted by a phone call notifying her of Greenlee's admission to the hospital. She rushes out leaving Zach behind. In the exam room with Joe, Ryan and Greenlee, Maria asks a series of questions in an attempt to determine what the cause of her headaches, odd behavior and blurry vision could be. She and Joe decide to order an MRI immediately. Greenlee panics worried that Maria suspects a terminal brain tumor but Ryan calms her down. When she prepares to get in the MRI, Greenlee again experiences a moment of panic at the thought of being enclosed in the device. She begs Ryan to get her a newer model, one that is opened but he points out that it's not something that is easily done. With great trepidation Greenlee gets onto the MRI while Ryan promises to wait just outside the room, watching her the entire time through the window. In the hallway, Ryan seeks reassurance from Maria that Greenlee will be fine but all Maria can say is that she is trying to rule out the possibility of a tumor. He relaxes for a moment and shares with her his belief that Zach was the person who shot at him earlier that day. He notices instantly that Maria doesn't seem surprised and comments on it but before it can go further than that, they hear Greenlee begin to yell to let her out of the MRI. They rush in and Ryan quickly calms her down then insists on staying with her during the test. Maria and the technician are reluctant but relent when it becomes clear that Ryan will not leave his wife's side. During the second MRI, Ryan comforts Greenlee with uplifting stories and reassurances of his deep love for her. While Maria is gone, Zach makes a phone call to find out the status of Ethan's case to no avail. He responds to a knock at the door to find a stranger standing there holding a large envelope asking for Maria. He asks if he can help but the gentleman refuses the offer saying he must see Maria in person. Maria walks in a few moments later and is immediately handed the envelope by the stranger who tells her "You've been served." The envelope contains divorce papers. She immediately lets Zach know that discussion about her pending divorce is off limits. When he asks after Greenlee's health, Maria uses the opportunity to once again urge Zach to come clean to Ethan about being his father. Zach is adamant in his decision not to say anything, clinging to the argument that learning he is a Cambias will ruin Ethan's life.

Adam tries to convince Krystal to tell him the truth about the letter. He asks her if Bess is his granddaughter or if there was a possibility of a grandson who had perished in the helicopter crash. He pulls out every weapon in his arsenal to get the truth from Krystal; lies, manipulations and even bribery, but to no avail. Krystal refuses to disclose anything to him. She even goes as far to tell him that she is 100% certain that Bess is his child and that the letters Babe wrote were nothing but a pack of lies because she is the one who put Babe up to writing them. It was an attempt to get Bess away from JR and his father. Adam is livid and storms out of the cabin.

Awaiting the judge's entrance into court for the special hearing Olivia set up, Ethan tries to convince Kendall to press charges against Greenlee for running her over. Kendall flatly refuses and instead tries to convince him that Greenlee is unwell. Ethan isn't concerned but he is unable to change Kendall's mind. Once the judge enters everyone takes their seats. Olivia makes a compelling argument to have the charges dismissed but the prosecution insists that the second shooter is most likely a copycat who might either be seeking publicity or attempting to help free Ethan. The judge decides to let the charges stand but reduces the bail which allows Kendall to use her shares in Fusion as collateral for bail. She brings Ethan back to her place and hands him a set of keys. She is quick to let him know that although she would like him to stay with her rather than the rundown motel, it's more for practical reasons than romantic ones. Ethan accepts her offer. They sit down to enjoy some caviar and champagne as well as a kiss but Kendall pulls back. She tells him that the last time they were together they were saying goodbye but now they aren't. She's worried that they are doing nothing but complicating their relationship which might in the end ruin everything else between them. Ethan listens to her concerns then convinces her to take a chance with him.

After reading a newspaper headline about Ace Buchanan's kidnapping which showed a picture of him, a man in a diner looks over to the table where Babe and Jamie are seated with James. He sees enough of a resemblance between the picture and James to go over to their table and make small talk before asking more probing questions about James. Introducing himself as Charlie Dibble the town's magistrate, he takes a seat at the table and tells Babe and Jamie in no uncertain terms that he plans on ascertaining whether James is really their son before letting them leave town. Babe, hoping to throw off suspicion and garner "family loyalty" pretends that she is a Dibble from Georgia and claims that they might be related. Her plan flops miserably. Jamie quickly comes up with a scheme to pretend to be an angry husband who is outraged that someone would question whether the baby was his or not. He accuses Babe of cheating on him the night James was conceived with a man named Steve whom she left with during a Jamboree for an hour. Babe plays along as the offended wife who did nothing wrong and insists that the baby is her husband. They go back and forth weaving their story until Charlie Dibble is put into a position where he feels obligated to take back his words and suspicions in order to prevent the couple from breaking up. While they share a dance to "their special song", Charlie Dibble leaves the diner. Moments later, Babe and Jamie decide to leave as well before he changes his mind and comes back. As Jamie is at the diner counter he glimpses the newspaper that Charlie Dibble was reading and learns of Paul Cramer's death. He tries to hide it from Babe when she joins him there but is unsuccessful. Babe wonders aloud who might have killed Paul. Jamie replies, "Who cares? He's dead, let's get a move on."

Thursday, November 18

Bianca is sitting at the boat house, flashing back to the time when she sat there with Maggie, telling her that no matter what happened in life, she and Babe would always be connected because of what happened at the cabin. Just then, Krystal shows up and Bianca asks if she's heard from Babe. Having heard nothing, Bianca confesses that she finally understands why Babe left town. Krystal, afraid that the truth had come out, asks Bianca not to be angry at Babe. To the contrary, Bianca is more worried. She tells Krystal that she knew about Paul Cramer harassing Babe once upon a time, and had no reason to believe that he had ever stopped. When she heard about his murder, Bianca was certain that he had put Babe in between a rock and a hard place. She knew that she had no choice but to kill him, and leave her baby behind while she went on the run. She also knows that if her theory is correct, Babe can never come back to Pine Valley. Krystal, impressed that Bianca is still sticking up for and standing by Babe, despite all that has happened, has to give her a hug. She tells Bianca that she's the best thing that ever happened to Babe. Bianca corrects her by saying that she comes second only to Babe's baby. Krystal couldn't agree more. After Krystal leaves, Bianca retreats into her reveries. She recalls another time with Maggie at the boat house, when Maggie convinced her to jump into the freezing cold water with her. She smiles at the memory, but is again brought back to the present by another interruption. This time, it's Maggie. Bianca thinks that Maggie pulled an all-nighter, but Maggie corrects her. It turns out that Jonathan had to get up early and she couldn't get back to sleep. She offers to leave if Bianca is having a private moment, but Bianca insists that she stay. She tells Maggie that she was just thinking back to some of their times together, and they laugh about times gone by. Then, Maggie says that she has to be honest with Bianca - she knows that her interactions with Jonathan haven't been the easiest thing to deal with. Maggie says that she feels badly about it, but Bianca insists that it's not her fault. Maggie says that she is, in part, responsible, because she told Jonathan that she was in love with Bianca. As Bianca sits there, slightly stunned, Maggie explains that Jonathan knows her feelings are completely one-sided. She also notes that Jonathan's problem is not about Maggie loving another woman - but more about not coming first in her life. Maggie tells Bianca that Jonathan does indeed come first, and that she knows she comes first in his life. There is no doubt, or they wouldn't be living together. They agree that they want the other to be happy - and then Maggie questions why Bianca is still in Pine Valley. Puzzled, Bianca asks where else she would be. Maggie tells her that she thought Bianca would have gone to Poland to be with Lena. Certainly, before, Bianca had a good reason to stay: Babe and Bess. With them gone, Maggie is confused as to why she hasn't gone yet.

While they are driving down the road playing games and talking, Babe turns to Jamie and says that it's time to face the truth - he could be her brother. Jamie practically chokes on some candy he had been eating, and wants to know what she is talking about. Dreamy as ever, Babe says that by now the truth is out, the shock has worn off and Tad must be on his way to forgiving Krystal for what she did. Given how much they love each other, they might have run off and eloped, which would mean that Jamie is now Babe's stepbrother. Calming down after that explanation, Jamie tells Babe that he has felt a lot of things on a lot of different levels for her since their initial meeting. Feeling like her brother, however, was not one of them - and he doesn't want to start feeling that way. Babe takes this information in, and then mimics the sentiment. Jamie asks where she wants to go with the feelings she is having - and after a moment, she asks him if he really wants to know. Indicating that he does, Babe tells him that she wants to go somewhere that she can take her son to the park and not be afraid that someone is going to snatch him. She wants to go somewhere that they can relax, build a life together, love each other, be safe, be a real family. Jamie, completely taken in, says that he can provide her with everything she could ever want and more. Babe and Jamie stop for a moment so they can get out and stretch their legs. She tells him that it's funny how she grew up with next to nothing and always thought that someday, she would be happy. However, back then, her idea of happy included having the things she thought she was missing. As it turned out, being married to JR she had all of the things she thought she needed. However, here she was, back in a used car traveling across the country and she couldn't be happier. Thinking of the ideal again, and how great it would be if Tad and Krystal were married at that moment. Babe turns to look at Jamie and is forced to see his skeptical expression. She asks if he thought they had decided to wait and Jamie told her that he thought Tad and Krystal would get married when hell froze over. Jamie tells Babe that not only is the truth really important to Tad, but also reminds her that Tad lost a baby himself. The fact that Krystal engineered the events that are still keeping Bianca and her baby apart just makes everything worse. Babe, still trying to be positive, says that since Jamie forgave her, there was still hope. Jamie says that if it wasn't for what Krystal did, the truth would have come out a lot sooner, and they could have all gotten on with their lives. However, as it stands, if Tad never forgives Krystal, she only has herself to blame. Babe tells Jamie that it was her idea to keep the lie going - and so there is no way that Tad can blame Krystal for everything that has happened in the aftermath. Jamie doesn't think it will make a difference - he knows his dad, and it will take him a long time to forgive Krystal's lying, and even longer to forget.

At the cabin, David is sleeping on the couch when there is an awful banging at the door. He stumbles over and turns on the light. He looks out the window and sees that Tad is the culprit. Deciding that he can't deal with him so early in the morning, David turns the lights off with the intention of going back to bed. Not so easily cast aside, Tad breaks the door in. Tad informs David that once he discovered that his computer was crashed, his phone was cut off and his tires were slashed, he knew that David was responsible. David tells Tad that his search for the kids is officially over. Tad shoots back that David is free to try his best but there is no way that Tad will stop looking for Babe and Jamie. David advises him that he might want to rethink that because he is willing to go to any lengths to prevent Tad from tracking Jamie and Babe down. Tad wants to know what extents David will go to so that Tad will call off the search - and further, how he feels about never seeing his child again because of the choices he has made. David tells him that he wants the kids to stay as far away from Pine Valley as they can, until it is safe for them. He tells Tad that if his only options are not seeing his daughter, and seeing her locked up - there really is no choice. Tad asks about Bianca, and when the time will come that she gets to know that -her- baby is safe. Just then, Krystal walks in and says the time is now. She knows that Bianca has waited too long. She tells the boys that she ran into Bianca down at the boat house, and David is immediately alarmed. He asks her what she told Bianca, and Krystal calms him by admitting she said nothing. Tad explains David's full-proof plans for keeping the kids safe: have them stay away from Pine Valley until someone else is convicted of Paul's murder. All will be well and good because Bianca will have her baby back in the end, but Tad wonders how David will explain why this took so long. Ever ready to offer up someone else's soul, David says that he will blame it on an inept lab tech. He will say that this tech screwed up before, and was the one handling the DNA test that Joe and Tad had performed. Because of this newfound "knowledge", David will say that he had the presence of mind to do yet another test, and that is when he found out the truth. Krystal doesn't think that this is a good idea - Bianca continues to give and yet she doesn't know that her daughter is alive. In addition, she tells them about her run-in with Adam and how he said he would hunt Babe down and make her pay if he finds out the letter is actually the truth. David still thinks that this is the best thing, and Tad reveals that David has a secret agenda - to never see the kids again if that's what needed to happen. Shocked, Krystal announces that his scenario will never happen. Tad once again questions if Krystal has any kind of conscience or moral fiber, but Krystal has had enough with the slams on her character. She is well aware of his opinion of her, but also says that he is no saint. Tad announces that he isn't trying to stake the moral high ground - but rather wants to make a point. Neither she nor David seem to lose any sleep over the fact that while they were trying to keep their daughter safe and happy, they ruined many lives. He goes on to say that regardless of who gave birth to what kid, kidnapping is always wrong. Tad is done with it - he is going to do whatever it takes to make things right. Tad says that eventually Babe and Jamie will have to face the consequences for their actions. David and Krystal, however, think the most important thing is that they keep "Ace" away from JR. Tad questions why, considering that the baby -is- JR's as well. David starts to tear into him, questioning his concern even though JR isn't his. David suddenly realizes that with Dixie as his mother, that makes "Ace" Dixie's grandchild. David inquires as to whether Tad is ready to sacrifice both their children - just for Dixie. Anger all over her face, Krystal asks him the same thing. Disbelief on his, Tad tells her that she never really "got" him while they were together. He then turns to David and tells him to do his worst - he will not stop until he finds the kids.

Erica greets Jack at the airport, and she immediately wants to talk about how things are going with the plans for the benefit concert. All Jack wants is a welcome home kiss and to take her back to his place. A little while later, at the Montgomery residence, Dani and Reggie are kissing up a storm on the couch. Reggie breaks away first and says that he is ready to take their relationship to the next level. He wants to know if she feels the same. A hesitant Dani waits a beat, and then says that she is ready as well. She asks if he has protection, and he confirms that he does. She grabs him by the hand and they head back to his room, slamming the door after them. Just then, Jack and Erica come in the front door, preparing to get intimate themselves. Jack decides that he wants to check on the kids before they get too involved. He goes back to Reggie's room, knocks once and then opens the door. He is alarmed to find the teens in a compromising position. Jack storms back into the living room, hot under the collar about what he saw and about ready to blow. Erica tries to reason with him, saying that he walked in on Reggie and Dani doing what they were about to do. Jack doesn't want to hear that - as they are adults, and thereby have different rules. Erica insists that the best way to deal with them is to treat them like adults. A few moments later, Reggie and Dani trudge into the living room, expecting the worst. Erica surprises them by asking Reggie what he wants to do for Thanksgiving. After a few minutes of back and forth banter, Reggie's nerves finally get the best of him. He asks Jack if there is something he wants to say. Jack is the next to surprise him by saying he wants Reggie to do all the talking. Reggie makes up some sort of wild story to explain what they were doing in the bed - but of course, neither Jack nor Erica are buying it. He also tells them that while Jack was out of town, Dani wasn't there any later than 8, and he swears by it. Just then, Lily comes into the room and tells him he shouldn't do that. She shows Jack and Erica pictures that she took of the teen duo kissing in various places in the apartment. She apparently just took pictures of the stuff she didn't understand, so that it could be explained later. Reggie is shocked that his moves were caught on film, and Dani fears that she will be grounded. She asks Jack if he is going to call her father, but Jack says he will leave that honor to her. He instructs Reggie to help her out and share the blame. Knowing that Derek already has a case against him, Reggie tries to back down, but to no avail. A little while later, the men talk in the bedroom, and the women talk in the living room. Jack tells Reggie that he's disappointed in him because he trusted Reggie and the trust was broken. He thought Reggie could be responsible - not just about sex, but about taking care of his sister and the apartment while Jack was gone. Reggie then admits that he really thinks he is falling for Dani and wants to move their relationship to the next level. Jack tells him that if he is trying to do all of this while sneaking it all under his father's nose, he's still not ready. Out in the living room, Lily asks Erica questions about the pictures - she says that while Dani isn't dressed like the "hot girls," she looks ready for sex. Dani, completely embarrassed, starts to leave but Erica wants her to stay. She asks Lily if she can have a moment alone with Dani, and Lily agrees and leaves the room. Once gone, Erica calls Dani on being a virgin, and on her fears that Reggie will change his mind regarding how he feels for her if he finds out. Dani clues Erica into her thought that she is a loser for still being a virgin. Erica dispels that myth and says that just because she respects herself enough to choose wisely, that doesn't make her a loser. She tells her that making love, especially your first time, should be special, with someone you care about. Just then, Jack and Reggie emerge from the room and the two star-crossed lovers come face to face once again. Later, Reggie walks Dani out and they confirm that everything is still okay with them. He tells her that he really cares about her, and relieved - she says she feels the same way. He offers to walk her home, and they leave. Back inside, Jack wants to pick up where he and Erica left off - and Erica quips that perhaps his apartment had seen enough action for one night. Jack admits that he just doesn't want her to leave - and Erica tells him that she doesn't plan to go anywhere.

Greenlee and Ryan show up at the hospital bright and early to get the test results from the MRI. Maria meets up with them and gives them good news: physically, Greenlee has a clean bill of health. Their happiness is short lived. Ryan asks what other tests they could run, because they obviously know something is wrong. Maria says there aren't any more tests, as there are no physical indicators that give her reason to do so. However - she would like Greenlee to consult with a staff psychiatrist. Greenlee is initially adamant about not seeing the psychiatrist because she's not crazy. The last time she saw one was after Leo died. That doctor wanted her to jump out of a window. She is afraid of what this one might ask her to do. Ryan asks Maria if he could have a few minutes alone to talk to Greenlee. Maria has rounds, so she opts to do those and check on them later. Once she is gone, Greenlee immediately tells Ryan that there is nothing to discuss - she is not crazy, so there is no reason why she needs to see a psychiatrist. She starts to march out of the room, but he catches her by the arm and pulls her back to him. With just a look, he showed her how worried he was, and how everything that he is doing is because he loves her and just wants her well. Greenlee says that she will take a bunch of herbs or try some sort of Zen meditation to fix whatever is wrong with her. One of her real fears finally comes through: if it turns out that she really is crazy, she feels she will have no choice but to walk away from Ryan. Ryan says that the way he is trying to take care of her now is the same way she stood by him when he was recuperating in the hospital. She thinks it's different - the bullet was the problem in his case; hers is a big unknown. She worries that taking one pill might not work. Ryan counters by asking, what if it does? He asks her to give in and get treated - not only for herself, but for them as a couple. As luck would have it, the psychiatrist is available to see Greenlee today. She finally acquiesces and decides to give this doctor a try. Maria thinks it's a good idea, and will check in with them later. Greenlee checks in with her hubby now, to make sure he is okay, and he is.

Back in the car, Babe tells Jamie that she is starting to get a bad feeling. If things hadn't worked out with Tad and Krystal, perhaps things were not as beautiful as she thought in Pine Valley. What if Bianca hadn't been reunited with her daughter?

At that moment at the boat house, Bianca tells Maggie she still feels like Babe and Bess need her. Not able to explain it, she feels like she is on the edge of something, but she's not quite sure what it is. She thinks that if she could just talk to Babe, everything would be all right.

Back in the car, Babe asks Jamie to pull over immediately so she could call back to Pine Valley. Jamie wonders what good that will do, but Babe insists that if things didn't work out as planned, she needs to do whatever she can to fix it.

Friday, November 19

Greenlee meet her shrink and does not seem too happy about it. After some coaxing from her husband, Greenlee and the doctor go into his office to talk. Jonathan comes over and asks Ryan if his wife is ok. Ryan grabs him by the collar and tells him that it is his fault she almost killed Kendall. He asks her why he left her alone. Jonathan says he thought she needed something to eat and didn't know "his wife was a psycho." Ryan grabs him again and tells him she is not a nutcase. Jonathan taunts him to hit him in the face, but Ryan pulls away when he realizes he was acting just like his father would. He apologizes to Jonathan before his brother leaves the hospital.

In the doctor's office, Greenlee calls her mother a "selfish, high class tramp that wears men like her shoes." She says her dad is a drunk, loser and user who never had time for her, not even before he died. She says Jackson seems pretty normal, but it's a little too late in the age gap to help her. She admits that she fantasized about killing Kendall, but never would have acted it out. She tells the doctor briefly about their history and how she thought Ryan was really dead and that Kendall was the shooter. Suddenly, her vision gets blurry and she hallucinates that Ryan is behind the doctor, telling her what a good job she is doing so far. She slowly gets up, walks next to the doctor and puts her hand up, as though she is stroking Ryan's face. When she comes out of her trance and back into reality, the doctor asks her if she is OK. She tells him that sometimes, her vision gets blurry. She also talks about Leo and how after he died, she never thought she would find love again. Then Ryan came along and she is just so happy, it actually scares her. Soon after, they go back to Ryan and the doctor tells her that he has prescribed a medication for anxiety. Greenlee and Ryan embrace when the doctor leaves.

Ethan and Kendall enjoy a homemade breakfast until Bianca knocks at the door, with Zack following behind. Ethan asks Zach what he wants. Zach tells him that he has the money now and offers to pay Kendall back, since she is the one who bailed Ethan out, but Kendall refuses. Bianca takes Ethan outside and tells him that she thinks Zach is lying about not being his father. After all, they only have his word to go by. She tells him to get his own paternity test done. Ethan admits that he has considered it, but if he does, it could prove that Zach has been denying him and that he is letting him take the rap for a crime he probably did. Bianca is shocked that Ethan thinks Zach is the killer. Ethan tells her that he just wants to be cleared of the crime and leave town. When Bianca asks how that would affect her sister, he says that he does not want to hurt her. Bianca says that Kendall may act tough, but she is really all heart. She is also a great person to have on your side, she notes. Ethan says that the only good thing that has come out of his arrival in town, has been the friendship he has made with Bianca and Kendall. Bianca asks him to think about the test and rushes off.

Zach tells Kendall that she should persuade Ethan to run away. He says she is being selfish by keeping him in town for her pleasure. Kendall retorts that Ethan isn't even his son, but yet, he cares so much for him. Why? Zach ignores her question and puts the blame back on her. Kendall tells him to get out and when Ethan comes back, they resume their breakfast. Kendall tells him that they need to talk and maybe the best bet is for him to leave town.

Babe tells Jamie that Krystal did not say much to her on the phone and that she thinks her mother is lying. He suggests she call her back on a phone card and then takes James to the bathroom for a quick change. When she calls Krystal back, Krystal insists that nothing is wrong and she simply has a lot on her mind, with Tad being the biggest headache. She tells Babe that Tad has every right to be angry with her and that she does not deserve his love. Babe tells her that maybe he will forgive her, but Krystal seriously doubts it. David overhears the conversation from the front door. He comes in and grabs the phone from Krystal. He tells Babe that he loves her, but she can not call him anymore at his home. Babe understands, tells him she loves him and hangs up. Jamie asks if everything is ok and she tells him that she thinks something is wrong. Babe wonders if something went wrong and that Bianca did not get Miranda back. Babe looks up the Miranda Montgomery Center's World Wide Web site to see if any news has been posted. She continues to see that Miranda is still described as deceased and decides to call the headquarters. The receptionist tells her that Jackson just got done with details on a charity concert and that he had no news to report. Babe realizes that Bianca has no idea her baby is alive. Babe decided to call someone else-Bianca.

David tells Krystal that if his phone is tapped, it could get traced. Krystal understands and David tells her that she has to let Babe go, no matter how well she and Jamie are doing on their own. They seem to share a moment, talking about Babe and then they kiss. Krystal pulls away and rushes off.

Bobby meets with Palmer and Opal to try to get them to invest in another one of his bright gigs. Palmer tells him that he wants to see a prospectus first. Anita comes in and asks to speak to Bobby alone. Opal blabs to Anita about the great investment Bobby has been talking about. She warns them not to do anything after his last investment tanked. When Bobby asks her how she found out, she tells him about a call from Puggy, who said the deal tanked. Bobby spits out that he didn't sleep with Greenlee, what else does she want from him? Opal and Palmer are appalled at the idea and when Palmer mutters he had more faith in Bobby, Bobby says that he was always seen as "Cliff's bastard child." Anita tells him to sign the divorce papers he will be served then Opal and Palmer lead her away. Once they are gone, Bobby calls someone and says, "I saw you shoot Ryan Lavery at the murder game."

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