AMC Recaps: The week of November 27, 2000 on All My Children
Adam disposed of Arlene's body in order to protect Hayley. Leslie continued to try to sink her claws into Tad, who regretted his betrayal. Dixie was rushed to the hospital. Jake learned that he had been given Libidozone at the party. Erica followed Bianca to New York, where she found Bianca with Sarah.
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Monday, November 27, 2000

Aboard the Fidelity, Adam stared off into the distance at the deep blue waters of the Atlantic Ocean. Ryan entered the main room from behind and called out the millionaire's name. Adam jumped into the air in fright and scolded Ryan for sneaking up on him. Adam turned to Ryan and told him that he was watching a big tree branch floating in the water. Ryan walked over to the window and peered through the glass. He chuckled slightly and mused that the branch looked a lot like a dead body. Adam became unnerved and chided Ryan for his macabre observation. As Ryan celebrated a successful party, Adam warned the upstart not to be overconfident.

Up on the deck, Hayley continued to obsess over taking her mother's life. Mateo remained doubtful that Hayley could have killed Arlene and repeatedly asked her if she was sure that she was not hallucinating. Hayley quickly noted that Mateo was the one who was out of it, having proved so by sleeping with Arlene. Suddenly through his hazy memories of the night before, Mateo realized that he had seen Arlene at the party. In Hayley's mind everything was settled --- she had killed her mother. Mateo still wasn't sure that Hayley had gone to such drastic measures and asked that she not talk about what she had "allegedly" done.

Back downstairs, Adam called Ryan's party a throwback to the days of Sodom and Gomorrah. He reminded Ryan that Vanessa's necklace had been stolen, Laura had fallen overboard and some partygoers had complained about the food. Ryan's fell when Adam mentioned that Ryan could face a potential lawsuit. Mateo and Hayley straggled into the room. As Adam and Hayley exchanged glances, each wanted to know why the other was there. Hayley asked Ryan if it was possible that Arlene had been on board the yacht. Ryan shook his head and said that since Arlene was not on the guest list, it was impossible for her to have set foot on the ship. Ryan headed off to find a crewman to answer some of Hayley and Mateo's questions. While he was gone, Adam pleaded with Hayley to give up on her belief that she had killed Arlene. "You don't have it in you to be that vicious," Adam said intensely. Ryan returned and immediately sensed that something fishy was going on. Instead of pressing for details, Ryan said only that the sole crewman was on land and unreachable. Adam whispered to her daughter that she should remain quiet about the Arlene incident. Hayley and Mateo headed on their way and Adam decided to follow. Hayley lingered for a few moments, just long enough for Ryan to tell her that he and Gillian were back together.

Jake looked coldly at Gillian told her that he hadn't expected her to drop by the house. Gillian softly stated that she'd stopped by to gather her things because she thought that the house would be empty. Now that she knew everyone was home, Gillian decided that it would be best to return later. Jake blocked her path and told her that she wasn't going to leave until he had a chance to say a few things. Jake blasted Gillian for loving the Martin name more than she loved him. He also snapped that it was immoral for Gillian to have slept with him while she was in love with another man. After he finished his tirade, Jake ordered Gillian out of the house. This time, however, it was Gillian who refused to back down. Gillian told Jake that she didn't want to hate him, though she stopped short of saying that she didn't want a divorce. Joe wandered into the kitchen to see what was taking his son so long. Upon seeing Gillian, Joe turned right around and headed back to the dining room. During her chance to vent, Gillian told Jake that she hadn't left him because she no longer loved him. "You didn't love me as much as [Ryan] did," Gillian explained. When things got rough, Gillian continued, Jake packed his things and walked away.

Outside, Tad pulled away from Leslie, but his mind was flooded with flashbacks of events from the night before. Tad immediately apologized for possibly misleading Leslie at the party. He admitted that he's had a somewhat questionable past, but he insisted that he was quiet happy living the married life with Dixie. Leslie smiled devilishly and offered to give Tad a "play-by-play" account of their time together at the party. Finally, she agreed never to mention what happened between them to anyone. She then told Tad that she had "absolutely no regrets." The door swung open and Dixie walked outside. Leslie told Dixie that she'd dropped by to return Tad's wallet. Dixie greeted Leslie with a smile and quickly moved to invite her inside for a slice of pie. Leslie tried to bow out of the invitation by saying that she'd dined at The Valley Inn and pretty stuffed. "What harm can a little pie do," Dixie chuckled as Tad started to voice his opposition to the invitation. Leslie shrugged and agreed to sample some of Ruth's homemade goodies. Inside, Leslie nibbled one not one but three different types of pies. Shaking her head, Leslie muttered that she wasn't sure why she was so hungry. Opal, Becca and Tina decided to head home so that they could wrap up their holiday doing some personal things. As the three women left, they each commented on their breakdown of Jake and Gillian's marriage. Becca sagely remarked that her Granny Tyree always said that ones first love is always the most powerful. Perhaps, she said trying to find a ray of optimism; if Gillian and Jake had met sooner they'd still be together. Jake wandered into the room and greeted Leslie. The two mentioned that they hadn't seen one another since Leslie represented Jake at Colby's custody hearing. Jake smiled slightly and thanked Leslie for all that she'd done for him. He also mentioned that he and Liza had worked out an agreement that would allow him to see Colby every now and again. He then told Leslie that he might need to retain her services in the near future. Almost on cue, Gillian wandered down the steps toting her belongings. Everyone still gathered at the table quickly fell silent and stared at the princess. None of the Martins spoke, as only Gillian offered parting words. She apologized to everyone for letting them down and said that she'd understand if they hated her. She told the Martins that she very much loved being a part of their family and thanked them for welcoming her as one of their own. With that, Gillian turned and walked out of the house. Dixie raced after her and caught her before she could walk down the sidewalk. Gillian started to sob and apologized to Dixie for letting her down. Dixie assured Gillian that she didn't hate her and said the same for the rest of her family. In fact, Dixie said that she'd very much like to remain friends with Gillian. Gillian embraced Dixie and thanked her for understanding. Dixie told Gillian that her relationship with Ryan was very much like the one she and Tad shared.

Edmund blinked several times in disbelief as he questioned how his brother could believe that he would harm the very woman that he'd spent months trying to save. Dimitri pointed to Edmund's recent hallucinations as evidence that her very well could have harmed Alex. Edmund shook his head and swore that he hadn't "seen" Alf in some time. Additionally, he swore that he wanted Alex to return home as soon as possible. Dimitri remained convinced that something was amiss. Alex, he explained, disappeared shortly after Edmund vanished from the party. He also noted that Alex had not reported to the hospital or to any of her friends and acquaintances. Dimitri did concede that Edmund had protected Alex from Charlotte and her cronies and said that he was thankful for Edmund's help. Edmund shook his fist and grumbled that he didn't want Dimitri's appreciation. With that, Edmund stormed out of the room. Some time passed before Edmund returned to the office. Dimitri, meanwhile, placed another call to Scotland Yard and promised to send a recent photo of Alex to an inspector assigned to the case. After Dimitri hung up, Edmund informed him that he was pooling his Tempo resources in an attempt to track down Alex. As the two men talked, Derek Frye strolled into the office. The detective boasted "some news" on Alex's disappearance, but warned Dimitri that it wasn't much to go on. According to an eyewitness, Alex had left the party with a "man in his 40s [of] medium height [and] build [with] dark hair." Dimitri shook his head and sighed that the description could fit almost anyone... including Edmund. Edmund again voiced his outrage that he'd be considered a suspect. Nevertheless, Derek politely asked Edmund not to leave town. Dimitri walked Derek back to his car. Once both men were gone, Edmund hurried to the phone and booked tickets for an international flight.

Gillian returned to the yacht and told Ryan that she'd said her goodbyes to the Martins. Ryan took his lover in his arms and offered her comfort. He told Gillian that he wanted to sail away with her to the Caribbean. Gillian smiled and told Ryan that he'd get into a heap of trouble by hijacking the ship. Ryan smiled broadly and confessed that he'd bought the yacht. He also mentioned that he wanted to rename the boat Princess in honor of Gillian, but Gillian warned him that renaming a ship was bad luck. Ryan brushed off Gillian's admonition and said that now that they were back together they would no longer have any bad luck.

At Chandler Mansion, Liza grumbled about Adam's no-show at a family dinner he had planned. Surprisingly, Marian stuck up for Adam and told Liza that he might have had some urgent business to tend to. Winifred entered the room and told Liza that she was overjoyed that she and Adam were going to be getting remarried. She then confessed that it turned her stomach to have had to call Arlene "Mrs. Chandler." After the housekeeper filed out of the room, Liza complained that she might never be able to get remarried if Arlene didn't turn up and sign her divorce papers. Marian again told Liza to be patient with Adam. This time, Liza questioned why her mother was being so supportive of Adam. The Marian of old flashed for just a second as she admitted that "Adam is like root canal - a necessary evil." An out of breath Adam returned to the mansion and immediately took to answering questions about why he had skipped the dinner that he had planned. Adam lamely explained that he had been out searching for Arlene. Marian spoke up and told Liza that she knew Adam's disappearance had been justified. Adam did, however, admit that he had not found Arlene. Liza sensed something unusual about Adam's demeanor. She called him on it, but Adam dodged her question. Winifred returned to the parlor and told Liza that Stuart had called from the Gatehouse and mentioned that Colby was fussing over one of her missing dolls. Adam plopped down on a chair and reflected to the events of the night before. As Hayley rushed off after strangling her mother, Adam happened upon the scene. He leaned over Arlene's body and shook her several times to wake her up. Arlene showed no signs of life. After checking for a pulse, Adam realized that Arlene was dead. "Oh, Hayley," he gasped. "What did she make you do?" Adam hoisted Arlene into the air and started to walk her back to the inner part of the ship. He stopped midway to the door and turned back towards the edge of the ship. Adam looked up towards the sky in an almost conciliatory fashion before tossing Arlene's body over the side of the ship. Back in the present, Adam was roused back to reality by Mateo and Hayley's arrival at the house. Hayley asked Liza if she had seen or heard from Arlene recently. Liza shook her head and said that she had no idea what had happened to Arlene. Liza decided to call it a night and she and Marian returned home. Hayley looked at her father and asked that he hire a private investigator to locate her mother. Adam said that it wasn't necessary and claimed that it "could be a while before [Arlene]... resurfaces." Hayley continued to plead for her father to help her find closure. Finally, Adam agreed to get involved by hiring a team of agents to find Arlene. As they talked, Winifred entered the room and announced that she had a message for Adam. Adam brushed her off and dismissed her. Winifred, however, refused to leave. The message, she said, was from "Mrs. Arlene Chandler."

Tuesday, November 28, 2000

"Arlene is on the phone?" Adam said with a very stunned look on his face. Hayley told Winifred to put the call through; she needed to talk with her. Winifred explained that she hung up and that she wanted to meet with Adam and gave him the message. Hayley hugged Mateo and thanked God that Arlene was alive, while Adam tried to compose himself and told them he was going to see what Arlene wanted. Mateo and Hayley questioned why Arlene wouldn't come to them and Adam told them that "everything is a game to Arlene, you know that." Hayley wanted to go with Adam to see Arlene for herself and Adam told her no.

Bianca told Leo she was going to the community center while Erica was still at Myrtle's. As Bianca opened to door, Greenlee was ready to knock. Bianca asked what she was doing there and she told her that Leo had called her. Leo asked Bianca if she didn't mind if he invited his cute little friend Greenlee. Bianca seemed annoyed. Greenlee said she had to go and that she even bought a get well present for Laura. Bianca asked why she bought Laura a gift. Greenlee said that "Laura nearly drowned and I wanted to do something to show I cared." Leo said it was cold and went to get his coat. Bianca told Greenlee that Laura nearly drowned because she pushed her over the side and then left her there to die. Greenlee snarked that instead she's going to get a very expensive present. Bianca couldn't believe that Greenlee had no feelings at all and Greenlee said that Laura was getting a lot more attention than she deserved. Bianca said that if Leo ever found out about this he would hate Greenlee. Greenlee told Bianca that Erica would hate her when she found out she "never met a girl she didn't like." Bianca slapped her across the face. Erica then came in the house.

Dixie told Tad that Leslie didn't just come over to return his wallet, that it had to be more and it was about last night and did Tad want to talk about it. Tad told Dixie she was right that something did happen at the party with Leslie. Dixie called Leslie a barracuda. She also told Tad that what happened was completely understandable, especially after the fight about David. It's no wonder he ran over to Leslie. She said Leslie wanted her to find out about it. How did she think you could keep it from me. It was obvious that woman wanted her to know about it. Tad apologized and Dixie told him there was no need to, because it was all her fault. Telling Tad she had feelings for David made Tad more determined than ever to go through with the sexual harassment lawsuit. Tad told her that wasn't it. Tad tried to explain, but Dixie kept asking him to drop the suit. He told her he couldn't talk about this right now, that he had to go to the office to take care of something really important.

At the Community Center Laura looked on as Eliot was repairing a basketball for a group of kids. Laura and Eliot exchanged hellos and Eliot asked Laura how she was feeling. She told him that she still didn't remember what happened and Eliot said that a lot of people had a bad reaction on that ship. Laura apologized to Eliot for reaming him out in front of everyone and he told Laura that it was okay and that he was where he was supposed to be, thank the Lord, to save her. Laura thanked him for saving her just as Brooke entered to room and saw them shaking hands.

Erica came into the house and Greenlee commented on how wonderful she looked. Greenlee told her that they were all discussing Laura and that they were going to the Community Center to see her now. Erica said it was too late to go to the neighborhood. Leo came in with his coat and said he would take good care of them and Erica told him okay, for Bianca to be back by 10. Jack came in as they were leaving. He wanted to know whose mind she was trying to read now. She said Greenlee was even more "toady" than usual and Bianca was acting strange too. Erica then asked Jack why he had come over and he said he was out of line last night and that he was pleading temporary insanity and Erica said "I still drive you mad."

Hayley and Mateo argued with Adam about going to see Arlene with him. Adam tried to talk them out of it. He told them that Arlene is nothing but trouble and she still might even press charges. Adam told Hayley that she should take some time to eat, rest and get ready for whatever Arlene might do. When she turned her back to Adam, he left. Hayley asked Mateo "What's happening here?"

Jack told Erica she is still the most confounding woman he has ever known. Erica told him she would take that as a compliment. Jack apologized for talking like he did on the yacht and Erica gives him a hard time of it. She asked him if he was trying to take back what he said and Jack said no, he was just trying to put it in the proper context. Erica told him that it was okay to tell her how he felt. She told him you either love or you don't. Which is it?

Brooke came in and told Laura she should be home resting, as the doctor had told her to. Laura told her she was going to take some pictures of the kids playing basketball before they flatten the ball again. Eliot told Brooke they got the grant for the preschool breakfast program. Brooke thanked him for the news and wanted to get started right away if they wanted to have it in place by Christmas. Eliot old her not to trip on the trunk on the way out. Brooke looked puzzled and Eliot told her about the elephant in the room, and that they can't ignore what has happened. Eliot told Brooke that she thinks he wants her to forgive him because he killed one daughter and saved another. Brooke asked him, "Aren't you?"

Tad called Leslie on his cell phone and asked her to meet him right away and they agreed to meet at the boathouse.

Hayley wanted to follow Adam and Mateo stopped her. He agreed with Adam that she needed to rest. She should be thankful that Arlene was alive. Hayley reminded Mateo of what Arlene did and that just because she is alive, everything was not okay. Mateo told Hayley that they should take this chance to make a clean break from Arlene. Hayley told him she couldn't have her last memories of Arlene with her hands around her neck. Mateo told her that there are no good memories of Arlene, to please let it go and to forget about Arlene and concentrate on us for once.

Adam arrived at the boathouse and saw someone in the shadows and called out Arlene's name. She turned around and it was Marian. He asked what she was doing there, that he got a message from Arlene and Marian told him it was from her. He asked where Arlene was and Marian said just where you put her. She told him that she knew what he did to Arlene and he tried to deny it. She told him that she saw what he did on the ship. Adam tried to tell Marian she had imagined the whole thing but she told him she knew what she saw. Adam told Marian that she finally has her revenge and to call and turn him in. Marian had no intention of doing it. She told Adam she was glad Arlene was dead. Marian told Adam it was to their advantage that everyone think that Arlene was still alive. Liza could then marry the man she loves. Marian told him that she would forge Arlene's signature and Liza and Adam could get married. Adam told her it was a brilliant scheme except for one thing, it won't work.

Eliot told Brooke that he saved Laura because she was in trouble, not to impress her or to redeem himself because he had killed her child. Brooke told him that she wouldn't forget that he risked his life to save Laura's and left. Laura came back in and Leo, Greenlee and Bianca arrived. She told them she was really okay. Greenlee gave her a very expensive camera and Laura told her she couldn't accept it. Greenlee told her she couldn't return it and didn't know how to use it, so Laura said okay and thank you. Laura told them she still couldn't remember how she took a header off the boat. Greenlee said that a lot of people were sick on the boat, maybe she got dizzy and slipped. Bianca said that something was definitely tainted. Laura told everyone that she felt really good. Greenlee asked Leo to give her a lift to her car. Leo said that they had just gotten there and Greenlee said this would give Bianca and Laura some time to talk. Before she left, Greenlee threatened Bianca and told her if she ever slapped her again, she would be all kinds of sorry, and she meant it. Greenlee and Leo left and Laura told Bianca that she was scared and that if she didn't talk to someone, she was going to lose it.

Adam and Marian tried to figure out a way to have the divorce papers signed and dated so that Adam could marry Liza. Adam told Marian that if Arlene ever washed up on shore, he would go to the police and confess. Marian asked Adam what was going on, that he would never admit to doing anything wrong. He told her that she caught him red-handed and she said all she saw was him throw her over the side, she never saw him kill Arlene. He told her that he did it, that she was dead and would never hurt anyone in his family again. Marian came to the conclusion that Adam was covering for Hayley, that he was sacrificing himself for his daughter. Marian asked what happened, that she had too much on him and that she approved of what he was doing. Adam explained that someone had spiked the punch and that Hayley had some, that Hayley found Arlene on top of Mateo and that Mateo was barely conscious. Adam told Marian that the phone call has made Hayley happy that Arlene is still alive. Adam says they will play this Marian's way on one condition--that she doesn't tell Stuart. She told him she can't keep this from Stuart and he told her he can't tell Stuart and she agrees and they shake on it. Adam tells her he's going back to see Hayley and can she forge Arlene's signature. Marian told him to just keep his side of the bargain, she will definitely keep hers.

Jack told Erica she was a tough act to follow and Erica reminded Jack that he broke up with her. He reminded her of why and then told her that being in love with her was like flying too close to the sun. She thanked him for his honesty and told him that she couldn't be with him day to day because he keeps on telling her things she doesn't want to hear. He gave her a big hug.

Outside Greenlee and Leo were discussing Laura and Bianca. Greenlee asked that when Leo told her he loved her, was that because of the party or did he mean it. He told her it was true and he was in a crazy mood, but he does love her. She asked him for a commitment.

Dixie was cleaning up the table at the Martin house and picked up a picture of her and Tad and said that they would get through this. After she put it back on the mantle, she felt a pain in her side.

Tad arrived at the boathouse and Leslie arrived right behind him. She came onto him and he thanked her for the wallet and told her it wasn't a good idea to have come to his parent's house. Tad tried to explain that what happened on the boat was a mistake and that it wouldn't happen again because he was married. He told her he loved his wife. Leslie accused Tad of calling her to dump her. He told her he was committed to his marriage and that nothing would change that.

Bianca told Laura that it was over and she didn't have to be afraid of anything. Laura asked how she ended up in the water, that maybe she didn't fall. Bianca told her to try to forget it ever happened. Laura explained her past history and asked why things keep happening to her. She thought things were going to get better for her. She couldn't understand why she behaved the way she did at the party. Maybe she really jumped.

Leo asked if Greenlee really meant it about a commitment. He reminded her about her past commitments. She told him that she needed him. Leo agreed to move in with her.

Hayley and Mateo were waiting for Adam when he came back. He told them that Arlene was drunk and had apologized about what she had done with Mateo. She realized that it was all her fault, to forgive her and forget it ever happened. Hayley wanted to know when she could see Arlene to straighten this all out and Adam told them that Arlene left town, that she was too embarrassed to see her and that she sends her love. Hayley wanted to go find her and Adam told Mateo to talk her out of it, if he knew what was good for Hayley. Adam told Hayley to just let it be over.

Leslie asked Tad if he knew how long she had a crush on him, what this was doing to her. She thought that this time it would be different. She asked if it was her, if something was wrong with her. Tad told her there was nothing wrong with her. Tad told her if circumstances were different --- if they had dated earlier in life --- maybe they could have gotten together. Leslie hugged Tad.

Dixie wandered down the stairs and again felt a twinge of pain. She told herself that she might be suffering the after-effects of food poisoning. As she reached the bottom of the staircase, another wave of pain her hit. Dixie clutched her stomach and fell to the ground.

Wednesday, November 29, 2000

Leslie and Tad were at the boathouse and Leslie was beginning to cry. Tad told her there was no reason to cry and Leslie told him to please go, she wouldn't bother him again. Tad offered to stay to make sure she was ok. Leslie said she has to stop thinking about Tad the way he was 20 years ago. He asked her if she had a crush on him in high school and she reminded him that she was in junior high when he was in high school. He had been dating her sister. Leslie confessed to Tad that he had said something to her back then that had changed her whole life. She said she'd been in the back seat of his car while he was taking her sister to a football game. Leslie had a stuttering problem and Tad had told her a story about a man he knew who had cured himself of stuttering by singing everything he said. She told him she had gone home that very night and started singing the same way and had cured herself of stuttering. She told Tad she had him to thank for it and that she still sings her summations late at night before a trial. Leslie said "You're such a kind man, that's the secret to your success with women." She also said she knew Tad was married but it didn't seem to matter the other night on the yacht. Tad said it mattered a lot to him and it should to her too. Leslie told him that the other night wasn't "just a night of drunken sex," it was a fantasy come true for her. A cell phone rang and they both checked their phones to see whose it was. Tad fumbled his phone and it fell into the water but it had been Leslie's ringing. Her client was calling to remind her of their meeting and Leslie was very flustered. She told Tad her life was falling apart and it was because of him. She had forgotten this very important client because of Tad's call to her and she thought it was because he wanted her, not because he was going to dump her. Leslie said she wasn't 13 any more and she'd survive. Tad felt guilty and offered to help her get back in the client's good graces. Leslie agreed, saying the client would be impressed if she showed up with "The Tad Martin". Tad said he'd do it since they were old friends. They went to the bar at the Valley Inn, where Leslie's client, Francine Kosian was about to walk out. As Francine chewed out Leslie, Tad came up, pouring on his charm. He tells Francine that Leslie was late because he was helping her get some information on her husband for their divorce case. Francine was impressed and Tad went on to tell her that since he was now working at Chandler Enterprises he'd had to opportunity to work with her husband. Leslie had had a hunch that her husband might be hiding a great deal of money off shore and Tad got the information for Leslie to confirm this. Tad told Francine that Leslie was going to get her the settlement of a lifetime and then said he'd done enough damage for one evening and should be on his way. Leslie excused herself, followed him away from the table and thanked him for his help, saying he was so sweet and that she owed him. He said no she didn't owe him anything. With business out of the way and Leslie off the clock, Francine decided that it was time for a little "girl talk." Francine asked Leslie if she and Tad were an item. Leslie asked her what made her think that and Francine said "By the look in your eyes!". Leslie asked if it were that obvious and Francine said she thought Tad was married. Leslie said "I don't have to tell you even the happiest of marriages can end!".

At the hospital Joe was on the phone to Dixie. She had fallen down the stairs at the Martin home and called the hospital for an ambulance. Joe told her he'd find Tad for her. After Joe hung up the phone he told David and Jake what had happened to Dixie. David looked stunned and a bit scared. After Dixie arrived at the hospital and was settled into a room she was asking for Tad. She told Jake that she felt dizzy and her face felt flushed before she fell down the stairs. Jake asked if she felt a rapid heartbeat and she said yes, like when she was sick before. David was listening and said it sounded like it was related to her previous condition and that he was going to take over as her doctor now. Jake very coldly said "Dr. Hayward your services are no longer needed here. You can leave me with my patient.". He went on to tell David that Dixie had a new cardiologist, Dr. Conelti, and to leave her alone. Dr. Conelti asked Dixie how she'd been feeling prior to this episode and she told him she'd been tired, then nauseous, then she had a sense of euphoria. David overhead all of this and started realizing it had something to do with the Libidozone he'd slipped into the punch at the yacht party. Joe Martin said he'd heard these same symptoms from at least a dozen other party goers and ordered blood tests from Gordon the lab tech. David grabbed Gordon outside Dixie's room and reminded him to remove all evidence of Libidozone from the results. Meanwhile Dixie grabbed her chest and the monitors started going wild. Joe and Jake rushed to her bedside and barked orders, while outside the room David and Gordon concluded that a medicine Dixie has been taking for her heart condition had a toxic reaction with the Libidozone. Gordon told David he had to tell the other doctors, but David refused and told "Gordo" to just do as he's told. David rushed in and tried to take over, saying he knew her medical history best and knew what she needed. The doctors argued briefly and then Joe told David to go ahead. He administered a drug into Dixie's then talked quietly to her, saying she'd be feeling better very soon. Very quickly her monitors went back to normal and she woke up and said to David "I heard your voice and knew it'd be ok". David told her it was the shot that did it but she asked ,"Why are you always there when I need you most?".
Outside her room Gordon gave the test results to Dr. Joe and Dr. Jake. They both thought something was missing in the results. Jake said the results were consistent to Libidozone. He thought everyone had been given a dose of the drug at the party. Joe wondered how that could be and Jake told him that he'd read up on the effects of the drug and these findings were consistent. Jake said he was going to Seaview Hospital to have new tests done. Joe questioned why anyone would give that drug to a boat full of people and Jake answered that they'd find out after getting the results back.

Tad rushed into Dixie's hospital room where David was still looking after her. David reassured Tad that she'd be fine. Dixie told Tad that when she woke up on the floor at his parents' house, all she could think of was him and she tried to call him. He told her that he'd lost his cell phone but that he was there with her now and that he loved her very much.

Leo and Greenlee were standing outside on the porch of Erica's house. He agreed to move in with her and she was reeling with happiness. She began fantasizing about their life together, eating breakfast in their pajamas, reading the paper, ect. Greenlee said she was so proud of herself for not having any qualms about making this commitment, "I'm usually such a cynic about love". She told Leo that she was actually looking forward to leaving her grandfather's house, with the pool and servants and other luxuries and into a "pied a terre". Leo said it was because they were in love and that he let her use words like "pied a terre". Leo wanted to know how soon she wanted to do this and she said tomorrow. Greenlee went off on a tangent about decorating their place when Leo tried to bring her down to earth "There's just 1 problem to deal with". He told her that he wouldn't make her promise to be faithful and that she shouldn't make him either. Greenlee wondered if it was because he didn't trust himself, especially around Laura. Then she wondered out loud if Laura was gay. Leo reminded her that he'd kissed Laura and Greens sarcastically said "And you always know when a girl's faking?". He assured her that they were both present and accounted for when they kissed. He told her not to sabotage this before they even started it. "I'm committed to you, if I wanted Laura or anyone else I wouldn't be moving in with you. I love you!" Leo said the one problem standing in their way was money. Greenlee replied that she had plenty, it was no problem at all. But Leo disagreed, saying he doesn't want his girlfriend to support him. He never wants his brother David to call him a parasite again. "How middle class of you, " said Greenlee. She wanted to know how long it would take for him to be able to pay half, since he was almost penniless. Leo told her he had a plan and to go ahead with finding them a place. Greenlee went home to contact Marion Colby, since "she has the best real estate". Leo then called his mother and left this message "Mother are you up for a reconciliation? Call me back and I'll tell you how much it will cost you."

Laura and Bianca were at the shelter, where Laura wondered if she walked off the side of the yacht on purpose. Bianca denied this, and told Laura that she did not try to "off yourself". Laura wanted to know how Bianca could be so sure, so Bianca reminded her how much fun she had been having at the party. Bianca told her she was not having any weird thoughts at the party but that she was having a major weird one now and to quit it. Laura admitted that she was having fun at the party until it got twisted. She said she'd had fun dancing with Leo and then talking. Bianca assumed she meant she had fun talking with Leo but Laura corrected her saying "No, I had fun talking to you!". She went on to tell Bianca how perceptive, eloquent and smart she is. Laura said she must've been the most popular person at rehab and had lots of friends. Bianca said no, she only had one serious friendship and that Laura reminded her of the girl, Sarah. Laura asked if Bianca had met Sarah at rehab and Bianca told her a little about their friendship. They helped each other out. Bianca said some days were so black and scary there but now when she looked back they were good. They were some of the best days of her life and Laura said it was because they had won over their disease. Laura asked where Sarah was now and Bianca told her in Boston, that they'd lost track of each other but she still misses her and thinks of her every day. Laura said "So I remind you of her?" and Bianca said it was because Sarah could always make her smile. Then she changed the subject back to the yacht and asked if they'd solved the question about falling in the water. Laura said yes, she must just be an uncoordinated spaz and that she can't be trusted on a boat. "Or maybe it was a tidal wave?" she said. Bianca said " Yeah, something like that".
Bianca remembered her curfew and bolted out of the shelter. A few minutes later Greenlee strolled in and feigned surprise at seeing Laura. She told Laura she stopped in to drop off a contribution. "I believe in karma, don't you?" she said. She told Laura that she was feeling so good she just had to share it. Greenlee asked Laura if she could keep a secret and told her she was sure Leo wouldn't mind if she told Laura their good news. She went on to tell Laura about their up-coming domestic arrangement. Laura looked less than thrilled. Greenlee went on to say they had Laura to thank, because of the jealousy act they did on the yacht. It worked and she and Leo realized they just had to be together.

While Bianca was with Laura, Erica was at home. The phone rang and she answered it, telling the caller that Bianca wasn't home right now. The caller began to leave a message but when Erica realized it was Sarah, she lit into her. "I know exactly who you are Sarah. We have something to discuss." Erica refused to take Sarah's phone number and told her not to call here again.

Bianca came home and found Leo laying on the porch looking at the moon. He told her about living with Greenlee. Bianca didn't get excited for him and he told her he knows Greenlee can be a pain but if she'd just get to know her she'd really like her. Bianca said she knows enough about Greenlee and doesn't want to be anywhere near her. Bianca couldn't understand why Leo didn't see how awful Greenlee is. But then Bianca said she's just jealous of anyone who's happy and went inside the house. There she found Erica, who looked like she had something serious to tell her. Erica told Bianca she didn't want to discuss this subject yet and Bianca asked what subject?. Erica told her that Sarah called and Bianca's face lit up with joy. "What did she tell you Mom?" Bianca asked excitedly. Erica said that Sarah didn't say much but that she had given Sarah a piece of her mind. Bianca was horrified and wanted to know what exactly her mother had said to Sarah. Erica told Sarah that Bianca wasn't over what she'd done to her and asked Sarah if it was worth it, to break Bianca's heart over a boy. Bianca couldn't believe that her mother told Sarah this and Erica said Sarah was only pretending to be Bianca's friend. Bianca denied this and said she was the best friend she'd ever had and that she still loved her. Bianca demanded the phone number and Erica told her she didn't take down the number and that she'd told Sarah to never call here again. Erica told Bianca she wanted to protect her from people like Sarah and Bianca said "I'm like Sarah". Erica said no she wasn't and Bianca cried "You don't know what she's like!". Erica said you're right, why don't you tell me about her. Bianca told her mother that Sarah was her roomie in rehab and that they clung to each other. Erica said that Bianca should put rehab and everything from that point in her life behind her. Bianca told her mother that Sarah is the one thing she remembers from rehab that brings her joy. Erica told her again to forget it all but Bianca says "Never!" When Erica saw how adamant Bianca was, she offered to help Bianca find Sarah, after Bianca had had some time to heal. Bianca said ok, we'll do it your way. Erica hugged her daughter and went into the study to go over spring catalogue proofs. Bianca went to the phone and pressed the caller id button, and found the number of the hotel Sarah called from. Bianca called the Winslow Hotel in New York City and asked if a Sarah Livingston was staying there. The hotel clerk said yes and would she like to leave a message. Bianca started to leave one, but hung up instead. Leo walked in and Bianca told him he had to help her get to New York without her mother finding out. He asked why and, with a broad smile, Bianca said that Sarah was in New York.

Thursday, November 30, 2000

Bianca pondered the many reasons why Sarah might have called. Those possibilities included everything from Sarah calling to offer her sympathy for Travis' death to her wanting to get back together. Leo proved to be the voice of reason even if Bianca saw his remarks as a bit of a downer. Leo reminded Bianca that Sarah had broken her heart and asked if she was willing to get hurt all over again. Bianca managed to silence Leo by pointedly asking him if he would ever give up on Greenlee. As they broached the subject of how Bianca would get to New York unnoticed, Erica wandered into the room and demanded to know why Bianca was interested in going to Manhattan. Leo was quick on his feet and claimed that Bianca thought it was a good idea to go to New York for the Enchantment photo shoot. Speaking of photos, Bianca noticed that her mother had a series of photos in her hand. After getting over her initial fury for the way Erica had gone into her room and take the photos without permission, Bianca asked her mother for her thoughts on the pictures. Erica gave the snapshots a glowing review and mentioned that the photographer should be hired to shoot the Enchantment campaign. Leo and Bianca flashed excited smiles at one another. Bianca spoke up, saying that Laura English had taken the photos. Erica's jubilance quickly faded away and she downplayed Laura's work. Bianca rolled her eyes and asked that her mother not take out her dislike for Brooke on Laura. Defeated, Erica agreed to let Laura onboard. The doorbell rang and Leo excused himself to answer the door. Greenlee pulled him outside and the pair immediately started kissing. As they parted lips, Greenlee trumpeted her plans to go apartment hunting. Leo frowned and informed his girlfriend that he had to pass on the house hunting because he had to go to New York. Back inside, Bianca's jaw dropped when her mother revealed that she was going to be going along on the photo shoot. Bianca told her mother that the reason Laura's photos were so good was because Erica hadn't been around to pressure anyone. Erica was surprised that her presence made her daughter feel so ill at ease. Bianca assured her mother that Leo and Laura would keep an eye on her to make sure that she was safe. Erica reluctantly agreed, but said that she'd need to speak to Leo first. The two Kane women headed outside to speak to Leo. Leo and Erica returned to the warmth of the house, but Greenlee grabbed hold of Bianca before she could join them Greenlee angrily snarled that she was not pleased with the plans for the photo shoot. She blasted Bianca for wanting to go "skirt chasing in the big city" and ordered her to "kill" the photo shoot so that she and Leo could be together. Bianca shook her head and asked Greenlee if Leo would still want to be with her if he knew what she was really like. Greenlee smiled confidently and reminded Bianca that Leo would never know the truth about Laura's deep-sea adventure. She again issued her warning that she'd "out" Bianca if she told anyone about her antics about the yacht. Erica poked her head outside and asked Bianca why she was standing in the cold. Greenlee started to join the others in the house, but Erica let it be known that Greenlee's presence was not needed. Greenlee groaned and stomped down the sidewalk.

Gillian showed up at Pine Valley Hospital to speak to Ruth. In her travels she bumped into Jake and the pair again exchanged some icy words. Jake told Gillian that he no longer wanted to hear any of her apologies because he needs "more than that." As Gillian turned around to walk away, Gillian spotted Ruth. Ruth agreed to sit down with the princess and discuss everything that had transpired. Gillian again apologized for causing pain to the Martin family. Ruth gently scolded Gillian for allowing Jake to fall madly in love with her when she knew that she would never be able to return the sentiment. Gillian claimed that she'd tried to break things off with Jake sooner, but Ruth didn't seem convinced. In a remarkable display of goodwill, Ruth wished Gillian well in her relationship with Ryan, but she said that a part of Jake would always be in love with her. Gillian told Ruth that, under the circumstances, she thought it was best that she quit her volunteer job at the hospital. "It's probably for the best," Ruth nodded in agreement. Ruth added that she'd tend to the necessary paperwork.

Inside a room elsewhere in the hospital, David gently stroked the arm of a slumbering Dixie. Dixie expected to see Tad by her side and mumbled his name in her sleep. When she awoke, however, she realized that Tad was not there. David instructed Dixie on how to do some breathing exercises, but as he did so Tad burst into the room and pulled him away from Dixie's bed. The two men started to do battle. As a result, Dixie's heart rate increased and she began to go into a semi state of shock. David called for a nurse to bring in some emergency medication and David was able to bring Dixie's condition back under control. Dixie pleaded with Tad to let David do his job. Later, David would explain that he hadn't been trying to put the moves on his patient. David again helped Dixie focus on breathing deeply and slowly. Her condition became more "stable" and David left the room. Speaking in a voice barely above a whisper, Dixie asked Tad to trust her and to trust David. Outside, Jake received an envelope from Seaview Hospital with the results of his blood tests. As Jake had suspected, there were traces of Libidozone in his system. Jake waved his father over and showed him the test results. Joe was in agreement that Libidozone could have explained the peculiar behavior of the partygoers. Joe noticed that David was nearby and called him over to join in the discussion. Joe asked David for an update on Dixie's condition. David explained that Tad had upset Dixie unnecessarily and that as a result he had to re-medicate Dixie. The cardiologist explained that giving Dixie repeated doses of the anti-arrhythmia medication could further complicate her condition. David made a snide remark about Tad needing to keep his ego in check and Jake quickly threatened to silence David. David rolled his eyes and made note of Jake's threat before heading on his way. Joe tried to calm Jake and asked that he keep his mind focused on his mysterious lab test results. Jake stated that he had a suspicion about who was involved in the incident, but he refused to offer any additional comment.

Hayley traveled to Ryan's yacht to give him a rough copy of the Wave segment on his party. Ryan thanked Hayley for dropping by, but somehow he sensed that Hayley hadn't trekked all the way down to the water to drop off raw footage of the party. Hayley insisted that "life is good" for her and that nothing was troubling her. Ryan looked her in the eyes and accused her of being a bad liar. Finally, Hayley cracked and grumbled that Ryan's "damn party" was the source of all her troubles. Slowly but surely Hayley told Ryan about how she strangled her mother to near-death. Ryan tried to claim that he knew what Hayley was going through, but she argued that he could have no idea how she felt because he had never tried to kill his mother. Hayley said that she was frightened by the ease at which she had decided to "kill" her mother. Ryan tried to remain upbeat, telling Hayley that she was "free to be happy" now that her mother was out of the picture. Gillian returned a bit later and the trio discussed how things were out of the ordinary the night of the party. After Hayley left, Ryan and Gillian sat down on the bed for a little cuddling. They watched bits and pieces of the party footage, but their attention soon drifted from the television to each other. On the television, David could clearly be seen hovering around the punchbowl.

Laura bumped into the trio of cheerleaders in the corridors of Pine Valley High. The three young women told Laura that there were rumors going around school that Bianca was "easy." One of her new nicknames, said one of the of the girls, was "Super Slut." Laura demanded to know where the rumors had started and one of the girls claimed to have a reliable source --- Marcus. Later between classes, Laura stomped up to Marcus and demanded to know why he was trying to tarnish Bianca's reputation. Laura shouted that Marcus had only started the rumors because Bianca didn't want to get close to a guy like him. Unbeknownst to anyone, Leo and Bianca were just around the corner listening to the discussion. Laura then shot of a claim that Marcus is more interested in "flying solo" than girls. In fact, she even claimed to have a photo of Marcus in a compromising position in the showers of the boys' locker room. Marcus tried to deny the allegations, but the three cheerleaders wandered away with looks of disgust on their faces. Marcus and Laura exchanged icy glares before Marcus headed off to do damage control. Leo and Bianca walked over to Laura and applauded her performance. They thanked her by revealing that she'd been hired to do the photo campaign for Enchantment. Bianca decided to skip out on her final classes of the day and to travel to New York --- alone. Leo nixed the idea, but Bianca insisted that Leo follow her orders. Leo received a call from a frantic Greenlee who, between hysterical sobbing, claimed that she'd lost her dog, Lucky. What Leo did not know was that Greenlee was sipping a drink in the bar at The Valley Inn. Leo decided to take Bianca to the train station and then meet up with her later. Shortly after they left, Erica wandered through the corridor and approached Laura. Erica gave Laura the official news that she'd been hired for the Enchantment campaign. Laura could barely contain her excitement. However, she became very uneasy when Erica asked her to point her in her daughter's direction. Laura claimed that she wasn't sure where Bianca was because they don't share any classes. Erica told Laura that she'd see her after school so that they could all take a limo ride together to New York. Laura scurried of before Erica could ask her any more questions. Within the blink of an eye, Shannon exited a nearby classroom and walked over to Erica. The cheerleader told Erica that Laura had been lying to her; she knew exactly where Bianca had gone. A look of disbelief crept over Erica's face as Shannon told her that Bianca had skipped her classes and gone to the train station so that she could go to New York.

Thursday, December 1, 2000

Bianca knocked at a hotel door. Sarah answered; looking surprised. "What are you doing here?" she asked. Bianca explained that Erica told her that she had called had called. "She thought I stole your boyfriend," Sarah said. She invited Bianca into her room.

Bianca asked Sarah whey she called. The girl explained that she had heard of Travis' death and offered her condolences. Bianca had called Sarah while in Seattle at the funeral, but hadn't left a message because Sarah had made it clear she didn't' want to talk to Bianca anymore. Sarah acknowledged sending a letter had been a rotten way "to break up with someone you loved," Bianca finished. Sarah said her mother had found one of Bianca's letters and she knew all about the couple.

Sarah explained that her mother had called Bianca names and had brainwashed Sarah against Bianca. Sarah had been helpless against her mother. "I wish I had known," Bianca said. Sarah explained that things were better this way. Sarah hadn't realized how impossible a relationship with Bianca would be. Bianca refused to believe Sarah. She explained all her life she had been on the outside looking in until the two girls got together. Bianca could never have gotten through rehab without Sarah, but Sarah said it was Bianca who had kept her together in the program. "You made me feel beautiful and special and I'll never forget that," Sarah said. Bianca confessed her love for Sarah. She said she understood Sarah's fears, but they could still be together. "It's too late," Sarah said. "Why?" Bianca asked. Just then a young man walked into the hotel room and Sarah introduced him as her fiancé, Ian.

After the introductions were made, Sarah asked Ian to go pick up the wedding invitations. He told Bianca it was nice to meet her, but the girl was speechless. Ian left. Sarah explained that's why she had called Bianca -- to tell her the news that she was getting married on Valentine's Day. Bianca asked her if she loved him. Sarah said that her mother loved him and her father loved him and that was enough. Bianca persisted. "Do you tell him you love him, the way you used to tell me?"

Sarah said Bianca was making things too difficult. Bianca couldn't believe Sarah would marry a man just to please her parents. Sarah said what the two girls shared in rehab had not occurred in the real world. Bianca disagreed, but Sarah said she hadn't been thinking straight during that time of her life. Bianca asked if Sarah's parents were forcing her to marry. "What are you going to do when it's just you and your husband and you don't feel anything?" Bianca asked. Sarah asked Bianca if she had told her mother she was gay. Bianca said she would, if only to prove to Sarah how much she cared. But Sarah said no. She couldn't fight any longer. Bianca wondered if Sarah was doing this to make her parents happy, when would the young girl get to be happy. "I don't," the girl said.

Erica tearfully told Jack that she feared Bianca had run away. She confided that she had talked to Sarah and had told the young lady never to call Bianca again and that she had told Bianca all of that. Jack wondered if Bianca had called Sarah and went to the phone to show Erica that Bianca had access to caller id and could have called Sarah. When Jack checked he noticed that ID numbers had been erased.

He guessed that she had gone to see Sarah. Erica went upstairs and found Bianca's address book. She called Sarah's house and spoke to her mother. She asked to speak with Sarah. "Bianca and Sarah are no longer in contact," Ms. Jennifer Livingston said. Erica explained that Sarah had called her house. Ms. Livingston explained that she had forbidden Sarah having contact with Bianca because Bianca had taken advantage of Sarah when she was vulnerable. Erica explained that she was looking for Bianca who had gone to New York. Ms. Livinstone was shocked. Sarah is in New York at the Winslow. I would appreciate it if you would go and get your daughter and keep her away for good this time. Ms. Livingston hung up on a surprised Erica. Erica couldn't believe it. Lies all lies. Erica grabbed her bag and coat and dashed off for New York.

Bianca was hurt to think her friend would be unhappily married the rest of her life. Travis had left Bianca a lot of money and she promised she would use it to take care of the two girls. But Sarah said she could live well and without worries married to Ian. "Don't do this," Bianca begged. She asked Sarah to come with her. There was a knock at the door. "That's Ian. Don't say anything." Sarah opened the door. Erica and Jack entered. "Bianca," Erica said, "What has this horrible girl done to you?"

Marian said she could forge Arlene's handwriting. She sat down and wrote a letter to Hayley.

Hayley, talking with Mateo at SOS, realized she hadn't killed Arlene, but she needed to see her mother in order to stay sober. They decided to seek Adam's help.

Marian walked out the back door of Chandler Mansion, just as the couple walked in the front. Hayley told Adam she needed him to help her find Arlene. Her sobriety was at stake, she explained. Adam told Hayley to sit down wait. "Something just arrived," he told her as he left the room.

He returned with an envelope he had received by international courier. It was a letter from Arlene from Amsterdam. Hayley cried as she read the letter supposedly from Arlene. The letter asked Hayley to stop looking for her and told the girl to go on with her life and try to be happy. "Can you do what Arlene asks," Adam wondered.

Overcome, Hayley left to put cold water on her face. A skeptical Mateo remarked that the timing of the letter was perfect. Mateo accused Adam of writing the letter. He then proposed that if Adam didn't write the letter himself, he must have had someone else do it. He asked Adam what was he up to. The doorbell rang. After warning Mateo not to say anything to Hayley, Adam left to answer it. He opened the door, and faced a young man. "Hello I was working on the yacht party the other night," he said and went on to explain that he found a purse floating near the dock. The ID inside the purse said it belonged to a Mrs. Adam Chandler. Adam quickly grabbed the purse. He pulled a wad of bills out of his pocket and began peeling them off and handing. them to the guy. He then asked the young man not to mention the purse to anyone, pulled off some more bills, and stuffed them in the young man's hands.

Mateo met Adam in the foyer. He refused to be put off any longer. "Adam, where is she? What happened to Arlene on that boat?" Adam sighed.

Tad confided to Liza that he hated the fact that David Hayward was Dixie's doctor. Liza asked if anything happened on the yacht on the night of Ryan's party. Tad denied that anything happened between Dixie and David that night. But Liza could tell there was something on his mind. "Can you let it go?" Liza asked. "No," Tad replied.

Dixie made a mistake, Liza continued, and Tad should forgive her. She noted the troubled look on Tad's face. "We are talking about Dixie and David, right?" she asked. Tad said nothing, but his expression said it all. "Oh, God," Liza said. "What did you do?"

Tad vehemently denied doing anything wrong, but Liza persisted. She said she would find out eventually so he should just "fess" up. At the end of his rope, Tad jumped up from the table. "I've gotta go," he said. He rushed off to go see Dixie at the hospital

At the hospital, Leslie told David that Tad had met her at the boathouse, called her beautiful and brilliant, but said he was afraid to leave Dixie. She planned to continue working on him and wondered aloud how long Dixie would be in the hospital. Leslie said a guest at Ryan's party had been found dancing naked in the town fountain and her husband feared she had been drugged that night. Leslie planned to represent the woman in a lawsuit. David explained that no one at the party had been poisoned and volunteered to run the appropriate tests on the woman. Leslie left and David walked in to see Dixie. She waited expectantly. "What?" he asked. "Are you going to let me out of here or what?" she asked.

He said he was keeping her at the hospital one more night. A nurse came in and asked "Are you being sprung today?" When David she was staying one more night, the nurse asked "Why?" David pulled her out in the hall and bombed her out for questioning his decision. He returned to Dixie and apologized for the nurse. David said if he let Dixie go and she wasn't fully recovered, Tad would have his head. "Thank you for respecting my husband," Dixie said, "and what my marriage means to me."

David asked if Dixie had told Tad about what happened between the two of them and she said she had told Tad about the two kisses. Tad had forgiven her, she explained, as she had forgiven Tad when he had an affair with Liza. David asked her what she would do if Tad slipped again. "He won't," Dixie said confidently. "Tad knows that I can't go through that again."

David agreed that Tad was dedicated to Dixie for life. He thought perhaps if he found the right woman, he would be a lifer too. He then took Dixie down to the lab to check her blood.

Tad walked into Dixie's empty hospital room. He placed flowers on the nightstand and looked around. Slipping in behind him, Leslie Coulson shut the door. "What are you doing here? Tad asked. "I was waiting for you," she said.

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