AMC Recaps: The week of April 14, 2003 on All My Children
Michael managed to plant an idea in Kendall's head. Greenlee talked to David about her feelings for Carlos. Maria was displeased to learn that her memory was returning. Edmund found himself spending more time with Mia, much to Maddie's chagrin. Erica turned down Jackson's proposal.
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Monday, April 14, 2003

Aidan gently moves Maureen's hair out of her face while she sleeps, he picks up the gun from the nightstand and quietly walks out the door as Maureen dreams of herself walking down the isle in a wedding dress at Wildwind's church. She hears someone calling "Maria. Maria, wait." She turns and says "I'm not Maria, I'm Maureen." Maureen sees an image of herself sitting on a pew and her image says, "You are Maria." - "I told you, I'm not Maria! Why can't you just leave me alone?" Maureen says to her image in the dream. "I have plans, a dream. A life, I'm real" she insists. The image of Maria says to Maureen standing in her wedding dress "What? Are you getting married? You can't there's no one there. Stop lying to yourself, you're not real." Maureen wakes up full of sweat and very confused.

Maureen barges into Joe's office and claims that she is really scared and needs his help. She says she is feeling like she is being split in two, just when everyone is accepting her as Maureen. She explains her dream to Joe. "Do you think I am real or am I out of my mind?" Maureen said she wants to live her life as Maureen, but can not forget her life with Maria, Joe asks her what she wants. What she wants is control of her life. To stop worrying about what will happen to Maureen if Maria comes back. She tells Joe that loving Aidan has changed her life, and she has never felt such complete love, Joe says, "Maria and Edmund did." That is part of what has her so scared, if Maureen is gone than her love for Aidan would be gone also. Joe says that just because Maria appears does not mean that Maureen will disappear. She says she is ready to do what she needs to do in order to gain control of her life again. She knows who can help and she hates it. Maureen says Hayward could be the key. Joe wants her to go through some more medical tests first. She says she appreciates his help but she must to go to David Hayward.

Edmund and Mia stroll into the church at Wildwind, he tells Mia that this is the heart of Wildwind. He asks Mia if she is happy and she tells him she is very happy. Maddie jumps up from behind the pew and yells at them "Stop it, this is mommies place. Make her go away!" and points to Mia. Maddie wants to know what Mia is doing here. Maddie said she likes to come to the chapel to think about her mommy. Mia talks to Maddie, Maddie yells at her to go away! Maddie says she doesn't want her to make mommy stay away again. Mia tells Maddie if she doesn't want her to come to the chapel she won't. She swears to Maddie that she'll promise not to keep her mom away or take her place. Maddie wants to know if she is going to marry daddy, and Mia says they are just good friends. Maddie leaves and on her way out says a snotty good bye to Mia. Edmund told Mia about how the wedding with Brooke started out until Maria showed up. They both contemplated how they tanked at love. Mia says it leaves them only one option and Edmund says, "Are you suggesting we just fool around?" " Ask me again when we are not in church." They start to kiss but are interrupted by Maddie running in to show Edmund the flowers that are blooming.

Brooke approaches Jackson as he is working out and says, "I go away and when I come back you have, one a foster son and two an engagement? When were you going to tell me?" Brooke thinks it's wonderful that Jack took in Reggie, but what she doesn't understand is why he would ask Erica to marry him? Jack says because he is in love with her. Brooke can't believe he slept with Erica, and says she thinks it is "typical Erica." Her advice to Jack, "If you want to love Erica, do it from a distance. A SAFE distance, I think you ought to let her go Jack and get on with your life." "Like you did with Edmund?" Jack says. Brooke said she made a lot of mistakes and doesn't want to see Jack do the same. Brooke thinks love is not always enough. Jack said he wouldn't back off Erica this time. Brooke told him to remember there are a lot of other people involved instead of just him and Erica, like Chris. Brooke says, "Chris was crazy about Erica." Jack said, "Oh he's crazy alright." Brooke asked if Jack made his peace with Chris. Jack said no, Chris is making a lot of noise but that's all it is, just noise, not to worry. They kiss goodbye and she asks him to be careful.

Tad and Joe Martin are eating lunch together when Lysistrata struts up, grabs Joe and kisses him on the lips! Joe exclaims under his breath " Wow!" Lysistrata and Joe have a pleasant reunion! Tad just sits there dumfounded! She starts to tell Joe about how she took his son for the ride of his life on her Harley hog. Tad cuts her off. Lysistrata tells Joe how Tad was scared on the hog. Joe gets a call and has to go to the hospital. Lysistrata goes to kiss Joe again and Tad stops her with an "ah ah" - Lysistrata says to Tad, "He is such a hunk." Tad says it depends on how much tequila you're talking about. "Jealous" Lysistrata asks Tad. He says he is not used to seeing a woman he is interested in, in a lip lock with his father. They agree to a dinner and a movie, if that's not to tame for her. Tad and Lysistrata talk about the wine and meal they will share. She tells him to relax, he says he is and Lysistrata walks away. Brooke, at the other table laughs and says to Tad, "You are anything but relaxed."

Chris is sitting at the bar, in walks a stranger who wants to know what the score is Chris wants settled. The tough guy said he knows about Chris's ex, he reads the papers and Chris says he only needs to know what he tells him. Chris explains that Montgomery blindsided him and stabbed him in the back. Now Chris wants to get some dirt on Jackson because he is running for office. The tough guy wants to get rid of Montgomery and suggests of stopping Jack for good. He tells Stamp "You're wasting my time and your time. If you want to wreck it for Montgomery, you got to wreck it and you got to wreck it good." This guy tells Stamp that Montgomery put his brother in jail a few years back. Chris wants to try one thing first before anything else happens.

Chris walks in behind Jack. They face each other. Chris says he is trying to figure Jack out, that the day he put the ring on Erica's finger was the happiest of his life and then she just threw it back in his face. Chris thought they were friends, but he thinks Jackson has been making his own plans for Erica all along. Chris wants Jack to do the right thing, to make it right, Jack says, "Spell it out." Chris tells him, "Let the idea of marrying Erica go. Let it go." Chris says he is giving Jack an opportunity to do the right thing and walk away clean, and warns him to take it. Aidan listens in on Chris and Jacks argument. Chris spins around, rushes at Jackson and just as he starts to push him, Aidan breaks it up. Chris leaves. Aidan then gives Jack a tape that has Chris and Flanders on it and he tells Jack that, "That guy would do anything for money." Aidan seriously tells him, "You're in real danger Jack."

Tuesday, April 15, 2003


At the community center, Aidan and Jack discussed Chris and the tape Aidan had made where Chris talked to a hit man (Flanders). Jack talked to the FBI, who think Chris is playing them for suckers as well. Jack then noticed that someone had come in and was listening from an adjoining room. He signaled to Aidan and they continued to discuss Chris and the threat on Jack's life. Jack further explained that the FBI was not interested in his opinion, as a small town DA. Afterwards, Jack asked Aidan to keep that tape safe for later use as evidence. Aidan was disappointed that Chris is not who he thought he was. He discussed his relationship with Maureen and admitted his fears that once she returns to medicine, her whole memory could come back. Jack didn't believe Aidan when he said he would support Maria in any way he could, if she returned. He was hopeful that she would stay with him even if her memory returns. Meanwhile, Aidan promised to look out for Erica and keep Chris and Flanders away.
Aidan left, and Flanders watched Jack dial the phone.


At Michael's place, Michael was pouring champagne to celebrate and Lena thought it was premature; they still didn't have the formula. Michael admitted he's still trying to get Kendall to get it from Boyd and Lena admitted she's still playing Bianca to get it, since she failed with Boyd. They agreed it would be easier if Boyd had written down the formula. Michael was confident Kendall would do whatever, or whoever, he wants because she is wonderfully vulnerable and ruled by her heart strings. His plan was to get Kendall upset enough about their relationship to get the formula from Boyd. Next, he called Kendall and announced serious trouble in their relationship. Kendall came running over. Michael told her he wants to stay in Pine Valley and build a future with her, but if they don't get Boyd to come to Fusion with his new formula, they don't have a future. At all. Kendall demanded an explanation. Michael said although he has the funds to pay off the lawsuit, he needs to impress his father or he'll be cut off with absolutely nothing. Furthermore, he needs to prove his worth to his father to gain his independence. If he gets the formula, they could market it through Fusion and they would both be winners. Kendall refused to ask Boyd to betray his contract and Michael said that's it then, they are over. Kendall was dumbfounded, and Michael backed off, saying his father just makes him crazy and yet, he still wants his approval, and to have a future with Kendall without a manipulative old man in the background. Then Michael played his trump card and claimed his father is dying and if only he had the formula, he could get his approval before the end. Kendall said if it was written down, she would steal it in a heartbeat. He then reminded Kendall that Boyd is in love with her. Kendall asked if Michael wanted her to sleep with Boyd to get the formula.

Meanwhile, Bianca was dressed in a lowcut halter top for her date with Lena. Myrtle was impressed and so was Boyd, who told her it was wasted on Lena. Boyd continued to express his apprehensions about Lena and how things just don't seem right. Bianca refused to let him rain on her parade and night of fun with Lena, she was positively effusive with excitement. Myrtle looked on anxiously during their discussion. Lena entered and declared Bianca "breathtaking." She bought a new dress for the evening herself. Bianca suddenly remembered she had to make a phone call to Hong Kong and they went upstairs to her room. Myrtle grilled Boyd and asked him to give it to her straight, no pun intended. He told Myrtle that Lena seems to be playing both sides of the street and she was furious about the games Lena seems to be playing. Boyd urged caution and reminded Myrtle of the need to treat Bianca like an adult and not push her further into Lena's arms.
As Bianca and Lena left for open mike night at SOS, Myrtle said she felt like kicking up her heels. She invited herself and her friend Clara Lee to double with them. She even promised that she and Clara Lee would wow the crowd and do an act at SOS. And if Clara didn't make it, the three of them could do a trio act! As they walked out the door, Myrtle promised Boyd Lena would NOT vamp Bianca with her around.


Liza, Mia, Greenlee, Simone, and Kendall were all the office, lamenting the lawsuit and going to court. Greenlee wanted to order food and she remained optimistic about their future. Kenny came in, bubbly but not optimistic, and told the gals that he can no longer work for them pro bono. Nor does he have any free time to help them them that way. Liza stepped up to pay the retainer to keep him on the job. The other gals were very grateful and Greenlee couldn't resist digging at Kendall, once again gone to see Michael during a business crisis. Liza told them that she is very proud to be part of Fusion and wants it to succeed. She called the others "inspiring" and wants to set an example for Colby, and all of the other future daughters. Liza also put up the money to make a substantial payoff offer for the lawsuit. Greenlee tried to call Kendall to get her input, but she didn't answer her phone. Gertrude Stark, the plaintiff, refused the offer and said all the money in the world wouldn't be enough. The Fusion gals were stumped.


She went to see David at home and brought her latest medical test results. She wanted to know if she is any closer to regaining her memory. David explained that it does not work that way and besides, he can't tell by the tests. Maureen told him about how stressful it has become, to worry about what happens if she regains her memory as Maria, and what would happen to Aidan. David said he would be right where Edmund is now. Maureen was distraught and expressed her frustrations at feeling like she's hurting everyone by not remembering, and being teased by bits and pieces of Maria's memory. David did not think her memory will ever come back, but Maureen begged him to make sure it doesn't. After more questions, she admitted she does not actually want more drugs, she just wants to know what to expect every day and what will happen when she goes back to medicine. Leora woke up then and David wanted to leave her with Maureen while he went to get a bottle. Maureen had vivid memories of herself with Maddie as a baby and ran out the door.

Wednesday, April 16, 2003

Kendall wanted an answer from Michael, Did he want her to sleep with Boyd? He said "No!" The thought of that would make him sick. Kendall told Michael she would do anything she could to help him out. Michael told Kendall that his father was wrong about her, saying that his father had hired an investigator to check her out and told him she was after him for his money. She said "you know that's not true." He said he knew and then he said he loved her! Kendall was shocked and said she loved him too. Michael made it appear that Kendall would never see him again if she couldn't get the formula. She took the bait, excused herself by saying no matter what she does know that she was doing it for the two of them because she loved him, then she left his condo.

Michael called his father and said that he'd be proud of him and that he would have what they needed soon.

Carlos brought a rose to Greenlee and offered to make her dinner. Greenlee was going to accept but she found the necklace Leo had given to her and felt guilty and ran out of the office.

Anna returned home from a doctor's appointment to find David ranting about Leora's bottle being too hot. Leora started to cry and when Anna tried going to her David said "no, I know what she needs." leaving Anna hurt and saying to herself "obviously not her mother." Anna left.

Greenlee stopped by to see David. He could tell she was upset. She told him that she found the necklace that Leo gave her. She explained that she took it off the night of the Fusion party and she really missed Leo. David told her she would always love Leo and that was okay. She said she made herself look foolish in front of Carlos. David told her that she felt guilty because Carlos was the one who made her feel there could be life after Leo and reassured her that it was okay. Greenlee then asked David about Anna and he told her not so good because he had hurt her badly earlier. He explained what he said to Anna and that he didn't mean to do it. He said that he was smothering both Anna and Leora and if he doesn't stop he'd lose them both. Greenlee told him he needed to make it right.

Erica returned from New York. She opened the jewelry box and looked at the ring Jack gave her. She called Jack who asked if she had an answer for him. She asked him to come to Enchantment, he replied no that when she had an answer for him then she could call him and tell him, then hung up.
Boyd came in to show Erica the data and tell her about the crème he formulated. She was ecstatic and he told her she would be the envy of the major competition. She said she was more concerned about the minor competition. She warned Boyd that Kendall would come after him for this formula. Boyd tried defending Kendall, when Erica said that Kendall will stop at nothing to get what she wanted, and he replied "that's right she's a carbon copy of you." Erica told Boyd she just wanted him to be careful she didn't want him to get hurt. He said he wouldn't. She asked him "what if you and Kendall did try, wouldn't you be afraid it would hurt your friendship." He said "no, because it would be better to try than to wonder what if." Erica thanked him and he left the office.

Jack was a little frustrated with Erica when a knock came to the door. To his surprise it was Anna. She said she decided to take him up on his dinner offer. She notice he was upset and asked "what did Erica do this time?" Jack told Anna about the proposal and then they talked about Anna and David. Anna told Jack when he asked if she would leave David, that she would not leave him ever. Jack told her that she had her answer.

Kendall surprised Boyd with a visit. He asked why she wasn't out at dinner with Michael. She told him if she wanted to be with Michael she would be with him. Kendall told Boyd she had come there to see him.

Anna returned home and David immediately apologized. She told him that they couldn't do this anymore and he agreed. He told Anna that he loved her and Leora and that he didn't want to lose them. This made Anna happy.

Carlos was about to leave Fusion but Greenlee returned.

There was a knock on Jack's door. When he opened the door he saw Erica and she told him that she had come to a decision.

Thursday, April 17, 2003

Erica arrived at Jack's door and he was thrilled. He told her he was being optimistic about her answer to his proposal and had bought some sparkling cider. Jack asked "Are you here to break my heart or complete my life?" Erica looked a bit uncomfortable and told him he was sweet to buy the cider. Jack realized they weren't going to celebrate anything and he told Erica she was a coward. Erica said she had agonized over her decision but Jack got angry and said she's walked away from him time and time again. She tried to explain but he told her to save her long goodbye. Erica said it wasn't goodbye. Jack said he wanted to love Erica for the rest of her life. She said Jack would always be in her life and Jack yelled that he was her 911, "good ol' reliable Jack." But he told her she was running away from him. Erica said he was her closest and dearest friend and that she didn't know what she'd do without him. Jack said she was about to find out because he was through. He said he understands Erica and that she's lying to him and herself. He said she knows that whatever she does, how ever she falls she knows that Jack would be there to catch her. Erica said she wished she could make him understand that this was for the best. Jack turned red and hollered "You've got to be kidding! We could be man and wife!." She again said she couldn't imagine life without Jack in it. Jack said she was trying to protect herself by pushing him away and then asked "Let me get this straight. You want to be friends only? And friends don't sleep together?." Erica said that was right and that she wanted things to remain as they were. Jack said absolutely not. He said he was out of her life, it wasn't enough to be just her friend. "I can't do this anymore. You made your decision, now let me make mine. I'm through, I'm going to take that piece of my heart that you don't want and find someone who does." Jack cried. Erica begged him not to leave and Jack sadly "Show me you love me, let me go.." She looked at him speechlessly and Jack walked out the door. She stood for a moment and then cried out his name and ran out the door. She ran outside in the thunderstorm and called out "Jack, I need you!." Jack walked back to her and gently touched her face. He said "Goodbye, Erica" and walked away. Erica stood in the pouring rain crying and saying his name over and over.

Myrtle, Lena and Bianca sat at a table at SOS. Myrtle told them stories from her carnival days and about a "flim flam" artist. Lena commented that it would be hard to lead a double life. Myrtle thanked the girls for letting her come along and looked around for a dance partner. She said it must be Ladie's Night Out, there weren't too many men there. Lena said men were in the minority and Bianca grabbed her phone. She called Boyd and asked him to come join them. He turned her down, saying Kendall was there. Bianca put her phone away and told them Kendall was with Boyd. Lena said maybe he'd get lucky and Myrtle was horrified, "On my living room sofa?" They all laughed. Myrtle started up the stories again and Lena went to the bar for more drinks. She stood next to Michael and told him his plan was working because Kendall was with Boyd. Michael said Kendall would come through for him and then asked if Lena was having a good time. She said "Like Kendall, I have a job to do." Michael told her to just close her eyes and think of him. Lena told him to go to hell and walked away with the drinks. Meanwhile Myrtle asked Bianca how well she knew Lena. Bianca said she was still getting to know her. Myrtle said that young people give their hearts away too easily and that Bianca should be careful. Lena returned to the table with a man on her arm and told Myrtle she'd found someone who had been wanting a dance partner. He introduced himself as Alvin Armbrewster and he and Myrtle hit the dance floor. Lena sat down and said "Alone at last!." Bianca said Myrtle was like her aunt and Lena began to tell her about a favorite aunt of hers. She also told Bianca that her own mother was a model, just like Bianca's mother and that she had trouble accepting her differences. Lena told her that sadly her mother died before they could come to an understanding. Bianca told her about her father dying before she could tell him she was gay. Bianca said she knows her dad would have liked Lena because she is so honest. Lena looked a little uncomfortable and asked how she knew that. Bianca said she trusted her instincts. Lena reached across the table and took Bianca's hand. Myrtle came back to the table and said she was tired and was going to get a cab home. The girls wouldn't hear of it and insisted on driving her home.

Kendall brought Boyd a bottle of wine but he refused to open it. He was suspicious and wondered what happened to her. She told him to open his eyes, she was there to be with him. His phone rang and he answered it. Bianca was asking him to come to SOS and dance with Myrtle. Boyd cut her short and told her Kendall was there. They hung up and Kendall told him she just realized she was with the wrong man. She grabbed Boyd and kissed him. Kendall tried to sweet talk Boyd but he wasn't buying it. He thought she was after something but Kendall kept trying to convince him that she wasn't with Michael anymore. She said that Michael "didn't get her, can't relate to her" because she'll always be a small town girl. Boyd questioned Kendall's ambitions and whether she still dreamt of competing with Erica. Kendall said yes she did but she wanted someone by her side "that gets me." She started talking about going skinny dipping with Boyd and tried to get him interested in her but he pushed her away and asked "What do you really want from me?." He said he was sure it wasn't him but Kendall again told him she got involved with the wrong guy. She said she was sorry she took Boyd for granted and asked for another chance. Boyd put his arms around her and kissed her. He asked her to go upstairs to his room. He told her he wanted to make love but Kendall backed out nervously. He said Michael wouldn't like that, since he sent her here to seduce him and get the formula. Kendall said it was all her idea. Boyd pushed her back and said she had sunk lower than he ever thought she could. Kendall said Fusion is in trouble and that she was desperate. He said she fell for a guy so greedy she'd stoop this low. Boyd looked at her and said that he would've loved her no matter what. Lena and Bianca arrived laughing about the rain and interrupted Boyd and Kendall. Bianca said she needed an umbrella for Myrtle and Boyd said he'd take it out. Kendall left and Boyd helped Myrtle upstairs. Bianca asked Lena to stay but she said she should go. Lena told Bianca "I like you, more than you know.." Bianca said she liked her too and they hugged. Boyd came downstairs and Lena left. Boyd told Bianca that Michael sent Kendall to get his formula.

Greenlee and Carlos ran into each other at Fusion. He apologized for what happened earlier and she said it wasn't his fault Leo died. She said Carlos was so gentle and giving. Carlos said he had no expectations of her. Greenlee said she had some for her life and wants to move on with someone but didn't know if he was the one. She said she loves romance but it doesn't fill her up. Carlos said maybe she was ready for someone other than Leo. Greenlee asked how she could know if she was ready and he told her to look in her heart. Carlos kissed her but Greenlee pulled back and looked up at him for a moment. Then she said she had to leave and ran into the elevator. Greenlee went to the gym and started to work out when Michael came over and asked about Fusion's problems. He said Kendall had told him since they're "practically engaged." Greenlee wasn't impressed and wondered why he was interested. He offered his company's help and Greenlee wanted to know what his agenda was. Michael said he was a legitimate business man in love with Kendall and wanted to help her. Greenlee said it didn't add up and was very skeptical. Michael tried to talk to her about Leo but she brushed him off. She told him that Kendall has friends who watch her back. Michael's phone rang and he talked with Lena. She told him Kendall failed. Michael told her it was time to move on to Bianca, since she was close to Boyd. He told Lena "Give her what she wants as long as I get what I want." and hung up.

Friday, April 18, 2003

Greenlee walked into Fusion's office, hearing noises. She quickly turned on the lights and found Kendall packing her files. She was planning on leaving town and going back to Florida. She told Greenlee not to stop her. "Stop you," replied Greenlee. "I'll help you pack!" Greenlee wasn't sure why Kendall was leaving and Kendall told her that she was trying to save Fusion and she messed up badly. She told Greenlee about seducing Boyd to get the formula to help save Fusion and to help Michael get peace with his dying father. Greenlee was confused. She asked for details and Kendall filled in the blanks. Greenlee realized Michael was manipulating Kendall to possibly buy out Fusion and to get Boyd's formula. She tried to convince Kendall that Michael is setting her up. Kendall refused to believe that. She loves him. Greenlee had a plan and told Kendall to stay put. She was not to go to Florida. Greenlee then left Fusion on a mission.

Lena went to Michael's condo to give him a progress report on her evening with Bianca. Bianca is not the right person to get Boyd's formula, she told him. Michael was not pleased she had come up empty with the plan. She suggested they try something else but Michael insisted that "the company whore" would get him what he wanted. What he got was a slap in the face from Lena. He insisted that Bianca was ripe for the plucking. He gave the orders and he wanted Lena to follow them. She tried to explain Bianca wouldn't be of help to them. Michael finally realized that Lena is falling in love with Bianca. Lena decided she would go home to sleep and left the condo. As soon as she left the phone rang. Michael checked caller ID and realized it was Kendall. He decided not to answer and listened as the recorder taped Kendall's message. She was teary as she implored him to pick up the phone and talk to her. When Kendall ended the call, Michael deleted her message. The doorbell rang, and in walked Greenlee in a fury. "Whatever you're planning for Fusion, call it off now!" She demanded.

Bianca talked to Boyd at the Myrtle's boarding house living room. She was surprised to hear Kendall had been there. Boyd was upset that Kendall is being used by Michael. He wondered what he could do to help Kendall. Bianca tried to get Boyd to realize he needed to stay away from Kendall. Finally Boyd agreed he should move on. But he wasn't through with Michael yet. Bianca went up to her room. Boyd sat alone in the living room when Simone joined him. She was working on an ad campaign and was going to bounce some ideas off him when Boyd coyly reminded her that he worked for the competition. Simone flirted outrageously with him and they enjoyed a kiss.

Bianca called Lena to tell her she had a good time on their date. She invited Lena to a movie and Lena accepted. Lena told her she thought Bianca was special.

At BJs Edmund, Mia, Liza, Colby, and Maddie were enjoying ice cream sundaes. Edmund saw David standing at the counter waiting for his take out order. He went over to David wondering what Maria wanted from David. David refused to say anything other than he had nothing to offer Maria. When David wasn't forthcoming with more details, Edmund threatened to tell Anna about David's experimental drug. So David said that Maria wanted to know if she would get her memory back. She didn't want to remember being Maria because she didn't want to lose Aidan. While David and Edmund talked, Liza told Mia she thought Edmund would be a good distraction to help her get over losing Jake. Liza offered to take Maddie home for a sleep over with Colby. Isabella was watching Sammie. Edmund took her up on her offer so he could have time to spend with Mia. They left to spend the evening together.

Maureen entered SOS. Aidan was at the bar and he wondered where she had been. She lied and said she had a medical appointment. Maggie came in and seeing the couple asked if they were there for open mike night. Maureen and Aidan quickly said no they weren't. Aidan left to get the ladies a drink. While he was gone, Maureen commented to Maggie that she had just lied to Aidan and that she wasn't happy with herself for lying. Henry joined them at their table. Since it was open mike night, a guitar musical tape by Free Radical was played. Henri was surprised because it was his music that was playing. He realized Maggie had recorded his music when he played his guitar for her. She had given the tape to the MC at SOS for open mike night. Henri was very pleased the crowd liked his music. Later, Henri approached the MC and identified himself as Free Radical. Henri wanted to talk about playing again at SOS.

Later in the evening, Maureen admitted to Aidan that she had lied about the medical appointment. Aidan said he understood and they hugged. Maureen looked over Aidan's shoulder and saw Edmund staring at them.

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