AMC Recaps: The week of November 4, 2002 on All My Children
Liza mistakenly assumed that Adam and Mia were having an affair. After a car accident, David gave Maria over-the-phone instructions on how to perform a life-saving tracheotomy on Edmund. Anna decided to give her marriage to David another chance. Trey stopped Greenlee from killing Donald Steele.
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Monday, November 4, 2002

Aidan arrives at Kendall's room and thanks her for covering for him by tending bar. When Aidan apologizes for misjudging Kendall, Aidan is shocked when Kendall bursts into tears. Aidan tenderly kisses Kendall, then tries to beat a hasty retreat, but Kendall asks Aidan to stay. Aidan and Kendall's kisses soon turn passionate and they hit the sheets. But, after they have made love, Kendall sadly announces that Aidan will now believe that Kendall IS the slut that the rest of the town believes her to be. When Aidan tries to reassure Kendall that everyone who says that about her is wrong, Kendall further shocks Aidan by telling him that she is not ready yet for him to spend the night with her, and Aidan gets dressed and leaves Kendall's room.

As Liza searches for Adam at the Chandler mansion, Jake arrives, looking for Mia. When Jake informs Liza that Jake and Mia had plans for the evening and that Mia mysteriously just failed to show up, Jake confesses that he is afraid that Mia might be seeing someone else. Although Liza urges Jake to keep the faith where Mia is concerned, and reminds Jake that Mia has told Liza how much Mia cares for Jake, Liza secretly wonders if Mia and Adam are missing together because they ARE together.

Meanwhile, as Adam kisses Brooke good-bye at Brooke's place, they are interrupted by the sudden arrival of Hayley, who lets them both know that she knows the truth and does NOT approve of the way Brooke and Adam appear to be rekindling their old romance behind the back of Adam's wife. As Hayley blasts Adam and Brooke for their liaison, Brooke and Adam defend their actions by insisting that they are only taking a little comfort in each other's arms after the people they care most about in the world have rejected them. As Adam, Brooke and Hayley argue about Adam and Brooke's budding 'affair,' Jamie suddenly arrives home. Brooke is shocked because she believed that Jamie and J.R. were spending the night with Tad, but Jamie announces that he has a difficult test the following day and decided he needed to study. Adam pretends that he and Hayley just stopped by to see how Brooke was doing, then Adam leaves. But Hayley stays behind to speak with Brooke.

As Edmund and Maureen kiss passionately at the Wildwind stables, Edmund suddenly calls her Maria and Maureen puts the brakes on their passion. As Maureen and Edmund discuss their relationship, Edmund suddenly confesses that he is coming to love her as Maureen, the woman he just met - as well as Maria, his long-missing wife. As Maureen and Edmund agree to fall in love one step at a time, Maria suddenly tells Edmund that he can get to know her by asking her any question he wants to ask. Unfortunately, Edmund suddenly asks Maureen what her feelings are for Dr. David Hayward. Edmund asks Maureen WHY she went to see David after she was hypnotized and had told Edmund that she needed some time alone. Maureen replies that she needed to know from David WHY he risked so much to save her life.

Maureen tells Edmund: 'I would NOT be sitting here right now if it were not for David Hayward! And I am HURT that you are not the slightest bit grateful.'

Edmund passionately reminds Maria that Hayward kept Maria away from her loving family for five long years by using lies and tricks.

But Maureen replies that she has heard about every despicable thing that David Hayward has ever done and believes ALL of them. But, Maureen adds: "I am ALSO proof that he CAN get SOME things right!'

Edmund tells Maria that he believes that she is hiding something and that it has to do with David Hayward! However, Edmund asks to be able to help Maureen regain her memory in exchange for Edmund giving up telling Maureen what Edmund things of David Hayward. Edmund promises to take Maureen on a romantic adventure and reminds Maureen that David Hayward is NOT invited along. Maureen and Edmund kiss to seal their new bargain.

When Adam returns home, Liza accuses him of 'sneaking' back home, but Adam insists that he was just trying to avoid waking his sleeping daughter. As Liza and Adam argue about Adam's whereabouts, Brooke calls and announces to Adam that she had agreed to continue their affair ONLY if no one found out about it. Since Hayley found out and Jamie almost found out, Brooke informs Adam that she is backing out of their blossoming romance. When Liza asks who was on the phone with Adam, Adam replies: "My mistress! Satisfied?' Then Adam saunters out of the room

Tuesday, November 5, 2002

Aidan hesitantly walked to Kendall's door, only to find out from the maid that she's already left for work. She told him he could leave a note, but he said he has something larger to leave, as he picked up a bouquet of flowers.

Kendall walked into the bar at the Valley Inn, and ran into the manager. She asked him if he'd seen Aidan, and he responded that he hadn't and he'll be out of a job in ten minutes if he doesn't show up. She asked to leave him a note, and the manager loaned her a pen. As she scribbled a note on a napkin, she didn't like what she wrote so she crumpled it into a ball and threw it behind the bar, right at the bartender, Aidan. He said, "Hey", and they smiled at each other. Aidan picked up her note and unrolled it, much to Kendall's annoyance. It was a phone number, and he got Kendall to admit that she was leaving her number for him. At first, she acted like she didn't really care if he called her or not, but he responded, "I was hoping you would care." She changed her tune and said that she does care, but she wouldn't mind if he didn't. He then asked her if she'd care if he asked her out, tonight. She told him she had to work late, and he said he did too. When she ran out of excuses, Kendall accepted. She gave him her phone number and told him to call her and let her know when he was picking her up, and she walked away.

Maria showed up at the tack room in Edmund's stable, where he was just finishing up a ride. She felt nervous, remembering him tell her that he rides when he's upset, and she thought she might have done something wrong. He told her that he was actually celebrating, because he feels that they accomplished a lot yesterday. She thanked him for taking their relationship at her pace, and he responded that all she has to do is ask, and he'll give. She replied, "Well, I'm askin'". He suggested picking up where they left off, and they began kissing. Sammy and Maddie walked in, happy to see their parents kissing. Maddie asked if this means that Mommy's moving back home. Edmund and Maria assured the kids that they are still getting to know each other, and this is all part of getting her memory back. Edmund changed the subject and asked about a birthday party Maddie is going to. Sam also said that he was going to a friend's house. They asked if their mommy could take them. Maria suggested that they both take them. The four of them left the stables, holding hands.

Anna was sleeping in her bed, while David stood at the window watching. When she woke up, he told her that he couldn't help himself, he just had to watch. He told her that he can't make this anymore harder on her, and he wished her good luck. Anna, realizing what David was saying, yelled to him to wait before he could open the door. David thought she was going to say that she regretted what they did the night before, but she told him she didn't do anything she didn't want to do. When he realized that she wanted him there, he agreed to stay. David offered to order lunch, while she called the station to take a day off. She told him she didn't have to, because she resigned. This shocked David, and he told her to call Jackson or the Commissioner and take back her resignation. He told her that if she's doing it for him, he isn't worth it. She said that wasn't the only reason. Her heart wasn't in it whenever he broke laws. She said she would never be able to pursue the man she loved. She admitted that Greenlee played a part in changing her mind by reminding her how Leo always put his family first. She said she was just putting the father of her child ahead of her job. David understood, and asked her if she wanted to be a family again. She told him to take things one thing at a time. They kissed, and Anna left to take a shower. While he was calling room service, there was a knock on the door. He opened it to see Jackson standing there, holding an envelope, with an angry look on his face. Anna came out, and Jackson accused David of having something to do with Anna's resignation. They both denied it, and Anna invited him in to discuss it. He told her it was a mistake to throw away her life's work because of David. David told Jackson that he actually agreed with him. Anna told him to stay out of it, and David decided to leave. He told them that he'll be down in the bar, with Anna's lunch, when she's ready. He wished Jackson good luck as he walked out the door. Jackson asked her if she had lost her mind, and she responded, "Yeah, I have." Jackson told her that it's not his place to tell her how rotten David us. All he wants to do is give her her badge back. She told him that she has to resign, and he suggests a compromise. He asked her to take a short leave of absence to think it over. When it's done, if she still wants to resign, he'll accept it. She agreed to think it over and let him know in a few days. He left her the envelope with her badge in it, as he walked out the door.

Aidan watched as Maria and Edmund arrived at the bar. They were making small talk about their children when Edmund got a call on his cell. He took it out in the lobby as Maria walked up to the bar and saw Aidan. He told her he worked their part-time, and she offered to leave if this made him uncomfortable. He said he had no problem watching her with Edmund, and would only be upset if he lost her as a friend. She assured him that that wasn't going to happen, as she patted his hand on the bar. Kendall returned, and stopped in the doorway as she saw Maria holding hands with Aidan. She continued listening as Aidan told her he saw her in the park last night. Maria remembered that she had plans with Aidan, and she apologized for blowing her off. Aidan told her that it was okay. She did the right thing in going after Edmund when he took out David. She touched his face as she told him that he's a better friend then she deserved. She walked away, and Kendall stalked up to the bar. She asked him for the napkin with her number on it, and he willingly gave it to her. She ripped it up and threw it in his face, telling him that she was no one's consolation prize.

Edmund joined Maria at their table, and she confessed that she stood Aidan up last night. He smirked and said, "I feel sorry for him". They began talking about her memory loss, and Maria told him that she never realized how important memory was until she lost it. She said it defines who you are. Edmund responded by saying that she's a strong, beautiful woman who'll make her own memories someday. As he caressed her face, she flashbacked to her memory of David doing the same thing to her. She pushed his hand away, and Edmund asked, "What's wrong? Was it a memory?"

Aidan followed Kendall out to the lobby, asking her what was going on. She said that she didn't appreciate being his second choice when his date with Maria didn't fly. He told her that she's no one's second choice. When she kept yelling at him, he told her that last night was about the two of them, and if she keeps on talking she'll ruin it. She said, "Ruin what? All we had was a one-night stand." He said that it was more then that. They had planned on going out later. She said that was before she heard what Maria told him. He told her that he doesn't go after a woman simply because another rejected him. She said that it was too late, and asked him to leave her alone. She turned to run off, but ran into a waiter instead who spilled drinks on her. Flustered, Kendall ran up the stairs, leaving Aidan in the lobby.

Maria told Edmund that she just had a headache, but he didn't believe it. He asked her why she's afraid of sharing her memories with him. She told him that it wasn't a memory. Edmund ordered a glass of water for her, as David walked in the bar. He saw Maria with her head down and approached their table. He said, "Maureen? What's wrong?" Edmund told him that he had a lot of nerve, and he stood up, telling David that he wasn't going to let him treat her again. They began arguing back and forth about what David did, while Maria sat in her chair, remembering the kiss and hug she once shared with David. Finally, she got up and told them both to stop, and she ran out of the bar. Edmund followed her, but Aidan arrived to stop David. He told him to stay away from her. David told him that it was none of his business. He told him to stay away from Maureen, and then asked him if Anna knows he's down here chasing women. He told him that he's worried about what he's going to do to Anna and her baby if he wiggles his way back into their life. Aidan left him as he went back behind the bar. David walked over to a table, and remembered his night of lovemaking with Anna from the night before.

Anna walked over to her badge and picked it up as she remembered Jackson's parting words: "This isn't just about your life. It's about your baby's too." With her badge in hand, Anna walked out.

Aidan was going through the motions, tending bar, when he remembered Kendall's words, "You're just like every other guy." He said to himself that she was wrong; he's not like every other guy. Aidan left the bar and ran up the stairs in the direction Kendall went.

Kendall entered her room, still irate at Aidan. She began throwing her clothes around the room, and screaming about Aidan, until she saw the flowers he left her. She read the card from Aidan, telling her what a special person she is. Still irate, Kendall picked up the glass vase and threw it against the wall.

David was sitting in the bar, with Anna's lunch getting cold in front of him. Just as he thought she wasn't going to show, Anna walked in. She walked over to him, and they sat down together. He began talking about starting over, and a new beginning, but Anna stopped him. She told him that there is something they need to get straight. "Is there anything from your past that will hurt me or the baby?" she asked. David seemed surprised by the questions, but Anna persisted. He grabbed her hand and said, "No. Nothing. There's nothing else you need to know."

Maria climbed behind the wheel of her car, distraught. She had another flashback to David burying something on the beach, and she asked herself what he could be burying. She said, "I'm going to find out if I have to go there myself." Edmund climbed in the passenger seat, and she asked him to leave. He told her that the memory flashback had to deal with David, but she continued to deny it. She told him she had to do something, but he responded that anything she had to do, she'll do with him. Maria reluctantly said, "Okay," as she started the car.

Wednesday, November 6, 2002

Edmund sat in the passenger seat as Maureen drove towards an unknown destination. She told him that nothing makes sense to her when he asked if she had another memory flash. Edmund tried to get her to talk about it but she said he couldn't help her. He asked where they were going and all Maureen could say was "To where the truth is buried." She stepped on the gas pedal and Edmund begged her to slow down. Upset, Maureen repeated that nothing made sense and drove faster. Edmund said "Would you just slow down Maria!?" She turned her head to look at him and stated "I'm not Maria!" as she drove off the road. Moments later Maureen came to as electric sparks from a downed power pole flared around the wrecked car. As she grimaced in pain she called out for Edmund. She saw him slumped in the seat, unconscious, and wondered out loud what she had done. She began to panic and got out of the car sobbing. Maureen grabbed her cell phone and called 911. Telling the operator about the accident she began to lose control and cry hysterically. When she could talk she told the person she didn't know where she was but that her friend was badly hurt. She begged them to come find her. She hung up and climbed back into the car, telling a silent Edmund that everything would be alright.

David and Anna sat at the table in the bar and talked about her conversation with Jackson. David said he was glad Jack didn't talk her into changing her mind about him. Anna told him that Jack did suggest a leave of absence instead of resignation and that she was torn about what to do. She said part of her wants the job desperately and part of her wants to walk away. David asked which part was winning and she asked what last night meant to him. David said it meant everything to him and that they're so close to making a good life together now. He asked what he could do to make her sure that they should be together. Anna said she knows David loves her, that's the only thing she is sure of. She said she's not sure she ever really trusted David and he said why should she, he had never given her reason to trust him. David said he won't disappoint her this time, promising to focus on what's important to them. Anna said she wanted to take things slowly and David agreed. He asked if he could tell Maggie and Greenlee that they're trying to work things out. Anna thought that was sweet and said yes. They both said they had a lot of free time and wondered what they could do. David suggested going up to the cabin and engaging in some "baby talk." Anna thought that was funny and said "Shut up!." David explained that he wanted to catch up on her pregnancy, he wanted to hear everything she'd been going through. Anna was touched. His phone rang and he answered it. It was Maureen. He told her it wasn't a good time but she told him not to hang up. Maureen told him about the accident and said that Edmund was badly injured. David asked some questions regarding Edmund's condition and Maureen tried her best to give the information but she was pretty shook up. David told Anna what had happened and Anna said she'd call it in to the station and get officers out looking. David asked if Edmund's pulse was regular and Maureen said she didn't know what that meant. He told her to put on her cell phone's head set and she was barely able to do it. David gave her instructions on how to check Edmund's condition and she told him that Edmund's lips were very blue. Anna spoke to the police department and ordered helicopters to begin a search for Maureen and Edmund. Maureen told David it looked like Edmund had some head and neck injuries. David ordered her to give Edmund some mouth to mouth resuscitation and Maureen did it. David asked if Edmund's chest moved and Maureen almost broke down when she told him no, it didn't. David told her that meant Edmund's airways were blocked and that she was going to have to give him an artificial airway until help arrived. He told her to find a pen and a sharp knife. Maureen did but said she couldn't do what David was telling her. David told her if she didn't Edmund would die and said he'd talk her through step by step. Maureen shakily held the knife up to Edmund's neck.

Erica stormed into Jackson's office and demanded to know why he wasn't doing anything about Trey. She was surprised to find Greenlee already there and assumed she was trying to defend her brother in law. Greenlee told Erica they were on the same side in this case. Erica was surprised and Greenlee explained that Trey took Vanessa's diamonds so he could get out of jail. She claimed that he didn't care about Leo, that he didn't care whether Leo lived or died. The two women turned to Jack and said Trey must pay for what he did. Jack told them there was never an immunity deal, he just led Trey to believe there was so he could get evidence against him. Jack said they don't have enough proof to put him away. Greenlee told him about the signed confession that Kendall has. Jack said Kendall would never give it up. Erica asked about the Proteus files that Trey stole from her house. Jack said they have them but there are no finger prints so they can't use them either. Erica threw a fit and ordered Jack to do his job and put Trey behind bars. Jackson gave his word that his office would pursue the case against Trey. Erica asked Greenlee to leave her alone with Jack and Greenlee sarcastically said "Thanks for nothing!" and walked out, shutting the door behind her. Outside an old woman stopped her and in a scratchy voice asked if she was the widow of Leo Dupres. Greenlee said yes, she was Greenlee Dupres. The "old woman" stood up straight and in a normal voice said "You've been served!" and handed her a packet of papers. Greenlee looked inside and found that Donald Steele was suing her for trashing his camera at the boathouse. In Jack's office Erica told him that he could string Trey up if he wanted to but Jack said he wouldn't abuse his power or his office. Erica asked if his political ambitions were more important than the people he loved. Jack was taken back by this. Erica stomped out of the office and found a speechless Greenlee still standing there. Greenlee told her about the lawsuit and Erica walked over to the "old woman" who was hanging around with a camera. Erica grabbed the camera, took out the film and told the woman to slither away. Erica told Greenlee she'd been in her shoes and knows how she feels. Greenlee was surprised by Erica's support but said she didn't think she had any fight left in her. Erica told her to show Donald Steele she still plenty of fight left and not to doubt herself. Erica went on to say that she gave Greenlee alot of credit for landing a man like Leo, a man so full of life and spirit. Then she passed on some advice, saying "Be the woman Leo loved, don't hid, don't surrender." Erica also told Greenlee that she had faith in her. Greenlee humbly thanked Erica, who replied "Don't think I'm your new best friend! This is a limited time offer, you're still my competition. I'm counting on you to come back swinging." Greenlee weakly smiled as Erica walked away.

Later Chris showed up at Jackson's office. He told the DA he wanted to talk about busting Eric Kane, that he should be held accountable for Richard Fields raping Erica. He asked what the statute of limitations were but Jack wasn't sure about pursuing this and wondered why Erica would want this brought up in court. Chris admitted that Erica didn't know anything about it yet. Chris said they could give Erica a shot at justice by making her father accountable for what happened to her. Jack finally got on board with Chris, who suggested they keep this on the "QT" for now. Chris told him about the upcoming wedding and then said that coming to see Jack was the right move. "You care about Erica almost as much as I do," Chris told Jack as he left the office.

Greenlee went back to the loft for the first time since Leo died. She found some of his clothes and held them to her face. She walked around and found their tickets to Paris. She turned on the stereo and played Parisian music which made her smile sadly. She sat down on the sofa listening to the music when she heard a noise coming from the bedroom. Frightened, she got up and stood near the fire place. Donald Steele walked out into the room. Greenlee demanded to know how he got in and he claimed that he knocked on the door and it opened so he came in to check on her. She asked if he was there to discuss the lawsuit and he said yes. She walked around to the desk and put her hand inside a large box as she offered the full Proteus story in exchange for him dropping the charges. He asked for the story and Greenlee said she would tell him about a woman who lost the love of her life as she pulled a gun out of the box and pointed it at Donald.

At BJ's Trey tried to talk to Bianca who said she doesn't make small talk with the person who burned down her house. He started to apologize as Maggie walked over and told him to can it. Trey told her that he regretted alot of things he's done and wanted to make it up to her. Maggie refused to listen and said he doesn't care about anyone but himself. Trey said he was really sorry and asked if there was anything he could do to make her change her mind. Maggie said no, he was out of her life and was never getting back in it. Trey said he'd find a way to make it up and left. Maggie sat down with Bianca and told her if she wanted to get rid of her she wouldn't blame her. Bianca just smiled at Maggie. Bianca said she couldn't understand where Trey was coming from when he burned the house down but that he couldn't be all bad since he saved Greenlee's life. Maggie was sceptical when Bianca said Trey really cares for her. Maggie said she would be lost without Bianca, that she was all she really had. Bianca was touched but said Anna and David cared about her too. Maggie said Bianca was the only one who showed up for her. Erica arrived and made a snide comment about Maggie's troubled family. Bianca told her mother that Maggie cut all ties with Trey and Erica was glad. Maggie left to go study and Erica sat down. She told Bianca that her Uncle Jack would not be at the wedding because he's betrayed their family. Bianca said he wasn't the bad guy, that he had to let Trey go until he got enough evidence. Erica said he'd let his office cloud his judgment but that she'd take care of him.

Thursday, November 7, 2002

Over the phone, David explains to Maria that she needs to cut a hole in Edmund's windpipe so he can breathe. Maria is terrified that she won't do it right, and instead of helping Edmund, she may kill him. David calms her down and tells her the procedure step-by-step. At one point, Maria responds using medical terminology, but then slips back into Maureen. Maria holds the knife, but can't bring herself to do it. David shouts at her that she is a doctor, but that doesn't help if she can't remember being one. Finally, Maria takes a deep breath and makes the cut. David instructs her to use the empty barrel from inside a pen to make a breathing tube. At this point, Edmund should be breathing, but he is not. Before Maria can get further instructions, the phone goes dead. She is forced to figure it out on her own.

Maria manages to adjust the pen barrel and Edmund begins to breathe. David calls back and is relieved to hear the news. He announces Edmund's improved condition to the anxious restaurant patrons listening to his end of the conversation. Applause breaks out at the Valley Inn. Maggie brings David a glass of champagne and Anna a glass of something nonalcoholic. Maggie tells David how proud she is of him and Anna congratulates him as well. For once in his life, David is humble and gives all the credit to Maria. David and Anna toss compliments back and forth until Maggie realizes that they are back together again.

David and Anna rush to the hospital to check on Edmund. David runs into Jake and apologizes for being there after he has been fired from the hospital, but he has to know how Edmund is doing. Jake heard about how David helped Maria and comments that Maria had a terrific coach. The paramedics bring Edmund into the emergency room and Maria runs into David's arm and begins to babble about how grateful she is. David tells her that he can't take all the credit. He tells Maria that she must have remembered. Maria, suddenly serious, looks David straight in the eye and says, "Yes, I DID remember."

Greenlee holds a gun on Donald Steel while he begs for his life. When she asks Donald to give her one good reason why she should spare his life, he has to search for an appropriate answer. Everything he says only serves to convince Greenlee that he is a good for nothing low life who does nothing but make people miserable. She demands that Donald empty his pockets. When he does, some papers fall to the floor. Greenlee picks them up and realizes he had stolen letters that Leo had once written her. This confirms her opinion that Donald Steel deserves to die. Trey walks into the apartment and startles Greenlee. When she turns around, the gun accidentally goes off. The bullet misses Donald.

Trey has no sympathy for the intruder either. He tells Greenlee that the only reason she shouldn't shoot him is because blood will get on the carpet and she will probably be arrested and convicted. Steel isn't worth it. Trey secretly pushes the record button on the telephone answering machine then makes a deal with Donald. He tells Donald that if he drops the lawsuit he has against Greenlee, Greenlee won't have him arrested for breaking and entering. Trey gets Donald to admit that the lawsuit was frivolous anyway and there wasn't any truth in it Donald also admits to breaking into the apartment. When Donald finally shuts up, Trey triumphantly reveals what he has done. He tells Donald that if he ever bothers Greenlee again, Trey will use the tape against him. Donald slinks out the door.

Aidan knocks on Kendall's hotel room door and says they need to clear up a few things. He tells Kendall that their encounter the previous night meant something to him. Kendall advises him to buy an inflatable doll instead. She thinks Aidan used her since he can't have Maria. Aidan assures Kendall that he never would have slept with her if he only wanted Maria. Kendall begins to laugh and asks Aidan if he really thinks she is that gullible. When asked what he really wants, Aidan replies, "More." He asks Kendall to give their relationship a chance. It could be a beginning. They kiss.

A maid interrupts and Kendall asks for more towels. While the maid is retrieving some from the cart, Kendall and Aidan hear the woman gossiping about the latest Pine Valley occurrence. Mr. and Mrs. Grey were in a car accident and Maria saved Edmund's life. Aidan questions the maids and they fill him in on the details they know. Kendall tells Aidan it's all right. He should go to the hospital to comfort his friend.

Friday, November 8, 2002

Adam arrived at Brooke's house and knocked on the door. Brooke was reluctant at first to let him in but he cajoled his way into her living room. Brooke gave him a hug. She was glad to see him. Brooke cautioned him about having a warped agenda and she didn't want to be his lover. Adam asked her for a logical explanation why she shouldn't. If she came up with one, he would leave her alone. Brooke was stymied.

Maureen sat by Edmund's bedside in the ER. Jake reassured her Edmund would be ok. David walked into the ER room and overheard Maureen telling Dr. Hubbard that she met David 5 years ago and if she could only remember what he did, then her future would be very different. Jake and Frank left Maria alone in the room with Edmund. She asked Edmund to tell her why he loves her. Outside Edmund's room, Isabella has brought Sam and Maddie to see their daddy. They were told to wait until the doctors were finished with Edmund.

Maureen begged Edmund to open his eyes. I'll help you wake up and then you can help me wake up she promised him. Edmund gradually opened his eyes. Maureen was overjoyed and went out to the nurses' station to tell Isabella. Maureen returned to the ER room to be with Edmund. He tried to speak. Maureen grabbed paper and pen and gave them to him. He wrote that she saved him and he was thankful. Maureen told him David helped also. David came by the ER room and Maureen demanded that they talk now. David and Maureen went to the chapel. David asked what did she want. "I want answers." replied Maureen. She told David she was in pain because of him. She continues to have images of him covering up something in the sand where he found her. She didn't understand her connection to David and wanted him to explain. David avoided answering her and became agitated. He abruptly left the chapel, stormed through the hospital as he left. Frustrated with getting nowhere with David, Maureen left the chapel also.

Simone came by the nurses' station looking for Frank. When Frank walked by, she grabbed him and asked why was he avoiding her ever since she told him about her brother, Anthony, had OD'd. He said he wasn't. A nurse came by and told Frank he was wanted in the ER. When Simone left, Frank placed a call on the hospital phone. He asked for verification on Anthony McMillan stay at St. Vincent's in 1998. Anthony's hospitalization could not be verified.

At the hospital chapel, Mia asked for guidance during her trip to NYC over the weekend. She hoped she was doing the right thing for William. She prayed for strength. Jake entered the chapel and told Mia she has his support. Mia confessed Adam is helping her. Jake was surprised but didn't comment.

At Chandler Mansion, Liza shared her feelings she suspects Adam of having an affair with Tad. Tad asked Liza who is Adam sleeping with. She replied she didn't know. Tad called Brooke on his cell phone and left a message. When Tad left Chandler Mansion, Liza phoned Jake and asked him if he had seen Mia. Mia overheard the conversation and silently shook her head no. Jake lied to Liza that he had not seen her. The call ended, Jake asked Mia if she was on the outs with Liza. Mia shrugged. He wished Mia good luck on her trip to NYC. Simone saw Jake and asked why does he work his interns so hard with no time off. Jake, puzzled, said the Frank just returned for a 36-hour leave. Simone was surprised.

Liza called Winifred on the house intercom and asked if she had seen Mia. Liza exclaimed, "She did what?!"

Meanwhile back at Brooke's house, Adam and Brooke were talking by the stairs. Upstairs, Jamie heard Brooke tell Adam the only thing that helped persuade her was his kiss. Jamie, disgusted, walked back to his room. Brooke's phone rang and she left the room to answer it. Adam reached into his pocket to get something and didn't realize he had dropped his pen on the floor. He then left.

Tad visited Brooke shortly after Adam had left. Tad noticed the pen lying on the floor. Picking it up he saw the initials A.C. inscribed on it. He questioned Brooke about it and she admitted Adam was there to give his support. Tad didn't buy it as Adam doesn't do that. He told Brooke that Liza suspects Adam of having an affair. He asked Brooke if she knew anything about it. Brooke squirmed, swallowed hard, and in a small voice replied, "Nope." She defended Adam's visits. Tad replied, "Me thinks the lady protests too much. It's you. You're the one having the affair with Adam."

Anna looked for David at the hospital and couldn't find him. Jake said David raced out of the hospital. She was puzzled why he left so suddenly. She murmured to herself, "it's starting all over again."

Winifred interrupted Liza gazing at a picture of her and Adam. Liza flipped the picture over faced down. Winifred delivered a note from Adam. Opening it, she read that Adam was going on a sudden business trip to NYC that evening for a day or two. Liza asked Winifred if Mia was going to NYC that evening. Winifred replied she was and Dr. Martin wasn't going with her. Liza said to herself, "He's sleeping with my sister."

David hurried to the spot on the sandy beach where he had found Maria five years ago. He frantically dug in the sand with a shovel. He heard a sound behind him. Turning around he saw Maureen. She asked him, "Are you ready to show me what you've been hiding?"

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