AMC Recaps: The week of April 17, 2000 on All My Children
Adam's doctor refused to release him so that he could search for Stuart, who was missing. Esther found Stuart, who had amnesia, and hid his pictures of Marian. Arlene hit a telephone pole. After angering several Pine Valley residents, Paolo was found dead in his room, with Leo standing over the body.
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Monday, April 17, 2000

Alex and Edmund's friendship took a more intimate and sexual turn. As they kissed, Alex suddenly pulled away. "Did you hear something?" she asked nervously. Edmund shook his head and smiled wryly. "Just my heart," he replied softly. He leaned over and gently kissed Alex's lips. After the couple made love, the conversation turned much more frivolous. Edmund came across a paper from Alex's childhood. On the paper, Alex had scrawled little-known word with the hopes of stumping her father. She rarely succeeded. Nevertheless, Alex wanted the paper back so that Edmund would stop teasing her. After some additional romancing, Alex wandered over to the fireplace and found an old piece of paper that she'd hidden between the stones. On the paper she had written, "I remember you." It seemed ironic that Alex had written those words as a young girl, for now she could barely remember anything of her past. Edmund promised to help her recover her memory gaps, but Alex told him that he'd already helped her far more than she'd imagined possible. "You've done the impossible," Alex whispered. "You made me happy again."

Gillian and Dixie met for dinner at The Valley Inn. Dixie continued to worry about her son and felt bad for leaving him with Joe and Ruth while she was out having a good time. Gillian tried to distract Dixie, telling her that when they were done eating she'd teach Junior how to play chess. She chattered on about how Bobby Fisher had been hiding out in the wine cellar at Vadzel during his supposed disappearance, but Dixie was otherwise preoccupied. She looked across the room and sneered as Liza entered and sat down at a table. Gillian, too, was distracted because Ryan was Liza's date for the evening. Dixie wanted to storm across the room and give Liza a piece of her mind, but Gillian urged calm. She smiled broadly and told Dixie to order something expensive from the menu to make her feel better. Dixie advised Gillian to warn Ryan to steer clear of Liza because Liza was nothing but trouble.
Across the way, Ryan was surprised that Liza even had time for him especially since she was in charge of Chandler Enterprises for the time being. Liza put up her hand and told Ryan to "save [his] condolences" because she was more than capable of running WRCW and a corporation. Ryan immediately told Liza that she should then have no problem with what he had to say; he was resigning effectively immediately. Liza's face froze and she offered him double whatever his new place of employment was offering him. Ryan explained that he was leaving to start his own business. Liza then clued Ryan into the fact that she had had Adam institutionalized as part of a revenge scheme. Ryan was shocked, but managed a smile anyway. He mused that the townspeople would line up to through her a parade. Suddenly, Dixie appeared by the side of the table and immediately laid into Liza for upsetting Junior. Liza rolled her eyes and, rather insincerely, asked Dixie what was troubling her. Dixie explained that Junior was upset over Adam's institutionalization. Liza swore that she'd never meant to hurt Junior and offered to speak to him to help make him feel better. Dixie angrily snapped that she didn't want Liza anywhere near her son --- or Tad for that matter. Liza quickly noted that she hadn't forced Tad into helping her out. In fact, she'd warned Tad that his involvement in her scheme might strain his relationship with Dixie. Dixie didn't like the way that Liza was quick to shift the blame. Dixie issued Liza a warning to stay away from her family. From out of nowhere, David appeared between them and asked Dixie why she'd missed their appointment. David latched onto her arm and yanked her out of the room. Liza hurriedly accepted Ryan's resignation and headed on her way. Ryan, meanwhile, looked to Gillian and asked her if she'd like to join him. Gillian nodded, but their conversation that ensued was extremely frigid. Gillian wished Ryan well on his Internet venture. Ryan thanked her and said that he thought his idea would hit big because everyone has a dream or desire. No so of Gillian, she professed. Gillian claimed that she's never been happier and that she has all that she could ever want and need. Things only got worse. Greenlee sashayed into the dining area and walked over to the table. She asked the pair if they'd mind her joining them. Gillian rose to her feet and stormed away. Greenlee proceeded to rattle on endlessly about Ryan's web site, but Ryan paid her no mind. He stared off into the distance, thinking only of Gillian.

Upstairs, Dixie protested the way that David had unceremoniously pulled her out of the dining room. She knew that she hadn't missed a doctor's appointment. David nodded his head, saying that he wasn't about to see Dixie toss aside the time he'd invested in restoring her health just because Liza was pushing her buttons. David sat Dixie down and told her to envision a quieter time and place --- and to imagine a hungry bear chasing after Liza. Dixie calmed down, but she was still furious for the way that she was continually left to pick up the pieces. She thought of herself as a "dishrag," but David claimed that she more closely resembled a doormat. Dixie's face fell. David quickly said that he didn't think that way of Dixie at all. In fact, he just wanted her to see how foolish it sounded for her to be calling herself names. He praised the strength and tenacity she exhibits around her family. With a warm smile, David told Dixie that he was "honored" to know her.

Adam admitted that he was responsible for setting up Marian, but he quickly denied having any part in administering drugs to her. Adam shamefully admitted that he'd become jealous of Marian's relationship with his brother and that he feared losing Stuart to her. Adam pleaded with Stuart not to hate him, but Stuart was unusually quiet. Stuart asked Adam if he remembered the old birddog that they'd had growing p in Pigeon Hollow. The dog, according to both men's accounts, used to run off all the time. One day while trying to tie up the dog, the dog turned on Adam and bit him. Adam stormed off to the barn, "got the old twelve gauge" and shot the dog. "Why didn't you just shoot me?" Stuart asked tearfully. "Don't be silly," Adam replied, unable to make eye contact with his brother. Stuart argued that Adam's plot against Marian had "nothing to do with love" as he had claimed. Adam forced a nervous smile and reminded Stuart that he had always stood up for him because he never wanted to see him get hurt. "Don't you understand?" Stuart asked. "I'm not afraid of the world. The only bully who ever really scared me was you." The remark hit Adam like a load of bricks. Adam shook his head back and forth, desperately trying to shake loose the painful remarks Stuart had hurled at him. Again, he pleaded with Stuart not to hate him. "I could never hate my brother," sniffled Stuart. "But the fact is... I do hate you. I hate you! So I guess we can't be brothers any more." Stunned into silence, Adam could not respond. He stood motionless and silent as his brother requested that he never try to contact him again. If Adam were to see him on the street, Stuart asked that he think of him as a ghost... and continue on his way. "I need you in my life," Adam sobbed. "I love you!" Stuart turned and walked towards the door. Adam sank to his knees and called out to his brother, but his cries fell on deaf ears. Tears flowing freely down his cheeks, Stuart opened the door and walked away. Adam collapsed to the ground and said nothing more. Some time passed and Liza looked through the window into Adam's darkened room. The doctor told her that Adam hadn't moved since Stuart left. Liza peered through and found Adam curled up in a ball o his bed, his eyes glazed over with fresh tears.

Stuart walked along a darkened road, reflecting on the conversation he'd had with Adam. Stuart sat down on a guardrail and thought back to their days in Pigeon Hollow. He remembered how, on one particular occasion, Adam had fought off to bullies to get back some artwork that Stuart had drawn. Stuart had told his brother that he wanted to be more like him, but Adam urged his brother never to change for anyone. Back in the present, Stuart tearfully asked himself what he'd done. "I made you this way," he said to himself, referring to Adam. Intent on going back to the hospital and making things right with his brother, Stuart rose to his feet and started walking back down the road. Suddenly, a pair of headlights sped down the road. In the blink of an eye, the car collided with an unsuspecting Stuart. In his hospital room, Adam suddenly jumped out of bed and screamed his brother's name.

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Tuesday, April 18, 2000
by Dan J Kroll

A high-heeled shoe slammed on the brake of the car, but it came too late to avoid smashing into Stuart. Stuart rolled over the hood of the car, flying a great distance from the accident scene. His lifeless body tumbled down a sandy embankment, ultimately coming to a rest when Stuart's head crashed against a boulder. Up in the car, a woman shook her head back and forth trying to figure out what happened. The car door swung open slowly and Arlene stepped outside of the car. She looked at the damage to her car and determined that she must have hit a deer. Something by the side of the road caught her attention. As she bent over, she realized that the item was a shoe. Arlene called out, knowing that she hadn't struck an animal. Arlene put her hands to her head and told herself that she needed to go and get help.

David praised the way that Dixie defended her son. Dixie argued that she hadn't been defending Junior, but rather fending off another of Liza's attacks. Liza, she said, thinks that her "family's happiness is completely expendable." Dixie knew that she'd better be going, but she wanted to use the bathroom before making the drive home. While in the bathroom, a knock sounded in David's door. Erica, dressed to the nines, strolled into the hotel room. Inside, Dixie sighed deeply, knowing that she couldn't very well step out of the bathroom. Erica feigned surprise when David told her that he'd just gotten back to town. Erica widened her eyes and muttered that she hadn't even noticed that David was gone. David puckered his lips and told Erica that he'd come back to accompany her to the Teens Against Addiction event. Erica smiled broadly and told David that she'd already arranged for someone else to be on her arm. Erica said that she was sure David could find a "wallflower" at the event for company. Erica turned to walk away, but David barred her from leaving. He asked her to stop playing the games they'd been playing, though Erica claimed that she was doing no such thing. Another knock sounded on the door. Erica and David opened the door simultaneously. Outside, Paolo smiled back at them. David was shocked to see the man as was Erica. Paolo turned on the charm and told Erica that he'd been looking all over for her. Erica flashed a scowling glare at Paolo and told him to wait outside for her. Erica turned and looked like she wanted to explain things to David, but the doctor was no longer interested in anything she had to say. Erica stormed out after wishing David the best. Around the corner, Erica laid into her hired escort for his impromptu performance. She explained that Paolo was to do only what she asked of him and nothing else. Nevertheless, Erica expected Paolo to be on her arm at the fundraiser. Paolo smiled and reminded Erica that he needed some money to get a tuxedo. Back inside David's room, Dixie finally popped out of the bathroom. David asked her if she'd enjoyed the performance. Dixie denied that she'd stayed hidden to eavesdrop, explaining that she didn't want to further cause problems for David and Erica by walking out of the bathroom. David asked her why she'd think that anyone would get the wrong idea. She was, after all, a happily married woman. Dixie smiled nervously. Dixie promised that she'd take it easy and follow up with an office visit in the morning. Dixie quietly left the hotel suite and rounded the corner. As she did, she witnessed Erica handing over a wad of cash to Paolo.

Adam repeated his brother's name at the top of his lungs. He jumped out of bed and raced towards the door. There, he pounded on the door and pleaded to speak to Liza and his doctor. Adam pleaded with Stuart to help him find Stuart because he knew his brother was in terrible danger. Liza rolled her eyes and told Adam that she wasn't about to buy another of his lies. Adam informed Liza that he'd told Stuart everything about his involvement in with Paolo. Liza angrily asked Adam why he'd blabbed the truth to Stuart. Adam shook his head slightly and said that he hadn't been the one to tell Stuart about his role in the seduction plot --- it was Tad who'd spilled the beans. Liza refused to believe that Tad would do such a thing, but Adam insisted that he was telling the truth. He also told Liza that Stuart had told him that he hates him moments before disowning him as a brother. Adam deduced that Liza had asked Tad to tell Stuart the truth as part of her revenge scheme. What better way, Adam snarled, to get revenge on him then by taking away his heart... his brother. Liza vehemently denied that that was her plan and insisted that Stuart would be fine. Her serious expression, however, hinted that she might feel otherwise. Adam reached out and grabbed hold of Liza's arm. "Please get me out of here," he pleaded. Liza looked down and grimaced as she asked him to unhand her. The doctor and a guard returned to the room and Adam was pulled off of his wife. Adam continued to plead with Liza to get him out of the hospital so that he could find his brother. Liza looked on in concern, but said nothing. Instead, she turned and walked away.

Adrian showed some teenagers at the community center a new video game. Tina looked in with a smile and later, after the boys had left, praised Adrian's ability to relate to the kids. Adrian asked Tina if she'd like to accompany him to Enchantments fundraiser event. Tina gleefully accepted and stated that she couldn't wait to tell Grace the good news. Without going into much detail, Adrian hinted that he didn't think Grace was one of his biggest fans. Brooke made an appearance, dropping by to bring a new batch of books and videos. While she was away in China, the center had gotten a new volunteer, Reverend Freeman. While they were discussing events of the past few weeks, a loud noise sounded from the other room. The trio looked on in horror as a telephone pole toppled through the wall of the building. Adrian raced outside to see what had happened. Tina and Brooke, meanwhile, waited until things settled down before attempting to clean up. Adrian returned a few minutes later with a groggy Arlene. Arlene was barely coherent. Brooke immediately tore into the woman for driving drunk, although it had never been firmly established that she had been drinking and driving. For Brooke, this was a situation that hit painfully close to home; a drunk driver had killed her daughter, Laura Cudahy. Arlene tried to tell Brooke and the others that she needed help, but Brooke wasn't listening to what was being said. Instead, she and Arlene engaged in a shouting match. "I did it again," Arlene muttered before passing out. Adrian arranged for Arlene to spend the night in the shelter. Tina left the room to make sure that Arlene wasn't able to skip out during the night. Adrian tried to comfort Brooke, saying that Tad had told him about Laura. Brooke continued to shake, however she was unable to forget what Arlene had blurted out before passing out. What had she done again?

While Jamie was in the shower, Tad looked around the house for signs of Dixie. Tad couldn't shake loose the many voices haunting his mind. From Dixie's warning to stay away from Junior to Stuart's stunned reaction to learning that Adam had hired Paolo --- they were all there. A frantic Marian dropped by the house and asked Tad if he'd heard from Stuart. Tad swallowed hard and told Marian that Stuart had learned of Adam's institutionalization from Winfred. He also shamefully admitted that he'd told Stuart about Adam's connection to Paolo. Marian was furious with Tad and stated that the truth could kill Stuart. Tad thought that Marian was overdramatizing the situation, but Marian remained fearful. Tad told Marian that it was only a matter if time before Stuart learned the truth because a "secret this big" can't be contained forever. Marian understood that, but the truth wasn't supposed to come out now and especially not from Tad. Marian placed calls around town, but no one had seen Stuart. Junior returned home, but he wasn't at all pleased to see Tad. Tad tried to cheer up the boy by offering play video games with him. Junior glumly shrugged and continued walking across the room. He smiled broadly when he saw Marian and asked how his Uncle Stuart was doing. Junior finally turned to Tad and asked him why he'd stood by while his father was carted off to a "loony bin." Marian scolded Junior for using that term, but the boy explained that that's what everyone at school was saying. Tad listened to his son's remarks and couldn't help be see his obvious pain. He asked Junior to be strong while the doctors figured out what was wrong with his father and was pressured into promising that he would help do whatever was best for Adam. Junior left the room and Marian again blasted Tad for having hurt Stuart and Junior with his revenge plot. Distressed from her visit to Oak Haven, Liza appeared on Tad's doorstep. With a huff and puff, Liza asked Tad if there was something he wanted to tell her. She wasted no time in telling Tad of Stuart's visit to Oak Haven. She angrily told Tad that having Stuart visit Adam not part of the plan. Tad admitted that he'd showed the tape to Stuart, something that he'd previously left out when he talk to Marian. Both Colby women were furious with Tad and both blamed him for anything that might happen to Stuart. Tad continued to shift parts, if not all, of the blame, to Liza. He pointed out that it was Liza who'd originated the scheme to stick it to Adam in the first place. Tad wondered if Adam's concern was another of his scheme. Liza shook her head and said that Adam was too frantic to be faking. Marian tearfully asked her daughter what she'd do if anything happened to Stuart. "He's my life," she sobbed. Tad stood in the background dazed, confused, and guilt-ridden.

Adam continued to fuss and clamor for his freedom. Eventually, the guard plopped him down on the bed and tied him down with restraints. The doctor returned to the room and pulled out a syringe. Adam protested being drugged, but he was told that he was only being given a sedative. Within minutes Adam was out cold. Adam dreamt that a young Stuart appeared by his bedside begging him for help. Adam vowed to come to his rescue. "I'm coming Stuart," Adam said confidently. "I'll help you." On the beach, Stuart remained unconscious, a stream of blood trickling down his face.

Wednesday, April 19, 2000

Erica swooped into Paolo's room at the Valley Inn, gushing with her explicit orders on his behavior as her escort to the fundraiser. She babbled on, coaching him with precise instructions on how to behave. At that moment, the phone rang and Paolo heard an eager Vanessa suggest a tryst. Caught between Erica listening at this end and Vanessa pressing him at the other end, Paolo managed to brush Vanessa off to Erica as a business call. Erica again reminded him that he was working exclusively for her. Either do as she says, or "I'll blow the whistle on you," she warned him. Meanwhile, a somewhat disgruntled Vanessa made her way to Paolo's room. As Erica left Paolo she told him that after tonight he would never have to set eyes on him again. "Thank God," Paolo muttered. As Erica opened the door, she spotted Vanessa and quickly did an about-turn and launched into a passionate kiss with Paolo. When Vanessa saw that, she gasped in shock! Erica pretended to be surprised and told Vanessa, "All right, just tell David whatever you like about what you saw!" and flounced off. Vanessa was furious with Paolo and slapped his face in fury. Paolo went on to explain that he is working for Erica, and managed to pacify Vanessa with a few well-placed kisses and caresses.

Leo was playing a computer game when Becca entered Liza's office with some tapes. Leo was still angry at Becca for what he believed was her betrayal in telling Scott about his problems. Becca insisted she had done nothing wrong. 'You're the same as every other woman I've ever known - no, you're worse, you're a hypocrite!" he scowled at her. As they argued, Leo stormed off. As he opened the door to leave, Becca cried out, "I want to help you" and Scott appeared at that moment. "My father has disappeared," he told Becca. She immediately offered to help. "We will find him together," she promised him.

A dejected Tad returned home to find Dixie asleep on the couch. Dixie stirred, and asked if there was any news of Stuart. Tad told her he had been driving around all night looking for Stuart, unsuccessfully. Dixie tried to reassure Tad, who was blaming himself, that maybe it was premature to start worrying. Tad felt it was his fault that Stuart had disappeared. "If I hadn't shown him that tape, he'd be home with Marian," he said sadly. But Stuart would have found out some other way about Adam's scheme with Paolo, Dixie pointed out. But Tad still felt responsible. "What am I going to do if something's happened to Stuart?" Tad wondered, as Dixie hugged him close. Tad was surprised at how nice Dixie was being to him, after her rant at him. That's past and we need to move on, she told him. Then she asked Tad if he meant what he told Junior about trying to help Adam. Again, Tad chose his words carefully: "I said I would do what's best for Adam," he told Dixie. "But I will make things right." Then he wondered if anyone had seen Stuart after he left Oak Haven.

At the Gate House, Liza had just got off the phone to the police when Scott arrived to say he had been to the cabin and Stuart wasn't there. The police wouldn't file a missing persons report until 24 hours had elapsed, she told Scott. Marian hadn't slept all night and Liza had insisted she have a shower and then they'd discuss the plan for the day. The atmosphere was filled with anxiety as Marian emerged from her shower. Barely holding herself together, she was trying to convince herself that Stuart was all right. "Nothing has happened to Stuart," she insisted. When she heard that he wasn't even at the cabin, her last hope, she still stoutly maintained her faith in Stuart. Scott had the idea to make up flyers to be distributed around town and left to get the project started. The phone rang again - the head of security at Oak Haven reported that Stuart's car was still at Oak Haven. He never went back, Liza told Marian. "So wherever he is, he went there on foot," Liza concluded.

Meanwhile, on a deserted part of the beach, Stuart lay sprawled where he had landed after Arlene had run into him with her car. He lay still and unconscious, blood trickling from his mouth and an injury on his forehead.

At the shelter, where Arlene was still sleeping it off, Adrian tried to distract Hayley but she was filled with scorn and disgust for her mother. Arlene's actions - getting a car, getting drunk, and crashing were all designed to make her feel guilty, Hayley told Adrian. Janet arrived to see how Arlene was, and Hayley warned her to keep Arlene away from Amanda. Although Janet was concerned that Arlene had nowhere else to go, she was more worried about Amanda - especially when Amanda showed up at the shelter asking about her Aunt Arlene. Janet was shocked that Amanda had skipped school, but Amanda demanded to see Arlene and wanted to take her home to their house. Adrian offered to drive her back to school, and Janet assured her that Arlene would be OK. Hayley as horrified at the influence Arlene had over Amanda. Brooke told Janet that she felt there was something Arlene was trying to say last night, and regretted not letting Arlene have her say before she passed out. Brooke recounted to Adrian Arlene's past history, when she had been drunk and had hit Jack's car with an expectant Brooke in it. Brooke nearly lost Jamie in that accident. She started to think that there might be a pattern. "What if Arlene hit someone last night? What if she hit Stuart?" she speculated.

Tad and Dixie showed up at the shelter, and shortly after Arlene staggered into the room. Brooke tried to question her about what happened the night before, but Arlene didn't remember a thing. She tried to get Janet to allow her back into her home, but Janet refused. Brooke took command and told Arlene, "You're coming home with me, and you're not leaving until you remember everything!"

At the Gate House, Marian was still in denial and trying to keep up a brave front, head held high. Liza told her she'd contacted Dr. Joe Martin, and he'd alerted all the hospitals. Liza tried to start a "you should be prepared" speech to Marian, but Marian didn't want to hear it. "Stuart had faith in me with this Paolo business," she said tearfully. "And that's love. He believed in me, and I believe in him."

Liza, after making sure Marian would be all right on her own, headed to Oak Haven to talk to Adam. After she left, Marian let the tears flow, as her anxiety and concern for Stuart overwhelmed her.

Meanwhile her husband, as yet undiscovered, lay unmoving and unconscious on the deserted beach.

After his argument with Becca, Leo made his way to the Valley Inn, and his mother. As he opened the door he was shocked to see Paolo naked in bed with a woman hidden from view. Then he heard Paolo murmuring, "Oh, Vanessa!"

Thursday, April 20, 2000
by Dan J Kroll

Continuing their frolicking in bed, Vanessa and Paolo had no idea that they were being observed. For several moments Leo was unable to do anything. Finally, he summoned the strength to turn and leave the room. He quietly closed the door behind him, his hand covering his mouth as though he was going to retch. Inside, Vanessa thanked Paolo for making her feel special again, though she couldn't help but grumble about the kiss she'd witnessed between him and Erica. Paolo swore that his relationship with Erica was strictly business and offered to meet up with Vanessa for another rendezvous after the fundraiser. Paolo left the room to freshen up while Vanessa remained behind in bed. Under her breath, she warned Paolo that Erica had better only be a client. "I will never be second place to Erica Kane," she growled.

At WRCW, Ryan gathered his belongings and packed them into a box. One of his co-workers popped by briefly to bid him farewell --- and to ask him for a chance to get into his Internet venture. Greenlee breezed into the office a little while later to boast about the dress she'd bought for the Teens Against Addiction fundraiser. Ryan reminded Greenlee that they were going as business partners not as a couple. Greenlee sighed slightly, but said that she understood. Ryan continued on his way. As he left, Leo filed into the office toting two wine bottles. He swigged from one of the bottles and brushed off a warning from Greenlee that the editing department had been looking for him for several hours. Leo was more worried about getting out of town. He asked Greenlee for $30,000, but she again told him that she couldn't get her hands on that kind of money. So Leo downgraded her request, this time asking for a bus ticket to New York City. Greenlee urged Leo to "give Pine Valley a chance." She then chattered on endlessly about her plans for the fundraiser --- as well as her plans for Ryan after the party. Leo shook his head and helped himself to another mouthful of booze. He blasted Greenlee for her perpetually dirty mind and asked her when she thinks of anything other than sex. "You're just like her," Leo snarled. "You're a common tramp [and] no better than a whore!" Greenlee was stunned by Leo's comments and didn't know quite how to respond. She turned angrily towards Leo and ordered him never to talk her in that way again. Leo rolled his eyes and asked Greenlee if she really believed that Ryan would fall for her seduction scheme. In twenty years, he snapped, when Greenlee's looks started to fade, Ryan would dump her like garbage. Would she then try to buy another love, he wondered. Greenlee turned and walked away. On her way out of the office, she bumped into Becca. Greenlee threw her hands into the air and told Becca that "he" was all hers. Thinking that Greenlee was talking about Scott, Becca burst into the office. Upon seeing a drunken Leo, her face fell. Leo told Becca that he was leaving town. Becca offered to help Leo, but he turned down her offer. Feeling honest --- and more than a little tipsy --- Leo decided that it was time to Becca about the bet he'd made with Greenlee. Becca sat frozen in place as Leo explained that he was unable to go through with his plan to get her into bed. Curiously, Becca wasn't angry. Instead, she asked Leo why he wasn't able to go through with his plan. "I just couldn't do it," Leo replied softly. Becca appeared crushed that her friendship with Leo was nothing more than a lie. Although he swore that his need for math tutoring was legitimate, Leo felt like too much of a heel to stick around and finish the conversation. He left the room without so much as a goodbye. Tears filled Becca's eyes as she watched him walk away.

Erica spoke to a reporter about the fundraiser. As she was carrying on her business, David informed the maitre d' that his colleague and her guest (Alex and Edmund) would be unable to attend the soiree because they were out of the country. The reporter spotted David and quickly clamored for a photograph of Erica and her man of the moment. Knowing that they were problems between her and David, Erica tried to talk her way out of the photo-op. David, though, smoothly joined Erica and said that Erica was nervous about wasting time for a photograph when she could be planning for the arrival of her guests. Thinking ahead to possible questions that might arise later, David said that because of Erica's commitment to the anti-drug charity and raising money for the charity, they would be spending much of the evening apart. It was a great explanation for potential troubles. A few pictures were taken and the reporter and photographer went on their way. Erica thanked David for saving the day. David looked longingly into her eyes and asked her to "end this standoff." David asked if he could accompany Erica to the party, but Erica politely told him that she'd already made plans for Paolo to be her escort. David bit his lower lip and started to walk away. Erica quickly moved for damage control, saying that she couldn't change her plans even though she might want to. Erica said that she wouldn't mind sharing a dance with David later in the evening. David continued on his way and seconds later his mother, Vanessa, swooped down on Erica's position. "What a fine pickle you've gotten yourself into this time," Vanessa chuckled. Erica cocked her head to the side and asked Vanessa what she was talking about. Vanessa said that she knew all about Erica's romance with Paolo. In fact, she hinted that just about everyone in Europe had heard the tale of their liaison. Erica's face fell. Vanessa also warned Erica that Paolo had notoriously loose lips and that it'd be only a matter of time before everyone in Pine Valley knew that Erica had to pay a man to sleep with her. Erica stormed out of the room, leaving Vanessa behind to smile over her accomplishment.

Paolo was busy getting ready for the party when a call rang through on his phone. On the other end, presumably, was Rick, Paolo's dealer. Paolo swore that he'd have the money soon just as he'd promised. After hanging up the phone, Paolo reached into his desk drawer and pulled out a little baggie filled with white powder. Paolo took a deep breath and told himself that the powder would help him get ready for the evening. When Erica arrived at his door, Paolo was already starting to feel the effects of his drug use. "You're fired!" Erica screamed. She didn't let Paolo get a word in edgewise. She said that she'd heard all the juicy details of Paolo's indiscretions from Vanessa. Paolo begged Erica for a chance to explain himself, but Erica didn't want to hear anything that he had to say. She turned to leave, but Paolo grabbed her arm and prevented her from walking away. Erica pulled loose and warned the man never to touch her again. Paolo angrily snapped that no one ever fires him. He softened his stance slightly and asked for severance pay. Erica flatly refused to give Paolo any more money. She warned him that he still faced jail time because she had a tape of his fraudulent real estate scheme. Paolo asked Erica to give him the tape. She shook her head and said that she had the tape someplace safe. As she left the room, Erica ordered Paolo to stay away from the fundraiser and to never venture anywhere near her again.

Back downstairs, the fundraiser was just starting to get underway. The maitre d' offered Erica a glass of champagne, but she made it clear that she drinks only sparkling cider. The man left and returned moments later with a glass of cider. In the distance, Paolo lurked behind a corner. He waited until Erica had her back turned before sneaking into the room. He secretly dumped some of the drug that he'd used on Marian into Erica's drink. Greenlee and Ryan were one of the first couples to arrive, something that struck fear into Greenlee's heart. She asked Ryan if they could leave so that they could make a more fashionable entrance later. Ryan shook his head and walked into the party. Ryan immediately greeted Erica and they started talking about Ryan's new Internet company. Erica wished Ryan well and proposed a toast. Ryan and Greenlee grabbed two glasses of champagne and the three drank to their futures.

Liza traveled to Oak Haven and became disturbed when she saw a groggy Adam staring off into the distance. The attending doctor told her that they'd had to sedate Adam. Liza was furious because she'd never given any instructions for her husband to be drugged. The doctor added that he hadn't really thought that Adam needed to be committed until he saw his outburst the night before. Liza demanded to have some time alone with Adam. The doctor was cautious, but agreed to let Liza into the room. Liza helped Adam to his feet and walked him around the room to help wear off the effective of the sedative. Liza tried to ask Adam if he knew where Stuart might have gone. Adam looked at her blankly and repeated the word, "Stuart." Finally, Adam started to come around. Liza told Adam that he'd been right when he suspected that something was wrong with Stuart. Adam blamed Tad for Stuart's disappearance, but Liza quickly noted that Adam wasn't in a position to point the finger of blame. Liza took Adam by the arm and asked him to accompany her on her search for Stuart. They got as far as the doorway. The doctor appeared with his oversized henchman and told Adam that he wasn't going anywhere. Adam tried to fight his way free, but the guard grabbed him by the throat. The doctor explained that Adam had to remain a patient of the hospital until he finished his evaluation. Frankly speaking, the doctor had determined that Adam was a violent man who possible suffers from paranoia. Liza reminded him that she had power of attorney, but that legal right meant nothing now. Adam was furious that he was powerless to help his brother in his time of need. Liza promised Adam that she'd do everything in her power to get him out of the hospital. Adam was suddenly hit by another vibe, a psychic bond that all twins seem to share. "It's Stuart," he gasped. "He's gone."

On the beach, a man called out to Stuart, telling him to wake up. Stuart didn't budge. The man felt Stuart's pulse and immediately let his arm drop to the sand. "Dead!" he gasped. Seeing no need for Stuart to hang on to material things, the man promptly relieved Stuart of his watch, wallet, wedding ring, and jacket. The man bid Stuart farewell and headed on his way. Suddenly another voice called out. A woman said that she'd seen what had transpired and urged Stuart to wake up. The woman turned out to be one of Stuart's old friends, Esther Glynn. Esther immediately recognized Stuart and bent over his body to try to wake him up. When she saw the trickle of blood rolling down his face, Esther began to panic. She shook Stuart and pleaded with him to wake up. Esther recalled all of the good times she and Stuart had shared and vowed to help him. She scurried away, returning later with some water and a first aid kit. She tended to his wounds and tried to coax him back to consciousness. Stuart began to stir and opened his eyes slightly. Esther was overjoyed to see that her friend was going to be okay, but Stuart was hardly okay. He told her that he was tired and wanted to go back to sleep. Esther pleaded with him to remain awake, but Stuart was barely able to comply. He looked up at her and asked, "Who am I?"

Thursday, April 21, 2000
by Susan Richmond

Esther helped Stuart into her trailer and onto the bed, where he once again lapsed into unconsciousness. She cleaned up his wounds and then looked through the pictures she'd found near him on the sand. The first was of Marian and Stuart on their wedding day, then one of Scott, and finally one of Marian alone. Esther declared that Marian was too "brassy" and not Stuart's type at all. She recalled the time she had spent with Stuart and even pulled out a box of momentos, which included a wrapper from a candy bar that Stuart had once given to her. Even if you don't know who you are, I do, she told Stuart, and when you wake up I'll tell you. Suddenly there's a knock at the door of the trailer. Esther pulls the drape around the bed, hiding Stuart, before opening the door. It's Scott and Becca, looking for Stuart.

The rest of the evening's events all took place at the Valley Inn, where a fundraiser for "Teens Against Addiction" sponsored by Hayley and Erica was being held. In the dining room, Tad and Dixie cornered Derek and tried to convince him to expand the search for Stuart. He was sympathetic and had unofficially put the word out, but an official missing persons report can't be filed for several more hours. Until then, there's nothing more he can do, he told them and went to join the party. In the bar, Leo approached Palmer and asked him for a severance package of $30,000 from Cortlandt Electronics. Pointing out that there was no proof that Leo had ever done any work for the company, Palmer turned him down. Also in the bar, David walks in and sees someone who looks familiar. He follows him and finds out that it is Donald Steele, who tried to write Erica's "autobiography." Steele, who's doing roving assignment for the Exposer tells David that he had a tip that something would happen there tonight and he plans to be there to catch it on film. Hayley arrives and goes over to speak to Erica, who was feeling a bit woozy, but insisted that it was just low blood sugar from not having eaten lunch. Millicent Greenlee goes to the podium to start the event and introduces Erica. On the way over to the podium, Erica stumbles and falls flat on her face.

Opal and David help Erica to her feet as Donald Steele continues to snap pictures. Donald is asked to leave and he runs into Vanessa on the way out. He wonders if she was behind the tip he received. She denies it, but says that it doesn't mean that she can't enjoy what happened. Opal and Hayley bring Erica outside to the lobby for her to get some "fresh air." Hayley goes back into the dining room to make her speech and explains to the disbelieving crowd that low blood sugar is what made Erica stumble. As soon as Opal leaves Erica's side to get some coffee for her, Paolo appears and takes the tape out of Erica's purse. She tries to stop him, but is no match for him in her condition. He gets away, but realizing that he drugged her, Erica follows him, determined to make him pay for embarrassing her in public. Back in the dining room, Greenlee pushes Ryan to go speak to a gentleman who owns a luxury car dealership, she thinks Ryan can convince him to do a tie-in with the new website. Ryan agrees and heads off to schmooze. Greenlee's grandparents join her and Millicent comments that she hope Greenlee catches Ryan soon, the cost of backing his internet idea has been growing rather quickly. Her grandfather doesn't seem too concerned, though, and says that he's going to tell Ryan how much he should appreciate everything Greenlee's doing for him. He heads off to find Ryan and Greenlee, panicked, rushes after him.

Fortunately for her, she catches up with him before he can get to Ryan and makes him promise not to say a word. Later, Ryan comes back with the good news that he managed to close the deal with the owner of the car dealership. But as he's talking to her, Greenlee suddenly loses his attention. He's staring at Gillian standing in the doorway in a beautiful yellow dress. Leo approaches Greenlee and begs her one more time to help him and give him $30,000. Unsympathetic, she hands him five dollars and tells him to take the first bus out of town. Meanwhile, Dr. Hayward is pumping the hotel staff for information about Paolo. He gets one employee to tell him that Paolo has been a guest there before, under a different last name. He also learns that Paolo is very popular with the ladies, there are always different women coming and going from his room. Upstairs, Paolo is snorting coke and begging his drug dealer to give him 24 more hours to get the money. The dealer just hangs up on him. Erica pounds on the door and he lets her in. She yells at him for what he did and when she notices the cocaine on the table, threatens to call Derek. He tells her to go ahead, he'll have disposed of the evidence long before he gets up there. He threatens her in return, unless she comes up with some cash, he'll give Donald Steele an exclusive about Erica.

Opal, who had come looking for Erica, stood outside Paolo's door and heard him threaten that if Erica didn't come up with the cash, he would tell everyone she had started drinking again and had paid him to sleep with her. Erica was infuriated and threatened to kill him with her bare hands. Opal went to go find David to help, Erica left Paolo's room soon after and then Vanessa arrived. Vanessa saw Erica leaving and asked Paolo to tell her that he doesn't love Erica, that Vanessa is the only one he truly loves. Paolo just laughs at her and finally tells her the truth. He doesn't love Vanessa, he only loves what she can do for him. With a world of beautiful women out there, why else would he want someone like Vanessa. Vanessa is furious and tells him that he hates him. You're going to hate me more when I go to Palmer and tell him about our sexcapades, Paolo tells her. And he threatens to do just that unless she gives him money immediately.

Palmer joins Leo at the bar and asks if he's seen Vanessa. Leo doesn't know where Vanessa is, but cryptically implies to Palmer that Vanessa has a lover, although he doesn't come out and say who it is. As Leo leaves Palmer, David shows up and asks Leo if he's seen Erica. I didn't know it was my turn to watch her, he replies sarcastically. David is concerned when he notices Leo is drunk, but Leo says it's too late for brotherly concern, "our family is history." What do you mean by that David asks, and says that Leo looks like he lost his best friend. "How could you lose something you never had?", Leo replies before walking away. In the dining room, Gillian joins Tad and Dixie and explains that Joe and Ruth were called to the hospital and won't be able to make it. Scott and Becca arrive and report that the park rangers up at Willow Lake haven't seen Stuart, their next stop is the beach to see if Stuart went there.

To get Ryan's attention away from Gillian, Greenlee points out another prospective contact that Ryan should go talk to. Meanwhile, Opal has managed to track down David, who is questioning the bartender about Paolo. She says if he was really concerned about Erica he would be upstairs right now, she and Paolo are having a terrible argument. David gets Paolo's room number from Opal and races off. Opal says to herself she hopes it's not too little, too late. Upstairs, Vanessa gives Paolo her necklace as a down payment, then manages to drug his drink with the white powder in the little vial he carries. They toast "for old times sake" and Vanessa leaves. In the hall she says to herself, "sleep well lover, you're going to have rude awakening." After she leaves, David pounds on Paolo's door and then lets himself into the room.

Down in the dining room, Vanessa approaches Derek and tells him that she's been robbed. Paolo confronted her in the hall and stole her topaz and diamond necklace that was a present from Palmer. As they are leaving to go upstairs and confront Paolo, they run into Palmer, who insists on going with them. Greenlee jealously watches as Ryan looks longingly across the room at Gillian. Erica returns to the dining room and Opal asks her what happened upstairs. Erica doesn't reply. Derek, Vanessa and Palmer arrive at Paolo's room and find the door slightly open. Derek pushes open the door and finds Leo standing inside, and Paolo's body lying on the floor with blood on his forehead. "He's dead", says Leo.

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