AMC Recaps: The week of February 11, 2002 on All My Children
Jake threatened to reveal David's secret. Brooke accepted Edmund's marriage proposal. Kendall conspired to gain Bianca's trust, alienating Erica in the process. Dixie faced a difficult decision after learning that she was pregnant. Greenlee and Jake found themselves trapped together on a sinking ship.
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Monday, February 11, 2002

Mia is flustered as she calls the police after finding the dead body. She tells them it's probably a drowning victim, but he's been dead for awhile. She hangs up the phone and waits patiently for them to arrive.

Chris accuses Ryan of showing up at Chandler Mansion because he knew about the search warrant. Liza defends him, however, and says he was there to discuss Gillian's park. She gets upset with Chris for invading their privacy, as Chris tries to justify the warrant. With Chris's back turned, Ryan shows J.R. the disk. Later, as Ryan and Chris are arguing over why Chris was there, J.R. pockets the disk for Ryan. As the argument ensues, Derek shows up with a box that was found in the secret passageway. Chris opens it and discovers personal belongings that belonged to Hayley and Lorenzo. Ryan and Liza rips into Chris when he begins cutting into them, searching for drugs. Ryan says that this proves Hayley was telling the truth. She and Mateo faked their break-up to keep them safe from Proteus. Chris, however, ventures the opinion that they faked their breakup so that Hayley could operate individually from Mateo. As Ryan continues to defend them, Chris tells him to watch what he says and stay out of it. He could be next on Proteus' hit list. Ryan accuses him of trying to scare him off, but Chris ignores him. He asks Liza to show them to their computers. With everyone else out of the room, Ryan gets the disk back from J.R., and thanks him for helping out. Ryan takes off just before Derek and Chris return. As they are leaving, Derek gets a phone call about the dead body, and tells Chris that it's a John Doe fished out of Willow Lake.

Kendall tells Erica that she was bonding with Bianca before she showed up. At first Erica acts upset and threatens to give Kendall exactly what she deserves. Later, however, Erica becomes calm and begins asking Kendall personal questions. Where was Del? How was her mom? Kendall ignores these questions, and tells Erica that she's not interested in small talk. She tells Erica how upset she is that Erica played her for a fool. She intends to stay in Pine Valley to watch Erica go down. Erica gives her a motherly lecture about letting other people define who she is. She's allowing her hatred of Erica to define the type of person she's becoming, and she doesn't need to. Kendall continues to be irate and tells Erica that she would get what's coming to her. Erica tells her she made a fatal mistake dragging Bianca into it. Erica finally asks her if she'll ever feel anything but hate, and then she leaves.

Greenlee pulls away from Jake and observes that he didn't let go when she hugged him. He tells her that she wants more then a hug. When she asks him what she wants, he kisses her. As they are kissing, Leo and Vanessa walk up with shocked looks on their faces. Not aware that Leo and Vanessa arrived, Greenlee pulls away from Jake and says, "Part of me wants to sail away with you, Jake." Vanessa then interrupts and says, "Which part?" Greenlee turns around in shock. Vanessa continues to make snide, gloating comments to Greenlee until Leo tells her to go find David. Jake also excuses himself, leaving Leo and Greenlee alone.

Anna meets David in his office, and he's about to tell her about his suspicions of Vanessa when Joe enters. Joe fills him in on the fact that he was dismissed. David begins to laugh as he reminds Joe that he can't fire him without the board approval, but Joe tells him the board finally approved it. He reminds David about the $50, 000 he owes, and the surgery he missed. Joe says he's officially finished. Anna tries to explain where David was, but David stops her. She runs out promising to help him. While she's gone, Jake and Vanessa arrive. Jake begins gloating that David finally got what's coming to him. David tells Vanessa to leave, and she does, but not before saying to Jake and Joe, "Don't think you've heard the last of me." Later, Anna returns with Tad and Dixie. They fill in Joe and Jake with the news that David saved Dixie's life. They're shocked as Tad tells them that he supports David and they can't fire him. Joe asks what treatment David used on Dixie that saved her life, but Tad evades the question. Joe and Jake take Tad into the hallway to have a private chat, where Tad reiterates his desire that David not be fired. He says he owes David for saving Dixie. Back in the office, David and Anna thank Dixie. David then acts surprised when she tells him the divorce is final. Joe opens the door and tells David that he is rescinding the termination, due to the latest circumstances. Jake gives David one final warning and tells him that he's going to find out what happened to the fifty grand, and then he's history. After the office is cleared out, it's just David and Anna. He pays her glowing compliments, and tells her that it's over between him and Dixie. He finishes by telling Anna that he could fall in love with her.

Greenlee and Leo continue their conversation, as Greenlee tells him that he's continuing to push her way and isn't letting her help with Vanessa. She says he pressured her to get back with him, even though he knows she's confused about her feelings for Jake. He says that he's confused sometimes too, but he doesn't go running to another woman for a kiss. Before she can respond, Mia walks up asking for Jake. Seeing her wrapped in a towel, Leo asks her what happened. When she tells him about the corpse, he begins to get very suspicious and starts asking probing questions. Greenlee observes this, and asks him why he cares so much. He ignores her as Mia answers his questions, and then tells him the body is in the morgue. Continuing to ignore Greenlee, Leo runs off. Greenlee follows him, completely confused.

Back in her motel room, Kendall considers her fight with Erica a total loss. Ryan shows up at her door, however, and she explains to him what happened. She is surprised when he shows comfort for her, and tells her that the children shouldn't have to pay for their parent's mistakes. They hug, as Ryan continues to console her. When she walks out of the room, he notices her doll lying on the bed. He takes off the head, and places the disk inside the head, and the screws the head back on the doll. Kendall returns without noticing anything different, as Ryan tells her that he's an expert on parents.

Chris shows up at the boathouse and begins remembering his altercations with Ryan. Erica shows up, and sees him sitting there. Their eyes meet, but Chris turns away after a few seconds. Watching Chris for a few more seconds, Erica turns and leaves.

Mia is resting in the hospital as Jake finds her. Jake fills her in on what happened with David, and says they can't leave town just yet. She appears disappointed, but he tells her that he has one loose end to tie up in regards to David Hayward before they leave. As they walk down the hallway, Vanessa can be observed eavesdropping on their conversation, unknown to them.

Leo goes down to the morgue, and he sees the body covered up. He tells an attendant that he might know who it is, and he asks him for permission to see it. The attendant allows him, and pulls back the sheet. Leo gasps in shock as he immediately recognizes the face of Larry, Vanessa's chauffeur. Whispering, "Vanessa, what have you done?" he turns and comes face-to-face with Greenlee who followed him down.

Tuesday, February 12, 2002

At Tempo, Brooke and Edmund try to cover their butts for the latest edition of the magazine since Chris has ordered they do not write anything regarding Mateo or the Proteus issue. Edmund admits that he's not only upset about the story being canned, but also the situation with Mat in jail with no way to contact them. Brooke kisses her lover to relieve his mind off of the drug cartel. After some more cozying, Amy brings Brooke the stories for what is being touted as the "all fluff" issue of Tempo. Later, Brooke compares her relationship with Edmund with one of her favorite movies "His Girl Friday." He's Cary Grant and she's Rosalind Russell. Their talk about romance is interrupted after Brooke realizes she's late for a meeting with the art department. After Brooke steps out, Edmund phones up Phoebe and asks for help in his Valentine's Day surprise for his lady.

At the Pine Cone Motel, Ryan places the head back on Kendall's doll just as she returns to the bedroom. Ryan begins cozying up to Kendall and claiming that he feels bad for the way Erica has treated her. Ms. Hart wants to know what gives--he hates her. Ryan says that he doesn't like seeing her upset and picks up the doll he accidentally pushed on the floor. Kendall snatches it and wonders why he's so obsessed with her doll. Ryan changes the subject and claims that he knows how she feels about mother problems since he had them with his mom. When Kendall makes a crack about the comparison as "boring", Ryan says that he was just shutting her up for five minutes. Kendall retaliates by claiming her noisy behavior is keeping him from seducing his "mistress" Hayley. Ryan once again warns Kendall to back off he and Hayley and leaves. Ryan runs into J.R., who wants to know why he should keep quiet about the disk he stole from Adam's. Ryan says he can't tell him what's going on. J.R. asks if he is trying to set up Mateo so he can have Hayley to himself. Kendall overhears and comes out of her room to hear the answer. Ryan suggests Kendall go back in her room. She goes back in to listen in some more. Ryan assures J.R. that he's trying to help Mat, not steal his wife from him. J.R. wants Ryan to drop the I.O.U. for the motorcycle in exchange for his silence about the disk. Ryan is able to compromise with J.R. and agrees to wipe out $100 from the debt. After J.R. leaves, Kendall claims she overheard everything. A fed up Ryan decides to let Ms. Hart know that he's hiding Hayley from Proteus while Mat's in the slammer--nothing more. Kendall offers to let Hayley stay in her room--she won't be needing it any longer. Ryan's shocked when Kendall says she's leaving now. Ryan begs her to stay and admits that she makes things a lot less dull. Kendall decides to stay and admits that Ryan is the only person in Pine Valley that has been straight with her from the start with no games or ulterior motives. Ryan stares at Kendall's doll.

At the hospital, Jake tells Mia that his vendetta against David is both professional and personal and promises to sail off after he's terminated for good. Mia promises to support him in making David pay for his deeds. Vanessa interrupts their conversation asking for Jake's help. She apologizes for her rudeness. Jake's not budging. Vanessa brings up her kiss with Greenlee and how it affected Leo. Vanessa then suggests she take Greens up on her suggestion to sail away with him. Jake assures Mrs. Cortlandt and later Mia that he's not sailing away with Greenlee. After Vanessa slinks off, Jake advises Mia to pack her bags--she will be sailing with him around the world. In the elevator, Vanessa calls one of her henchmen and tells them that she wants to help make Jake and his shipmate sink during their journey.

David tells Anna that he could fall in love with her. Anna doesn't feel the same since she has to trust the man she loves, and she doesn't trust him. David tries to prove that he trusts her by giving her access to his "CJ Research File." David explains that CJ stands for "Chen Jade" (the statute Anna stole from him). It's also the name of the lab that he's been doing his research. Anna asks if he trusts her so much, why she can't see the other folder in his briefcase. Ms. Devane swipes the folder and reads the initials--DM. Dixie Martin of course, Anna sighs. David claims the folder contains Dixie's medical records, which are private. Anna laughs at his claim and says that he's still in love with Dix and would never love another lady like he loves her. In the middle of their conversation, David gets a call from Leo. An ecstatic David leaves his office and Anna follows. Later, Jake sneaks into David's office to find his keys. Instead, he finds the CJ folder and reads its contents. Jake says to himself that David is "dead meat" now.

Leo and Greenlee are in the hospital morgue with a dead Larry's body. Greenlee deduces that Leo knew about Vanessa killing him. Leo admits he suspected it. The duo hug. Leo calls up Vanessa for a meeting in the hospital lobby. At the lobby, Leo begins to question Vanessa as David and Anna arrive. Leo tells his mother that Larry was brought in the morgue. Vanessa feigns surprise as David accuses her of killing her ex-chauffer/lover. He calls up Derek to meet them in the lobby. Once Lt. Frye arrives, he asks what does everyone know about Larry's death. David and Leo mention that Vanessa had them carry her heavy trunk out of her hotel room and that Leo later found that same trunk in Willow Lake along with his bracelet. Leo suggests that she confess the truth--besides it was "self-defense." Vanessa lies and claims that she hasn't seen Larry since he left her. Derek asks why Leo and David think she had something to do with the murder. Vanessa says that her sons' "vipers" Greenlee and Anna have twisted their minds. Derek asks if she was Larry's lover. Vanessa admits to it. Derek begins comparing Larry's murder to Paolo's murder and wonders if she offed Larry because he requested "higher wages for his services." Vanessa loses her cool and slaps the Lieutenant. Derek and the others gathered around are stunned. Derek summons an officer and instructs him to take "Zsa Zsa" down to the police station.

Wednesday, February 13, 2002

Dixie traveled to Pine Valley Hospital to once again thank David for saving her life. Though she was grateful, Dixie remained a bit concerned about the safety of the experimental drug she'd been given. David assured her that she'd be fine. Dixie explained that she wasn't so concerned about her own health, but rather that of her baby; she'd just learned that she was pregnant. The news didn't surprise David. David revealed that in the routine blood work he'd ordered upon Dixie's return from the Caribbean, he learned of Dixie's pregnancy. Asked why he hadn't said something, David stated that he'd kept quiet because he was no longer Dixie's doctor. David became concerned when it appeared that Dixie was wavering on terminating the pregnancy. David reminded Dixie that her pregnancy was "not viable" because of her many health problems. Dixie made David swear that he wouldn't tell anyone - especially Tad - of her pregnancy. David reluctantly agreed, but again urged Dixie to have an abortion. Later, Dixie sat alone on a chair and gently rubbed her belly. Speaking to the life inside her, she vowed that she would do everything in her power to protect the baby - even if it meant giving her own life in exchange.

Jake continued poking around David's office, looking for anything that he thought could bring down David once and for all. When he found a set of keys under David's desk, he wondered if the keys might unlock the doors to David's "secret lab." An evil smile planted firmly on his face, Jake headed off to uncover what he presumed to be David's secret. Jake arrived at the cabin unaware that Anna was already inside. He sat down at David's desk and started tapping away at the keyboard. Suddenly, Anna appeared from out of nowhere and clobbered Jake over the head. She then hurled him across the room, where he collided into the wall. Jake verbally assaulted Anna and warned her that her boyfriend was up to no good. Anna countered by threatening to have Jake arrested for trespassing. As the two squabbled, David returned to the cabin and demanded to know what was going on.

Erica tried to convince Chris to represent her again in court. Though Erica again admitted that she'd been wrong to keep him out of the loop, Erica insisted that she done what she'd had to do. Chris grudgingly agreed to put his anger aside and represent Erica in court on her perjury charges. Later, however, Erica tried to convince Chris that he still cared for her. Chris coldly rejected Erica's advances. "You look at [life] like you are the center of everyone else's orbit," Chris snapped. "I would have done anything for you. Thanks for the wake up call." Chris then turned and walked away. Jack returned to the room a short time later and embraced a tearful Erica. Erica composed herself and thanked Jack for once again helping her out. Jack revealed to Erica that she'd avoided jail time, but she would be doing some community service. Erica again tried to insinuate that Jackson would do anything for her because he still loved her, but Jack put up a strong front and refused to fall for Erica's charm.

Greenlee brought up discussion of a wedding with Leo. The talk soon led the couple to the bed - or rather the sofa. After making love, Leo questioned what it would have been like to have been born into a different family. "Picture a dad who actually hangs around after the children are born," he said seriously. Greenlee shared her vision of the perfect family - living in Vermont and riding horses most of the day around their maple sugar farm. The two bonded over their dysfunctional families, but Greenlee hinted that they wouldn't be who they are today if it hadn't been for their oddball parents. Leo and Greenlee then quickly got dressed and tried to decide what to do with the rest of their day. They decided to head to The Valley Inn for a champagne breakfast. Leo opened the front door and found Vanessa standing outside in the hallway. "Guess what? I'm free. They dropped the charges," she chirped. "I'm free as a bird!"

Thursday, February 14, 2002

Hayley and baby Lorenzo visit Mateo at jail. He is surprised and concerned that Hayley didn't go to Texas like she was supposed to. Hayley explains that she couldn't leave him. She tries to tell him that Ryan retrieved the computer disc, but Mateo stops her fearing they will be overheard. He tells a tearful Hayley that he wants her to go home, close her eyes, and he will meet her at the beach. Later, as Hayley lies in bed, she imagines the scene Mateo described to her. She is standing on the beach with Mateo in her arms. He gives her a present. It is a necklace with Lorenzo's birthstone. Hayley opens her eyes as she feels something under Mateo's pillow. She finds the same necklace she imagined him giving to her.

While Brook is hard at work at Tempo, Edmund is meeting with a jeweler to pick out the perfect engagement ring. He asks the kids for their help in planning a special day for Brooke. Jamie seems hesitant to give his approval. He tells Edmund that he is afraid of Brooke getting hurt again. Edmund assures him that, though there are no guarantees, he loves Brooke and will do anything to make her happy.

Edmund sends Maddie and Phoebe to distract Brooke and keep her busy while he prepares. When Maddie arrives at Tempo, she has a hard time keeping the secret. She tells Brooke that she can't go home yet because of the "surprise." Soon after, Maddie gets a call on her cell phone. It is a signal from Edmund that it is time to send Brooke home. When Brooke arrives, she finds her house all decorated with paper hearts, streamers, and cupids. She tries to act surprised even though Maddie gave the secret away. Edmund sweeps Brooke off of her feet and carries her out the door.

Vanessa visits Greenlee and Leo at their loft to announce that the police have released her. Larry wasn't murdered after all. He died of a heart attack. Vanessa waits for an apology, but first, Leo has a question. He asks how Larry's body ended up in the lake. Vanessa supposes that his heart just gave out while he was trying to dispose of her trunk. Leo isn't sure what to believe, but he apologizes anyway which infuriates Greenlee. Vanessa gives Leo a wad of cash to buy a bottle of Champagne. She says this will be her Valentine's Day gift to the two of them. After Vanessa leaves, Greenlee turns on Leo. She tells him she wants Vanessa out of their lives. Leo tries to placate her with a Valentine's Day celebration. He leaves to buy Champagne.

When David discovers Jake at his cabin, David is furious. Jake tells David that he knows about the missing funds, unauthorized experiments, and use of the unapproved drug. David is unfazed. He has already returned the money and Jake can't prove any of the other charges. David is sure Dixie won't testify against him because he saved her life. Jake refuses to stop digging for information. He suspects that there must have been other test subjects. Roger Smythe comes to mind. Jake exits the cabin then calls Greenlee's loft to leave a message for Greenlee to meet him at the beach at 9:00 to discuss her father.

David receives a call from Greenlee informing him of Vanessa's release. Afterwards, David remembers the time when he was in the hospital and he asked for Vanessa's help in faking a heart attack. He had told her exactly how to do it. Now he wonders if she has used that information again. Leo comes to the cabin and David tells him that Vanessa is more dangerous now than she has ever been.

There is a knock at the door. Greenlee opens it to find a bucket of Champagne, two glasses, and a typewritten note from Leo. The note tells her to have a glass of Champagne and that he will be back as soon as he runs some more errands. Greenlee pours herself a glass, then after drinking it, begins to feel dizzy. Vanessa comes in to inspect Greenlee's condition. When Greenlee tries to call 911, she accidentally hits the answering machine button. Jake's message comes on giving Vanessa an idea.

Friday, February 15, 2002

Edmund, having surprised Brooke at home with flowers and Valentine's Day decorations, takes Brooke to the beach even though it is cold. He makes small talk as Brooke shivers from the cold. Edmund is nervous about asking Brooke to marry him. He suddenly drops to one knee in front of Brooke and takes her hand. "I want to grow old with you." He tells Brooke. He asks her to marry him and shows her the engagement ring he has bought. Brooke, tearfully, at first says no. Edmund not believing he heard the word "no," repeats it back to her. She says forget the ring, kiss me. After Edmund gives her a romantic kiss, Brooke says yes and Edmund places the ring on her finger. She comments it fits perfectly. They sit on the beach and talk about what the future might bring. They soon decide to go home to tell Phoebe, Maddie, Sam and Jamie about their wedding.

Brooke and Edmund arrived at her house to see the kids pretending to be busy reading. Maddie can't stand the suspense and runs to Brooke, taking her hand, searching for the ring. When you wear this ring it means yes, she tells Brooke. Brooke tells her she said yes. Everyone is happy. Edmund and Brooke feed each other a piece of Valentine's Day cake and whisper to each other how are they going to be alone that night with the kids and Phoebe there. They turn around and discover everyone has silently left the house leaving them alone with each other for the night.

At David's cabin, David is talking with Leo about how Vanessa knew about the drug that induces a heart attack and leaves no trace in the body. This is the same drug that killed Larry, David tells Leo. Leo doesn't quite buy David's theory. He wants to get back to Greenlee. David said Greenlee had just called him to let him know that Vanessa has been released from jail because the charges were dropped. Larry had died of a heart attack. Leo was surprised to hear this and insisted on getting back to Greenlee. He leaves to go to the Loft where he left her.

David talks to Anna about his frustration with his mother. He doesn't know what to do about Vanessa's behavior. He wonders if he should have her committed. Anna reminds him that Jake has power to destroy David. David rationalizes about how his research will bring good. Anna tells him to look after himself because if he doesn't he'll lose everything: his job, his career, his reputation and his family will all be gone. David asks Anna if she will be gone too. He tells her that its time for him to realize that he trusts her. Anna reminds him that she knows all his secrets. David pulls Anna close to him. They embrace but are interrupted by David's cell phone ringing.

The call is from a nurse, Elizabeth, at Pine Valley Hospital. She tells David she did as he instructed and followed Jake into David's office. She tried to stop him and told Jake she was going to let David know he had broken into his office and looked at his files. Jake told her to tell David he found what he wanted under S for Smythe. David thanked Elizabeth for calling him with the information. After he hung up, he told Anna that Jake had broken into his office. But when Anna asked if Jake found evidence on David, David lied and said, "No."

At the loft, Greenlee is passed out on the floor. Vanessa replays the message that Jake has left on Greenlee's answer machine telling her to meet him at the beach because he has information about her father. Vanessa then begins to pack some of Greenlee's clothes in a suitcase not realizing that Greenlee has awaken and is now approaching her from behind. Greenlee puts her hands on Vanessa's throat, trying to choke her. They briefly struggle. Vanessa mutters to her about taking her son, Leo, away from her and that nobody does that. Greenlee is groggy from the drug, allowing Vanessa to overcome her and she pushes Greenlee away. Greenlee slumps to the floor. Vanessa places a call on her cell phone instructing the other person to work faster. Vanessa then carries a drugged Greenlee to the beach and yells out to Jake to help her. She makes an excuse that Greenlee is drunk but after looking at her, Jake realizes Greenlee has been drugged. Suddenly he feels a sharp prick in his neck from a syringe as Vanessa injects him with a drug. He tries to fight the effects of it but fails, helplessly falling unconscious on the sand next to an unconscious Greenlee.

Leo arrives at Greenlee's loft with a bottle of champagne he bought unaware of the bottle sent earlier to Greenlee. He calls her name and then sees the laptop placed on the table by the door. It is open, displaying a message that says, "I'm sorry it had to be this way." Leo doesn't know what it means until he plays the phone message left by Jake to Greenlee on her answering machine. He hears Jake asking Greenlee to meet him at the beach. Vanessa had deleted the rest of the message that says Jake wanted to talk to her about her father.

Leo goes to the beach looking for Greenlee. He finds her scarf wrapped around a log. Afraid to believe what he thinks is the truth, he mutters to himself that Greenlee has left him for Jake. He returns to the loft, despondent thinking Greenlee has left him. He gazes at the disarray of her clothing strewn on the floor. He walks briefly about the room and then sits on the floor by the couch. He opens the bottle of champagne he brought with him. He begins to drink carelessly, splashing it on his face.

Jake wakes up lying on the floor of a boat that is slowly taking on water. Greenlee is lying next to him, unconscious. He gets up realizing the boat is sinking. He frantically tries to wake up Greenlee.

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