AMC Recaps: The week of November 1, 1999 on All My Children
Adam confessed that he had switched the sperm samples. Tad learned that his show had been canceled and that Hayley was getting her own show. Gillian and Ryan were involved in a terrible car accident. A shadowy figure returned Amanda's lost costume and old necklace.
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Monday, November 1, 1999

"How can that be?" Gillian asked in disbelief. David explained that Adam had purchased the clinic where Liza had been artificially inseminated. He also told of Adam's "classic switcheroo" with the sperm samples. Gillian's jaw dropped. She looked back and forth between Adam and David. David smiled as he told Gillian that he could only imagine how Liza and Jake would react when they learned the truth. Adam looked deeply into Gillian's eyes and tried his best to convince her that David was lying. He reminded her that David had treated her so cruelly. Gillian, however, soon realized that David was telling the truth. "I can see it in your face and in your eyes," she said softly. Again, Adam implored Gillian to disregard everything that David had said. He referred to the doctor as a "psychopath" who would say anything he had to in order to make Jake's life miserable. Gillian took another glance at both men---David, who was smiling from ear to ear, and a frowning Adam. She walked backwards slowly, nearly tripping over a chair. "I have to warn him," she panted. Gillian raced out of the room. "That was a lot more fun that I thought it would be," David chuckled to himself. Adam warned David that his plan would backfire. He insisted that Liza loved him too much to let the news destroy their relationship. David, though, disagreed. He was certain that Adam and Liza's marriage was about to come to an explosive finale.

Ryan sat at a table at BJ's waiting for Hayley. Greenlee and Scott dropped by on their way to a costume party and joined Ryan at his table. Greenlee, who was dressed up as a cat, groused that neither Scott nor Ryan had donned a costume. Thankfully, Greenlee had a "Phantom of the Opera" mask lying about the house for Scott. Becca and a gaggle of kids entered the restaurant hoping to warm up on some hot chocolate. Greenlee rolled her eyes when she saw Becca's Marilyn Monroe costume. She mused that a more suitable costume would have been "Queen Elizabeth----The Virgin Queen." The waiter was prepared to bring seven mugs of hot chocolate, but Becca quickly corrected his count; she'd need ten. Becca turned around and took a head count. In an instant she realized that she was missing three trick-or-treaters: Junior, Jamie, and Amanda. Becca started to panic. Scott raced to her side and pledged to help her find the missing kids. Greenlee had excused herself to make a call, so when Scott and Becca went off together she wasn't around. Greenlee eventually returned and Ryan told her that Scott and Becca had gone off together. In a questionable judgment call, he left out the part about the missing kids. Greenlee was furious that Scott had once again stood her up. She asked Ryan to go to the costume party with her, but Ryan declined. A few seconds later, Gillian stumbled into the restaurant. She asked Ryan if he'd seen Jake. Ryan shook his head and Gillian's panic rose to another level. She scrambled out of the club with Ryan chasing after her.

Jamie and Junior arrived by Amanda's side and asked her why she was screaming. Amanda told the boys that she'd just come face-to-face with a witch. Junior thought that Amanda was simply being "a wimp." Jamie, on the other hand, believed the girl's story. Jamie wondered if it was possible that the witch had been the one who'd left the bottle cap trail for Junior. Before they could put too much thought into it, an eerie cackle echoed through the woods. In the blink of an eye, the youngsters turned and ran away. As they did, a figure cloaked in a black outfit slowly followed after them.

Hayley hadn't expected to see Mateo at the boathouse. Mateo explained that he'd dropped by Trevor and Janet's house to see her, but that Hayley was on her way out when he got there. Hayley wasn't amused that Mateo had followed her, but she didn't make too big a deal out of it. "I have a lot to say to you," Mateo said softly. Hayley didn't want to talk about their relationship troubles, but Mateo felt that the time was right. He told Hayley that he'd given her everything that she wanted---he'd gotten rid of Raquel and sold her condo in order to raise money to buy Hayley out at the club. While Mateo had stepped back and agreed to give Hayley some space, Ryan had seized the opportunity to move in. "He's my friend," Hayley countered. Mateo felt otherwise. He blasted Ryan as a man waiting to take advantage of Hayley's generous nature. The comments irked Hayley as she felt as though Mateo was once again trying to tell her what to do. Hayley apologized for sending Mateo "mixed signals" and confessed that she "cares about [him] so much." Hayley wanted to leave, but Mateo wasn't through talking. He lashed out at Hayley for sleeping with Ryan. Hayley told Mateo that she knew how he was feeling. At no time did she tell Mateo that she and Ryan had not slept together. Finally Hayley tired of the conversation and readied to leave. As she was walking away, the kids scurried out of the woods screaming. Amanda told Hayley that they'd seen a witch. Hayley doubted that anything supernatural lurked in the woods. This was Halloween after all and there were oodles of witches milling about town. Hayley scolded the three kids for ditching Becca. She singled out Junior for running away for the second time in a month. Mateo offered to accompany Hayley and the kids, but Hayley told him that she didn't want him to go with her. "You don't?" Amanda asked in surprise. "No," Hayley responded. "I don't." Mateo sat alone unaware that he was being watched from the nearby shrubs. He heard a noise---and perhaps felt that someone was watching him---and walked into the woods to investigate. Becca and Scott, meanwhile, dropped by the boathouse to see if they could find Amanda's costume. They'd learned that the kids were safely back at home. Scott wanted to talk to Becca about their failed relationship, but Becca wasn't ready to discuss her pain. Someday, she said, they might be able to be friends again. "Right now," she said with a sigh, "it hurts too much." They headed into the woods to check for the costume. Mateo exited the woods and headed back to a bench by the waterside. He looked up and saw Hayley walking towards him. "Something horrible's happened to Ryan," she sobbed. "He's gone." Mateo took Hayley in his arms and comforted her. The hooting of a nearby owl roused Mateo from his daydream. Nevertheless, the thought of Ryan's untimely demise brought a smile to Mateo's face.

At Chandler Mansion, Liza told Jake of Adam's stunt at the stem cell laboratory. Jake was outrage. He threatened to bring charges against Adam, but Liza talked him out of it. She said that sending Adam to jail would not accomplish anything. Instead, she announced that she would sit Adam down and once again lay down the rules. Liza assured Jake that Adam loved Colby and that he'd never hurt her. "She is not his daughter," Jake snapped. "She will never be his daughter." Jake packed up some of Colby's things. About the time that he was finished, Adam returned to the mansion. Jake wished Liza luck and headed on her way.

At BJ's, David waited for a takeout order. As he did, he noticed that Jake had entered the restaurant and sat down at a nearby table. The doctor strolled over to see how Jake and Colby were doing. It was evident by Jake's demeanor that he hadn't spoken to Gillian. Jake tried to get rid of David by informing him that Gillian would be joining him any minute. That was all David needed to hear. He smiled and headed on his way. Hayley entered a little while later and joined Jake at his table. Both Jake and Hayley knew that they were running late for their meetings with Gillian and Ryan, respectively. If they were late, that meant that their dates were running even later.

With Ryan in the passenger's seat, Gillian sped down a dark road by the water. Ryan tried to find out why Gillian was so frantic, but Gillian wouldn't part with any details. Ryan tried to convince Gillian to pull over and let him drive, but Gillian refused. Suddenly a dark figure appeared in the middle of the road and Gillian was forced to swerve to prevent a collision. The screech of rubber filled the air.

Adam wanted to know what Jake had said to Liza. "I know the truth, Adam," Liza said coldly. "How could you?" Adam shook his head and told Liza that he'd only done what he done out of love. Liza groaned slightly and told Adam that she was tired of him using love as an excuse for all of his misdoings. "You broke into a lab and switched sample," Liza snapped. Adam insisted that he'd wanted to tell Liza the truth. He claimed that he was afraid to tell the truth because she'd been constantly touting his miraculous reformation. The idea that Adam was blaming her for his trickery was a bit too much for Liza to handle. She blasted Adam for interfering in people's lives. Adam, however, felt he had "every right" to interfere. "Look at what it's created for us," Adam smiled. Liza crinkled her brow and told Adam that she had no idea what he was talking about. "Colby!" Adam chirped. "She's ours---yours and mine. You asked for it. Colby is our daughter!"

Tuesday, November 2, 1999

"What did you say?", Liza asks Adam, shocked. Adam tries to back-track, but it's too late, Liza has realized the truth. She was only accusing him of switching Colby's stem cells, but Adam didn't realize that and blurted out the truth that Colby is his daughter, not Jake's. Liza is very quiet, almost too quiet, as Adam explains why he did it, because he loves her and he wanted them to have a perfect life together. He knew that they would find their way back to each other and when they did, he didn't want her to be carrying another man's baby. I did what was best for us, he claims, and asks for her forgiveness. But what about everyone else, Liza asks, starting to show a bit of anger, what about Jake and Ruth and Joe, don't you think this will hurt them terribly? Adam doesn't really seem to care, suggesting that Jake can now go off and start a family of his own, as if Jake won't be devastated to learn the truth. This hurts Liza even more and when he tries to claim again he did it because he loves her, she tells him it's a lie, he did it for himself. He wants a child to mold in his own image, to be his piece of immortality. He did it before with Dixie when Brooke couldn't have a child, and he's doing the same thing now, Liza accuses. Adam denies it, unable to see that he's done anything, he did everything out of love. You don't love me, Liza tells him, what you did to me was rape. Adam is shocked speechless by her accusation.

At B.J.'s, Hayley is sitting with Jake and Colby and anxiously waiting for Ryan to arrive. She doesn't understand why he hasn't called or left a message. She's also worried because Mateo is out there somewhere in a really bad mood and hopes he doesn't run into Ryan. She and Jake finally decide that Gillian and Ryan are not going to show up and both of them go over to Tad and Dixie's house where the whole family is gathering.

Still at the boathouse, Mateo picks up a pumpkin in a fit of rage and hurls it, almost hitting Adrian, who has just arrived. Mateo tells Adrian the whole story about Ryan and Hayley at the Dillon house and how angry he is at Ryan for manipulating Hayley. Adrian suggests that even though Mateo loves her, maybe he isn't what she needs right now, in the same way that he didn't love Belinda in the way she needed to be loved right now. Mateo's not convinced and wishes Ryan were out of their lives for good.

In a replay of yesterday's scene, Gillian is driving way too fast and Ryan is begging her to slow down. Suddenly, a figure in black appears in front of the car and Gillian slams on the brakes and swerves to avoid it. When we next see the car, a telephone pole is leaning on top of the car and sparking wires are everywhere. Gillian has been thrown from the car, but Ryan is still trapped inside. The figure in black looks at the scene, then disappears without trying to help. Gasoline drips from the car as sparks continue to fly. Ryan comes to and calls out for Gillian. He reaches out his hand, but can't feel her, and soon passes out again.

At Tad and Dixie's, Opal is dressed up as a fortune teller and is entertaining Junior, Jaime, Amanda and Petey. Junior asks her if she believes there are things in the woods and she tells him there isn't anything there except fuzzy woodland creatures. Junior slips and mentions being in the woods that night, which the adults pick up on right away and ask what they were doing there. They are forced to explain that they were out in the woods looking for the bottle cap man and Amanda mentions that she saw a witch. Janet looks a little strange while they're talking about this, but assures Amanda that she must have seen another trick-or-treater, there are no such things as witches. Amanda's not convinced and is worried the witch is waiting outside for them. Opal thinks Junior is so worried because of his dream about Ray Gardner, and assures him that Ray is dead and buried and can never hurt him. Tad quietly comments to Dixie that the only one that hurts Junior is Adam. Adrian arrives at the party, followed closely by Hayley, Jake and Colby. Hayley still has a bad feeling about Ryan, which only gets worse when Adrian mentions what a state Mateo was in when he saw him at the boathouse. Amanda and Janet leave, with Amanda looking around nervously for the witch. As soon as they are gone, the figure in black appears on Tad and Dixie's porch and heads off after Janet and Amanda.

Mateo pulls up at the scene of the accident. He first sees Gillian lying on the road and because of all the spilled fuel and sparks, pulls her further away from the car. He then looks in the car to see if anyone else is in there and spies Ryan. In his mind, he remembers the conversation he just had with Adrian about how much better his life would be without Ryan in it. As Mateo ponders the situation, Ryan wakes up and stretches his hand out toward Mateo, asking him for help.

Wednesday, November 3, 1999

Liza confronted Adam about the sperm switch. "Rape?" asks Adam in disbelief. "What would you call what you did to me," Liza accused him. "You exerted power over me. Liza said she was his victim. He spent millions on a sperm clinic juts for a five-minute switch? She angrily asked him. Adam tried again to convince her that what he did was proof of his love for her. Liza denied his act was an act of love, and was an insult to the child they lost. Adam called Colby a gift, not a replacement. Liza said she now sees why Adam has accepted Colby into his life. She shrugged off his touch. Adam reminded her of the wonderful life they have, and how much simpler it will be without Jake. He asked her how many times she has wished Colby were his. "In hindsight, never," Liza replied to a shocked Adam. Denying the truth of that, "The wish has come true," Adam said. "I am Colby's only father." "I wish that anyone were Colby's father but you," Liza told him, her face in torment. Her words struck Adam deeply and the pain and shock showed on his face. "You don't mean that," he pleaded. "Yes, I do. You are ruthless and manipulative and cruel." In tears, she turned away from him. Adam claimed he understood how she felt, but Liza angrily rounded on him accusing him of understanding nothing. "All I know is that I have to get Colby the hell away from you as soon as I can," she said through her tears of fury and disappointment. Adam tried to remind Liza of how things were before Jake entered their lives and demanded his paternal rights. Liza said she was willing to let Adam raise Colby , because she never knew happiness as a child and her only experience of happiness was when she fell in love with Adam. Adam said there's hope for them then. But Liza denied it - she was happy for the Martins to give Colby their family values, now Colby has just Adam for a father. How long would it have been before he had told Colby, she angrily asked him? The phone rang, and Jake told Liza he had left Colby at Tad and Dixie's and will pick her up later. Liza told him she needs more time, and when Jake asked about her confronting Adam, she told him she will talk to him later. She out down the phone and she and Adam locked glances. "Liza, " he pleaded, "Don't condemn me, give us a chance to work through this." I'm not promising you anything," she told him. "I need some time to think." She quietly told him she will sleep in the bedroom, he can find somewhere else. "I can stay?" Adam asked gently. She nodded, "Keep your distance." She looked as him, "I would have fallen in love with you, baby or no baby. _I never stopped loving you. If only you'd had faith. Adam, if only .... " The word trailed off and sadly she turned and walked upstairs, leaving a stunned Adam.

At Wildwind, David arrived to plead his case with Edmund for the post of head of the Andrassy Foundation. He said he has the qualifications, but that Alex had shot him down. David reminded Edmund of how he has helped him on numerous occasions, "You owe me!" David claimed angrily. Edmund told him Alex wouldn't be influenced by his recommendation. He questioned why David couldn't just let it go. "Because Alex would win," David replied bitterly. Edmund figured out that Alex and David knew each other before Pine Valley. "Our paths crossed, we were both interns in London," David explained. He accused Alex of refusing to forgive or forget, and explained that he dated a roommate of Alex's and "it ended badly", and now Alex blames him and won't forget it. David pushed Edmund for his help, and just as Edmund said he would think about it, Alex arrived and announced she had no intention of changing her mind. Edmund asked her why and she replied that David knew her reasons. Edmund mentioned the "falling out" they had, but Alex told him the man was responsible for her best friend's death. As they argued, Edmund learned that David got Alex's friend, Siobhan, pregnant and she died of a drug overdose. David disclaims any responsibility in the matter, saying she was a manic-depressive and he wasn't to blame for her death. The angry exchange is interrupted when Edmund got a phone call - Gillian had been in a car accident and was in the hospital. He rushed out, followed by David and Alex.

At Trevor's house, Hayley was silently waiting in the dark for news from Ryan when Trevor, Janet and Amanda return. As Janet took Amanda to bed, Hayley told Trevor of her fears for Ryan, in light of Mateo's feelings of rejection. She confessed to Trevor that she had allowed Mateo to believe that she and Ryan are sleeping together. Hayley made calls to everyone she could think of, no trace of Ryan. She told Trevor she had a bad feeling that Mateo may have found Ryan. Trevor called his former cop colleagues and asked them to watch out for Mateo's car. Janet was worried about how scared Amanda had been by what she said she saw in the woods. A sudden scream from Amanda's room sent them flying upstairs. Amanda allowed herself to be calmed down, but said that the witch isn't scared of the light, and told them about her dream - the witch grabbed her in the woods and threw her down the well. Outside the house, a shadowy figure was watching through the window. The phone rang- it was Axel, he had heard that Ryan has been brought in to the hospital. Hayley went flying out of the house. Trevor and Janet reassure Amanda that the witch isn't real. As they ascended the stairs, a shadowy figure lingers outside, then leaves a witch's hat and cape on the doorstep.

At the accident scene, Mateo fought his feelings as he watched the burning cables flash and crackle, nearer and nearer to the gas tank of the car that Ryan was trapped in. He thought back to the scene at Trevor's and thought, "It would be so easy, no witnesses, I could just walk away and Hayley would come back to me." Ryan stirred and called for help. Mateo backed away, as Ryan pleaded to him ... "Mateo, come back!" Mateo told him, "Hold on, I'll be back." Mateo returned later and with the help of a long branch, managed to hook the cables off the car, one by one, as they crackled and sparked. Gillian, meanwhile, still lay unconscious in the roadway where Mateo had dragged her. Mateo grabbed Ryan and hauled him out of the car, seconds before the sparking electricity cables reached the gas tank leak. The explosion threw them both off the ground. Sirens sounded and Mateo explained the situation to the EMTs.

Jake was called to an unusual emergency at the hospital. There he found Axel trapped with a large silver trophy jammed on his head. Axel had been emcee at a beauty contest, and the loser (a biker chick with five o'clock shadow!) had decided to crown the judge. Jake calmed Axel down with his promise of help, and called for a pound of butter, some Vaseline and a spatula. After the trophy was removed, Alex watched as Ryan was rushed in by the EMTs, unconscious. Mateo slowly followed, then Gillian was wheeled in, also unconscious. Jake barked orders to get Gillian prepared for surgery. As Jake jolted her heart back into life, Edmund, David and Alex arrived. Jake told David to stay away but allowed Alex into the ER to observe.

Hayley came running in, looking for Ryan. She saw Mateo and rushed up to him, "What have you done!" she cried at him. She ran into Ryan's room and the nurse explained that he had a concussion and a collapsed lung, and had been in car accident. Hayley whispered, "I thought he was in a fight," and realizing her mistake, she went out to look for Mateo. Too late, the hallway was empty.

Thursday, November 4, 1999

The sun rose on a new day in Pine Valley, but little had changed from the night before. Hayley spent the night at Pine Valley Hospital hoping that Ryan's condition would change. Trevor dropped by to check in on Ryan and became concerned when he learned that Hayley hadn't gotten any sleep. Hayley wondered how Ryan and Gillian had been injured. According to the police, Trevor stated, it appeared that Gillian had swerved to avoid hitting something. Hayley cast a glance into Ryan's room and sighed deeply. She told her uncle that she'd made a terrible mistake and accused Mateo of attacking Ryan. Trevor assured her that she'd have a chance to apologize to him. In the meantime, he said, she needed to get some rest before she "slipped." Hayley agreed that attending an AA meeting would be the best thing for her, but she didn't want to leave Ryan. Trevor pulled one of the nurses aside and asked that Hayley be allowed to sit with Ryan. The nurse agreed and Hayley quietly filed into the hospital room. She sat beside Ryan and tried to will him back to consciousness. As she gently brushed his cheek, Ryan's eyes began to flutter. He looked around the room and tried to ask Hayley what had happened. Ryan was unable to utter more than a grunt. Hayley quickly silenced him and told him that he'd been in a car accident. Hayley wanted to find a nurse or doctor and advise them of the change in Ryan's condition, but before she could leave Ryan's eyes once again fell shut.

At WRCW, Greenlee asked to speak to Scott in private. As the pair was about to leave, Tad raced over and ordered them to man their stations. In an attempt to win favor with "Duffy" Duffield, Tad had arranged for Erica to appear on The Cutting Edge. Tad instructed Greenlee to cater to Erica's every whim and treat her "like the Queen of England." As Erica arrived at the station, Tad was about to realize that things were not going to go smoothly. Eli, pone of the stagehands, informed Tad that there were cutbacks at the station. This meant that the usual goodie table had been replaced by a box of donuts and orange drink. Tad handed his corporate credit card to Scott and ordered him to head to a nearby bakery and pick up something more appealing. Tad sat down with Erica and briefly discussed the format for the interview. Erica told Tad that she wanted to tout her new cosmetics line and Enchantment's partnership with The Glamorama. Erica looked around and realized that the tea she's requested was nowhere in sight. A look of concern flashed on Tad's face and he quickly excused himself. Eli once again told Tad that the budget cutbacks had prevented them from fulfilling Erica's requests. Tad pleaded with Eli to do whatever he could to get Erica what she needed. He wanted the man that they'd all be facing pink slips if the show didn't go off without a hitch. People raced back and forth around the studio, frantically trying to get ready for the show. Erica commented that the station looked like a ghost town. Tad smiled nervously and said that some people had been let go. Tad asked Erica if they could shift the focus of their interview from the cosmetics to her personal struggled following the accident. Erica reluctantly agreed. She mulled the idea for several moments before announcing that she'd like her plastic surgeon to appear on the show. Tad cocked his head to one side and reminded Erica that they were about to go live---and the surgeon was still somewhere in Brazil. Greenlee appeared out of nowhere a few seconds later toting a basket of Erica's favorite tea. In private, she told Tad that she'd gotten the tea from her grandmother. Tad kissed Greenlee on the cheek and thanked her for coming to his rescue. Scott returned from his trip to the bakery with more bad news: Tad's credit card had been canceled. Through the entire ordeal, Liza was nowhere to be found. Tad asked Scott to dial every number in Liza's phone book until he tracked her down. Scott nodded in agreement and dashed off to Liza's office. He placed several calls, all of which came up empty. Greenlee followed Scott to the office and blasted him for "dumping" her at BJ's. Scott explained that he had to help Becca with an emergency. Greenlee didn't see the need for Scott to have gotten involved in Becca's predicament. Suddenly, the phone rang. Scott had hoped that Liza was calling in, but that was not the case. Instead, Becca was on the other end with the sad news of Ryan and Gillian's accident.

Janet opened the front door to pick up the morning paper. Outside on the porch, she found Amanda's witch costume tucked neatly in a corner. A chill ran up her spine when she found a necklace amongst the pieces of clothing. Amanda wandered down the steps and asked her mother what she was doing. Upon seeing the costume, Amanda had numerous questions. Who'd returned the costume? How did they know where to find her? Janet and Amanda returned inside, where Janet scolded her daughter for borrowing her jewelry without permission. Amanda looked at the necklace and stated that she'd never seen it before. Janet's voice cracked slightly as she told Amanda that she usually keeps the necklace at the very bottom of her jewelry box. Amanda called the situation "spooky," but she the school bus pulled up in front of the house before they could discuss the mysterious events in further detail. After Amanda was gone, Janet ran upstairs and retrieved her jewelry box. Oddly, the necklace that Janet thought was missing turned up just where she'd left it. The two nearly identical necklaces laid side-by-side on the coffeetable until Janet heard Trevor approaching. She quickly packed everything away. Trevor entered the house and gave Janet an update on Ryan and Gillian's conditions. Janet shook her head and stated that Ryan and Gillian had already been through so much and didn't deserve any more grief. Trevor nodded, but said that trouble always seems to pop up when one least expects it. Janet's face turned a ghostly shade of white as her husband kissed her cheek.

Back at the hospital, Brooke sat down with Edmund and tried to convince him that Gillian would pull through. David listened from a few feet away as the pair wondered how the accident had occurred. David flashed back to the bombshell he'd dropped on Gillian just prior to the crash. In the back of his mind, he realized that he may have been indirectly responsible for the accident. Alexandra exited Gillian's room and gave Edmund an update. Gillian had suffered serious internal injuries, but those appeared to be under control. She had also suffered a head injury when she was thrown from the car. Right now, the most serious of problem facing the princess was the amount of blood she'd lost. David stepped forward and began discussing medical terminology with Alex. Alex flashed him an icy glance and noted that he had not been given permission to consult on Gillian's case. Brooke offered to bring Eugenia to the hospital, but Edmund told her that he hadn't told the duchess about Gillian's accident. "How many more do I lose?" Edmund asked himself.
Scott arrived at the hospital and Becca briefed him on what she knew. They both pressed their heads to the glass to look into Ryan's room. Becca became uncomfortable and pulled away. Scott wanted to talk to Becca about their strained relationship, but Becca was not willing to talk to him. She bowed her head and walked away.
With David following right behind her, Alex returned to give Edmund another update. She explained that she'd been in touch with a friend---a cardiologist---from Montreal. She expressed her desire to have her friend care for Gillian. David stepped forward and voiced his opposition. He insisted that Gillian's condition was too critical to wait for a doctor to fly in from Canada. Edmund offered the use of his private jet and Alex headed on her way to make the arrangements with the other doctor. Now alone with Edmund, David pleaded his case. David felt that Gillian required surgery immediately. Alexandra, on the other hand, had argued that more surgery would do more harm than good. Edmund listened to David, but made no indication that he'd second-guess Alex's decision. David urged Edmund to sign a consent form giving him permission to treat Gillian. Alexandra suddenly appeared a few feet away with a scowling look on her face. "I don't think so," she growled.

Back at the television station, Tad was forced to tell Erica that she'd have to do her own hair and makeup because the station's crew had been let go. Erica found it all quite odd, but she was a good sport and agreed. The lights above the stage had not been adjusted for filming and Tad had to scurry off to have everything put in place. He returned to the stage and everything was ready to roll. Until, that is, Leslie Coulson strolled into the studio. Greenlee walked over the attorney and informed her that they did not allow visitors on the closed set. Leslie didn't budge. Tad wandered over and told Leslie that being Duffy's attorney did not mean that she could crash the taping. Besides, Liza was still the majority owner of the station. Leslie smiled broadly and told Tad that he was mistaken. "Liza Chandler no longer owns this station," she sneered. "And another thing---The Cutting Edge is canceled effective immediately."

Friday, November 5, 1999

Today's recap was provided by Susan Richmond

Hayley sits by Ryan's hospital bed as he slowly begins to remember what happened. He remembers Gillian driving way too fast, and then the crash itself. He asks Hayley how Gillian is, but she avoids the question, saying only that Gillian is in the hospital, too. Ryan then mentions Mateo's name, and Hayley asks if Mateo was there at the accident. Mateo was there and I called out for him to help, Ryan remembers, but he just walked away. Hayley is horrified to hear this and heads over to SOS to confront Mateo.

Adrian found Mateo in the office at SOS and Mateo told him about everything that happened at the accident. Mateo is troubled that he hesitated to help Ryan, what kind of person does that make me, he asks. But you did help him in the end, Adrian points out, that's what is important. Mateo agrees with him, but doesn't seem quite convinced. Later, after Adrian has left, Hayley confronts Mateo, telling him she knows he was at the scene of the accident.

Back at the hospital, David and Alex are still arguing about the correct treatment for Gillian. Alex thinks it would be best to wait a few hours and give the medicine a chance to work. David is totally against the idea, saying that the longer they wait, the weaker Gillian's heart will get and less chance that she will survive. They continue arguing back and forth until Edmund finally yells at them to shut up. He will decide what's best for Gillian and he doesn't want any argument once he reaches a decision. Edmund asks David to clarify exactly what he wants to do, which David does, explaining the procedure step by step. After considering it, Edmund decides to let David go ahead and operate and the two of them head off to sign the paperwork. Alex throws the file onto the desk in frustration.

Later, Edmund returns and Alex expresses her concerns to him again. Besides the medical issues, she doesn't think it's appropriate that he operate on her given his past history with Gillian. Gillian wouldn't want him anywhere near her, she insists. Edmund understands her point, but feels this will be the best chance Gillian has to survive. Erica, who has been eavesdropping for most of the conversation, comes in and gives Edmund a hug and asks what she can do for him. Pray for Gillian, he suggests, then leaves the room to check on how things are going. Erica asks Alex what she meant by Gillian's past history with David. I don't want to discuss it, Alex tells her, but of course Erica won't let it go. Finally, Alex says that David forced Gillian to have sex with him. "Are you accusing David of rape?", asks Erica.

At WRCW, Leslie is enjoying telling Tad that the Cutting Edge has been canceled and he is out of a job. She suggests he pack his things and leave quietly. Tad and Erica are stunned and are sure there must be some mistake. After all, Liza owns a controlling interest in the station and would never allow this to happen. Leslie informs them that Liza is no longer the majority owner, Datcom bought 40% from her and another 20% from another shareholder. Tad leaves the room to try to get some answers and Erica and Leslie have words briefly about David Hayward and their respective relationships with him. Tad returns with some bad news, but not about the station, he learned that Ryan and Gillian have been in a car accident. Erica leaves to go to the hospital, promising to come back and be Tad's guest on the show once this is all straightened out. Leslie hands Tad a folder with the paperwork for his canceled contract and eviction from the premises inside. While she's doing that, she accidentally drops another folder and gets very defensive when Tad tries to pick it up for her, telling him not to touch it.

At the Chandler mansion, Liza has holed up inside her room and doesn't want to see or talk to anyone. Dixie does get in to see her, though, because she's returning Colby. Marian also gets by Winifred and joins them soon after. Liza tells them that she just wants to be alone and Dixie, although she can see that something's wrong, tactfully leaves and goes to see Tad at the station. Marian suggests they all go on a picnic together, ignoring Liza's protests that she wants to be alone, she's not feeling well. Immediately jumping to the conclusion that Liza has morning sickness, Marian congratulates her on being pregnant with Adam's child. I already have Adam's child, Liza says quietly, holding Colby. Marian doesn't understand what she's trying to say, Colby is Jake's child. No she's not Liza tells her, and goes on to explain the whole story. Marian is shocked and furious with Adam and comes up with a plan. Liza will pretend to forgive Adam, while in the meantime they will secretly be filing divorce papers and whatever other papers are necessary to keep Adam from getting his rights as Colby's father. Liza isn't sure at first, but Marian assures her it will work. After all, Adam can't make too much of a fuss considering he's committed 10 or so felonies and Liza could have him sent to jail. You could "out-Adam" Adam, Liza says, but agrees to go along and tell her mother that she loves her.

Dixie arrives as WRCW and is surprised when Tad tells her the news that the Cutting Edge has been canceled. They try to figure out why this is happening. It can't be money because the show is a huge success, and it can't be personal because Tad has never even met Duffield before. Have you ever done a show that would hurt him, maybe about one of his companies, Dixie wonders, but that's not it either. Finally, Dixie sees the light, mentioning that there is one person, right here in town, who's out to get Tad. "Adam", they say together. Tad knows she's right when he remembers Adam saying the same exact phrase at the Halloween party that was in the fax from Duffield. Also, Hayley's style segment is going to be spun off into it's own show according to Leslie. That's Adam protecting his little girl, says Dixie. Tad thinks for a moment, then comes up with a plan. He needs proof that Adam's behind everything and knows just where to get it, in the file that Leslie had dropped earlier and then quickly picked up. Tad calls Adrian and asks for his help.

Adam and Barry are in Adam's office at the mansion, going over Adam's legal options. Barry suggests that Adam file to get his parental rights for Colby as soon as possible. But then I'll definitely lose Liza, Adam protests. Which would you rather have, Colby or Liza, Barry asks. I want both, Adam replies in typical Adam fashion. Leslie comes in with (what she thinks is) the good news that Tad has been tossed out of WRCW and the Cutting Edge has been canceled. But Adam is not thrilled, as she expected, he's furious with her because it's going to look suspicious. I was just following your instructions, she reminds him, then leaves.

Marian is passing by after leaving Liza's room and overhears Adam and Barry talking. Adam is worried that someone will figure out that he's behind the takeover of WRCW. Barry tells him not to worry, he buried the transfer of Stuart's shares so deep that no one will ever find it. He also gloats about tricking Marian into helping him, and Marian is furious, but manages to keep from revealing that she's listening. Adam agrees to Barry's original suggestion that they file the papers to get his parental rights ASAP and Barry leaves, not seeing Marian, who quickly runs and hides. Meanwhile, Adam gets on the phone with his pilot and instructs him to get the plane ready for himself and his daughter. They'll be leaving right away and he's not sure when they'll be coming back. Adam turns around to find Marian standing there.

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