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Monday, January 24, 2000

At the boarding house, Rae, Myrtle, Tad, and Dixie mulled over ideas for Tad's planned expose of black market baby adoptions. They all agreed that they needed a "shady lawyer" to help them get started. Rae smiled slightly and stated that she had a call in to a friend in Llanview with connections to a questionable attorney. That friend, John Sykes, was supposed to phone Rae any minute. When the phone rang, Rae's hopes hit new highs. She was disappointed when Myrtle answered the phone and heard a telemarketer in the other end. Jake returned with Colby a little while later --- but with everyone cooing over the baby Jake wondered if anyone realized that he was even there. Jake smiled broadly as he announced that Gillian was discussing wedding plans with Eugenia at about the same time Liza was signing off on her marriage to Adam. The discussion once again returned to the so-called "baby brokering" idea. Jake recalled that during his medical school days many young, pregnant women had been questioned about their plans for the babies. According the officials at the school, it was not uncommon for the women to give up their children for adoption. Jake had to dash back to the hospital, but he left Colby in Tad and Dixie's care. Rae finally received her phone call from John. From the smile on her face, she'd gotten everything she'd wanted. The shady lawyer, named Lyle Wedgewood, had been located. Oddly enough, he was already under scrutiny for his alleged ties to baby brokering. It seemed that Lyle somehow always managed to avoid prosecution. Rae mentioned that it might have something to do with his rumored mob ties. The mere mention of the mob made Tad question Dixie's involvement in the investigation. He told his wife that he'd prefer if they found someone else to take her place in the operation. Dixie refused to be pushed aside. She figured that if she'd be in danger, Tad could also be in danger --- and she wanted them to be there for each other. Against his better judgment, Tad agreed to keep Dixie on. Tad wondered why a woman would want to give up her child. Rae squirmed uncomfortably in her seat. She told Tad that there are "reasons [he] can't fathom." Rae decided that it was time to tell Tad and Dixie why she was so interested in the underground baby market. She explained that she'd gotten pregnant as a young woman and that her family did not take the news very well. Fortunately, though, she carried the baby to term and gave birth to a beautiful baby girl. "I can still see her face [and] hear her crying," Rae said softly, her eyes filling with tears. Rae fell asleep knowing that her baby would be safe under her family's careful watch. She was wrong... terribly wrong. When Rae awoke she was told that her daughter had died. Just last year, she learned that she'd been lied to all her life. "My family made a deal," Rae said coldly. "They sold her." Dixie reached our for Tad's hand and bit her lip to keep from crying. It was getting late and Tad and Dixie had to head home. Colby was left in Rae and Myrtle's care. Myrtle wrapped her arm around Rae and praised her for the courage it took for her to tell Tad and Dixie the truth.

Back at home, Dixie asked Tad if he was beginning to feel "too close" to the adoption investigation. Tad admitted that he'd been thinking about his trouble childhood, but he firmly stated that he was glad that Joe and Ruth had come into his life.

In her bad dash to get out of the examination room, Alex crashed into Edmund and fell to the ground. Edmund helped his sister-in-law to her feet and walked her over to a nearby sofa. "I was somewhere else," Alex said in fright. "I don't know what's happening to me." Edmund tried to calm Alex down, asking her to take a deep breath and tell him what happened. Alex related what had happened in Karen's room. She said that she saw David hunched over Karen and was suddenly transported to another place and time. There was a man --- and older man with gray hair --- telling her that she hadn't seen anything. Edmund asked Alex if the man in her "vision" was Geoffrey. Alex shrugged and said that she had no idea. David cracked the door slightly and pressed his ear against it in order to eavesdrop on the conversation. "I felt powerless," Alex stated. "Like a little girl." Before Edmund could explore the situation in greater detail, he received a phone call from Peggy alerting him to a nightmare that Maddie had had. Edmund excused himself and David strolled out to question Alex about her latest meltdown. David asked his colleague what he was doing to evoke such a negative reaction. Alex shook her head and calmly told David that she wasn't sure why she was being plagued by the unpleasant memories. David continued to press for details, but Alex said nothing. She asked David to stop bothering her, but David didn't give up. Edmund returned and ordered David to back off. David refused and he and Edmund nearly came to blows. Alex stepped between them and stated that she didn't want "a scene." She bowed her head and told Edmund that she wanted to go. David took great pleasure in Alex's pain. Alone, he chuckled to himself. "You're unraveling before out eyes," he smiled. "It's quite a sight." Later, Erica phoned from Switzerland to see how David was making out. David lied and told Erica that Alex had not suffered any more episodes. Jake wandered by a few minutes and David immediately asked the young doctor why he wasn't with Gillian. Jake didn't really want to talk to David, but he assured his colleague that Gillian knew that it wouldn't be easy being a doctor's wife. This was the first that David had heard of Jake and Gillian's plans to get married. He broke into laughter and wished them the best of luck. He mused that when they got married, they'd be able to share their secrets with one another. Jake cocked his head to one side and asked David what secrets he was talking about. "We all have secrets, Jake," David grinned. He again wished Jake well before heading on his way.

Alex and Edmund returned to the hunting lodge. Edmund offered his ear just in case Alex wanted to talk about what happened at the hospital. He wondered if during the hallucination Alex had seen herself as Karen. Alex shook her head and explained that she was a bystander in the vision. Edmund hesitated before asking, but he wondered if it was possible that Alex was a victim of abuse. Alex mulled over the possibility for a few moments before replying that all of her memories of her childhood were quite pleasant. She said that most women who are sexually abused carry those scars into their relationships. The topic of abuse brought back many painful memories for Edmund. He flashed back to one of the many beatings he'd received from his adoptive father, Alf Gresham. Alex noticed that Edmund had zoned out and asked him if was okay. Edmund bowed his head and told Alex that the hunting lodge still brought back some painful memories for him. He informed Alex that many of the beatings he'd received had taken place in the lodge. Alf, he said forcing a pained laugh, had used him as a "punching bag." Now Alex found herself in the position of having to comfort Edmund. Edmund told Alex that he hated his father --- but that he hated himself more for feeling that way about his dad. He admitted that he'd toyed with the idea of leveling the lodge, but that he realized that it was the memories and not the lodge that caused him pain. Alex smiled and told Edmund that Dimitri had once referred to him as a "formidable adversary." Now, she smiled, she was happy to say that she he was one of her friends.

"You deliberately locked me in here," Liza yelled. Adam didn't deny that he'd planned to hold her captive, but he said that it was the only way he could get her to listen to him. Liza raced for the phone, but she found the line had been cut. Adam tried to hide a smile as he explained that he'd taken all the necessary steps to make sure that they would be left alone; the vent he'd used for his escape had been sealed and the room's supply of food and drink had been replenished. Seeing that she had no alternative, Liza agreed to hear Adam out. Adam explained that he had been so afraid of losing Liza that he felt the need to take drastic measures. Having Jake in Colby's life scared Adam. "The Martins have always hated me," he grumbled. Colby, he said, was a way to make up for the child that they'd lost. "You can't create a replacement," Liza snapped. Adam quickly noted that he didn't want a replacement for the child that had died. He did, however, want to have a child with Liza because he knew that they were "destined to be together." Adam told Liza that he didn't see a need for them to divorce since they were both still in love. Divorce and the terms set therein, Liza snapped, were better than spending fifteen years in jail. Adam quickly retorted that he wouldn't be the only one doing jail time --- Marian, Tad, Dixie, Stuart and even her could end up behind bars for their roles in his forced imprisonment. Liza pursed her lips together and grumbled that Adam would never send Stuart to jail. Adam nodded his head, but made it known that he'd have no qualms with sending Marian to prison for a long, long time. "You wouldn't dare," Liza snarled. Adam asked Liza how she'd feel when Stuart spent his entire fortune fighting to keep Marian out of jail. Adam promised that he'd withdraw his threat if Liza did but one thing --- continue to live at Chandler Mansion. The request seemed odd, especially when Adam agreed to grant Liza a divorce. Liza told Adam that she wanted to be as far away from him as possible --- and living under the same roof wasn't going to accommodate that desire. Adam promise to respect the boundaries she set up, even if it meant that he couldn't go anywhere near her. Adam mused that Liza wouldn't have to go through the hassle of changing her address. Liza rolled her eyes and agreed to stick around the mansion. Adam wanted to seal the deal with a handshake, but Liza remarked that she'd like to keep her hand --- just in case she needed to bop him over the head. The room grew colder because the heating vent had been sealed. Liza stepped into the bathroom to get some extra blankets. While she was gone, Winifred somehow stumbled into the secret passage. She offered to help free Adam, but Adam insisted that he was fine. He concocted a tale about testing an automatic opening system. Winifred continued on her way, but Liza had overheard Adam talking to someone. She bought his claim that he was talking to a video monitor. During dinner, which Adam had thoughtfully had stashed in the secret room, Liza came across a journal that Adam had kept during his time in the room. She became uneasy when she read entries in which Adam talked about how much he loved her and his daughter. Liza, shivering, said that she wanted to go to bed --- and said that she'd take the top bunk. It was still far too cold in the room. Adam told Liza that she was foolish to remain alone in the top bunk. Saying that they had "body heat to burn," Adam convinced Liza to join him in the lower bunk. Liza grumbled and complained the whole time, but she did agree to cuddle up with Adam. Adam smiled euphorically even though Liza warned him that she'd clobber him if he tried anything funny. "Goodnight, Liza," Adam chirped. "Yeah, fine," Liza grumbled as the rolled over with a frown planted on her face.