AMC Recaps: The week of June 19, 2000 on All My Children
Adam and Arlene announced that they had gotten married, but Adam wasn't interested in consummating the union. Liza planned to run Chandler Enterprises with Tad. Leo and Greenlee kissed after getting locked in a wine cellar together. Charlotte arrived in Pine Valley.
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Monday, June19, 2000

Though this was supposed to be the happiest day of her life, Hayley couldn't help but wish that her father had been in attendance. Edmund stepped forward and invited everyone to the reception at The Valley Inn. Marian told Liza that she wished Stuart could have been there to see how happy Hayley was while Liza grumbled that she was crushed that Adam didn't show up. Gillian secretly handed Ryan keys to a hotel suite and told him that they would meet up sometime during the reception for a secret rendezvous. Greenlee strolled up to Ryan shortly after Gillian left and joked that she was going to "flash skin" to get to the valet to retrieve their car faster. Alex and Edmund walked out of the church arm-in-arm, proclaiming that they were ready to go public with their relationship.

"Alex," Dimitri gasped as he labored to his feet. "I need to find you." Dimitri's legs gave out and he tumbled face first into the sandy embankment. When it looked as though he body had betrayed him, Dimitri was spurred onward by Alex's voice. "Dimitri, where are you?" the voice whispered. "I love you, darling. I'm waiting for you." Dimitri struggled back to his feet and staggered off into the distance.

The reception was in full swing when Edmund moved to the center of the room to deliver a toast to the bride and groom. "Love conquers all," said Edmund quoting an unknown Ancient Roman poet. "When things were at their worst, [Hayley and Mateo] still loved each other," he continued. He also made mention of the seemingly "insurmountable obstacles" that melted away through their love for one another. The crowd applauded and immediately called out for the groom to deliver a speech. Mateo admitted that his speech would be less eloquent than Edmund's; he thanked everyone for being there to share the happiest day of his life. He smiled broadly and told his new wife that he had a special gift for her --- R&B crooner Kevon Edmonds, there to sing a special song just for Hayley. Ryan and Greenlee would share a dance, but Ryan was unable to take his eyes off of Gillian. Gillian, who had been talking to Joe, made a subtle upward gesture to Ryan before disappearing into the crowd. Greenlee told Ryan that she had a special surprise for him --- a meeting with billionaire Robert Winchip. Ryan was floored by the chance to meet a man who could send a huge infusion of cash into his internet venture. Greenlee spotted the investor and raced off to greet him. She made small talk with Robert, but when she turned around to introduce him to Ryan she found that Ryan had disappeared. Greenlee tried to keep Robert occupied, but the businessman had only a few minutes in his schedule to talk to Ryan. When Ryan didn't show up, he bid Greenlee farewell and told her to have Ryan contact him when he was free.
Upstairs, Ryan used his key to slip into the hotel suite. Once inside, he called out to Gillian. There was no immediate response. It must have seemed like an eternity, but eventually Greenlee exited from a room carrying a lit candelabra. Worried that what they were doing was wrong, Gillian looked to Ryan for some reassurance that sneaking around was the right thing to do. Ryan reminded Gillian that she was the one who had set up the liaison. They pair kissed passionately before making their way to the bed.

Dimitri staggered into the hunting lodge still calling out his wife's name. Dimitri sat down on the arm of the sofa to catch his breath. Once rested, he picked up a photograph he had taken with Alex. He then turned his attention to the music box that he had selected for Alex. He fantasized that Alex returned to the lodge and raced into his arms. He drifted back into reality and found a wedding invitation on a nearby table. He recognized the address of the church and knew that that was where he would find Alex.

By the punchbowl and under Erica and David's watchful eyes, Leo shamelessly ridiculed Scott's "lead foot" dance technique. Fortunately, Scott wasn't in hearing range. Erica couldn't help but laugh, but asked that Leo try to keep himself in check so as not to steal the spotlight from Hayley and Mateo. David was surprised that Erica still believed that she could reform Leo. Erica again stated that she saw herself in Leo. David smiled wryly and stated that he was glad he didn't see the similarity or else he might not want to be with Erica! The two embraced, but Erica abruptly pulled away. Over David's shoulder, she spotted Alex and Edmund kissing. "How dare she!" Erica squawked. Edmund noticed that he and Alex were being watched. He parted lips from Alex and greeted his mother-in-law, Isabella. Edmund politely told Isabella that he and Alex had "fallen in love." Isabella was stone-faced. "I wish you happiness," Isabella said, her voice cracking slightly. "I know that's what Maria would want for you." Mateo and Hayley joined the gathering. Hayley was shocked that Edmund and Alex were involved, but she was happy for them both. Mateo confessed that he knew about their relationship. Alex stated that they didn't want to make a spectacle of themselves because this was Hayley and Mateo's day. "Alex makes me very happy," Edmund gushed. "I bet she does," Erica interjected. "Dimitri is barely dead and she's all over his brother." Then, with finger pointed at Alex, Erica added, "Is there no indignity that you won't stoop to?" Alex retorted that she didn't owe Erica --- or anyone else for that matter --- an explanation. Edmund noted that while he's fond of Erica, his relationships were none of her business. Erica reminded Edmund that Alex has made everyone's life miserable since she first set foot in town. As she continued her tirade, David stepped forward and apologized for Erica's outburst. To everyone's surprise, David actually wished Edmund and Alex well. The cardiologist yanked Erica away before she embarrassed herself any further. Erica was furious that David had pulled her away before she was done speaking. "You had to steal the spotlight," David scolded his date. Erica was fearful that Edmund would befall the same fate as Dimitri. David shrugged and said that Edmund and Alex deserve each other no matter what the consequences.
Greenlee asked Leo if he'd seen her date. Leo shrugged and muttered that Ryan was probably off granting someone's deepest fantasy. Leo then dashed off and literally pulled Scott away from Becca so that he could dance with the object of his affection. Ryan finally showed up and told Greenlee that he had had to scamper because the server had crashed. To make his story more believable, he claimed that he'd asked Leo to pass the message along to Greenlee.
Trevor sent a telegram to Hayley to congratulate her on her big day; he also asked that Hayley pay a visit sometime soon. Jack noticed that Hayley looked down, but Hayley claimed that she was fine. Mateo told the attorney that Hayley was still upset that Adam hadn't shown up.
Phoebe praised Eliot on his good job presiding over the wedding. She then mused that she now knew why her niece was spending more time in church. Brooke bit her lower lip and flashed a scalding glare at Phoebe. Jack, thankfully, walked over and plucked Brooke away for a dance. Liza told Hayley that she'd learned that Adam had checked out of his hotel room. Erica overheard the discussion and told Hayley that she had crossed paths with Adam in New York. Hayley knew of the meeting, but she did not know that Erica had caught Adam and Arlene cavorting together. Hayley was stunned and questioned why her father would be parading around with a woman he loathed. Erica stated that Adam told her that he was giving Arlene a lift out of town. That said, Erica apologized to Hayley for the "people" who had tried to ruin her wedding by stealing the spotlight. David rolled his eyes and chuckled to himself. He told Erica to say goodbye and escorted her out of the party.

In the bar area of The Valley Inn, a grumpy Adam rebuffed Arlene's offer of another mixed drink; they'd been drinking since seven in the morning. Arlene claimed that Adam's sour mood was his way of saying that he really wanted to go to Hayley's wedding. Adam ordered Arlene to shut up and then asked a waiter for a sandwich. Adam was told that the kitchen was closed because of a private gathering. Adam started to read the man the riot act. Arlene stepped forward and said that she would go into the kitchen and make a sandwich for him. The waiter headed off to rejoin the wedding party and Adam chased off after him --- still demanding that he be served!

Gillian returned to the party and explained her sudden disappearance to a need to check up on her grandmother. She fidgeted nervously as she claimed that Eugenia had flown of to Budapest to see a friend. She quickly realized that she was still wearing Ryan's ring and moved quickly to remove it. Tad, Dixie, Joe and Tina failed to notice was she was doing. But Adrian did. Gillian noticed that Adrian was watching her closely and asked him if he'd like to dance. As they headed off together, Gillian thanked Adrian for keeping her affair with Ryan a secret. Adrian explained that it was not his secret to reveal (or keep). He did, however, let it be known that he did not approve of what she and Ryan were doing.
Tad pulled Liza aside and questioned why she was concerned about Adam's whereabouts. Liza tried to deny that she was concerned, saying that she was more curious than anything else. Tad knew she was lying and dared her to admit that she still cared about Adam.
Marian found Scott standing along the wall watching Becca and Leo. She reminded him that "nice guys finish last" and pushed him back into the party. Scott nodded and, using the technique Leo had used earlier, cut back in to dance with Becca.
Still chasing the waiter, Adam burst into the party just as Hayley was cutting the wedding cake. Hayley smiled broadly, approaching tears, as she raced to give her father a big hug. "I knew you wouldn't forget my wedding," she chirped. Adam was stunned, but didn't push his daughter away. Edmund told Alex that he was glad Adam showed up because it would make the day "perfect" for Hayley. Though surprised by Adam's scruffy appearance, most of those in attendance concurred with Edmund's remark. After returning to the bar and finding Adam gone, Arlene sought off to find him --- and her search took her smack dab into the middle of the wedding reception. Mateo caught sight of Arlene immediately stormed over to her. Quietly, yet forcefully, Mateo told Arlene that she was not welcome and ordered her to turn around and leave. Arlene was quick to brush off Mateo's demand. "Not welcome? I'm not welcome here?" she snapped. "Well, maybe miserable little Arlene Vaughan isn't welcome, but I doubt the same applies to Mrs. Adam Chandler!" Hayley blinked her eyes several times and asked her mother what she'd just said. With an ear-to-ear smile, Arlene told Hayley that she and Adam were "back together" again. "We're married!" Arlene chirped merrily as hugged a dazed Hayley.

Tuesday, June20, 2000

Alone in the church and looking stronger than ever, Dimitri questioned why God had chosen to spare him. Regardless of the reason behind the decision, Dimitri was extremely thankful. He plucked a rose from one of the nearby arrangements and thought about Alex. Alex was sent to save him, he beamed, and nothing was ever going to come between them again.

"Hey everybody," Arlene chirped in a drunken stupor. "It's my wedding day. I'm a bride too!" Her remark was muffled by whispers and gasps from other partygoers. Mateo ordered Arlene to leave, but Arlene refused to budge. She smiled broadly and said that they could all be "a real family" now. Hayley turned to her father and begged him to tell her that Arlene was playing some sort of cruel joke. Adam could barely look his little girl in the eye. "Tell me you did not marry my worst nightmare," Hayley asked fighting tears. As Adam explained that he and Arlene had married during a quickie service at Elk Green, Arlene stuck her hand out and wiggled her ring finger. "Liar!" Liza shouted loudly. Isabella pulled Hayley aside and apologized to her for the bad things she was thinking about Arlene. "I know she's your mother, but I want to slap her!" Isabella chattered aggressively. Rosa looked around the room and commented that her mother was going to have to take a number. Mateo asked his mother to take Max home before any fights broke out. Arlene continued forcing her nuptials down Mateo and Hayley's throat. She pulled her marriage license out of her purse and waved it in the other newlyweds' faces. Mateo pushed Arlene away and, in her drunken stupor, Arlene tumbled backwards into the wedding cake. The top tier of the cake fell to the ground and the bride and groom atop the cake snapped in half. A group of waiters helped Arlene to her feet. Again, whispers and gasps sounded from the crowd. Once back on her feet, Arlene stuck her finger in the remaining portion of the cake and helped herself to a sample. Liza told Marian that she needed to find out why Adam married Arlene. Marian shook her head and warned her daughter to steer clear of Adam. "He's poisoned his life, don't let him poison yours," she remarked. Tad lectured Adam for his display. He motioned towards Junior, who was cowering in a far corner of the room. The boy had asked if he could go to summer camp early all because of Adam's latest antics. Adam insisted that he'd never meant to crash the party. He explained that he'd heard on television that the wedding was going to be held at Wildwind. Arlene rejoined her husband's side and continued babbling about how deliriously happy Adam had made her. Adam turned to walk away with Arlene and found Liza staring him down. Marian saw the potential confrontation and asked Scott to escort Liza home. Leo, meanwhile, offered Becca a ride home. Becca didn't want to leave because she wanted to be there for Scott. Leo shrugged and said that Scott's problems were personal and warned Becca about getting involved. Scott overheard portions of their discussion and told Marian that he was going to take a page out of his Uncle Adam's handbook. Everyone, he said cryptically, needed to have a selfish side. If Stuart had been a bit more like Adam, Scott commented, he'd still be alive. Myrtle offered to take Junior and Jamie home and Tad and Dixie were only too happy to accept. Dixie wanted to have words with Adam, but Tad told her that it would do no good. Arlene wittily muttered that the folks in Pine Valley would be more likely to toss hand grenades at them than birdseed. Adam shook his head slightly and blasted Arlene for having ruined Hayley's wedding. He grumbled that would be lucky if Hayley ever spoke to them again. Arlene cocked her head to one side and, rather loudly, told Adam that she was under the impression that he wanted Hayley to never speak to him again. Hayley stomped over to the pair and, under Mateo's watchful eye, tore into her parents for trying to ruin her day. She blasted her mother for having taught her that love was "toxic --- filth and lies and drunken promises." Hayley then turned her attention to her father and reprimanded him for being "afraid of losing control." That said, Hayley and Mateo were ready to leave. Mateo thanked everyone --- or almost everyone --- for turning out to support his marriage to Hayley. Throughout his speech, Mateo remained upbeat and never once gave Arlene the satisfaction of hearing that his wedding day was anything less than perfect. Before leaving, Hayley tossed her wedding bouquet over her shoulder. The flowers ended up in Liza's hands. Alex told Edmund that she felt badly for Hayley. Instead of returning home, Alex asked Edmund if he would take her back to the chapel. Edmund nodded and he and Alex walked out of the room. Scott handed two waiters a hunk of cash and asked them if they wanted to earn some overtime pay. The two men nodded eagerly and listened to Scott's instructions. The two waiters learned that they were to "get rid of" Leo. Joe pulled another letter from Jake out of his pocket and showed it to Gillian. In the latest letter, Jake had included a photo of himself and one of his patients, a young boy whose leg had been blown off by a landmine. Gillian was awed that Jake had saved the boy's life, but troubled when Joe referred to his son as "a hero." Tad and Dixie shared a dance and Dixie revealed that she'd accepted a job offer. Tad was surprised that Dixie had moved so fast. He also wasn't happy that Dixie had taken a job without talking to him first. When Dixie informed him that she'd be working for Dr. Hayward, Tad was not at all happy. He asked her why she accepted the offer from a man who was a "lousy human being." Dixie countered that David had saved her life and claimed that David was a changed man. Adam met with the hotel manager and offered to pay for Hayley and Mateo's wedding. The man refused and Brooke, who was passing by, told Adam that his money wasn't welcome. "You know what I think would be nice for your daughter? Cut the cord. Find a way to prove that you and your tanked-up bride here aren't really her parents," she said icily. Eliot stood in the background listening to what Brooke was saying. He pursed his lips, nodded his head slightly, and continued on his way. Adam stormed out leaving Arlene behind. Arlene spotted Liza looking on and headed over to join Adam's former wife. With a wry smile on her face, Arlene asked Liza if she could give her some pointers for her wedding night "celebration" with Adam. Then she thought about it and commented that if Liza knew what to do she and Adam might still be together. Arlene turned and walked out of the room. Liza followed after her and called out to her. Arlene stopped and Liza threw the bouquet she'd caught towards Arlene. There was a loud thud as the flowers hit Arlene in the back of the bed. "When in doubt, say it with flowers," Liza grumbled. Ryan tiptoed around the room waiting for an opportunity to talk to Gillian. When he finally had a second alone with the princess, Gillian asked him if he could meet her at the turret in about an hour. Ryan nodded and Gillian slowly walked away. Joe flagged her down and invited her home to dine on a roast Ruth was cooking. Gillian said that she wanted to go home and rest. Joe noticed that Gillian was a little flushed and insisted that she join him and Ruth for dinner --- doctor's orders! Opal and Marian knew that it was time to leave, but neither wanted to return home to an empty house. So the two women decided to head to the bar for a martini or two. Becca approached Scott and told him that she couldn't find Leo. Scott shrugged and said that he hadn't heard or seen Leo in some time. Downstairs, Leo banged on the door of a wine storage area. Greenlee had spotted the "two bruisers" escorting Leo out of the party and asked them what they'd done to Leo. They said nothing and Greenlee became irritated. She threatened to report them to the hotel manager. As she walked away, the men chased after her and hauled her downstairs to the wine cellar. Greenlee found Leo very relaxed and sipping some wine. She banged on the door and called out for helped, but Leo told her that it would do her no good; no one could hear them. Greenlee turned towards Leo, grabbed his bottle of wine, and chugged down several mouthfuls of liquor.

Mateo and Hayley left the party and ended up on the beach - the very same place where they'd met. They laid down on the sand and watched a falling start before agreeing that it was time to go home and make love as a married couple.

Adam returned to Chandler Mansion and plopped down on the bed. Arlene showed up a few minutes later and teased Adam about not having carried her over the threshold. Adam squawked that their "farce" of a marriage was over. Arlene shook her head and said that she thought that their plan was working perfectly. Arlene flashed a Polaroid that the Justice of the Peace had snapped during their wedding and the pair recalled their quickie union. Arlene had asked for the deluxe wedding complete with music and doves. "Life hasn't crapped on me enough? You want birds flying overheard?" Adam quipped. Adam reminded Arlene that their marriage was not out of love --- it was "an arrangement." Just as soon as everyone in his life went away, Adam said that he planned to get rid of Arlene too. He would, however, give her $500,000 for her troubles. Arlene was crushed and tried her best to hold back tears. Back in the present, Adam was out cold on the bed. Arlene stepped into the bathroom to freshen up before returning to consummate their wedding vows. Suddenly, the door to the bedroom swung open and an angry Liza stood in the doorway.

Alex told Edmund that she wasn't sure why she wanted to return to the church; she felt drawn there for one reason or another. The pair, alone in the chapel, shared a kiss to celebrate their beating the odds. "This was worth almost dying for," Edmund grinned. "I love you, Alex, with all my heart." Alex returned the smile and told Edmund that she loved him too. Around a corner, Dimitri's face fell in utter devastation upon hearing his wife profess her love for another man.

Wednesday, June21, 2000

Oh no you don't! That is surely what Liza must have been thinking when she barged into Adam and Arlene's bedroom. Feeling betrayed and angry, Liza scolded Adam about his latest scheme- his sudden marriage to Arlene. Enraged, Arlene ordered Liza to get out of her bedroom - Arlene wanted to enjoy her wedding night with her new husband. She demanded, "I am Mrs. Chandler now and I call the shots, so get outta my damn bedroom!" Liza ignored her and tried to talk Adam out of whatever "stupid scheme" he was in the midst of. She told Adam that he is a drunk loser who was wallowing in self-pity. She suggested that Adam cope with his brother's death as her widowed mother has been - honoring Stuart's memory with dignity and respect. She asked him, "[Do] you have to dig yourself down in the gutter with this slut?" Liza then challenged Adam to look her in the eye and deny his love for her.

Adam stood tall and tried to appear sincere when he told Liza that he made the right decision to marry Arlene. He claimed that Arlene understands him and that they are able to communicate without words. He told Liza that she (Liza) is not his equal, calling her weak and stating that he and Liza were never compatible. He advised Liza to pick up her pride and move on with her life. Liza stormed out after telling Adam not to come near her or her daughter. She escaped to Marian and Stuart's cottage, seeking her mother's comfort. Liza told Marian that she is finished with Adam and wants nothing to do with him. Marian agreed that Liza made the right decision; she expressed deep pride in her daughter's strength and courage.

As Alex and Edmund celebrated their love, Dimitri mourned his loss. Dimitri listened in an adjacent room as Alex and Edmund proclaimed their love for each other. He got the couple's attention when he made a noise, but managed to escape without being discovered. Alex and Edmund proceeded to straighten up the mess left from Hayley and Mateo's ceremony. Reflecting on Adam and Arlene's performance at the reception, Alex said, "That's so sad, feeling betrayed by the people you believe love you." Dimitri listened on in silence as Alex and Edmund continue to display their affection for one another, and even thanked God for each other. Eventually the left, and Dimitri approached the altar, where he kneeled and cried out for Alex. Recalling what he witnessed between Alex and Edmund, he uttered, "Why did you want me to live to see this? Why did you want me here at all?" Meanwhile, Alex and Edmund toasted their newfound love for each other.

Stuck in the wine cellar, Greenlee and Leo drank to their hearts' content. The two tried to figure out who locked them in a wine cellar, but got nowhere. In the meantime, Scott gloated to Marian over having gotten rid of Leo and Greenlee. Soon after, Becca and Ryan approached, searching for Greenlee and Leo. Scott feigned ignorance as to the duo's whereabouts. He suggested that he and Becca escape and spend some time together - just like they used to. Meanwhile, Ryan ran around quizzing the hotel staff about Greenlee.

To pass the time in the wine cellar, Leo and Greenlee play an interesting version of truth-or-dare. During the process, Leo told Greenlee that she is not good in bed. He claims that Greenlee appears desperate because "tries too hard." Greenlee countered by claiming that she's just passionate. She then kissed Leo and asked, "Is that trying too hard?" That's when things really heated up. Leo insisted that Greenlee surrender control to him and allow him to kiss her. Just as the two engaged in a long, passionate kiss, Ryan walked in and caught them! "Well, was it a good year?" Ryan asked. Greenlee was mortified and hastily jumped from Leo's lap.

Ryan sprung Greenlee and Leo from the cellar, and brought them to the lounge to be detoxified. Shortly after, Scott and Becca showed up, and Leo immediately ran to Becca. Wasted, Greenlee put the moves on Ryan. Neither of the drunken duo was successful. Ryan escorted Greenlee home; Scott and Becca took care of Leo.

Hayley and Mateo began their heavenly honeymoon. The newlyweds shared a romantic night of passion in their paradise rendezvous spot, with candles, rosebuds and chocolate pudding! The happy couple looked forward to having children and pledged that their children would be a product of their love - not from the awful legacy created by Hayley's parents.

Back at the Chandler house, Arlene attempted to seduce Adam into consummating their marriage. He rejected her, demanding sternly "Get the hell out of my bed, Arlene!"

Thursday, June22, 2000

Over breakfast at The Valley Inn, Erica told David that she was still upset that Alex had ruined Hayley's wedding reception through his shameless display of affection for Edmund. David puckered his lips and teased that Alex "had help" in souring the mood of the festive occasion. Erica was pleased when Leo showed up, signaling that he had accepted her breakfast invitation. It was clear that Leo was still suffering the effects of his drinking spree the night before. Erica handed Leo a sheet of paper listing names of some of her business associates that were willing to give Leo a job interview. Leo scanned the paper and quickly announced that none of the jobs interested him. David rolled his eyes and protested his brother's lack of initiative. Across the room, Vanessa sat down and ordered a full breakfast from a passing waiter. The waiter was quiet, his eyes bulging. He quickly scurried away and had words with the maitre d'. A few seconds later, the maitre d' appeared at Vanessa's side and reminded her that Palmer had cut off her line of credit. Vanessa tried to talk herself out of her predicament, pleading for credit on the basis of her status as a hotel guest. Her every plea was promptly, though politely, denied. David and Erica overheard the conversation and showed their amusement through laughter. Surprisingly, Leo scolded the pair for reveling in Vanessa's shame. He pointedly noted that Erica was busy lecturing him on how to act properly while at the same time she was carrying on like a high school student. Leo rose from the table and stomped away. He paused momentarily near his mother, but said nothing to her. David had to be on his way to work. Alone, Erica walked over to Vanessa and cattily offered to have her leftovers wrapped up for Vanessa, who had been barely able to scrounge up enough money for a cup of coffee. Vanessa bowed her head and accused Erica of reaching a new low. Myrtle, who had been observing from across the room, waited until Vanessa breezed away before questioning Erica about her motives. Myrtle felt it was dangerous for Erica to try to get between Leo and David. She likened the two men to baby lions, who could "maul" Erica if she came between them. Erica quickly turned the tables, asking Myrtle how Rae was doing. Myrtle knew that Erica wasn't really interested in Rae's search for her daughter, but she told her that things were looking up anyway. Erica assured Myrtle that she knew what she was doing and continued on her way.

Scott dropped by the community center to pitch in on a car washing fundraiser. Marian entered just as the pair was sharing a kiss. Becca bashfully turned around and scampered out of the room. Scott told his stepmother about the stunt he'd pulled to get Leo locked away in the wine cellar. Marian smiled devilishly and swore that Stuart's good influence on her hadn't washed away. Leo, she stated, was a different story because she felt he was just as responsible for Stuart's death as Adam. Scott nodded and said that he felt the same way. Scott was a bit fearful that there was nothing that he could do to get Leo out of Becca's life. Marian offered two important pieces of advice. The first, was a reminder to keep his enemies even closer than his friends. The second, she explained, was the element of surprise that Scott possessed. Since Leo thought of Scott as a do-gooder, he would always underestimate Scott. That would allow Scott to sneak up on Leo and catch him off-guard when he was ready to unleash his revenge. Leo showed up at the center looking for Becca. Remembering Marian's advice, Scott "warned" Leo that Becca was still mad at him for his drunken escapades of the night before. Leo questioned why Scott had warned him rather than watching in amusement as Becca walloped him with a bucket. Scott claimed that he wanted to call a truce and end their constant fighting. Leo nodded in understanding and the two shook hands. Becca returned a little while later and Leo fell to his knees before her. He cried out for her forgiveness. "Punish me! I deserve it!" he shouted. Becca couldn't stay mad at Leo and let a smile escape. She told Leo to follow her and help wash some cars. Scott was furious that Leo had again managed to win Becca over. Marian looked at him with a serious expression and promised that she would not allow Leo to ruin his happiness.

Ryan sat on the sofa scanning his email for a letter from Rapunzel. The door opened and a hand set gently down upon his shoulder. "I decided to deliver [the Email] in person," Gillian said with a smile. Before long the pair was engaged in a kiss. Ryan pulled away momentarily and warned Gillian that Greenlee would be stopping by shortly. Gillian nodded and said that she'd locked the door behind her. They resumed kissing, but were interrupted when Greenlee arrived. She knocked on the door and called out to Ryan, causing the kissing couple to freeze in their tracks. Greenlee fumbled through her purse for the key to the loft. As she entered, she found Ryan on all fours picking up some fallen papers. Greenlee sensed that Ryan was acting peculiarly, a feeling that was only heightened when he refused to let her go to the bathroom to get some aspirin. She cocked her head to the side and asked Ryan if he was hiding someone from her. Ryan shook his head and Gillian fidgeted nervously around the corner. At one point during her attempt to figure out what was wrong with Ryan, Greenlee asked if he and Gillian were back together. Ryan assured Greenlee that was not the case. In an attempt to stop Greenlee's inquiries, Ryan claimed that seeing Greenlee and Leo together made him uncomfortable. Greenlee was taken aback; Was Ryan jealous? Ryan never put a label on his feelings, but never denied that he was jealous. Greenlee thanked Ryan for his concern and headed on her way to run some errands. Gillian exited her hiding place and shook her head from side to side. Ryan sighed deeply and worried that he had dug a deeper hole by giving Greenlee false hope. Gillian noted that Greenlee was used to getting what she wants. Outside in the hallway, Greenlee was aglow with optimism. "I knew it!" she chirped. "He's mine."

Dimitri poked around the tack room looking at various pictures. He had to scramble into hiding when he heard Alex and Edmund's voices approaching. Alex immediately noticed that Maximillian's photo had been placed on the desk; she'd hidden it in the drawer because he pained her to think of how the horse had been put down. She was quiet for several moments before telling Edmund that she felt as though someone had been in the hunting lodge. Some of Dimitri's belongings, she said, had been moved. Fearing that the Bryn Wydd gang had resurfaced, Edmund vowed to protect Alex. Alex had hoped to do some riding before work, but too much time had passed and she knew that she'd better be off to the hospital. Soon after she left, Edmund heard a noise from outside the room. He went to investigate, but found nothing and continued on his way. Dimitri crawled down a ladder from the upper level, but nearly took a tumble. He held his head and groaned in pain. Dimitri staggered into the tack room and struggled to reach the phone. Somehow, through his blinding headache, Dimitri was able to muster enough strength to place a phone call to Seaview Hospital. He asked to speak to Dr. Silbert, the specialist who'd helped treat him before his abduction. For obvious reasons, the doctor thought that he'd received a prank call. Dimitri swore that he wasn't joking and made the doctor promise that he would not tell anyone that he was still alive.

Alex hovered over a stack of unpaid bills on her desk as Adrian entered the office. He plopped a folder down on her desk and announced that he'd dug up some additional information on Anna Devane. In addition to everything that they already knew, Adrian said that Anna Devane was also a "double agent." Alex took off her glasses and asked Adrian if he still distrusted her. Adrian said that his gut believed her story, but that his tactical training caused him to question everything that she was saying. Edmund entered and overheard Adrian state his distrust in Alex. He was angry, but Alex explained that it was better for Adrian to feel that way. After all, it would allow him to be impartial. Alex asked Adrian why, if she were really Anna Devane - secret agent, she was posing as a neurologist in Pine Valley. Adrian replied indirectly, saying that if Alex was really Anna Devane it meant that she hadn't been killed in the boat explosion off the coast of Venezuela. Surely, the people who had tried to kill her must know that she's still alive. Edmund drew the obvious conclusion: the assassins would probably try to strike again. Edmund vowed to stand by Alex and help her learn the truth about her past whether she was Alex Marick or Anna Devane. Upon hearing the latter name, Alex mechanically replied, "My name is Anna Devane."

Thursday, June23, 2000

At the Chandler mansion, Winifred was surprised when Arlene came down the stairs and began ordering breakfast. She suggested that Arlene go the Valley Inn, saying that they have rooms for her to stay in there, too. I'm Mrs. Adam Chandler, Arlene informs a stunned Winifred, and Adam comes down the stairs and confirms that fact. He won't, however, let Arlene fire her, no one hires or fires or bellows at his staff but him. Winifred heads off to the kitchen and Arlene makes herself at home, changing the message on the answering machine and suggesting some redecorating. Maybe they should even sell this place and get themselves something much more modern, she suggests. It's not in the budget, Adam tells her. Arlene is obviously shocked at the thought of Mrs. Adam Chandler having to stay on a budget. Adam explains that while he does have some assets, most of him money is tied up in Chandler Enterprises, which Liza controls. Not for long, Arlene decides. Winifred returns with her breakfast, but Arlene tells her to take it back, she and Adam are going out to eat and to have some fun.

In her office at the hospital, Alex is sitting at her desk, repeating the exact same speech Dimitri saw on the tape that Charlotte had shown him. "My name is Anna Devane...." Edmund and Adrian stay silent, listening to what she has to say. When she stops, Edmund gently talks to her and she comes out of it, scared because she doesn't understand how she could have known all the things she just said. Some of them she read in Anna's obituary, but not everything. Edmund promises her they'll get to the bottom of it. Just then, Charlotte arrives, surprising everyone. Alex is glad to see her and Edmund is happy to let her stay at Wildwind. Adrian is introduced to Charlotte and then he and Edmund go out into the hall. He tells Edmund that he'll go over and check out Wildwind and sweep the place for listening devices. Edmund goes back in and Alex is called to check on a patient. When they are alone, Charlotte practically begs Edmund to convince Alex not to dig into her past anymore. Alex returns and they head off to Wildwind.

Tad is on the phone with Joe when Dixie arrives at the Valley Inn. I have some great news, Tad tells her when he hangs up, there's a job available as a fundraiser for the hospital. But I already have a job, Dixie reminds him, working for Dr. Hayward. Tad doesn't want her to work with David, or as he calls him "the anti-Christ" and wonders aloud if Dixie's seen him without his shoes on. Why, Dixie asks, puzzled. Because then she'd see if he has cloven hoofs for feet, Tad replies, only half joking. Just then, David arrives and tells Dixie there's some papers in his office she has to sign before starting work. She says she'll go do it now and leaves Tad sitting there alone, fuming.

Which is where Liza finds him and joins him for lunch. She asks him to come back to the TV station to help her run it, but he turns her down. Liza still can't believe that Adam actually married Arlene, but she knows why he did it, to push everyone else in his life away. And it worked, she says, and then goes on to admit to Tad that she slept with Adam after Stuart died. She also tells him that Dixie knew the truth, but Liza had asked her to keep it a secret, even though she wasn't happy about it. While they are sitting there, Adam and Arlene arrive. After ordering one of just about everything on the menu, Arlene decides that now is the time to get Adam's company back for him. She marches over and informs Liza that Adam wants him company back and he wants it now. A reluctant Adam joins them, backing up what Arlene said, that Liza isn't capable of running the company by herself. Liza denies it, but says that in the future, she won't be doing it alone, anyway. Her new partner, Tad Martin, will be helping her run Chandler Enterprises.

At the hospital, Dixie finishes filling out the employment forms and David gives her her first assignment, sorting and filing a stack of files. I can't do it right now, she tells him. David is annoyed, he needs her there and that should be her first priority. I'm taking Junior to camp, she replies and we need to talk about what's been happening with Stuart's death and now Adam's marriage. My family always comes first, do you understand, Dixie asks. I understand perfectly, replies David, not making it clear whether he respects her for standing up to him or if he's going to fire her on the spot.

Alex and Edmund have given Charlotte a tour of Wildwind, which ended up at the mausoleum. Charlotte goes inside to pay her respects to Dimitri, then she and Alex head back up to the house. Edmund stays behind for a moment alone. Up at the house, Charlotte finds Adrian sweeping for bugs. Adrian lies and says that Edmund was having interference on his computer and he was just checking it out, but Charlotte knows what he was doing and calls one of her associates to do a background check on Adrian. She also says that what she has to do is get Alex away from Edmund. Alex hears this last remark as she enters the room. Down at the mausoleum, Edmund has lit some candles and is "talking" to Dimitri, telling him that he's fallen in love with Alex. Alex is certain that Dimitri would give them his blessing if he could, but Edmund is not so sure. He sits there silently for a moment, then turns, as if he felt a presence behind him. Dimitri is standing there in the doorway of the mausoleum!

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